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☕️ JUST HELPING ☙ Monday, December 19, 2022 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Monday! As we head into last week to enjoy Christmas music, and get all your to-do’s done, your roundup includes: a supplemental FBI Files dump reveals the deep state’s narrative merry-go-round; the great consensus making machine; the Palm Beach Post gets hysterical over religious exemptions and you’ll never guess who they blame for it; Mitt Romney throws unjabbed military under the bus; and the Republicans come to a very interesting conclusion in their recent minority intelligence report.


🔥 Does the FBI even actually exist? I ask because corporate media doesn’t seem to know how to find FBI headquarter, say, to challenge the FBI about what’s been coming out of Twitter lately. Or maybe there’s another reason.

Meet powerful F.B.I. field agent Elvis Chan:

For context, over the last few years Agent Chan has been assigned to the Twitter project. He was recently deposed in the Missouri v. Biden case, and he’s been the subject of several of Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files” posts over the last couple weeks.

Agent Chan is the kind of person who lists his pronouns in his official government email signature. So. In this recently-disclosed internal Twitter email — from just last month! on a Sunday! — we see Agent Chan zealously targeting more Americans on Twitter over things they said:

Note that Chan only provided a list of accounts. He didn’t bother to say WHICH terms of service were violated. He didn’t say anybody broke the law. He didn’t even say WHICH tweets were problematic. Let Twitter figure it out!

Twitter got right back to Agent Chan before 10am on Tuesday morning, and even APOLOGIZED FOR THE DELAY. Sorry, boss! Shockingly, all the reported accounts were banned or suspended.

Haha, nothing to see here, Chan’s just like any other regular citizen reporting some tweets that probably violated Twitter’s terms of service, somehow, at some point. Probably.

Former Twitter censorship employee Patrick Conlon managed to scrape up violations against each and every account on Agent Chan’s list (except for Billy Baldwin). Conlon’s response to Chan appears below. Take note all the other FBI.gov email addresses that were carbon-copied on Conlon’s email to Chan:

“Hi Elvis.” They sure sound chummy, don’t they. It’s heartwarming when big business and government agencies have close relationships. There’s a word for that, I can’t remember it right now.

The kind of access Agent Chan enjoyed must be nice. Whenever I’ve tried to get customer service from one of the social media companies, all I get is, “We’re sorry. The overwhelming volume of reports at this time prevents us from making a personal reply to your concern. However, if we are able, we’ll review your submission as soon as possible. But probably not. Don’t hold your breath.”

Okay, I added the last two sentences. But that’s the clear message, right?

Matt Taibbi published a “supplement” to his FBI Files yesterday. Matt reported on a fascinating line of communication between Agent Chan and Twitter from back in July of 2020. Apparently the FBI had asked Twitter for a report about “malicious actors” on Twitter spreading election disinformation. Twitter had reported good news — they didn’t find any significant evidence of foreign interference.

But the FBI wasn’t happy with that answer. Not at all. So they wrote back, making it 100% clear that Twitter had better come up with some interference, and quick, and as proof that Twitter had got it wrong, cited several think-tank and corporate media articles claiming there WAS foreign interference on Twitter.

In his strongly-worded letter demanding written responses to a series of sharp questions, Chan underscored the seriousness of the issue. “There was quite a bit of discussion within the USIC to get clarifications from your company,” Agent Chan wrote. “USIC” referred to the “United States Intelligence Community.” Get it? Not just the FBI. The other agencies, like the CIA, NSA, and DOD, agencies legally prohibited from spying on Americans.

Chan was just trying to “help.”

It’s becoming abundantly clear that we have a lawless government whose representatives and courts make rules, like prohibiting gain-of-function research or spying on Americans, and then the deep-state agencies promptly stitch up some loopholes and clever techniques to evade those very same rules, so they can do whatever the hell they damn well please.

So there’s THAT. But what I wanted to focus on for today’s post is how the deep state manufactures “consensus.” I’ve it over and over, during the pandemic and in many January 6th demand letters.

