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☕️ PHOBIA PHOBIC ☙ Friday, May 26, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Target and the Neo-Satanists lose $9 billion; the Times is forced to reluctantly report positive news about DeSantis’ campaign announcement; more confirmation about media’s choice of its preferred republican nominee; Epoch Times’ new jab documentary; the DoJ drops all charges against a lying, Soros-backed, seditious conspirator who was also a US Attorney for Massachusetts; Biden’s puppy fetishist’s identity is erased by unsympathetic jailers; and you won’t believe the newest defense available to prosperous sex criminals.


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🔥 The New York Post ran a story yesterday headlined, “Target Loses $9B in Week Following Boycott Calls Over LGBTQ-Friendly Kids Clothing.”

Well that was fast!

The story broke early this week. Targets across the nation had been stocked and decorated preparing for so-called “Target Pride Month,” which is the store’s month-long gala, not just accepting but celebrating and encouraging atypical sexual behavior. But Target’s Pride Month activities annoyed lots of its customers, who’d just gotten over the retailer’s last woke-splosion: its attempt two years two to force shoppers into genderless bathrooms, giving ladies no option but sharing their intimate personal spaces with hairy, bearded, voyeuristic fat men wearing colorful strappy dresses and sandals.

Although it’s only been about a week, and although Target took some items offline and moved some store merchandise around in southern states, Target’s sales have plunged, and its stock has plummeted about $9B in total value.

You know, it used to be kind of difficult to get conservatives on board for boycotts, for a host of reasons, but — like a Clydesdale-led miracle — the phony Anheuser-Busch beer company and its hypomanic spokesman-slash-girl seem to have taught our folks how to do it.

It wasn’t so much that Target was pushing atypical, gay sexual choices on everybody. True, that’s pretty annoying, because most of us don’t feel like having divergent mating practices shoved in our faces while we’re shopping for a new toaster oven. But that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was Target aiming the gay progaganda at children, and for promoting Target’s newest spokesman, the Lord of Evil, the Great Serpent: Satan.

I’m going to carefully explain all this, even though I think no explanation is necessary, but for the people who still aren’t sure what Target did wrong.

Number one, kids don’t need to know about gay sex. Period. Nobody needs rainbow-colored onesies, pajamas, or swim diapers. A dispute arose about whether Target was actually selling youth-sized swimsuits labeled “tuck-friendly,” or whether they were just for adults. But that argument misses the point. Whether the items were in the kids’ section to start with, or were kept in the adult section marked “extra-small,” alert moms — whose protective instincts are set on ‘high’ — knew exactly what Target was really up to.

Activists will argue that kids SHOULD be groomed into accepting other gay kids, so that the gay kids will feel accepted and not suicidal. It’s a dumb argument, a manipulative emotional soundbite, but we don’t have to argue about that. Even if it were true: THAT IS NOT TARGET’S JOB.

Stay away from the kids, Target! (And anyway, it’s NOT true.)

A second problem for a lot of people was the Satanism. You don’t have to be religious to understand the problem, and I’ll tackle it from a secular perspective. But obviously, Christians will always have a pretty big problem with anything that celebrates the Prince of Lies, the destroyer of life, the literal manifestation of evil, whose own original sin, not coincidentally, was “Pride,” because he equated himself with the Most High.

Before about ten minutes ago, when our Judeo-Christian culture apparently shot past its expiration date, being linked to Satan in any way was career suicide.

But nowadays, according to Target and its newest designer Abpallen, Satan loves trans people.

The Abprallen designs, sold in Target stores, conflate LGBTQ with Satanism

Forget about the Christians versus the atheists. The Satanists offer a third way: they’re not ‘worshipping’ Satan, not exactly, they’re only going through the motions because they want to show everyone how silly they think ALL religions are. All religions except, of course, their own non-religion religious tradition. It’s a NEW kind of Satanism, not that old blood-drinking, orgy holding, child-sacrificing kind. It’s a “Neo-Satanism.”

