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☕️ INEFFECTIVE ☙ Thursday, December 29, 2022 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s the last Thursday of 2022! Your roundup today includes: New Multiplier Orders; China’s massive post-lockdown covid wave frightens the fully-jabbed West; the Japanese experience, and you’ll never guess where they’re finding spike protein; Japanese celebrity dies after dailyblogging her 145-day death from vaccine injury; I respond to a critic; J6 Committee heavyweight Jamie Raskin gets a sudden and unexpected cancer; reggae blues as SADS strike Jamaican artist; seniors surprise by skipping boosters; good weather cripples Southwest Airlines, definitely NOT staffing problems; and Ukraine gets some sinister help.


🪖 MULTIPLIER ORDERS: For our final multiplier of 2022, we are focusing the C&C Army on Libs of TikTok. LoTT has accomplished more for protecting kids this year than maybe any other single person or group, all by just re-publishing crazy leftwing TikTok videos. LoTT’s courageous creative genius, Chaya Raichik, was doxxed this month, and finally emerged from anonymity and interviewed with Tucker Carlson.

We are sending a message that when someone faces cancellation and threats because of standing up to the tyrannical left, the C&C Army will rally around.

For current C&C Army members, here’s the link. You know what to do. Give any affordable amount ending in a ‘2’.

For newbies, here’s how it works. We collectively contribute an amount that individually you wouldn’t notice. It can be as small as $2. You’ll be amazed at how much it will add up to. Give more if you want, just make sure the amount ends in a ‘2’ so that LoTT will know where the donations came from.

It literally takes less than a minute, it won’t cost you anything you’ll notice, and you’re going to feel GREAT after you do it. Here’s the link again, do it NOW, before you read further. You’ll be right back here momentarily.

🪖 Sorry about the comment issues early yesterday, when only paid supporters were able to post comments. There’s a specific sequence of steps that results in the box for “allow comments from everyone” being invisibly un-checked right before I click “post.” It happened yesterday until a reader tweeted about it, and I promptly unlocked the comments section. If the comments are ever locked on one of the public posts, it was an accident.


🔥 China currently seems to be going through a massive covid wave. I say “seems” because U.S. corporate media and the federal government widely and publicly disbelieve the official Chinese government-reported statistics, which only reflect a modest wave.

All of a sudden, you can’t trust anything China says.

Yesterday, the UK Telegraph posted an article titled, “China’s Covid Nightmare Is the Final Proof: Lockdowns Were a Total Failure.” It begins by noting that “We will never know how many people are dying of Covid in China.” Allegedly, government-regulated mortuaries require relatives to sign a standarized form to release the corpse, a form which pledges “I guarantee that the deceased __________ did not die of Covid, and I will be fully responsible for any false claim.”

The games the Chinese are playing with their covid numbers has infuriated Team Lockdown. How dare they cook the numbers like that! It’s all wrong, they should be INFLATING the covid deaths, like the CDC does! Stupid Chinese.

Back in 2017, Xi Jinping said Marxism would be the foundation for a healthy China, since “medicine has a great deal to learn from Marx”. But Karl Marx was a moron; his “groundbreaking” book ‘Das Capital’ is indecipherable gobbledegook. For years the fact that nobody could understand him was taken to be evidence of Marx’s genius, until everybody admitted his book just doesn’t make any sense.

As bad as Marx was at economics, he had NO reason to be gassing on about public health. The Chinese experience seems to be proving that. Still, if Karl Marx were alive, they’d probably have him running the NIH.

As the Telegraph article describes in great detail, China’s covid story is more about the pigheaded stupidity of Marxian, centrally-planned lockdowns, which were already known to be a bad idea BEFORE the recent government-produced pandemic. China’s over-the-top draconian lockdowns, literally welding people into their apartments, probably cost millions of lives and incalculable losses of economic productivity.

Even worse, locking their country down so tightly only delayed reckoning day. Instead of flattening the curve, it wound the curve up like a tightly-coiled spring, and now that the lockdowns have ended, the spring has sprung, the curve has exploded, and millions more may die from covid absent effective early treatment, which appears just as unavailable to the Chinese as it was to everyone else.

