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☕️ SHOKIN LIVES ☙ Sunday, August 6, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, loyal C&C supporters, and Happy Sunday! Your bonus roundup today includes: a mostly-peaceful riot in New York City; CNN poll spells bad news for the Proxy War; Russia escalates and changes the game; key vaccine enthusiast Dr. Paul Offit makes an eye-opening admission that might signal a limited hangout or big narrative shift; the secret Chinese biolab in California received generous Newsom Administration tax credits, of course; SADS broadway actor after brief illness; and somebody finally asked Ukrainian head prosecutor Viktor Shokin what he thinks about the Biden Bribery scandal, and he didn’t hold back.

The Childers family has arrived back home, safe and sound, and real life is returning to her throne. Now begins the painful unpacking, laundering, and school-supply-shopping. Still, it will be nice to be back with our home church family this morning and hopefully have a nice lazy afternoon. C&C’s vacation schedule is finally over!


🔥 There’s nothing quite like New York in the summertime, and it was all over the news yesterday, briefly. Kai Cenat, a so-called “twitch streamer” — which is a social media influencer who plays and discusses video games while followers watch online — told his 9 million followers yesterday he’d be giving away a brand-new Playstation 5 in Union Square Park in New York City later in the afternoon (retail value: $399).

A flash mob of thousands showed up for the giveaway. Many of them, if not most, were teenagers. The crowd quickly became unruly, a street vendor got punched in the face and kids started grabbing drinks and snacks from his cart, and then began a long, loud, sweaty afternoon of widespread Big Apple-style looting, vandalism, and violence.

As the mayhem ran its course, a few dozen rioters were arrested, and several police officers were injured. New York police announced late yesterday that they have charged influencer Kai Cenat for unlawful assembly and for inciting a riot.

How it started:

image 2.png

How it ended:


It would be easy to jump to conclusions about what happened, which can fairly be described as a gamer riot on steroids. Inarguably, the incident involved aspects of troubling moral decay along with a poisonous cultural glorification of urban rioting, and was yet another black eye for New York City’s all-democrat leadership.

But all that said, in this case, it is also inarguable that Kai Cenat moronically threw an ad-hoc, short notice event in Union Square with no idea how many people would attend, and with no permission, no planning, no facilities, no organizers, no security, and no thought at all, really. Too late, video from the fracas showed Kai uselessly attempting to calm down the mob.

So this story might be more about why we require event permits than anything else. On top of his criminal charges, Kai faces a second problem, which is that anyone who was damaged by the riot will have a pretty good negligence case against him. Kai appears to be collectible, so I will be shocked if there aren’t multiple lawsuits filed by the end of the week.

🚀 I told you so! Take a gander at this unfortunate headline — from CNN, of all places:

image 4.png

Uh oh. Do you see where CNN placed its story? Not under “War” or “Military.” They filed it under “Politics” and “The Biden Presidency.” What does that tell you? It’s not a good sign for Ukraine. As I’ve been saying, the Biden Campaign now sees Ukraine as a political albatross. And so the narrative begins the great unraveling to make pliable democrats comfortable with not supporting the Proxy War.

In other words, it’s time to strip those little Ukraine flag emojis off your social media bio pics and scrape off the bumper stickers! Don’t worry, they’ll soon have something new for you to virtuously support.

According to the CNN poll, support for the war has plummeted from a robust +62% in February 2022 down to only 45% now. In other words, a clear majority of Americans — 55% — now oppose sending any more money to the deep state’s ashtray. Worse, 51% of Americans think we’ve “already done enough”:

image 3.png

Significantly for Biden’s political calculations, the poll found nearly 8 in 10 respondents expressed concern that the war will “continue without a resolution for a long time,” including 82% of Democrats, 75% of independents and 73% of Republicans. Pollsters also found the politically-critical group of independents mostly agrees that the U.S. has already done enough to help Ukraine (56%) and they oppose any additional funding (55%).

Biden earned a low approval rating of only 45% for his handling of the situation in Ukraine, and a 43% approval of how he is handling the U.S.’s relationship with Russia.

My best guess for what’s changed is that the Biden Bribery scandal has tarnished the Ukrainian brand. Supporting the Ukrainian meat-grinder just doesn’t feel as … virtuous as it used to.

