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☕️ POSSIBLY COMPROMISED ☙ Tuesday, January 17, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Tuesday! Your roundup today includes: CDC’s transportation mask mandate case is tee’d up for oral arguments in Miami; New York court ends healthcare jab mandate; pretty young pharmacist kicks the bucket then her dad has a heart attack; Damar Hamlin released from the hospital but not back on the field, and uplifting reports of how people reacted to his injury; pop-eyed Adam Schiff surprisingly suggests Biden might have compromised national security; media counter-attacks Malhotra interview; and a nice little spirit-boosting video to start your day.

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🔥 Nine quick months ago, a Florida federal judge ended the CDC’s odious transportation mask mandate, holding that the clownish health agency lacked authority to order flyers to strap cut up t-shirts across their faces. News of the decision caused in-flight flash parties and airline workers to burst with joy.

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Breitbart News @BreitbartNews

“Happy Unmasking Day!” Airline Passengers, Attendants Celebrate End of Mask Mandate


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Today, a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments of Joe Biden’s appeal in Miami.

Alert C&C readers will recall that the successfully lawsuit was originally filed by Health Freedom Defense Fund’s Leslie Manookian. We promptly multiplied her.

Oral arguments in federal appears usually last 15 minutes per side and do not normally lead to an immediate decision. While it’s possible the judges have already made up their minds and drafted something, more likely they’ll publish their order in “due course,” which in this case — given the government has officially ended the mandates anyway — doesn’t require any particular urgency.

I’m running a betting pool if you still want to get in: will the government’s lawyers be straining to argue through masks? Or will they do it face-nude? Odds are currently running 50-50.

Oral arguments are live streamed and recorded. If you like this kind of thing, you can watch it here: https://www.ca11.uscourts.gov/oral-argument-calendars

💉 On Friday, New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neri held that the jab mandate for healthcare workers was immediately “null, void, and of no effect.” The court held the New York Department of Health “blatantly violated” its authority by imposing the mandate, since that power is reserved to the state legislature. The court also found that the mandate was “arbitrary and capricious” since the shots don’t stop transmission (imagine that), beggaring any rational basis for a mandate in the first place.

In fact, the judge underlined, italicized, and boldfaced the words in his order:

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the judicial emphasis applied quite so forcefully. Boldface, yes, italic, yes, underlined, yes. But all three together might be a record. The text formatting seems to be screaming “how many times do we have to say it??”

I mean, REALLY.

That was great, but I think this next line was my favorite part of the order, even if it’s not quite as emphatic:

A term which is defined at the whim of an entity, subject to change without a moment’s notice contains all the hallmarks of “absurdity” and is no definition at all.

Thank you! Now do the word, “vaccine.”

This terrific lawsuit was sponsored by Children’s Health Defense.

💉 Five days before Christmas, Dr. Lindsay Heck, 25, new U. Pitt. pharmacist, summa cum laude and former valedictorian, expired suddenly and unexpectedly from a baffling “unknown cause.” According to her obituary, Ms. Heck enjoyed helping people, and ran “multiple vaccine clinics.”

Nothing to see here. Healthy young pharmacists die all the time. You remember all the news reports from before the pandemic, don’t you?

But there’s a wrinkle. According to Lindsay’s co-workers’ GoFundMe page, tragically, Lindsay’s father Carl Heck’s heart broke about a week after Lindsay died, when he suffered a sudden and unexpected aortic dissection and was rushed to the ICU. I couldn’t find any more recent update about Carl’s condition.

A double-whammy.

Carl Heck’s part of the story reminded me of this completely unrelated autopsy case report, published on PubMed back on September 29th:

The case report doctors described finding a thick, fibrous pericardium (the membrane surrounding the heart):

The heart showed a white villous surface, and the pericardium was fibrously thick. Microscopic examination revealed pericarditis with predominantly macrophage and lymphocyte infiltration. These histological findings were compatible with those of post-vaccination myocarditis.

Now, people, please. I know what you’re thinking, but seriously, what the heck. Don’t start jumping to conclusions. There’s NO EVIDENCE the Heck double-tragedy had anything to do with the jabs. Who cares anyway? The Hecks’ private vaccination status is none of our business. It’s not like suddenly-dead people’s vaccine history means anything at all to millions of other still-living people who got, and are still getting, the jabs. Just keep going about your day as usual. And be prepared to show your vaccine pass to get there.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe for the Heck family.

💉 Lots of good news about Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who was released from the hospital this weekend and is now “resting comfortably” at home. There is no news at all about whether he’ll rejoin the team anytime soon. If ever.

Breitbart ran an uplifting story yesterday headlined, “Bills QB Josh Allen Says He Became a Better ‘Christ Follower’ After Damar Hamlin Incident.”

Breitbart reported Josh’s interview on ESPN’s ‘Kyle Brandt’s Basement,’ where he confided how profoundly Hamlin’s medical emergency affected him. “I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t been the most devoted Christ-follower in my life, and I’ve had my different beliefs and thoughts and ideas … but something got hold of me there, and it was [something] extremely powerful that … I couldn’t deny,” the Bill’s quarterback explained.