🔥 The Hill ran a story this morning headlined, “Nearly Half of Passengers From China to Milan Have COVID: Italian Officials.” Italy, which promptly began requiring tests from Chinese travelers, announced that 38% of passengers on one flight into Milan’s Malpensa Airport tested positive for covid, and 52% of those on a second flight were positive.

It’s framed as a scare story: fully vaccinated Italians are supposed to be terrified of all these covid-infected Chinese visiting their country. But WHY is it so scary? What about all their jabbedy-jabbed “protection?” Why not just grab another booster, and go about your business?

Reviewing the various headlines this morning about the Chinese outbreak, one senses corporate media doesn’t quite know what to do with the story yet. Personally, I am waiting for this headline, which feels like it must be coming soon: “It’s Time to Face Facts: The Vaccines Failed.”

🔥 Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who called President Trump’s China travel ban racist and “xenophobic,” is on the job. The Hill ran a story yesterday headlined, “US To Impose New Restrictions on Travelers From China Amid COVID Outbreaks.” The U.S. already requires foreign travelers to have at least two doses of the safe and effective vaccines, but is now adding a testing requirement, since the safe and effective vaccines are so very very effective.

You can’t make this stuff up. Remember when they said you would need the vaccines to travel internationally? Haha, suckers. We’re back to tests.

Anyway, the situation is apparently so urgent that, unlike the Italians who already started testing, the U.S.’s Chinese travel testing requirement doesn’t start for a week, by which time any new covid variant circulating in China will be fully delivered to spike-tolerant Americans and, like everything else the Biden Administration does, the testing requirement will just be performance theater.

One bright spot: the new testing requirement can be waived with proof of recovery from a prior covid infection more than ten days before travel. NOW natural immunity is better than a test. So the Chinese credit for natural immunity, unlike Americans, who never did. But hey, I guess it’s progress.

The real story, which the Hill completely missed, is how fully and finally the vaccines have failed. What was the point of the jabs if you can’t travel internationally with them? How is China’s covid surge any different from any other country having a new covid wave, like fully-vaccinated Japan, which is facing its second-highest covid wave and highest covid death numbers?

At least Japan had the vaccines. It would have been so much worse.

Finally, and most importantly, why should Americans be fearful, when jabs are available at every pharmacy and major grocery chain in the country? Not to mention the new and improved bivalent booster shot, Paxlovid, and Molnupiravir, which are all freely available, having been prepaid by taxpayers. Aren’t we “protected” yet?

Ironically, while China’s Marxist government just stopped requiring its citizens to show proof of a negative test to move around inside that country, now all the western countries are imposing tests on those same citizens to travel OUTSIDE the country. It’s a de facto lockdown. We’re locking the Chinese back down.

💉 Speaking of 82% fully-vaccinated, mask-mandated Japan, they are starting to catch on. Now that tests can find spike protein fragments — which are vaccine artifacts — doctors are starting to find them in lots of places they aren’t supposed to be. I saw this clip of a Japanese dermatologist who concluded immune suppression after finding spike in skin diseases, and I immediately thought of IgG4 spike tolerance.

Benjamin @hirt_benjamin

🇯🇵 Japan, Pr.Sano, dermatologist: The Spike protein induced by the vaccine weakens the immunity of vaccinated patients who developp cutaneous manifestations. Herpes, shingles also necrosis. Vaccinated people are more likely to be infected with Sars-Cov2 than unvaccinated people!


11:55 AM ∙ Dec 18, 2022164Likes110Retweets

The Japanese are catching onto how the game works now, and are looking around for unattached spike proteins. Here’s a Japanese case study from August, published in the Journal of Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy, finding unattached spike proteins swimming around in skin lesions:

And here’s a Chinese study from November, of 318 more patients showing the same thing:

Now that doctors are learning about how to find the floating spikes, who knows where we’ll find them next.

💉 Celebrity Japanese pianist Chihiro Arai, 57, died on September 15th, after a 145-day battle with a dizzying array of vaccine-induced symptoms and injuries. The most interesting part of her story is that she was a prolific tweeter who posted day-by-day details of her deteriorating health condition.

