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☕️ QR CODED ☙ Thursday, May 25, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Landscapers busy maintaining and beautifying the plant life somehow chopped right through our internet cable late yesterday, so I’m working valiantly with something approaching dial-up speeds using my cell phone as a hotspot. I’m thankful for having that much, but the roundup will be a skosh shorter today, since every stages of preparing your C&C roundup ground to a crawl this morning.

In today’s edition: feedback from the DeSantis twitter space announcement; London Mayor falling down; Dr. Buttar dies after claiming poison and making an ominous prediction; Nebraska bans castration and sterilization of children; Trump’s lawyers push for meeting with grandma Merrick; pandemic QR code menus die a slow death; and a reverse rescue video to cheer your day.


🔥 MULTIPLIER UPDATE: As far as I can tell, we blew up the FBI Whistleblower Multiplier by around $200,000 yesterday, so far, with C&C donations continuing to roll in this morning. Believe it or not, one of our C&C readers knows the guys and said they were incredibly honored and grateful. I hope to get more detail from them soon.

In case you missed it yesterday, here’s the link again: https://www.givesendgo.com/KyleSeraphin

Michael Schellenberger correctly noted that not one single corporate media outlet has interviewed the whistleblowers before demonizing them.


🔥 Last night’s high-tech debut of Governor DeSantis’s official presidential candidacy on a Twitter space launched in a shower of sparks, as the weight of nearly 700,000 attending users made Twitter’s supercomputer repeatedly crash. After about five minutes of rebooting, Twitter opened up a new space with carefully throttled access, starting at about 130,000, and successfully dialed it up to just under 300,000 attendees before the event was over.

When it came, the announcement itself seemed anti-climatic. Everyone knew it was coming, and we’ve all talked about it for what seems like months.

Apparently both DeSantis’ original Twitter space (700K) and the replacement one (300K) exceeded the highest number of concurrent users in a Twitter space, ever:

The glitches annoyed users trying to log on, but delighted democrats. Euphoric leftists held a field day over the startup glitches. For instance, Joe Biden, whose own brain is glitching out, giddily tweeted “This link works!”

Technically, everything went fine once the new space opened. DeSantis read a prepared speech announcing his candidacy along with a short stump speech. I don’t know. Maybe DeSantis is better unscripted, or maybe a Twitter space is a bad venue for scripted reading, but while the intro was solid, not exactly bad, it was maybe … a little flat and emotionally unsatisfying.

It was a good speech. It was punctuated with classic conservative punchlines like “merit must trump identity politics,” “truth needs to be our foundation,” and “common sense can no longer be an uncommon virtue.” The Governor described solid conservative positions on all the issues, from the border (build the wall), to the military (delete ideology), to pruning the administrative state (we’ll bring the admin state to heel).

“We need the courage to lead, and the strength to win,” DeSantis said, promising that, if nominated, he WOULD win the election.

So overall, the speech was okay. But the space got a lot more interesting once moderators began to let users ask questions.

I am 99% sure the question-askers were pre-picked. Despite that, it did not seem contrived. Although the questioners were all key DeSantis allies, they were also real people, not typical political or media types. In that sense, it was more like a town hall, but with recognizable citizens. For example, first up was Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who publicly advised DeSantis during the pandemic, allowing the Governor to say he was ‘following the science.’ Another question-asker was anti-CRT ‘thought leader’ Chris Rufo.

DeSantis was at his best during the Q&A portion. He is exciting and passionate when he’s unscripted and when he discusses the issues he feels strongly about. Overall, it was good to hear the Governor speak and be allowed the time to give his complete answers to questions without being interrupted by an interviewer with a narrative bone to pick.

I suspect this live-event format will rapidly replace the traditional news interview format, which has devolved into a painful charade when it involves democrat politicians, and a pugilistic exercise in frustration when it comes to conservatives.

The bottom line is, nobody cares what barking reporters want to ask.

DeSantis performs well sparring with hostile media. He might not be quite as entertaining to watch as Trump when verbally jousting with reporters, but he’s close. So, in spite of the rough start, I think the DeSantis campaign would do well to hold more of these live, unscripted online events, bypassing corporate media, and then letting DeSantis mix it up with a few woke reporters every so often.

The DeSantis campaign later reported the event was a solid fundraiser, which after all is the most important measurement of whether it was successful.

Here’s the recorded version, if you’d like to listen (about an hour):

Finally, as I’d guessed, Twitter did well, too:

💉 Yesterday, the UK Express ran an intriguing story headlined, “Sadiq Khan Left ‘Barely Conscious’ and Carried Off Stage After Suffering Heart Attack.”

It’s old news, sort of. London Mayor Sadiq Khan released his book this week, in which he reveals that in November 2021 he was briefly hospitalized for a baffling heart attack that came on suddenly and unexpectedly while he was speaking at the COP26 annual conference in Glasgow, Scotland. Fortunately he was discharged quickly after the hospital determined it was a mild incident.

As usual, doctors were useless. The UK Express put it this way:

It is not known what caused the then 51-year-old to suddenly fall ill.

Nice use of passive voice! That’s almost always a dead giveaway for when they’re hiding something.

