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☕️ JUSTICE’S WHEELS ☙ Tuesday, December 13, 2022 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, and Happy Tuesday! It’s a ‘good news’ roundup today. Your terrific “Justice” roundup includes: the Department of Energy makes some personnel changes; Biden graduates from hair sniffing and issues a key invitation; Loudon County officials get what’s coming to them; don’t worry about the Fauci’s, they did just fine during the pandemic; the Bankman-Fried story is moving at the Speed of Science™, but justice seems to be trying to catch up with him; more SADS deaths and speculations about government conspiracy; so-called whisleblower Rebekah Jones faces the music and admits she was guilty; and good election news on Lauren Boebert’s recount.


🔥 It’s all fun and games until somebody gets fired. The New York Post ran a cautionary story yesterday headlined, “Non-binary Biden Nuclear Official Sam Brinton Fired After Multiple Luggage Theft Charges: Reports.”

A DOE spokesperson told reporters that, “Sam Brinton is no longer a DOE employee. By law, the Department of Energy cannot comment further on personnel matters.”

Unattractive cross-dresser Brinton wants people to use the words “they/them” as pronouns when referring to him, because he doesn’t “identify” as male OR female. He thinks he’s something ELSE, maybe some kind of polysexual plant life or a fornicating fungus or something. For some reason that wasn’t — but should have been — a red flag for Human Resources, his non-binary beliefs didn’t raise any questions when Brinton was hired for a top job in the DOE’s nuclear waste disposal office. Brinton was given top-level classified access to the nation’s secrets.

Instead, when DOE hired Brinton in June, it bragged that its new assistant secretary of nuclear waste disposal was a tireless advocate for LGBT+++ “youth.”

YOUTH. That should have been the second red flag.

Brinton now faces music to the tune of five years in prison for the Minnesota theft of the blue Vera Bradley bag, and up to ten years for his Las Vegas heist. Personally, I believe Sam was double-crossed. Here he is in one of the evidence photos, pensively peering up at the baggage lobby camera, as if he was wistfully wondering if the jig might finally be up this time.

It was. The jig was finally up. But oh, what a glorious run it was, for an unassuming cross-dressing pervert, to break through the plexiglass ceiling of virtue and finally strut the corridors of power in spiked heels.

🔥 The dignity of the Biden White House was on full display yesterday, when Joe Biden personally invited drag performer Marti G. Cummings to the White House signing ceremony for the odious new Marriage Equality Act, which makes gay marriages lawful as a matter of federal law.

The Democrats were fretting that after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Obergefell — the case finding a right to gay marriage based on Roe — might be next on the cutting-room floor. So they quickly passed an Act ensuring that gay people can get married and that their marriages must be honored when they move from state to state. Critics are concerned about a slippery slope and claim that religious folks will be punished for not helping celebrate or create gay marriages.

(On a side note, the Democrats COULD have passed an abortion law the same way they passed this gay marriage law, but for some reason didn’t. Curious.)

Mr. Cummings is the second transvestite Biden invited to the White House in as many months. So. I’m not judging, I’m just pointing out the danger. This is what always happens when you start with the hair sniffing. It inevitably ends just like this.

Anyway, there’s a telling metaphor here. Mr. Cummings is clearly a very unserious person who may also have some profound mental health problems.

An unserious, unstable person for an unserious, unstable law.

Incidentally, Mr. Cummings just locked down his Twitter account, but a few diligent twitterers kept copies of some of his older tweets, so you can get an idea of who is this person Biden wants attend his bill signing. In fairness, when Cummings refers to “kids” in the tweet below, I think he means himself and other drag performers. But still.

I present the dignity and gravitas of the Biden Administration.

🔥 The Daily Wire ran a satisfying story yesterday headlined, “Loudoun Superintendent, Spokesman Criminally Indicted Following Rape Coverup.” A Virginia grand jury indicted two Loudon County officials after a lengthy investigation of officials crimes and coverups that led to a red wave in that historically blue state.

At least two girls were raped by a cross-dressing teenaged boy who’d been allowed, facilitated — groomed — to use the girls’ bathrooms, where both rapes happened. But instead of turning the boy over to law enforcement, Loudon County school officials just moved the serial perpetrator to a different school and gaslit everybody. They also had the father of one of the raped girls arrested after he quite understandably yelled at them during a school board meeting.

The indicted school officials included disgraced former Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler who, like puppy-player Brinton, was also fired last week, as well as the lizard-lipped liar, school spokesman Wayde Byard, for perjury to the Grand Jury.

