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☕️ MIGRATORY ☙ Tuesday, January 23, 2024 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Tuesday! Your roundup today includes: Lloyd Austin continues dodging cameras as Biden keeps fighting for Ukraine’s borders while doing everything possible to open ours; the Supreme Court’s big fat decision over Texas razor wire case and everybody’s reactions to it; Proxy War heading out of the stalemate but in the wrong direction; more conservative comments from elite liberals; Hungary stands up to EU over illegal immigration and LGBTQ propaganda; and you’ll never guess what the WEF has in its crosshairs now.


🚀 Apparently, I’m not the only one wondering where exactly is the man who currently is the single most important member of Biden’s Cabinet? Question asked, by Newsmax’s John Bachman:

image 2.png

Nope. In yesterday’s scraps of Lloyd Austin news, Real Clear Defense ran a revolting op-ed titled “Secretary Austin’s Unauthorized Absence,” written by a U.S. Navy SEAL discharged in 2020 for being unreachable for only five hours. (Ironically, he was unreachable because he’d been wrongly arrested by local Hawaiian authorities for violating Covid lockdowns during the first month of the pandemic).

But … is the Secretary almost back? Also yesterday, Reuters ran a tantalizing Lloyd Austin story headlined, “US Defense Secretary to Attend Virtual Meeting on Ukraine From Home.” Still recovering from his elective prostate cancer surgery, Austin reportedly will attend a meeting later today with U.S. and Ukraine generals, probably to cry about how awfully the Proxy War is going and agree that if they could only get a few more hundred billion, this thing would be all over.

Austin will be the only participant attending remotely since he’s not up to scratch. The article was silent about whether Austin would be visible on a screen or would just be listening on the phone, but Pentagon spokesmen did say the top military leader will uncharacteristically skip the post-meeting press conference. So, we don’t get to see him.

So much for the stalemate. Independent media and milbloggers are widely reporting the Russians are pushing all along the disputed border in what looks like a wide-scale, coordinated attack, that Ukrainian defenses are collapsing, that Russian planes appear to control the skies, all amidst rumors swirling about potential ‘leadership changes’ in Kiev. Corporate media mentioned none of that yesterday, not even to “fact check,” but it did allow that Ukraine is wearing down. From CNN this morning:

image 3.png

On the other hand, what happened to all those dark promises back in August that Ukraine would immediately lose the war if the House didn’t promptly approve Biden’s 100-billion war aid package? I guess the Ukrainians are hanging in there a lot longer than predicted.

Meanwhile, to help the poor Ukrainians defend their border, Joe Biden steadfastly refuses to agree to commonsense demands from Republicans to help defend our border security. Apparently, two of Biden’s most important goals are now in conflict: his goal of keeping the U.S.’s border wide open versus his goal of keeping Ukraine’s border closed.

Which brings us to yesterday’s biggest story.

🔥 Yesterday the Supreme Court shocked the Nation by ruling that, if an American has a brand-new, indescribably stylish, hard-to-find Stanley sippy mug, and an illegal immigrant is thirsty, the American has to give her Stanley mug to the migrant — after offering to refill it first. Haha, only kidding! The New York Times gleefully ran the much worse real story yesterday, non-paywalled, headlined “Supreme Court Backs Biden in Dispute With Texas Over Border Barrier.

Oh, what a happy day it must have been for the Times’s editors! Bam, Texas got put in its place. What invasion? Ironically, the Times headline editors actually undersold the story, perhaps from a desire to focus more on Texas than on the appalling facts. Other platforms ran more descriptive headlines, like Reuters: “US Supreme Court lets Border Patrol remove Texas razor-wire fencing – for now.

image 4.png

The short version is, in an uninformative, three-sentence, 5-4 order, the Supreme Court struck a Texas federal court injunction banning Biden’s Border Patrol from removing Texas’s carefully-installed anti-immigrant razor wire except in medical emergencies.

The Supreme Court’s order did not explain its reasoning. But, in their briefs to the Court, both sides — Texas and Biden’s Border Patrol — argued the other side was being irrational.

Biden’s lawyers’ brief argued that, since it takes 10-30 minutes to remove razor wire, the injunction’s ‘medical emergencies’ exception was irrational and useless, because drowning migrants would be floating around dead by the time Border Agents could cut through all that wire to save them. I mean, come on! How are Agents supposed to deliver medical services to criminals trying to flood the border with all that razor wire sitting there? Plus, it’s the Border Patrol’s J-O-B to be on the border. It’s right in the name. Texas’s razor wire stops them from getting to their workplace.

We never ever remove the wire to let migrants in, Biden’s lawyers soberly promised the Court. We only do it to protect the border and to save human lives.

