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☕️ MITIGATED AND WEAPONIZED ☙ Friday, February 10, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it’s Friday! Your roundup today includes: the House Republicans launched the new Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and it’s already on fire; leaked FBI report shows the agency targeting Catholic groups for “infiltration”; Russia preparing for real war with Ukraine; Europeans are getting stingy with their tanks; Musk halts Starlink in Ukraine and the feds promptly investigate his brain chip company — and you’ll never guess what for.


🪖 Thanks to everyone who sent Michelle birthday wishes yesterday. She had a terrific birthday. Having all your help is a cool thing that only a blogger can do; it’s almost like having a blogging husband is a plus. Anyway, it was a great surprise for her. I appreciate you guys.


🔥 Yesterday, House Republicans delivered on another promise and convened the first meeting of the Committee to Investigate the Weaponization of the Federal Government Against Americans.

Chair Jim Jorden began the meeting stating the following list of remarkable facts:

[On] November 18th, 2021, an FBI whistleblower disclosed to Republicans on the house Judiciary that the FBI created a threat tag for parents voicing their concerns at school board meetings.
April 26th, 2022, another FBI whistleblower discloses that the FBI employees are being run out of the Bureau for attending conservative political events.
May 11th, 2022, another FBI whistleblower discloses that dozens of parents with the threat tag designation to their name are investigated by the FBI. This also happens to be the same whistleblower who said the FBI leadership — not the rank and file members — the FBI leadership is “rotted at its core.” His clearance has been revoked and he’s been suspended.
June 7th, 2022 another FBI whistleblower is retaliated against after giving feedback on an “anonymous” survey.
July 27th, 2022, another FBI whistleblower discloses that agents are pressured to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism cases to hit self-created performance metrics.
September 14th, 2022 an FBI at whistleblower discloses that the FBI views the Betsy Ross flag as a terrorist symbol.
September 19th, 2022, another FBI whistleblower discloses that the Washington field office is deliberately manipulating January 6 case files to make it appear that domestic violence extremism is on the rise. He’s been suspended.
November 4th, 2022, another FBI whistleblower discloses the FBI accepts private user information from Facebook without the user’s consent and the information is from ONLY the conservative side of the political Spectrum.

Representative Jordan explained it’s not just a handful of good FBI agents. The Committee says it has “dozens and dozens” of FBI whistleblowers, and even more evidence of never-before-seen levels of federal overreach:

This is only a sampling. In my time in Congress I have never seen anything like this: dozens and dozens of whistleblowers FBI agents coming to us talking about what’s going on the political nature at the Justice Department.
Now, Jim Jordan’s not saying this, not Republicans, not conservatives — it’s good, brave FBI agents who are willing to come forward and give us the truth. And this is just the FBI.
Americans have concerns about the double standard at the Department of Justice. Americans have concerns about the “disinformation governance board” that the Department of Homeland Security tried to form. Americans have concerns about the ATF, and what they’re doing to the Second Amendment. And of course, they have concerns about the IRS, and the thousands of new agents who are coming to that organization. And finally, there are concerns about what we’ve learned in the Twitter files. where Big Government and Big Tech colluded to shape and mold The Narrative and to suppress information and censor Americans.

Here’s the full introduction:

The Committee interviewed several current and former FBI agents. To give you some flavor, one witness was courageous former agent Nicole Parker, who broke down into tears during her testimony. She described there being “two FBIs,” which have been “politically weaponized,” and described the poisonous angst that agents feel knowing that the public is losing respect and trust for the agency.

⚡️THOR⚡️ the Deplorable 🇺🇸 @ThorDeplorable

FBI Agent Parker breaks down in tears as she describes how there are “2 FBI’s” and how current agents know Americans are losing faith in their institution. “FBI agents do not have a voice.” Well, they do now so I suggest they come forward and use it.


12:11 AM ∙ Feb 10, 202367Likes32Retweets

Let me know if the heroic last minute of Nicole’s testimony in that clip doesn’t get to you. In which case, we need to talk.

Democrats on the Committee seemed incredulous that anyone have any reason whatsoever to think that the FBI has been anything but purely motivated, totally fair, and even-handed. These are the same people who, if Trump’s DOJ had even glanced in their general direction, would’ve howled like a rhesus monkey watching the macaque reach through the bars and steal a bunch of bananas that he’d earmarked for himself for later.

🔥 Oh, FBI. The Washington Examiner ran a story yesterday headlined, “FBI HQ disavows FBI field office intel report targeting ‘Radical Traditionalist Catholics’.”

The FBI’s report described conservative catholics who prefer the latin mass as being prone to commit racial and ethnic violence, because they follow Jesus. The report suggested having agents infiltrate several conservative catholic activist groups. And as you know, after infiltration, something always seems to come up, like an FBI fednapping plot or an insurrection or something.