Last week, the Grand Jury released its 91-page report that, among lots of other things, found that “throughout this ordeal LCPS administrators were looking out for their own interests instead of the best interests of LCPS.” You don’t say. They also found that Zieglar lied like a rug when he’d claimed, “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and found that he retaliated against courageous teacher Erin Brooks, who sued the school system for failing to protect her from sexual assault by an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT.

You can read the Grand Jury’s report here, but be warned that the details are stomach-turning. I reviewed the report, and what clearly emerges from the facts was a coordinated effort by school officials who were much more concerned with a policy related to “transgender rights” than they were about the actual crimes of rape, or about the rights of other students and teachers not to be assaulted.

It’s hard to pick the most disturbing fact disclosed in the report, but right after the second rape, the principal sent an email to staff implying the victimized young lady was lying, claiming: “This is the same [female] student who was transferred here from THS for a similar allegation.”

That was a lie. The principal just made it all up, defaming the victim. She’d never even been transferred.

After that email, the school scrambled to hold an impromptu “all hands” meeting to scheme about what to do next. The Grand Jury reported that no one who attended the meeting could remember anything about what was discussed, which the Grand Jury accurately labeled “institutional amnesia.”

It’s baffling how much deference is being given to these so-called transgender kids, and how credulously committed the school officials are to considering these kids as being honest and legitimate. It might be that a very small number of kids actually do have a functional gender dysphoria that may be best accommodated by pretending along with them. I don’t know.

But it should always considered FIRST that dysphoric children might be suffering from mental illnesses. And it shouldn’t be ruled out that a dysphoric child, especially an older teen, might in fact be a predator trying to take advantage of the unbelievable latitude being offered to trans children.

School officials needs to stop hiding behind “privacy concerns,” as did the Loudon County officials. It’s just a smokescreen for misconduct.

The Grand Jury’s well-written report could be the start of changing how school officials handle these kinds of cases. We’ll be watching.

🔥 The National Review ran an eye-opening story yesterday headlined, “Fauci’s Net Worth Nearly Doubled during Pandemic.” So much for how much Fauci sacrificed for his country.

According to watchdog nonprofit OpenTheBooks, during the two years between 2019 and 2021, the Fauci household’s net worth increased by $5 million, and is now over $12.6 million. Most of the increase came from investment gains, gifts, awards, and Fauci’s federal employment compensation, according to public records.

For one example, Israel-based Dan David Foundation bribed, I mean gifted Fauci $901,400 for “speaking truth to power” and “defending science.”


There’s a lot I could say about this. Fauci’s money is blood-soaked, of course, and I hope he chokes on it (*not literally). But give me a break about how much Fauci has “given” for science. Science seems like a pretty good way to get rich at other people’s expense.

I also hope he enjoys being the most hated man in the world.

🔥 Early yesterday, the New York Post ran a story headlined, “Sam Bankman-Fried To Testify Before Congress Remotely: ‘Quite Overbooked’.” The gist was he just couldn’t get away from his luxury Bahamian penthouse / drug-fueled orgy-pit, because, you know, work and stuff. But he’d agreed to zoom in to Congress and try to help as best he could.

As a lawyer, I usually presume a witness wants to use zoom instead of appearing in person so that someone off screen can coach the witness with hidden prompts. In Sam’s case, like maybe a team of lawyers.

But Sam’s story was developing at the speed of science yesterday, and before I could write up a snarky post about Sam’s zooming preferences, late yesterday evening the Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined, “Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested in Bahamas.” Whoopsies!

That’s REALLY going to interfere with his Congressional testimony.

Sam was arrested “without incident” shortly after 6PM Eastern Time yesterday by the Royal Bahamas Police, and presumably is now enjoying Caribbean jail accommodations, which relatively speaking is probably a nice spot to enjoy the comforts of government-subsidized housing, but is probably a step down from his luxury penthouse apartment and all its, um, conveniences.

Then, just THIS MORNING the Journal ran another story about the now-unsealed SEC complaint against Sam, headlined, “Sam Bankman-Fried Led ‘Years-Long Fraud’ at FTX, SEC Says.” In the lawsuit, unsealed just this morning, the SEC alleges that right from the start, Sam diverted customers’ funds to support his private hedge fund, Alameda Research, and to make personal venture investments, real-estate purchases and, of course, political donations.

For some reason, the SEC’s criminal complaint omits mention of Sam’s obvious fascination with pedophile symbolism, his “non-traditional” sexual lifestyle, or his ten “roommates.”

Deploying a battalion of meaningless allegory, SEC Chair Gary Gensler explained, “Sam Bankman-Fried built a house of cards on a foundation of deception while telling investors that it was one of the safest buildings in crypto. The alleged fraud committed by Mr. Bankman-Fried is a clarion call to crypto platforms that they need to come into compliance with our laws.”

