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☕️ QUAKES AND ANTICS ☙ Monday, February 6, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C! It’s Monday, and your roundup includes: breaking news from the Middle East where double earthquakes caused massive destruction in Turkey early this morning; WHO still trying to lock us down, as shown in new disease marketing video; BlackRock steps on the ESG rake; ants outperform pharma in the race to the cancer moon; House Republicans anticipate classified document briefing; BBC covers record excess UK deaths and guesses at the baffling causes; Russians try to roundup U.S. experts for their Ukraine biolabs case; and for your amusement, Bill Marr rants about wokeism again.


🔥 Two massive (7.8 magnitude) earthquakes hit southern Turkey and Syria around 4:30am this morning, one after another, and appear to have caused massive widespread damage, including dramatically inciting apocalyptic fires along Turkey’s natural gas pipelines.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

Footage reportedly out of southern Turkey following massive earthquake


3:43 AM ∙ Feb 6, 20236,496Likes2,010Retweets

There will be many casualties. Social media is already streaming with initial (unconfirmed) photos that appear to show many collapsed buildings.

BNO News @BNONews

Multiple apartment buildings have collapsed after a powerful earthquake in southern Turkey


1:56 AM ∙ Feb 6, 20233,184Likes2,487Retweets


KC @kci2013

The level of destruction caused by the earthquake in Turkey makes it look like a war zone. This is utterly heartbreaking. Pray for Turkey and especially for the people trapped under the rubble.


6:38 AM ∙ Feb 6, 20237,038Likes3,726Retweets


Xavi Ruiz @xruiztru

2,200 years old Gazintap Castle destroyed by the earthquake in Turkey. Before vs Now.


8:17 AM ∙ Feb 6, 20238,477Likes3,193Retweets


War Monitor @WarMonitors

⚡️Highway in Turkey after massive earthquakes


7:33 AM ∙ Feb 6, 20232,215Likes769Retweets


Chaudhary Parvez @ChaudharyParvez

Rescue teams pulling children from the under the rubble of #collapsed buildings in northwestern #Syria At least 50 people killed, 500+ injured, 140+ buildings destroyed in southern Malatya province as 7.8 #earthquake hits #Türkiye. #deprem #DepremiOldu #Turkey


4:14 AM ∙ Feb 6, 20232,378Likes982Retweets

We’ll be praying for the affected. Once I confirm a legit aid organization I will let you know, in case you want to help out.

🔥 In this next clip, the W.H.O.’s Covid-19 technical lead Maria Van Kerhove, an American who now lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and shills for the biomedical surveillance state, discussed all the freedom-dissolving, enhanced disease management tools they want us to put into place now.

Two things immediately struck me about the clip, beyond the fact it looks like part of a dystopian sci-fi movie that runs before the opening credits. First, my ears picked up when Van Kerhove mentioned that we need access to better “treatment options,” but then she only mentioned two: oxygen and VENTILATORS.

No, thanks!

The other thing that struck me is there’s something weird going on with her eyebrows. They make her look like a cartoon. Haha, just kidding. She repeatedly mentioned a “care pathway,” which is totalitarian shorthand for a one-size-fits-all government-approved medical intervention. No thanks, again.

Michael P Senger @MichaelPSenger

Maria Van Kerkhove, lead author of the WHO’s February 2020 report advising the entire world to copy China’s lockdowns, urges more surveillance, sequencing, masking, and for “100% of individuals” who are over 60 or immunocompromised to be boosted for COVID.


8:39 PM ∙ Feb 5, 2023559Likes253Retweets

🔥 For some reason, Bloomberg is promoting a story it ran a couple weeks ago headlined, “Larry Fink Says ESG Narrative Has Become Ugly, Personal.”

Billionaire Fink, 70, is the CEO of social-justice-themed investment giant BlackRock. He recently complained to Bloomberg about how criticized and misunderstood he feels. Don’t you feel sorry for him? According to Fink, the woke investment firm has been forced to hire loads of lobbyists lately, in an urgent effort to prop up its goofy business model and hopefully convince politicians to stop divesting from its fund, like Florida did late last year.

If I understand Fink, and I’m not sure I do, he was complaining that people don’t really understand how BlackRock actually DOES want to make profits for its investors instead of just rewarding corporations with other people’s money for forcing employees to attend liberal re-education seminars. But Fink never quite SAID that he prioritizes profits.

Larry Fink has had a tough six months:

No wonder he’s stressed out. Well, that’s the market for you. Ups and downs! As recently as early last year, BlackRock was riding high as the investment community’s socially-aware beauty queen. But now, a few months later, the Head Fink finds himself scraping the bottom of the wheels of social and professional condemnation.

That’s REAL social justice for you.

🔬 There may have been a teeny-tiny break in the cancer moon shot saga. News Medical ran a story last week headlined, “Ants Show the Potential to Become a Fast, Efficient, Inexpensive, and Non-Invasive Tool for the Detection of Human Tumors.”

News Medical’s article reported on a study recently published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society. Researchers added sweetener to urine from patients with cancer, then “trained” ants — ants! — to reliably detect the cancer-urine samples apart from from urine from patients without cancer. (Technically, they used urine from humanized mice with and without the cancers.)