Here’s the header of the totally, 100% unconstitutional report directing that US Government secret police operatives infiltrate mainstream religious groups trying to trick some gullible fool into committing any kind of actionable crime, which can then be used to round up everybody else as a co-conspirators:

Haha, new mitigation opportunities! That means YOU. You pesky “tradcon” Catholics are the FBI’s “new mitigation opportunity.”

“Mitigation” is a dry, mechanical, bureaucratic euphemism for permanently taking you off the chessboard. That’s how they mitigate you. Kind of like how Hitler mitigated the Jewish problem, except in 2023 they’re only locking people up forever in a DC jail, instead of the other thing.

(Note: there was never any good reason to have all those January 6th case backlogs causing the extended ‘no bail’ jail times. The DOJ could easily have sent cases back to defendants’ home jurisdictions all across the country instead of hauling citizens back to DC and overloading the dockets. But the DOJ knew the defendants couldn’t get a fair trial in DC. So they let those poor, innocent Americans rot in jail. Not one DC judge granted any of the defendants’ many motions for a change of venue, despite the plain juror bias, and despite the courts’ overloaded dockets.)

Anyway, on Wednesday, a brave, conscientious former FBI agent-turned whistleblower named Kyle Seraphin, who gave up his professional career to go public, leaked the FBI’s internal anti-catholic memo to conservative media.

Then yesterday — one day later — after it got caught — the FBI issued a formal statement denouncing its own memo, saying it had been issued “by mistake,” and promised, don’t worry, they are going to make a thorough investigation into how this possibly could have happened, to root out any biased FBI agents targeting peaceful religious Americans.

And they’re REALLY going to do it too, this time, just watch. (Hint: they’re NOT really going to do it this time. I’ll bet you a fancy steak dinner the investigation winds up being about how Kyle Seraphin got hold of the report.)

Top FBI officials soberly informed the Examiner that the anti-Catholic report failed to meet the FBI’s “exacting standards.” Haha! That one gave me a good chuckle. “Standards.” You guys are killing me.

We’ll return to the FBI’s moronic “mistake” excuse momentarily. Anyway, the FBI’s official statement carefully instructed its anti-religious agents about how to do it without getting caught next time. It’s right there in the official statement, which explained:

“The FBI is committed to sound analytic tradecraft and to investigating and preventing acts of violence and other crimes while upholding the constitutional rights of all Americans and will never conduct investigative activities or open an investigation based solely on First Amendment protected activity.”

See how they slipped it right in? They said, don’t open an investigation based SOLELY on First Amendment protected activity. No. That would be bad. Instead, agents should come up with a little something ELSE, anything really, just give them a smidge of cover, and don’t be so obvious about it, THEN they can open their investigations into First Amendment protected activities.

Glad we cleared THAT up.

Now let’s talk about whether the report could have been a “mistake” like FBI leadership claims. Their main problem is they only admitted the “mistake” after getting caught, which kind of undermines the whole “accident” excuse. Think about it. Kyle Seraphin — a persona especially non-grata at the FBI — got hold of the report from someone inside the organization who recognized how stinky it was.

Why, in the weeks following the report’s publication, didn’t ANYONE ELSE in the FBI recognize the report’s problems until AFTER it went public? You following me? In other words, why didn’t anyone inside the FBI shoot the report up the line to FBI LEADERSHIP if it was such a “mistake” that fell so far below the agency’s “exacting standards”?

The answer is, because it would have ended an agent’s career to complain about the report to FBI leadership, that’s why. The “mistake” excuse was poorly thought-out by people who are not nearly as smart as they think they are.

Conservatives share some of the blame for where we are today. The government liberally used the FBI to “infiltrate” communist groups during the Cold War. Now that same secret-police tactic has been turned around on the law-abiding conservatives who invented it. “Infiltration” might have been helpful fighting the communists during wartime, but now that vindictive communists have wrested control of the agency, we have a big problem on our hands.

Fix it.

In his testimony before the Weaponization Committee yesterday, former FBI agent Thomas Baker explained the problem is that the FBI has been transformed from a law-enforcement agency into an intelligence agency, which is something completely different. He called the FBI “cursed,” but offered some suggestions for reform:

⚡️THOR⚡️ the Deplorable 🇺🇸 @ThorDeplorable

Former FBI Agent Mr. Baker testifies that the current FBI is cursed and needs a complete reform. He was an agent pre 9/11 and he doesn’t recognize what the FBI has turned into.


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🚀 As corporate media has been promising for months, Russia is REALLY losing the Ukraine war, terrifically badly, which is why the Russians are now mounting a new, irresistible Spring offensive.

Yesterday, the U.S. Sun ran a story headlined, “COUNTDOWN TO Z-DAY: Russia ‘Massing 1,800 Tanks, 700 Aircraft & 500k Men for New Ukraine Assault in 10 DAYS’ After Zelensky Begs UK for Jets.”

That ought to do it.

Andriy Chernyak, an official in Ukraine’s military intelligence, told the Kyiv Post: “We’ve observed that the Russian occupation forces are redeploying additional assault groups, units, weapons and military equipment. According to the military intelligence of Ukraine, Putin gave the order to seize all of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions by March.”

