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☕️ NO EVIDENCE ☙ Thursday, January 19, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, and Happy Thursday! Hellz-a-poppin’, as reflected in today’s packed roundup: DeSantis aims to let hospital liability shield die on the political vine; Kiwi prime minister gracelessly bows out; new CNN hit job on Biden over Hunter’s business schemes; White House accidentally announces the NEW president; kooky Joe kneels for basketball pic and Kalama flees; 11th Circuit judges somewhat skeptical of CDC mask mandate; SADS celebrity deaths; and Rolling Stone aims to discredit the Republican congress and all their kooky new conspiracy committees.


⛑️ Yesterday the Epoch Times ran an encouraging story — heavily quoting your favorite blogging lawyer — reporting that DeSantis Administration officials say the Governor is working to allow the hospital covid liability shield to expire on June 23rd.

Link: EXCLUSIVE: Florida’s DeSantis Hopes to Let Hospital Immunity Related to COVID Die, Insider Says.

The ‘leak’ signals to Florida legislators that DeSantis would not sign a bill extending the much-hated law. Hopefully they take the hint. If necessary, we’ll help them remember.

I predict that, if the liability shield expires, hospital covid patients will suddenly and unexpectedly start having much better outcomes. Florida hospitals might discover they don’t need ventilators as much unless they keep putting people into medically-induced comas, and those might become a lot less necessary. Just saying.

PATIENT: “Doc, I have this mild cough and a slight fever.”

ER DOCTOR: “It could be the Kraken. Lie down here and we’ll put you into a medical coma and take over breathing for you. That will stop the coughing.”

PATIENT: “Sounds great! Can I call my wife first?”

ER DOCTOR: “No. That’s against covid policy.”

PATIENT: “Okay. Tell her I said I love her.”

That will all stop about ten seconds after the immunity shield goes away. Allowing the liability shield to expire is the easiest way to get rid of it, politically-speaking. It’s progress.

The rest of the states should take note. If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.


🔥 Yesterday, horse-faced lockdown princess Jacinda Ardern suddenly and unexpectedly resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand. Just a few weeks ago, Ardern told reporters she “had no intention of leaving.” Now, she gave no real explanation, except that, all of a sudden, despite all the potential fun and games that an adventurous WEF conference could offer, Jacinda suddenly announced she just doesn’t have any more “gas in the tank.”

She bowed out.

Maybe it was the Russia sanctions? I heard that’s making gas scarce in some parts of the world. Anyway, you bet I can believe that she’s out of gas. Ardern’s been working overtime for three years maniacally calculating novel ways to torture Kiwis. But still, I dunno. There’s something about the way she announced it.

She just didn’t seem too happy about resigning. Or relieved, or even grimly determined. If I’ve learned anything about women after decades of very close study, and I’m not claiming I have, but to me, Jacinda looks a whole lot like a woman in the grip of some powerful emotion, and not a good one:

Disclose.tv @disclosetv

MORE – Jacinda Ardern quits.


12:45 AM ∙ Jan 19, 20234,376Likes875Retweets

Yesterday, the Guardian ran a story simply headlined, “Jacinda Ardern Resigns as Prime Minister of New Zealand.” Curiously, the article spent several paragraphs glowingly recounting Ardern’s skillful early handling of a terrorist incident, but completely omitted any reference to her action-packed, three-year pandemic reign of terror, which will surely define her professional career.

It’s like glowingly describing Hitler’s fascinating painting hobby without mentioning World War II.

For some reason, the Guardian is doing everything it can to prop up the widely-despised and now disgraced Ardern. It offered a scrolling list of articles — all penned in one day — generously fawned over the failed leader without the slightest hint of criticism, and displayed zero political curiosity:

In fact, the political analysis swirling around Ardern’s bugout described the chaos inside her Labour party, which now faces a complicated process to select a replacement. All of which suggests the decision happened very quickly, without any planning, or you’d think they’d have lined up her replacement already.

The second headline above says Ardern “knew her time was up.” I wonder who told her?


🔥 In a shocking development that will fuel theories the deep state is prompting Joe Biden to also resign, yesterday CNN actually reported that, while he was vice-president, Joe Biden DID have connections to some of Hunter’s business “associates.” My goodness.

