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☕️ ROASTED ☙ Thursday, February 9th, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Welcome to Coffee & Covid, it’s Thursday! Your roundup today includes: I offer a public bet in an Epoch Times story; Project Veritas’ board suddenly and unexpectedly suspends founder and chairman James O’Keefe; SADS tennis death; new jab study shows another common severe adverse effect; House Republicans roast former twitter execs; House passes bill to end covid vaccine passports; and an encouraging Ivermectin video.


🔥 I was heavily quoted last week in an Epoch Times article headlined, “Did DeSantis Sign a Law Allowing for Forced Vaccinations, as Post Shared by Trump Claims?”

Link. https://www.theepochtimes.com/did-desantis-sign-a-law-allowing-for-forced-vaccinations-as-post-shared-by-trump-claims_5026167.html

In the article, I debunked the stupid leftwing lie that Governor DeSantis signed a law “allowing” forced vaccinations. Epoch had called me for a comment right after Trump repeated that stale claim, and without thinking about it too hard, I publicly offered to bet $10,000 against anyone who claims it actually happened.

I guess I was sick of answering the same question over and over. It might not be a Steve Kirsch-style million-dollar bet, but I’m not Steve. Still, I mean it — I’m willing to pick an expert in legislative affairs acceptable to both parties who will read the bill and make the call. I dare them. I double-dare them.

If they’re right, it’d be easy money. But for some reason, in the week since the article ran on February 2nd, it’s been nothing but crickets. No takers. Weird, right? It’s almost like these people don’t really believe what they’re saying.

Lily-livered chickens.

🔥 Today is Michelle’s 50th birthday, although we’re considering it a repeat 29th. If have a spare second, I’d be obliged if you’d tag Michelle with a happy birthday message (@mlchilders on Twitter and Michelle Childers on Facebook). I couldn’t do any of this without her.

Starting tomorrow, I’m taking her away for a getaway weekend, so I’m not too sure about the weekend’s post schedule. I’ll try, but work with me here.


🔥 We don’t have any inside intel, so it’s dangerous to draw assumptions, but yesterday — in the immediate wake of the biggest exposé in Project Veritas’ history, the board placed the gonzo news company’s founder and chairman, James O’Keefe, on involuntary administrative leave, while they reportedly consider permanently removing O’Keefe from his leadership position.

Every single day for the last two years, we’ve been reminded of the axion that in life, there is no such thing as a “coincidence.” When two things are temporally connected, they are almost certainly related to each other somehow. For a random example, when a healthy 52-year-old man takes a shot with brand-new technology and then dies suddenly the very next day, conspiracy theorists leap to unfairly accuse the poor, innocent shot of having something to do with the unlucky guy’s death.

Haha, just kidding. But I’m sure you get the point.

James O’Keefe just broke the biggest story in PV’s history attacking the most well-funded, aggressive, and criminal pharma enterprise in history, and then O’Keefe lead the company in what looks like the most successful fundraising drive the company has ever seen — but suddenly, for some unexplained reason, the board of directors canceled O’Keefe’s password and took his entry swipe key, or at least, the administrative equivalent of those things.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. One is sorely tempted to draw a straight line through the man to the injured animal, Pfizer (along with its deep-state allies), concluding they got to the board members somehow. If I allowed myself to speculate, I could very nicely color this picture in for you.

But we need to avoid being swept away in the hot takes. An alternative explanation could be that the stress of everything going on with the Pfizer takedown somehow exacerbated existing conflicts between O’Keefe and the board, to the point that O’Keefe acted out (think, screaming at the board members or threatening them) and the board reflexively used its powers to put James into time out.

Still, even if that is true, the board members should have offered to resign, not put the very public founder and face of the company into partly-fired status. While the board members legally owe their duties of loyalty to the company rather than the founder, in this case, the founder IS the company.

(This reminds me of Simone Gold’s battle with America’s Frontline Doctors’ board).

It is inconceivable to imagine Project Veritas without O’Keefe. Maybe, possibly, somehow the company could continue doing good work, nobody is irreplaceable, after all, but it would be a poor imitation of the original. It would be like a Beyond Coney Island Dog, or an Impossible Ribeye.

In other words, gross. No, thank you.

I intend to draft and send a non-public letter to the board this morning on behalf of the C&C Army — and our recent donation. The letter will stress that, while we don’t wish to interfere with legitimate internal corporate governance, we emphatically support Mr. O’Keefe, one hundred percent, and encourage the board in the strongest possible way to work its differences out with James in a less-public and more positive way. Plus I’ll add some good lawyer words.

If O’Keefe winds up separating from Project Veritas, we’ll multiply his next gig, to help get him started and to show whoever engineered this Titanic disaster that purging the most effective investigative journalist of this generation won’t be as easy as they thought.

Whatever is really going on, Pfizer is having a good laugh this morning. Go ahead, fat boy, laugh it up. For now. You white-coated pretenders think you have a PR problem now? Just wait.

Finally, James: I’m sure you’re well represented, but feel free to call the office, and I will be happy to brainstorm the legal issues with you.

💉 Lilly Kimbell, 31, former Georgia Bulldogs tennis player, died suddenly and unexpectedly Sunday from a heart attack.

Lilly was one most successful doubles players in Georgia tennis history. “We were stunned and heartbroken to learn of Lilly passing away,” said Georgia head coach Jeff Wallace.

The family tweeted something about the healthy young athlete having kidney problems that they believe led to her heart attack. But they didn’t say when Lilly started having kidney problems, or when they started getting worse. I could take a guess.

💉 MedPage Today ran a startling story last week headlined, “Moderna Booster Vaccine Singled Out for Chronic Hives.”

“Chronic” means it doesn’t go away for a long time.