Neo-Satanism’s devil-may-care followers say they are proudly anti-religious, or if you will, proudly irreligious. Proudly blasphemous, in other words. And gay.

It guess it IS a cult, after all

But does this this silly excuse that Neo-Satanism is a “non-religion” make any sense? Even if they’re not being deceitful; even if they really DO offer a secular, logic-driven, intellectual, atheistic alternative to religion, if still doesn’t work. If that were true, why would they pick the most despised, most hated and feared symbol in human history as the name for their non-religion?

First, think about it this way: If it would be crazy to name your brand-new secular religion after that devil Adolph Hitler, why is it less crazy to pick literal Satan?

In other words, regardless of whether the Devil exists or not, why align themselves with everything that Satan REPRESENTS?

In other words, ’Satan’ comes with baggage, thousands of years’ worth of baggage, baggage in the form of near-infinite awful imagery, the worst possible P.R., and don’t forget, he is completely triggering for Christians, Muslims, and even agnostics and ‘white witches.’ The Neo-Satanist project to ‘reimagine’ Satan as a free-thinking role model is lunacy, a Sisyphean task if ever there were one.

So, why take on all that baggage? And, why would they confusingly recycle the name of an existing religion, the religion of devil worship, instead of coming up with a new name for their new non-religion? Why not just name their atheist non-religion after Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein or something? And … they sure use a lot of religious imagery for a strictly science-based group.

Unsurprisingly, Neo-Satanic themes encourage violence. The guillotine is a reference to the Antichrist who, according to the Bible, in the Last Days will behead folks who refuse to take the Mark of the Beast. A lovely image! But not science.

Only two alternatives make any sense. Either Neo-Satanists are lying — and they WOULD lie, wouldn’t they? — and they really are just dollied-up regular Satanists who do worship Evil, or they are deliberately triggering believers, on purpose, to make some kind of a point, and are not actually peacefully minding their own business like they claim they are.

Satan is not harmless. Not even if he’s only a concept. Satan is not cute. Satan is an insidious viper, hated and despised by billions, who has fully earned being chained in infinite darkness for 1,000 years following which he will be unceremoniously chucked into a lake of fire.

Most sane people, religious or not, don’t want retailers of cheap, mass-manufactured, Chinese products peddling Satan to their kids as a goofy cartoon figure.

And if you needed more evidence, here’s exhibit number two: Gavin Newsom, who criticized Target for removing the Neo-Satanic items from its catalog:

Target, we don’t care what kind of crazy stuff your owners and managers are up to in their spare time (just leave the animals out of it). Your sin was going after the kids. It only involved LGBTQ+ because you used gay folks as the excuse, and in doing so managed to offend nearly everyone, even Gavin Newsom.

You Target people Bud-Lighted yourselves.

So the best strategy is: buy nothing from Target. The sooner these woke corporations get the message that ESG scores are suicidal, the sooner all this nonsense will calm down.

I enjoyed the Babylon Bee’s take:

🔥 Two days ago, the New York Times mocked Governor DeSantis for the technical problems preceding his Twitter space. Yesterday, the Times was reluctantly forced to run a story with the headline, “DeSantis Campaign Says It Raised $8.2 Million in First 24 Hours.”

The way the headline is written suggests skepticism; maybe the campaign is lying or exaggerating? But nothing in the article backed that up or even went down that rabbit trail at all. It was just something the headline editor added, I guess.

Anyway, in hard dollar terms, DeSantis’s Twitter space was a success, after all, and notwithstanding its early technical glitches. But I have to admit, the positive article — as anemic as it was — made me start to question my theory that corporate media is trying to stop DeSantis’s nomination.

But then I saw this Vanity Fair headline, and I felt better. My theory holds:

💉 The Epoch Times has published a new documentary on jab injuries titled, “The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told.” Here’s a link in case you know someone who needs to see it.