It’s created a political conundrum. How can Biden get out of Ukraine without losing face (another Afghanistan) or losing control of the vital corruption evidence? If only the Russians would just play ball, dang it! Assuming that Putin is, in fact, directing the Wagner forces — and they haven’t gone rogue like the New York Times assured everybody — then Putin is now playing a few aces by suddenly threatening to expand the war into Poland:

image 5.png

Keep in mind that to date, the Russians have played the war very conservatively. So the new push into Poland — a NATO ally — is a sea-change in Russian strategy. In fairness, my take as a lawyer (and not a military strategist) is a little different from most milbloggers, who are predicting the Polish situation signals a dramatic escalation between NATO and Russia. But I don’t believe the Bidenites want war with Russia right now, or to escalate in advance of the 2024 campaign, and I think Putin knows that, which explains why he’s pressuring them now.

It’s shaping up into a classic game of chicken.  Somebody will have to flinch or everyone’s race car gets totaled.

To me, the Polish escalation is a game changer, an unstable chemical reaction that must resolve one way or another. What will that awful Victoria Nuland do now?

💉 Did Dr. Paul Offit, official vaccine evangelist, just throw out a new limited hangout that may be signaling a huge shift in the jab narrative?

This week, “intellectual dark web” member and former professor of evolutionary biology Bret Weinstein podcasted with his wife and fellow evolutionary biologist Heather Heying. In the clip, the couple reviewed another clip from a recent podcast between heterodox intellectual and author Gad Saad and key FDA vaccine committee member Dr. Paul Offit.

In the clip-within-the-clip, Saad asked Offit about myocarditis and the jabs, and Dr. Offit made this startling admission (and — of course — it’s baffling):

[Offit:] “There certainly is a causal link between vaccination and myocarditis and pericarditis. No doubt about it. The um … It’s unclear why. It may be, as was actually noticed in 2020, the SAR-Cov-2 virus, the spike protein, mimics one of the proteins on heart muscle cells, specifically the heavy chain of uh, uh, uh . So, If that’s true, while you’re making a  immune response to the spike protein, you’re also inadvertently making an immune response to your own heart muscle.”

Bret Weinstein thought that was a limited hangout:

image 6.png

By the way, the concept of a “limited hangout” isn’t new, it just has a fancy new name. Kids have been doing it since the invention of the cookie jar. “Junior, did you eat all these cookies after I told you not to touch them?” “Dad, I’m sorry, but I only ate one cookie…”

Anyway, Bret and Heather noted that Offit just made a huge admission: Pharma did eat one cookie. The spike protein is cytotoxic, and jabbing creates a toxic autoimmune response to healthy heart cells. Bret doesn’t think Dr. Offit made this admission on accident or in good faith. Bret said Offit’s admission was a limited hangout, to soften the blow of people finding out there are unanticipated consequences to the heart from the jabs.

First, note the shifting narrative on the shots, and how far we have already come:

Stage 1. The shots are the safest and most effective vaccines in history, a hundred percent.

Stage 2. The shots are safe and effective.

Stage 3. Injuries may occur, but they are very rare.

Stage 4. Injuries occur, but they are rare.

Stage 5. (Where we are now.) The benefits outweigh the risks.

But it looks like we might be moving on to the next stage. Bret explained what he thought was the new limited hangout, the new jab narrative:

[Bret:] “Never let a good crisis go to waste…  allowed them to push aside all of the safeguards that should have prevented a prototype technology like this from reaching the market without demonstrating safety. So okay. Pharma accomplished the impossible. They took a product that it owned — that in my opinion was at least three decades out from being usefully and safely deployable, if at all, there’s no telling whether you could have rescued it. It might have taken three decades for them to figure out how to bring it about and then show that it was safe, and they didn’t want to wait.

Now you have a huge fraction of the globe that has already accepted mRNA vaccine technology.  how are you gonna rescue it from a 1 in 35 chance of damaging your heart? How are you going to overcome  that this stuff is lethally dangerous, and  to tissues you can’t afford to have damaged?”

[Heather:] “Blame the spike protein!”

[Bret:] “Right. If the problem is inherent to the spike protein, then okay, we admit it, we picked the wrong protein, but all you gotta do is pick the right protein that doesn’t have some flaw like this, and  the mRNA platform is right back on track.