Let’s look at the references Agent Chan used to support his letter criticizing Twitter for not finding any foreign interference in the elections.

See? It wasn’t just the FBI’s feverish imagination. The Oxford Institute, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the Mercator Institute for China Studies, and the Wall Street Journal all agree. Here’s the thing: all those articles were themselves based on things anonymous INTELLIGENCE AGENTS leaked, asserting foreign interference on social media. Then, intelligence agents like Agent Chan can turn right around and deploy those same articles as “evidence,” to support the original narrative.

Round and round we go.

It’s a nifty trick. It works the same way in “science.” The NIH or CDC needs evidence to support some guidance they want to issue, like masking. So they fund some studies intended to show masks work. The pay-for-play scientists publish cartoonish, anti-scientific clown studies “proving” cotton masks can somehow magically filter nanoscale virus particles. Then the NIH and CDC cite those same studies — the same ones they procured — to “recommend” unconstitutional mask mandates, or even outright order mandates, like for air travel and on cruise ships.

Ditto vaccines.

In the January 6th Congressional investigations, FBI agents would anonymously give corporate media “leaks” that a certain person was involved in “organizing” the attack on the Capitol. Then the January 6th Commission would send out subpoena letters to those same hapless individuals for documents and depositions, citing the intelligence-community-manufactured corporate media articles as the “probable cause” for the subpoenas. Ta-da.

It’s a closed loop.

Back to our story. Completely unsurprisingly, in the face of Agent Chan’s strongly-worded letter, Twitter’s former censorship head Yoel Roth orchestrated a complete about-face, and let the “team” know that “we’ve been clear that official state propaganda is DEFINITELY A THING ON TWITTER.” He also referred, not just to his agency, the FBI, but to the “IC” — the “Intelligence Community.”

In other words, Roth got the message.

And that’s how it works! On Friday, at the speed of science, the FBI publicly responded to Taibbi’s “supplemental” post, brusquely explaining that it “regularly engages with private sector entities” and whatever those private section entities do with that information is completely “independent” from the FBI’s strong-arming, how dare you.

But Taibbi clapped back, saying there’s zero evidence in the Twitter Files of the FBI “helpfully” letting Twitter know about foreign spies or anything like that. Instead, the FBI’s interest was almost all targeted at ordinary Americans’ political speech.

Matt Taibbi @mtaibbi

13.That may be true, but we haven’t seen that in the documents to date. Instead, we’ve mostly seen requests for moderation involving low-follower accounts belonging to ordinary Americans – and Billy Baldwin.11:03 PM ∙ Dec 18, 202217,266Likes2,899Retweets

I don’t know about you, but I feel SO SAFE, what with the FBI monitoring Americans’ tweets and posts to make sure we don’t get anything wrong. Who cares if they’re ignoring real crimes and real foreign spies and lying about it? It’s critical to correct wrongthink.

But the real problem isn’t the FBI, or even the deep state. Those are symptoms. The real problem is that a lot of our fellow Americans think all this is just dandy.

💉 Which brings us to Florida’s Palm Beach Post’s alarming article this weekend, headlined “Holy hell: The dangers in rising religious exemptions to school vaccinations in Florida.”

The Palm Beach Post has its undergarments twisted because Florida’s school vaccination rates are, apparently, down some. The article never says how MUCH, just notes that rates are “at a ten-year low.” (That means the rate was even lower ten years ago, right? So what’s the crisis? Anyway.)

The Post wasn’t really worried about the vaccination rate. It’s worried about the rate of RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS to vaccination. That terrifying figure has increased slightly from 0.3% ten years ago, to 3.2% last year. Even worse, in the Post’s hysterical view, is that 8.2% of Florida’s KINDERGARTNERS have obtained exemptions.

A handful of religious kindergartners apparently justified the breathless, irreligious epithet in the headline.