The subheadline explained that it’s not just Moderna, either: “Chronic spontaneous urticaria more frequent when compared with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.” So, it ALSO happens with Pfizer, just more OFTEN with Moderna, which is just what we’d expect given the higher payload of mRNA in the Moderna shots.

The article cites a Swiss study, where the researchers found that, in patients who developed new-onset chronic spontaneous urticaria, between 81% and 90% of them had recently been jabbed.

The study authors did find a big difference between the two shots. The painful and difficult skin condition arose following boosters in about 2.1 per 100,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, which shot up to 43.9 per 100,000 doses of Moderna’s product.

That’s about one case for each 2,300 Moderna doses.

Try to follow me here. Somebody needs to take all these studies, like the Canadian study showing myocarditis developing in one out of 5,000 doses, and the numbers on new tinnitus cases, plus new Ramsay Hunt cases, stiff-person syndrome, Guillain-Barre, and the rest, and add them all together. I think what we are going to find is that the chance of having SOME kind of serious side effect gets pretty high indeed.

That’s why the CDC is fighting so hard to ignore new adverse events.

I know what the jab-defenders will say about this. They screech, “it’s just an allergic reaction!” Uh huh. So … why is it CHRONIC when the mRNA is supposed to disappear quickly? And, WHAT are people allergic to, exactly? I’d also love to know if they could find jab-spike in the blisters.

Reading the study, I noted with great interest that the mandatory pro-jab language required to get your study published is getting significantly watered-down. These researchers got their study approved for publication with this tepid language:

These data should not discourage patients from being vaccinated. However, guidelines defining the eligibility and dosing for upcoming mRNA-based boosters are needed for patients with CSU after an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s no warning, but that language has come a long way from “the vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective.”

And, even these kinds of lukewarm platitudes are unintentionally hilarious. Why SHOULDN’T these data discourage patients from being vaccinated with the mRNA shots? The data sure discourages ME, not least because it is yet another totally-unexpected, baffling side-effect of the “one hundred percent safe and effective vaccines” that are, at this late hour, obviously neither “one hundred percent safe” nor effective at what they were originally intended to do. Which was to end the pandemic, in case you’ve forgotten that part.

Here is a totally insane idea. Don’t cancel me, I’m just ASKING. I’m only a lawyer, not a government regulator angling for an easy, highly-paid job in big pharma. But … should we maybe stop and figure out WHY the jabs are causing chronic, painful skin conditions before we jab anybody else?

Look, I realize that “the science” says we don’t NEED to know why these things happen, because the CDC already said the jabs are one hundred percent safe and effective. Maybe they could explain it to me like I’m five, if they have time between cutting Pfizer public service announcements.

🔥 The House Oversight Committee began roasting former Twitter executives yesterday in a lively open session. Here are some fun clips that will show you that, at minimum, these people are finally having to answer some questions under oath about what they did.

The South showed up well in the hearings. Here’s newly-elected Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna:

Greg Price @greg_price11

Luna: “Do you remember communicating on a private cloud server [with government entities] to remove a posting? Yes or no. Roth: “I don’t believe I can give you a yes or no answer.” Luna: “Well I’m gonna tell you right you you did it… It is highly illegal.”


8:42 PM ∙ Feb 8, 202318,195Likes5,618Retweets

And Louisiana Representative Clay Higgins:

DC_Draino @DC_Draino

NEW: @RepClayHiggins tells Twitter execs to prepare to be arrested for criminal interference in the 2020 election Wow


7:57 PM ∙ Feb 8, 202321,499Likes6,818Retweets

And in my favorite clip, Twitter-banned Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene:

Greg Price @greg_price11

.@RepMTG to Yoel Roth: “You permanently banned my Twitter account but you allowed child porn all over Twitter.”


4:56 PM ∙ Feb 8, 202340,891Likes8,620Retweets

It’s true that, with Biden controlling the Justice Department, arrests are not going to happen right now. But the clips demonstrate how intensely popular these politicians believe the covid crimes accountability issue is. We will make sure that public interest in these issues stays high.

🔥 Yesterday, the Hill ran an encouraging story headlined, “House Passes Bill to End COVID Vaccine Requirement for Foreign Air Travelers.” All the Republicans plus (only) seven democrats voted for the bill.

Back in June, the Biden Administration dropped negative test requirements for incoming travelers, leaving only the CDC’s vaccine passport for foreigners. The Hill admitted that experts say the CDC’s testing requirement does not seem to be of much use, since covid is already widely circulating within the United States.

Something about horses and barns seems appropriate here.

The jab requirement assumes jabs slow or prevent the spread. But it is also now widely known that covid vaccination does NOT prevent transmission. So many people are wondering what the purpose of the jab requirement could possibly be. Is it to get more foreigners jabbed for some reason? Why would we care?

Citing “the science,” the CDC explained “vaccines continue to be the most important public health tool for fighting COVID-19.” Okay, setting that argument aside, just HOW are the vaccines the most important tool? How are the vaccines “fighting” the virus?

The bill, sponsored by Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), would also preclude the CDC from ordering any future travel mandates to show proof of covid jab status. It still has to clear the Senate and the White House before anything changes. Biden will never sign it, but it might force the CDC to drop the mandate.

🔥 For some Thursday encouragement, here is the best-made Ivermectin video I’ve ever seen, and it’s only the trailer.

PLANDEMIC @Plandemic3Movie

Why are so many people getting sick? Immune systems have been compromised. This affects us all. I made this short film after discovering just how effective Ivermectin is! I take it regularly as it protects against numerous health threatening critters. thetruthaboutivermectin.com


12:02 AM ∙ Feb 9, 2023


This is clearly produced by some very talented folks, and shows again that we have some good people on the right side. We need even more like this, but we are getting there.

Have a tremendous Thursday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for more.

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Published with author’s permission.

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