Khan’s heart attacked him on November 10th, 2021. Coincidentally, he’d had his covid booster shot about ten days earlier, on October 29th:

For some unexplained reason, Khan kept his post-booster heart attack secret until this week.

Sadiq Khan is falling down,
falling down,
falling down.
Sadiq Khan is falling down,
— But at least he got vaccinated!

💉 This story is in honor of the late Dr. Rashid Buttar, one of Biden’s so-called “disinformation dozen” during the pandemic for speaking out about covid vaccines, who recently passed away. He died days after after claiming he’d been poisoned with “200 times” what was in the vaccine. Nobody really knows what he meant, but it seems possible that he was describing shedding at the hospital. On the other hand, he seemed to connect his ominous comment to a time right after his CNN interview, which doesn’t sound like shedding to me.

We’ll never know. But since Dr. Buttar pointed us toward it, let’s take a closer look at that CNN interview, which has its own story to tell.

Back in October 2021 — the same month Mayor Khan got his nearly-fatal booster shot — fully-jabbed CNN anchor Drew Griffin interviewed Dr. Buttar about vaccines, and pressed the doctor to say whether Griffin had “a time bomb in me?” As you can see in the clip, Buttar replied, I hope not, but probably.

A short fourteen months later, anchor Griffin’s turbo cancer time bomb exploded, and he died suddenly and unexpectedly in December, 2022. Although CNN described Griffin’s death as coming after a “long battle with cancer,” Griffin worked full time right up until the day before he died and nobody noticed he was sick.

So. Both men are now dead. It’s weird, right?

🔥 This week, Nebraska joined the group of rebel states resisting Biden’s trans-formation of the country, passing a commonsense law protecting kids from castration and sterilization. You’d think that would be obvious, but we live in interesting times.

The bill, LB 574, prohibits medical professionals from giving minors “gender affirming” surgeries or treatments, like sex-change operations, hormone therapy, or puberty-blocking drugs. It passed the state’s unicameral legislature 33 to 15 late last week after a vigorous debate, which featured hysterical Democratic state senator Machaela Cavanaugh smacking the lectern and repeatedly screeching, “We need trans people!”

Yes, we get that she “needs” trans people — but for WHAT?

Governor Pillen signed the legislation into law on Monday.

🔥 NBC ran a story yesterday headlined, “Montana First to Ban Drag Performers From Reading to Children in Schools, Libraries.”

What the heck is that getup supposed to be?

Montana’s anti-drag law is unique because it bans any drag events involving reading children’s books to kids, without requiring any overtly sexual element, like recently-enacted laws in Florida and Tennessee. It seems to assume that drag is, in its essence, already sexualized. And I agree.

Republican Representative Braxton Mitchell, who sponsored the bill, explained “In my humble opinion, there’s no such thing as a family-friendly drag show.”

That’s exactly right.

Montana’s Republican Governor Greg Gianforte signed the bill into law on Monday. A lawsuit seems certain, as both the Florida and Tennessee laws have been challenged in federal court on First Amendment grounds, by unattractive cross-dressers who want better access to young children.

🔥 On Wednesday, President Trump’s attorneys sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, requesting a meeting to discuss all the DOJ’s unfair, politically-motivated prosecutions, particularly the one related to the classified records scandal.

By itself, the letter doesn’t move the needle much. But it does show that Trump’s attorney’s aren’t just sitting around waiting for something to happen. They’re creating a record and engaging the enemy. So, the letter seems like an encouraging sign.

🔥 The New York Times ran an uplifting story this week headlined, “The QR-Code Menu Is Being Shown the Door.” The subheadline explained, “A dining innovation that once looked like the future has worn out its welcome with many restaurateurs, customers and servers who say it takes the joy out of dining.”


We’ve all seen them, the ubiquitous “contactless” menu codes that let you order and pay from your phone, so you can chew on your chicken wings without dying or killing the guy at the next table. Supposedly.

But — apparently — the bloom is off the QR-code rose. According to the Times, the people hate them:

The motivation for the about-face is simple, restaurateurs said: Diners just hate QR-code menus.

“They are almost universally disliked,” Ms. Hawley said.

People hate them for more than just one reason, too. The Times interviewed just about everyone involved and nobody seems to like the damned things.

Wait staff called the codes somewhat dehumanizing. About a third of diners can’t — or won’t — figure out how to use them. Some people think using phones at a meal is rude, or kills the conversation. Waiters say they can’t tell when people are ready to order, like when folks put down physical menus. One restaurant owner said phone ordering ruins a romantic mood, and others reported many diners don’t feel like going back on their phones to order dessert or after-dinner coffee.

I will say that I like being able to pay from the phone at the airport restaurant, so I don’t have to wait for the check and stuff, and can get to the gate faster. But that’s about it. If I never saw another QR-code menu at a sit-down restaurant ever again, that would be okay with me.

🔥 Since we’ve already seen several animals-saving-people videos recently, and a clip of people saving people, here’s a video clip of the only other configuration: people saving animals! In this case, swimmers save a dog who fell through the ice.

That water doesn’t look cold, but it HAD to be cold. I’ll bet there was significant shrinkage.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for lots more.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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