To give its readers an idea of the scale of this devastating problem, the Post disclosed that there are 7,913 children — total — with religious exemptions in Florida this year. My goodness. The Post’s “column” — not an op-ed — is openly suspicious about the parents’ honesty, thinking they are probably just crypto-anti-vaxxers:

Despite the leaders of the world’s religions urging people to get vaccinated from the contagious virus, a highly organized opposition spread all sorts of disinformation about the effectiveness and dangers of the vaccine, while also claiming that it violated their nebulous, personal religious beliefs.
And their delusions and dubious claims were bolstered by many of the state’s elected officials who saw this as an organizing opportunity for political support. This nurturing of anti-vaccination sentiment in Florida has made the state an outlier in sound medical policy.

Gosh. It’s 1,000 worse than the horrors of climate change! And who should we blame for this out-of-control religiosity in Florida? Why, murderous Governor DeSantis and his quack Surgeon General, Dr. Joe Ladapo, of course:

Gov. Ron DeSantis took a detour from advocating consensus science when he handpicked Dr. Joseph Ladapo as Florida’s surgeon general last year. Ladapo is a vaccine skeptic who had been part of a group of doctors whose leader was arrested and imprisoned for storming the U.S. Capitol to stop the certification of the last presidential election.
Ladapo voiced the anti-mask, anti-vax sentiments that became a foundational political tool in DeSantis’ “free state of Florida” posturing.
As part of this, DeSantis began calling vaccines “jabs” — as if the slight temporary arm pain was more important to consider than the life-saving immunity. And he refused to talk about his own vaccination status… A byproduct of this suppression of vaccine advocacy and outright cheerleading against vaccinations has been unnecessary deaths.

(On an aside, the “leader” who the Palm Beach Post said “stormed the U.S. Capitol to stop the certification,” was Dr. Simone Gold, whose sentencing documents described her peacefully walking into the Rotunda, making a short speech about vaccines, and walking out. But I’m just nitpicking.)

There’s lots more; the column was really the Post’s response to Governor DeSantis’ request to convene a Grand Jury. But that’s not what I’m interested in this morning. I’m interested in the column’s COMMENTS.

I had to create an account with the Palm Beach Post to see them. You’re welcome. Here are the first three:

And the fourth comment, which makes today’s point perfectly:

Eugene succinctly stated the problem: “Public health trumps any individual religious belief.” We can speculate about the reasons why, but a good third of the country would happily to hit the eject button on the Constitution’s protection of individual rights, to save the country from a mild virus. That’s even though we’ve somehow managed to survive the last 230 years with those individual rights, and even though we are — allegedly — enjoying the fruits of miraculous developments in medical science.

And this is in Florida!

Whenever folks want to dig down too deeply into the covid conspiracy barrel, I always point back to people like Eugene. It might be that Bill Gates, George Soros, and the World Economic Forum brewed up the virus to stop Trump and escalate Agenda 2030, who knows. But it would never work without Team Lockdown, which unfortunately includes a significant number of Americans.

That’s why the solution has to be: local, local, local. The good news is, local is where we have the most power to create change.

💉 On Thursday, four Republican Senators voted with democrats against an amendment to Defense Authorization Bill that would have allowed military service members discharged for declining the jabs to be reinstated: Romney (UT), Collins (ME), Rounds (SD), and Cassidy (LA).


The good news is: every other Republican senator supported the amendment.

🔥 Last week, Republicans on the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released their fascinating minority report which, among other things, concluded not only that covid was released from the Wuhan lab, but also that it may have been a Chinese MILITARY BIOWEAPON:

It’s an interesting read.

The notion that covid was not really a gain-of-function experiment to help protect people from pandemics, but might have actually been a weapon in itself, has been swirling around for a while. But this is the first time I’ve seen an official government endorsement of what I believe to be a fact.

Very soon now, the Republicans will be issuing majority reports. The pendulum is swinging.

Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more Coffee & Covid.

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