On the other hand, if we are right … if it’s both  spike is a bad choice, and  it doesn’t matter which protein… Any foreign protein transcribed by your cells is going to cause your own immune system to go after your own heart cells, if that’s where this thing ends up transfecting.”

Gosh. If only someone had warned them the spike protein was a terrible idea to cook into an mRNA injection.

Anyway, if Bret is right, that means Offit was telegraphing a new narrative shift, a shift to Stage 6, to admitting that okay, maybe these jabs are unintentionally dangerous by design, only accidentally, nobody could have seen it coming, but still mRNA in general is a successful platform for vaccines, once you get the spike protein out of the equation.

And Weinstein is saying — as we’ve been discussing for two years on C&C — that mRNA is dangerous in general by design because it transfects (infects) healthy cells like heart cells. And then recipients’ immune systems target those formerly-healthy transfected cells for self-destruction. That is called an autoimmunity response, or an injurious immune reaction to self.

It’s almost like injecting people with AIDS or something.

Possibly Offit’s most important admission was, “There certainly is a causal link between vaccination and myocarditis and pericarditis. No doubt about it. The um … It’s unclear why.” He was careful. He didn’t say how common it was. And he said it was baffling, which means nobody could have seen it coming. Just one of those many unsolved mysteries.

But he admitted it: The vaccines aren’t safe. Nor do they stop covid infections. So they aren’t effective, not really. Sure, the CDC is hanging in there claiming the jabs stop serious covid infections, which aren’t really that serious, as long as you avoid remdesivir and the ventilator. But even that weak claim — that the jabs prevent serious cases — remains a baffling mystery, since they have no theory to explain the mechanism for how that preventative feature supposedly works.

Keep your eyes peeled for the coming narrative shift, and don’t get knocked over when the narrative’s boom swings across the S.S. Pandemic.

🔥 Coincidentally, the CDC’s current covid advice is … the same as for treating a cold.


Now, I remember when comparing covid to the flu could get you thrown in social media jail. In fact, that happened to C&C several times. Anyway. Somebody should tell the forever-maskers.

In any event, I do not think it is really a coincidence that the CDC is admitting most people with covid have mild illness and can recover at home. Because if that’s true, what do you need the jabs for?

🔥 Remember last week’s story about that unlicensed Chinese biolab operating in an abandoned Reedly, California warehouse? According to recent reports, the shady, disappearing Chinese company Universal Meditech that was running the lab received a generous $360,000 tax credit from Governor Newsom’s administration.

image 7.png

I’d imagine Universal Meditech had to submit lots of paperwork to get that tax credit. And I also imagine the public records requests for copies of all that paperwork are now also being submitted.

Hey Californians! Now you know how to get giant tax credits from your state.

Stand by. The story has legs.

💉 Broadway actor Clifton Oliver, 47, died on August 2nd after a “brief illness.” Clifton was best known for his roles in The Lion King and ‘In the Heights.’ According to media reports, further details about his illness and untimely death are “not available at this time.” And they never will be.

The actor’s death was announced by his sister in a Facebook post.

Broadway actor Clifton, left and his ‘partner,’ Richard, right

NBC reported that “the circumstances around Oliver’s death aren’t clear, but he spent the last six weeks of his life in the hospital and in hospice care.”


image 9.png


🔥 Corporate media reporters couldn’t be bothered to ask former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin a single question. He’s the one Joe Biden got fired while Shokin was investigating Burisma’s president, Mykola Zlochevsky. But Shokin has popped up, interviewed by foreign reporters, in a video statement where he debunks claims that his investigation was dormant. Shokin explained at the time he was fired, he’d just seized oligarch Zlochevsky’s assets. He suggested that U.S. intelligence services were illegally monitoring his investigation, and that Joe Biden knew he was just about to investigate Hunter Biden and Devon Archer.

image 10.png

The subtitled clip is about 11 minutes long, but if you’re interested in the Biden Bribery case, it’s worth the watch. By the end of the clip, it is obvious that the gentle and credible Mr. Shokin is no fan of Joe Biden and hopes he gets what’s coming to him.

Have a blessed Sunday! And thank you immensely for your continuing loyal support. I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow morning as we return to normal C&C scheduling with a terrific new roundup.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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