And while it doesn’t come right out and say it, CNN hinted that Burisma wasn’t paying Hunter for business advice, and sort of set the table for “quid pro quo.”

Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11

Even CNN is calling Joe Biden a liar, confirming that he did in fact meet with Hunter’s corrupt business partners multiple times while VP.


2:30 AM ∙ Jan 19, 20234,199Likes1,129Retweets

Let’s see. Right after the new year started, Joe’s classified document problem popped into existence, literally out of nowhere, and now THIS sleepy three-year-old story stands up on previously-concealed legs and terrifies the help. Up until five minutes ago, all these topics would’ve been strictly forbidden on state-controlled corporate media.

Is it just me, or is all this starting to resemble Andrew Cuomo’s final few months in office before he stumbled down the memory hole? I’m beginning to think that whatever the Republican House investigators might find would make Russia-gate look like a saline injection.

Joe was a media creation from the day he held his first basement campaign event. So, will mindless voters keep supporting Joe Biden, or will they follow CNN? If Joe loses corporate media, then what?

🔥 Before I show you this next clip, I want you to know you are NOT crazy. It’s not you, it’s THEM. Now that’s clear, yesterday super double-diverse White House press lady Karine Jean-Pierre was uncharacteristically bragging about Kamala Harris’ calendar, and confused the press pool by referring to Kamala as “the President.”

RNC Research @RNCResearch

BREAKING: Karine Jean-Pierre announces Kamala Harris is now “the president.”


8:18 PM ∙ Jan 18, 202322,246Likes5,663Retweets

Oof! Even Karine Jean-Pierre knows what time it is. Let Bidenwatch begin. Somebody needs to make a betting pool. Will it be resignation for the good of the country? A sudden and unexpected health issue? Something else?

Note that under the 25th Amendment, if the president leaves office, the new vice-president must be confirmed by a majority of both the House and the Senate. Just saying.

🔥 This week, loopy Biden knelt for a picture with a basketball team. He was just trying not to block a short guy in the front row, but it was appalling optics. Watch how fast Kamala said “I’m not doin’ that,” and moved away from Joe:

Daily Wire @realDailyWire

Biden kneels in a photo op to everyone’s dismay. Kamala responds: “I’m not doing that!”


9:12 PM ∙ Jan 17, 202310,977Likes1,002Retweets

There’s something here I can’t quite put my finger on. What could it be?

🔥 ZeroHedge reported on the 11th Circuit mask appeal arguments yesterday in an article headlined, “Biden Administration Urges Judges To Lift Stay On CDC’s Airplane Mask Mandate.”

The questioning was mixed. One of the judges asked the lawyers “if the CDC doesn’t have the power to order measures like masks in the middle of a pandemic, what power does it have?”

My answer would have been: exactly! The CDC doesn’t have ANY ‘powers.’ The CDC was created to advise and recommend. Not boss us around based on their goofy psuedo-scientific theories about what might work. The CDC isn’t a replacement government that kicks in during health emergencies.

Based on the questions, if I had to guess, the panel will split 2-1 and avoid the more difficult authority question by finding that the CDC failed to give proper public notice before it issued the rule.

Stay tuned.

💉 Former child-actor Adam Rich, 54, died suddenly and unexpectedly at home this week. Absolutely nothing has been released about his death. Online wags hint darkly it could have been related to mental illness but as usual, you never know, PLEASE respect their privacy, plus there is “no evidence” it was the jabs — and there never will be any.

But there IS this:

From what I can tell, Rich was boosted at least once in 2022 and possibly twice.

So. At least he trusted science, which is the MOST important thing.

💉 American Idol star C.J. Harris, 31, suddenly and unexpectedly kicked the bucket this week of “an apparent heart attack.”

Like so many other young people these days, C.J. died AT HOME. Media reported he suffered a “cardiac arrest” at his Jasper, Alabama residence, and was pronounced stone dead at the hospital at 8:53pm the same day.

Harris overcame serious childhood obstacles, like a mom in prison, and taught HIMSELF how to play the guitar. But he just couldn’t overcome the climate, which probably caused his sudden adult death syndrome, a syndrome which you never ever heard of before last year.