🔥 The Post Millennial ran a story yesterday headlined “Biden’s DOJ Drops All Charges Against Soros-Backed Massachusetts DA Caught Lying Under Oath.”

U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Rachel Rollins resigned last Friday, after the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) published a report concluding that she’d lied to investigators under oath, and tried to improperly influence an election for District Attorney in Suffolk County.

I’m old enough to remember when ‘influencing an election’ was a seditious conspiracy, if not an outright insurrection.

Specifically, according to the OIG’s report, Rollins leaked private, derogatory information about sitting District Attorney Kevin Hayden to the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, hoping it would help get woke Boston City Councilman Ricardo Arroyo elected in the Democratic primary for Suffolk’s district attorney in September, 2022. After Arroyo lost to Hayden in the primary, Rollins leaked even more of Hayden’s private information to reporters.

Rollins illegally got the “non-public” and “sensitive” information about DA Hayden (a non-Soros democrat) from confidential federal databases.

Later, Rollins falsely testified to OIG investigators under oath, when she denied giving the sensitive information about Hayden to reporters.

The Inspector General’s report referred criminal perjury charges against Rollins, for making false statements to investigators, as well as for charges of violating multiple standards of ethical conduct for Executive Branch employees, including Section 2635.702 (use “of public office for private gain”) and Section 2635.703 (use “of nonpublic information”).

But according to the Inspector General, the Justice Department decided not to prosecute the district attorney, for anything, and dropped all charges without any explanation. The OIG’s newly-published report bluntly reported, “On January 6, 2023, the Department informed the OIG that it declined prosecution.”


At the exact same time, the DOJ is currently prosecuting President Trump for the same charge — making false statements to investigators, the same charge leveled against former US Attorney Rollins — and with much less predicate. In other words, the useless DOJ doesn’t even have an Inspector General report already finding criminal violations against Trump.

But lying, insurrecting US Attorneys? If they’re woke democrats, they obviously won’t be prosecuted. It’s that simple.

🔥 Unlike in the United States, where our captured corporate media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of US intelligence agencies, the UK Telegraph actually ran an article yesterday questioning the wisdom of the WHO’s new pandemic treaty, which would instantly create a one-world government under a new perma-emergency:

Many folks will be gratified that SOMEBODY covered the story.

The Telegraph fairly described the problem:

Member states would be obliged to follow the agency’s instructions when responding to pandemics, including by introducing vaccine passports, border closures and quarantine measures, under a draft update to its regulations.
A new “pandemic treaty” under discussion would also force Britain to spend five per cent of its health budget on preparing for another virus outbreak.
Conservative MPs have written to ministers to warn of an “ambition evident…for the WHO to transition from an advisory organisation to a controlling international authority”.

According to the Telegraph, the UK’s foreign office is enthusiastic about signing over Britain’s government to the corrupt World Health Organization:

“The UK is supportive of the pandemic treaty currently being negotiated by national governments, which could speed up the sharing of data on new pandemic threats so we are able to respond quickly in the event of future pandemics,” [Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell] said.
“We’re clear that we would never agree to anything that crosses our points of principle on sovereignty or prevents the UK from taking decisive action against future pandemics.”

Fretful folks often ask me what I think (as a lawyer) about the proposed WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. I’ve written about this more fully before, but the short version is: Biden can’t sign a treaty without Senate ratification. If he signs anyway, like some predict, then the states will sue to overturn it. Even if the Senate does confirm the treaty, which seems unlikely, a treaty may not rewrite the Constitution, for example by delegating police powers reserved to the states to a foreign-controlled entity like the WHO.

The Constitution can’t be amended by a treaty. It may be amended only through the Constitutional amendment process and ratified by the States.

If you are anxious and want to do something about this now, the best place to start is educating both parties’ Senators. This Telegraph article could be a good place to start, since it’s from a mainstream media source and isn’t tainted by conspiracy or, perish the thought, conservatism.


🔥 The New York Post ran an encouraging article this week headlined, “Non-Binary, Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton to Be Held in Men’s Jail Over Suitcase Theft Charges: Sheriff.”