Former comedian Zelenskyy has been making the corporate media rounds begging the U.S. to immediately supply some of our high-tech jet fighters. Like untrained Ukrainian pilots could just leap into them and wipe out the Russian Air Force or something. It’s such an unserious request that I wonder if it’s just a psyop.

🚀 The Wall Street Journal ran a sad article this morning headlined, “Tanks Aren’t Arriving in Ukraine Despite Promises From European Allies.” The sub-headline explained, “A reluctant Berlin is Kyiv’s biggest tank provider.”

It seems that, despite a lot of European hot air, kind of like the hot air filling the Chinese War Blimp, the stingy Europeans apparently aren’t too hot to send their top ground hardware off to be sold on the black market in Ukraine. For some reason.

It’s going to be a little awkward when the Russians start their Spring offensive. Historically, the Russians have always been willing to chuck bodies at a conflict. That’s how they beat Hitler.

One wonders if corporate media’s coverage of the Spring Offensive is a manipulation to get European leaders to cough up the hardware. The problem is they’re running too many manipulative stories now, and nobody can keep up. It’s all noise and no signal.

🔥 NBC News ran a hopelessly ironic story yesterday headlined, “U.S. Investigating Elon Musk’s Neuralink Over Pathogens in Monkey Brains.” The sub-headline explained, “The Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine, an animal-welfare advocacy group, said it obtained emails and other documents that suggest unsafe packaging and movement of implants removed from the brains of monkeys.”

I realize there is a lot of well-founded concern about Elon’s brain chips, but the NBC article, originally sourced from Reuters, began with this wonderfully-ironic paragraph:

The U.S. Department of Transportation said on Thursday it is investigating Elon Musk’s brain-implant company Neuralink over the potentially illegal movement of hazardous pathogens.

Movement of hazardous pathogens! That’s rich. I don’t even need to say it, do I?

Neuralink has been developing a brain implant it says could help paralyzed people walk again and cure other neurological ailments. But since December, the federal government has been investigating the company over how it treats the test monkeys. And remember, when that odious wretch Tony Fauci tortured beagle puppies to death, that was “science” and it was completely different.

Yesterday — on the very same day he got the letter from the sketchy non-profit Physicians Committee — dapper Pete Buttigieg announced a sudden and unexpected Department of Transportation investigation into whether Neuralink properly sterilized the brain chips after they’d been removed from the monkey brains and sent back to America. Pete says they are worried about — get this — possible staphylococcus and Herpes simplex B growing on the hardware.

PETE BUTTIGIEG is a dangerous pathogen. He should investigate HIMSELF.

You can rest assured, this is definitely NOT politically-motivated. How dare you. The Department of Transportation ALWAYS moves this fast when people might not have correctly sanitized their brain chips.

Come to think of it, a brain chip might be just the thing for Pete Buttigieg. At least then he’d have SOMETHING to work with.

🔥 Yesterday the BBC ran a story headlined, “Ukraine War: Elon Musk’s SpaceX Firm Bars Kyiv From Using Starlink Tech for Drone Control.”

Early in the war, Musk donated thousands of Starlink satellite dishes to help Ukrainians stay connected during the war and to help coordinate humanitarian relief efforts. Apparently, and maybe predictably, the Ukraine government instead immediately co-opted the hardware and put it to use in the war. So Musk’s equipment wound up helping escalate the war, but not helping any ordinary Ukrainians.

After finding out his company had been involuntarily conscripted as an unpaid volunteer into the Ukraine war effort, Musk announced SpaceX would stop providing satellite service to Ukraine. Following fierce corporate media backlash, Musk backtracked and restored the service, but with a few conditions, like a little proviso that the free Starlink service shouldn’t be used to kill anybody.

Well, you can guess how it played out, based on your overall understanding of Ukrainian trustworthiness. Recently Musk found out that the Ukrainians were, alas, cheating on the agreement, and using their free Starlink service for targeting killer drone strikes. On Wednesday, SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell explained that Starlink technology was “never meant to be weaponized.”

So the very next day, Thursday, as you’ll recall, the federal government announced an instant investigation into Musk’s Neuralink company, for transporting dangerous pathogens. You know, to help get Musk’s head right. It remains to be seen whether Musk will back down again and let the Ukrainians weaponize his fledgling technology. Without even paying for it.

Those crazy Republicans! Whatever would give them the insane idea that the federal government has been weaponized against Americans? It’s like the federal government is stealing their bananas or something.

Whew! There is WAY too much news to cover in one post, like an update on the Project Veritas story, and proof the US blew up Russia’s pipelines. I’ll try to get us caught up, but I’m leaving for Michelle’s 50th birthday getaway weekend today, so we’ll see what happens. I MIGHT see you tomorrow for the weekend edition. Aren’t surprises great? Till we meet again.

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