In as little as ten minutes, ants can be trained to successfully identify urine from cancer patients even without sweeteners. According to the study, one species of ant, tiny formica fusca, only needed one “training session” to form a long-term memory — which is several days in ant brains. Then researchers successfully challenged the ants with urine samples without sweets nine more times before the busy little insects started losing interest.

The technique won’t go anywhere, of course, because ants can’t make pharma the kind of profits that patented designer cancer moon shot drugs can. But I was struck by how well the ants are outperforming our supercomputer artificial intelligences and billion-dollar medical establishment.

How big would you guess the brain of an ant brain is? Not too big, I’d say. Take that, AI. But, to be fair, ants can’t write your woke middle-school essay on the Spanish genocide of the Incans so you can explore other interests than schoolwork. So there’s that.

Anyway, kudos to the researchers for thinking outside the anthill.

🔥 Fox News ran a story yesterday headlined, “House Republicans to Get Briefing on Biden, Trump, Pence Classified Documents This Week.” It’s a triple-whammy.

But it was the article’s sub-headline that stood out: “Rep. Mike Turner accused Biden of trying to ‘change the news’ with the China balloon.” Aha! So we’re not the only ones smelling an over-inflated rat in the Chinese gas bag story.

In a Fox interview on Sunday, Representative Turner explained, “The moment this balloon became public, I got a notice not from the administration that I’m going to get a briefing on this balloon, but they have to rush to Congress now to talk to us about Donald Trump’s documents.”

“You can see they want to change the news,” Turner added. “This administration needs to understand that we do have urgent national security matters,” he said.

Do you think they will tell Congress what was in the classified documents recovered from President Trump’s home at the briefing this week?

I’m having a hard time deciding what the war blimp was intended to distract us from. There are too many options. We knew 2023 was going to be an exciting year but I didn’t expect THIS. A lot of narratives are unraveling all at the same time.

💉 There’s a lot of news they’d like to bury. The BBC ran a story in January headlined, “Excess Deaths in 2022 Among Worst in 50 Years.” Then they asked the question that matters:

More than 650,000 deaths were registered in the UK in 2022 – 9% more than 2019. This represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 50 years. Though far below peak pandemic levels, it has prompted questions about why more people are still dying than normal.

The Beeb provided this helpful chart:

The drop right at the end reflects the reporting gap, so that is NOT a sudden recent downturn in excess deaths. As you can see, excluding that final, aberrant reporting artifact, excess mortality leapt up at the end of 2022.

From the best data I could find, England and Wales registered 1,568 excess deaths in the week ending January 20th, which is 11% over the five-year average. So it seems like excess deaths are still growing.

Needless to say, British experts are completely mystified and wholly baffled. The article speculates about three possible causes: (1) record long wait times in the UK’s awesome socialized health system; (2) mysterious “long covid” effects (of course), and (3) deferred treatment.

Shockingly, down at the very bottom of the BBC’s article, it mentioned the jabs. Mentioned them only to rule them out, that is:

The rise in cardiac problems has been pointed to by some online as evidence that Covid vaccines are driving the rise in deaths, but this conclusion is not supported by the data. One type of Covid vaccine has been linked to a small rise in cases of heart inflammation and scarring (pericarditis and myocarditis). But this particular vaccine side-effect was mainly seen in boys and young men, while the excess deaths are highest in older men – aged 50 or more.

Stupid misinformers. As you can see, the BBC ruled out mRNA shots by counting myocarditis as the only side-effect of the jabs. It also claimed that unjabbed people are dying from all causes in greater numbers than jabbed people. The article admits that the data can’t be relied on to draw conclusions, though.

Notwithstanding their rebuttal, I found it significant that the BBC even discussed jabs at all. It shows they are being forced to talk about it, which is progress.

🚀 The Russians continue prosecuting the Ukrainian biolabs case, even if corporate media has thrown that story into a bottomless pit filled with meth-addled rattlesnakes. Ex-vice president of Ecohealth Alliance and national security bioterror expert Andrew Huff claimed on Twitter this weekend that the Russians have asked him to testify:

Dr. Andrew G. Huff @AGHuff

The Russian Federation has requested my assistance with investigating the biolabs in Ukraine. I have respectfully declined. Funny, the Russian government has asked me for my help to investigate COVID/biolabs and our own US Congress has not. @RenzTom @RepMTG @RepBradWenstrup


2:06 PM ∙ Feb 4, 20234,260Likes1,998Retweets

He prudently declined, but as Dr. Huff pointed out, it’s SO WEIRD that the Russians are trying to get to the bottom of the story while our government is hypnotized by a drifting Chinese identified flying object.

🔥 Finally, to get your week started off right, Bill Marr savaged wokeism last week in a full-on rant that started like this:

If you’re part of today’s woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control because the revolutionaries get so drunk on their own purifying elixir they imagine they can re-invent the very nature of human beings.

Bill Maher @billmaher

If you’re part of today’s woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control.


5:23 AM ∙ Feb 4, 202360,705Likes17,720Retweets

Marr didn’t pull any punches. He compared wokeism to the worst excesses of Mao’s communist revolution. He ended up by complaining, “I’ve spent three decades on TV mocking Republicans who said climate change was just a theory, and now I’ve got to deal with people who say, you know what else is just a theory? Biology.”

Marr is close. To the marxist left, EVERYTHING is just a theory, except that which supports the Revolution.

Have a magnificent Monday! I’ll see you right back here tomorrow morning for a fresh roundup.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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