Texas’s lawyers were like, look, we are literally being overrun and the Border Patrol keeps cutting up our fences as soon as we uncoil them. The fences don’t even stop criminals from crossing, it just slows them down. Plus there’s been no documented case of any Border Patrol agent being stopped from saving a drowning migrant’s life. So it’s irrational to let the Border Patrol access Texas’s border when the Border Patrol is helping an army illegally invade Texas.

Texas’s lawyers insisted that, The Border Patrol is lying; they cut up our razor wire all the time to let the migrants across.

In 2012, the Supreme Court under Obama issued an awful decision in Arizona v. United States, which gave the feds broad border authority, ‘pre-empting’ most of Arizona’s recently-passed law cracking down on illegal immigration. That 2012 case was heavily cited by both sides in the current crop of briefs, with the Border Patrol praising the decision as being wise and being the law of the land, and with Texas insisting that Arizona was either wrongly decided or just not applicable here.

Yesterday’s decision wasn’t a ruling on the case, it only applied to the anti-cutting injunction. Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh would have let the razor-wire injunction stand for now, but Justices Roberts and Barrett sided with the three liberal justices and agreed that, for the time being, the injunction must go. But the case continues and Texas will still argue — the longer way — that under states’ rights it should be allowed to install razor wire along its border whenever necessary.

My best guess at the way the decision came down is the four justices who voted to uphold the injunction are states’ rights absolutists and probably think the Arizona case should be overturned. Justices Roberts and Barrett are less strong on states’ rights, and recognize that unless overturned, Arizona stands as the current law. But I’m only guessing.

Following yesterday’s decision, Texas Governor Abbott responded by ominously warning, “this is not over:”

image 7.png

In a heavily-suppressed tweet, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Chris Olivarez promised that Texas will “hold the line:”

image 8.png

Don’t mess with Texas.

Governor DeSantis also weighed in on the border issue, which affects Florida too, even though razor wire doesn’t work very well in the ocean:


🔥 Meanwhile, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, fresh off his anti-Biden comments, and sporting a Ukraine pin, surprised us again by highlighting America’s border issue on CNBC this weekend. Apparently, Dimon and his elite friends are starting to get the message, since the top banker warned reporters, “If you do not control the borders, you are going to destroy our country. Now that they are sending migrants into New York… all my super-liberal friends realize what a problem it is.”

image 5.png

CLIP: Jamie Dimon tells CNBC that lack of border enforcement will destroy our country, too (1:09).

Not just his liberal friends. His super-liberal friends realize what a problem failing to control the borders is. Now if we could just get them to act like it.

🔥 Blaze Media ran an encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Hungary refuses to embrace European Union’s LGBT activism and migration policies.

image 9.png

The Biden Administration and its EU allies are upset about Hungary’s 2021 law — overwhelmingly passed by Hungary’s parliament 157 to 1 — that increased penalties for pedophiles and prohibited LGBT propaganda targeting kids. Now the EU is withholding thirty-two billion dollars in already-allocated pandemic funding unless Hungary agrees to embrace the LGBTQ agenda, ditches its 2021 anti-pedophile law, and lets in more African migrants.

The billions owed to Hungary “will remain blocked until Hungary fulfills all the necessary conditions,” swore EU head Ursula von der Leyen.

So far, the Hungarians are hanging in there and resisting the temptation to compromise for all that cash. “The Hungarian government is willing to reach an agreement with the Commission, but in cases where people have expressed a clear opinion, it would be undemocratic and unacceptable,” explained Gergely Gulyas, Orbán’s chief of staff. “For Hungary, even despite the will of the European Commission, it is unacceptable to spread LGBTQ propaganda among children, and we also cannot abandon our position on migration issues.”

For his part, Hungarian president Viktor Orbán is taking a strong stand against both illegal migrants and LGBTQ activists:

Orbán indicated in a Friday radio broadcast, “The only thing we can say, very calmly, as a reply is that there there is not enough money in the world to force us to let migrants in. There is not enough money in the world for us to allow them to take away our country. We will not create conditions like we see in Western European states — the threat of terrorism, crime, I could go on and on.”
“And there is not enough money in the world for which we would put our children or grandchildren in the hands of LGBTQ activists. That’s impossible,” added the prime minister.

Who could have seen it coming for Hungary to become the anti-globalism poster-child for freedom, morality, and national sovereignty?

🔥 In today’s bottom story: now they’ve done it. Now they’ve gone too far. The dummies at the World Economic Forum last week argued that coffee is making too much carbon dioxide and destroying the climate:

image 6.png

CLIP: World Economic Forum jumps the shark. This coffee aggression will not stand. (0:48).

That is it. I swear, this nonsense has got to stop. I say we unplug the World Economic Forum since it is emitting so much methane, which is even worse for the climate than CO2, apparently. We already went through this with the British. We are not giving up coffee. Who’s with me?

Have a terrific Tuesday! Migrate back here tomorrow morning for another delicious, globalist-free, fresh and hot serving of Coffee & Covid.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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