Or maybe it was natural gas.

We REALLY need to do something about the menace of gas stoves. I mean, come ON.

🔥 Rolling Stone ran a hysterical story Tuesday headlined, “The Conspiracies Powering the GOP-Controlled House.” The sub-headline teased, “How Republicans have put disinformation and falsehoods at the center of their governing agenda.”

Right at the center!

Put simply, Rolling Stone’s reporters don’t like the new Republican committees investigating censorship and the vaccines. Which Rolling Stone itself was smack-dab in the middle of. Anyway, the article called the committees’ focus areas the “most noxious online conspiracies” and “unfounded vaccine skepticism.”

Conspiracy committees!

You’d think with all this angsty whinging, Rolling Stone would be big fans of “science.” But I sadly regret to inform you that Rolling Stone is a lab-leak denier:

There is no evidence that the virus had been in a laboratory prior to the start of the pandemic and peer-reviewed scientific papers have put forth overwhelming evidence that the pathogen likely lept from animals to humans.

The old “no evidence” gag again! It’s so funny how they use that term. First they tell us there’s “no evidence” it was the jabs, then call us monsters for asking to see the medical reports.

Not only that. They also don’t seem to even know what “evidence” actually IS. Most liberals conflate the word “evidence” with the word “proof.” According to the rules of civil procedure, “evidence” is any “item or information proffered to make the existence of a fact more or less probable.” ANY item or information.

As a lawyer, I consider things like the clip below to be “evidence.” What do YOU think?

Sam Parker 🇺🇲 @SamParkerSenate

Maria Bartiromo: ‘Why is Moderna’s patented sequence in the Wuhan coronavirus?’ Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel: ‘We’re looking into it.’ Maria: ‘OK. Thx for all your help!’ 👀


7:34 PM ∙ Feb 25, 202221Likes11Retweets

If I have this right, and I think I do, last February Moderna’s CEO told media the drugmaker was looking into his patented gene sequence showing up in SARS-Cov-2 “very, very carefully.” So? What did they figure out? Hmm?

Sometimes the absence of evidence is also evidence. The lack of any followup from Moderna, when any reasonable person in their situation WOULD HAVE followed up, is ALSO evidence. It’s Sherlock Holmes’ silent dogs again.

More ironically, after complaining about the absence of “evidence,” Rolling Stone promptly complained about how the Republicans were trying to FIND evidence to support the lab-leak theory:

Nevertheless, Comer and Jordan sent requests to more than 40 government officials and academic scientists last month, including the president of the nonprofit that subcontracted a U.S. grant to the Wuhan laboratory and four co-authors on an academic study that concluded Covid-19 was not engineered in a lab.

Um. What exactly do Rolling Stone reporters think requests for information ARE? Is the rule that, if Rolling Stone says there’s “no evidence,” it’s ludicrous and out-of-bounds to even TRY to find any evidence? Does that makes sense?

Don’t answer that.

Maybe the article’s weakest claim of all was about the DOJ’s absurd targeting of the entire federal law-enforcement apparatus at moms who criticized school boards, when Merrick Garland issued his now-infamous letter claiming a “disturbing spike” in “threats” against leftist school board members. Like that’s a federal problem demanding immediate attention, unlike 6-sigmas excess deaths, for example.

But Rolling Stone says it was parents’ fault:

The “disturbing spike” arose at a moment when conservative parents had inundated school board meetings across the country under the banner of “parents’ rights,” a catchall for the anti-mask mandate, anti-critical race theory, anti-LBGTQ sentiment that emerged during the pandemic.

DID it “emerge?” Or was it always there?

On an aside, “anti-LGBTQ sentiment” is an oblique reference to parents objecting to schools protecting male predators sexually assaulting girls in the bathroom. So the “sentiment” is not so much anti-gay as anti-criminal. But I digress.

Reliable government-mouthpiece Rolling Stone thinks the only legitimate thing Republican Representatives could do is lick faucet handles outside the Wuhan lab building. Till then, SCIENCE! SHUT UP!

Have a terrific Thursday, and we’ll re-convene in the morning for your sarcastic news booster.

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Published with author’s permission.

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