The former Biden nuclear official, puppy-fetishist, and trans person is set to be sent to men’s jail, while he awaits transfer to Virginia for more grand larceny charges for stealing women’s clothing off airport luggage conveyors. He was previously arrested for stealing women’s luggage in airports in Las Vegas and Minnesota, and re-arrested on May 17th while trying to flee. Brinton, a proven flight risk, is now being held without bail.

Here’s Brinton in his mugshot, NOT dolled up:

Don’t say it. It’s transphobic to call Brinton the sneaky, conniving, excuse for a man that he is.

The tragedy, of course, is that Brinton will be forced to enjoy jail with the other biological men. Ignoring his preferences completely erases him, or so I’ve been told. On the other hand, erased is what you might want to be, when you’ve gotten yourself into Brinton’s predicament.

So, maybe men’s jail is a blessing in disguise?

🔥 Well, they say the law evolves, and this new defense is a terrific example of the magnificent progress of the law as the universe bends toward justice. The Daily Mail UK ran a story a couple weeks ago headlined, “Trans Woman Is Cleared of Flashing Her Penis at Ohio YMCA After Judge Ruled She’s Too FAT for Her Genitals to Be Visible.”

Haha, “her penis.” Hers. They’re killing me. It hurts so much to laugh this hard.

Darren Glines, aka “Rachel,” aka Jabba the Hut, was charged by police with three counts of indecent exposure at a YMCA in Xenia, Ohio, by throwing his weight around the YMCA girl’s locker room, naked, in front of young girls, bending over to pick up his dropped towel. Over and over.

Do not try to imagine the scene. I warned you.

Darren is intact, maybe more than intact, but what I mean to say is, he has not had any gender surgeries. He is ‘au naturel,’ as the French would say.

Unfortunate YMCA employee Kateisha Young testified at Darren’s trial. She told the court that she was forced to get a restraining order against Darren after he sexually assaulted her. (With respect for the suffering of the parties, the pronouns in the Daily Mail article are hilariously all mixed up.) Kateisha testified that Darren had grabbed her by the genitals while the two were at a local coffee shop. After the assault, up until she got the restraining order against him, Darren would come by the YMCA and hang around whenever Kateisha was working.

Despite the credible sexual assault claim, the judge still ultimately found Darren WAS not guilty of indecent exposure. The judge’s reasoning is somewhat unique. He found Darren not guilty of exposing himself to the girls because Darren’s lawyers successfully argued that his disgusting, hanging fat rolls fully covered his genitals, like a floppy skin suit.

Darren can barely find the little guy himself.

Judge David McNamee admitted that “there is no question that Glines was in the women’s locker room.” But, the judge explained, “Quite simply, the facts do not exist to support a finding of guilt, as charges. Glines’ genitalia was not visible as a result of other portions of [his] body covering same.” (The judge said ‘her.’ I edited it for accuracy.)

Mr. Glines’ lawyer must have been very persuasive. Presumably, Darren did not actually demonstrate his skin suit’s cloaking features for the judge ‘in vivo,’ as it were. But apparently, the parts that were visible were enough to satisfy everyone that the morbidly obese Defendant had ample body parts laying around to cover up wee willie.

So there you have it: sex offenders’ newest defense. Five years ago, Darren would have been on the sex offender registry at this point in the story. Nowadays, he’s just as much of a victim as are his actual victims. He’s a victim of odious discrimination, a victim of a fat-phobic, trans-phobic, just-plain-phobic society that deliberately misunderstands specially-sized people who were unfortunately also trapped in the wrong bodies by the improvident Hand of Fate.

Or … maybe Darren is just another overweight, unattractive, cross-dressing Peeping Tom, who’s taking advantage of trans mania to get his kicks in by ogling women and girls in the changing room at the Y. Which one do YOU think it could be?

Have a fabulous Friday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for a triple-shot Weekend Edition.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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