Josh described the incident as a spiritual awakening: “[It was] just kind of kind of a spiritual awakening really for me, and I know for a lot of other people that maybe didn’t have the strongest belief, or wasn’t one of the biggest [or] strongest Christian followers.”

So. Nobody ever knows how much good can come from one tragedy.

🔥 The Hill ran an eye-popping story Sunday headlined, “Schiff Says It’s Possible National Security Was Jeopardized With Biden Documents.”

Tell me you ever saw THAT one coming. I dare you.

Indescribably, Schiff (D-Ca.) is currently a phenomenal democrat crowd favorite thanks to his ceaseless and diligent efforts to bring rebels to justice on the January 6th Committee. Schiff enjoys a certain amount of political armor inside the party, since (1) he’s from a safe district in California, and (2) his credibility is necessary to sustain the democrat’s bizarre January 6th ‘insurrection’ narrative.

I’m not saying Schiff’s political cover was why they picked him to gingerly attack Biden. I’m just saying.

The Hill described Biden’s lost documents problem as a ‘conundrum’ for democrats:

The discovery of Biden’s classified documents in unauthorized locations has placed Democrats in the middle of a political conundrum. They have for months blasted former President Trump for his handling of classified documents, which resulted in the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

I could say a lot about the Hill’s inoffensive neutered wording. Imagine if it was Republicans instead of democrats who had the document hypocrisy problem. But I digress.

In a Sunday interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Schiff said he couldn’t “exclude the possibility” that national security was compromised by Biden’s handling of classified documents, which are now at the center of a rapidly-assembled DOJ probe.

Here’s Joe Biden opining on Trump’s documents:

On a Ledge Somewhere @LedgeSomewhere

A second batch of unclassified documents have been uncovered at a second Biden location. Time for an FBI raid? Remember what Joe said about Trump’s documents? (18 second video)


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But last week, Forbes ran a story headlined “Biden: ‘I Don’t Know’ Contents Of Classified Documents Found In Private Office.”

He tried, but he just can’t remember. He’s got nothing.

Here’s how Forbes described it in the article’s first paragraph:

President Joe Biden said Tuesday he’s unaware of the contents of a handful of classified documents recovered from his former private office at a D.C. think tank last year, telling reporters the discovery of the records that are now the subject of a Justice Department inquiry caught him by “surprise.”

Joe’s “unaware” of a lot of things. And, I BET it was a “surprise.” I bet Joe Biden is surprised a LOT lately, like suddenly discovering where he is, finding out who’s president, or spotting a giant Easter bunny.

💉 Last week I reported that Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British anti-vaccine cardiologist, spoke eloquently for several minutes on the BBC about vaccine injuries, and called for suspension of that country’s vaccination program. Well, on Friday, corporate media launched its counter-attack.

The Guardian UK ran a story headlined, “BBC Criticised for Letting Cardiologist ‘Hijack’ Interview With False Covid Jab Claim.” The article is a long character-assassination hit piece on Dr. Malhotra, including quotes by the entire battalion of compliant covid experts reflexively accusing the cardiologist of having “extreme fringe views,” fretting how “deeply dangerous” he is, and arrogantly claiming the doctor has no cardiology practice “to speak of.”

According to the Guardian, during his live interview Dr. Malhotra went off-topic and the BBC interviewers were just too appalled and embarrassed to stop him. After all, what were they SUPPOSED to do? Cut to commercial or something? Cancel him?

Yes, cancel him! Do it now!

For his part, Dr. Malhotra apparently embraced the Guardian’s request for comment on his own character-assassination, and turned the tables. The antagonistic article ends with Dr. Malhotra’s spirited response:

Malhotra told the Guardian: “Medical science is ever-evolving – discussing new developments openly is hard because the complicit media wants to only frame mRNA as right or wrong, to conflate mRNA vaccine debate as an entire attack on all vaccines, and to politicise views as left or right.
“I’ve promoted vaccines my entire career, including Covid vaccines on Good Morning Britain in early 2021. Labelling individuals who flag mRNA vaccine concerns as anti-vaxxers – pursuing personal attacks rather than analysing the latest data (with now overwhelming evidence of serious and common cardiac harms) and who funds it – sows public distrust and leads to a dangerous fall in safe vaccine uptake.”

I rest my case.

💗 Finally, for an emergency spirit-boost, watch this truly heartwarming video of how a hair stylist responded to his client’s cancer haircut. If it doesn’t make you at least a little verklempt, you’re a WEF robot-polisher:

Kevin W. @Brink_Thinker

A cancer patient visits her hairdresser and he does the unexpected 💕


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(In case it’s not obvious, she’s almost certainly masked under doctor’s orders because of her chemotherapy-induced immune suppression.)

Have a terrific Tuesday! I will see you lot back here tomorrow for another steaming mug of delicious Coffee & Covid.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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