Bahamas police said Sam was taken into custody on charges of “various Financial Offenses against laws of the United States, which are also offenses against laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.” According to police, Sam is set to appear in Nassau’s Magistrate Court today (Tuesday).

It will be interesting to see whether Sam is released on bail.

If he IS released, then all those political donations will have paid off. If not, I’d predict after a short dispute over jurisdiction, Sam will be transferred to U.S. federal prison, presumably into one appointed as neatly as the facility where Jeffrey Epstein was held.

💉 Millions followed photogenic Canadian TikTok star Megha Thakur, 21, until she croaked suddenly and unexpectedly on November 24th while visiting New York City.

Completely coincidentally, last month 21-year-old Megha posted on her Instagram that she’d had a minor heart attack:

Her family has not released Megha’s cause of death. The social media star attended Western University in Toronto, where she was studying computer science. Also coincidentally, a few days after her heart attack, WU suddenly and unexpectedly dropped its student vaccine mandate, “based on the latest consultation with our medical experts and local public health [officials].”

Weird, weird coincidences.

💉 Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach, 61, collapsed at his home in Starkville on Sunday from a “massive heart attack.” The Clarion Ledger reported that, according to sources, Leach “may have suffered seizures with the possibility of brain damage.”

The latest unofficial reports say Leach is now under hospice care.

Back on October 28th, 2021, Miss. U. published a statement saying, “Employees at public universities in Mississippi are now required to receive COVID-19 vaccinations by late November following a 9-3 vote during a special meeting of the Mississippi Institutions on Higher Learning Board of Trustees.”

Reports say Leach had until December 8th, 2021, to get vaccinated or be fired. I mean, Leach had until December 8th to roll the dice with his life or be fired.


💉 I reported a few days ago about about sports reporter Grant Wahl, who died suddenly and unexpectedly in the press stands in Qatar while reporting on the World Cup. Get this: his family is so thunderstruck and disbelieving that the healthy reporter could have died from a heart attack that they have conceived of a massive government conspiracy to murder Wahl.

Now, I have the same suspicion, but we differ about WHICH government. The Wahl family thinks it was the Qatar government, because Wahl wore a pride T-shirt or something. I think the conspiracy was a different government, and a different reason.

Alex Berenson @AlexBerenson

The idea that Qatar or anyone in it killed Grant Wahl for his political views or wearing a T-shirt is not just absurd, it’s open anti-Arab prejudice (from the usual supposedly tolerant people). It does distract from other potential causes of his sudden death, though.3:29 PM ∙ Dec 10, 20224,646Likes607Retweets

💉 ANOTHER sports journalist died suddenly and unexpected at the World Cup in Qatar. Al Kass TV photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam “passed away” two days after Wahl died.

Gulf-Times @GulfTimes_QATAR

Al Kass TV photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam passed away recently. Al- Misslam, a Qatari, died suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. We believe in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for him, and send our deepest condolences to his family.


2:01 PM ∙ Dec 10, 2022166Likes122Retweets

No cause of death has been released for Khalid, either. Another weird coincidence.

🔥 South Santa Rosa News ran a story yesterday headlined, “Rebekah Jones Avoids Trial, Admits Guilt in Plea Deal with Prosecutors.” You remember Rebekah Jones, the former Florida Department of Health data entry lady with a history of stalking and mental illness, who turned “whistle blower” and accused Governor DeSantis of hiding covid death data, instantly becoming a leftwing media sensation.

Jones has been feted on CNN, MSNBC, and tons of podcasts and lefty radio. She’s raised hundreds of thousands from her lunatic admirers and followers. She even ran for Congress in the last elections, but mercifully lost.

Welp, after being charged with hacking the FDOH’s computers to help promote her false story about Florida’s cooked books, at long last, she’s finally admitted she was guilty. In order to avoid jail, Jones has agreed to pay $20,000 in restitution, do 150 hours of community service, see a licensed mental health professional at least monthly, admit guilt, and pay a $100 fee. She’s also basically on probation for several years.

That hasn’t slowed her down though. Jones falsely tweeted to her followers claiming that the State of Florida dismissed all charges against her after she refused to consider any plea deals.

I think the mental health counseling might be the most important part of Jones’ plea agreement. We wish her well on her treatment and hopeful recovery.

🔥 Feisty Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert narrowly won her recount yesterday — by 546 votes. A win is a win! She survives, to continue to unmercifully pester the democrats.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow when I hope to have a terrific report for you that I can’t talk about today. Till then!

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