Chihiro got her third jab on April 23rd, and immediately began having adverse reactions.

According to her tweets, two hours after she took her third dose, she got a high fever, followed by headache, dizziness, general weakness, and erythema in her legs. Over the next five months, she experienced leg and spine pain, insomnia, fatigue, spots on her legs, severe pain at the base of her left leg, brain fog, and lost 26 pounds. She tweeted that her body had become so weak it was even hard to take out the trash.

The day before she died, Chihiro tweeted that she thought she was feeling better, and remained optimistic she’d eventually recover. She felt so much better she keeled over before the next sunset. I call it feeling “pharma better.”

Another Twitter improvement since Musk took over is that foreign tweets now show up in searches and helpfully offer a “translate” button. (Why didn’t old Twitter do this?) So I read a lot of Japanese tweets about Chihiro, who appears to have been a gentle soul much beloved in that country. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese appear to be getting just as skeptical about the jabs as we are.

A critic recently commented that Coffee & Covid was spreading vaccine hesitancy. I sure hope so, or what am I even doing here?

💉 Democrat heavyweight Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland), who was a prominent fixture on the House January 6th Committee, announced yesterday that he was just diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, a ‘serious but curable’ type of cancer. He’ll start chemo right away.

I present the following Japanese study without comment:


The American Cancer Society say diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is fast-growing, but responds well to treatment. We prayerfully wish Representative Raskin well.

💉 Bob Marley’s Grandson and singer Joseph Mersa, 31, died suddenly this week. He was found slumped over the steering wheel of his parked car. It’s so odd that he never made it to the hospital. I mean, he was IN his car. If he was feeling poorly he could’ve just driven himself there!

Oh well. While Joseph Mersa didn’t get to shoot the sheriff, he might’ve been killed by a shot. Breitbart reported Mersa’s cause of death was unconfirmed.

And it never will be.

💉 The New York Times ran a hysteria-fueled story December 21st headlined, “As Covid Deaths Climb, Even Seniors Skip the Latest Booster.” Uh-oh!

The article begins with the obligatory personal story, that of Barbara Rock, who’s considered the ‘health matriarch’ at her Northern California senior living center. Her walker even has a sticker that says, “El Jefe” (the boss). The Times said the other seniors do whatever Barbara tells them. Although she told her fellow seniors to get the shots, and the first booster, she hasn’t yet advised them to get the new and improved bivalent booster.

“I didn’t know about it,” she curtly replied when asked about her oversight.

The Times blames the Biden Administration for failing to push the new booster hard enough in the care homes. But the paper unintentionally gives away what might be the real reason, when it quoted Dr. Sabine von Preyss-Friedman, a geriatric specialist.

Dr. Sabine reported some seniors have apathy about the new jab, because they misunderstand the vaccine’s purpose. For some bizarre reason the New York Times cannot possibly explain, seniors somehow got the idea the jabs prevented covid infections. She explained, “People are thinking, ‘I got the shot, and I still got Covid, so what’s the point?’”

Furthermore, a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey showed about 33% of adults 65 and older who got the first two shots, but not the booster, shockingly said they didn’t think they needed it. Talk about a narrative failure. Yet another 33% of those surveyed appallingly said they didn’t think the booster’s benefits were worth the risk.

“I feel fine,” Fiana Gutkin insisted, pushing around the collard greens on her plate as she shared plans to go tango dancing. “Why do I need it? I’m still waiting for someone to tell me that.”

Me too, Fiana. Me too.

🔥 Here we go again! Horrible weather like clear skies caused half of Southwest Airlines flights to be canceled this week, leading to any number of hair-raising travel stories from stranded, highly-un-gruntled passengers.

According to Bloomberg, the bigoted bad weather primarily aimed at Southwest Airlines, for some reason.

Nobody seems to know why Southwest cancelled so many flights compared to all the other airlines. They’re sticking with “bad weather.” But a clue appeared in one statement blaming the chaos was also due to problems with “scheduling software.” Software the airline has been using for decades.

I wonder if the software’s “problems” had something to do with not having enough pilots and crew to schedule. For some reason.

🚀 Finally, yesterday the Post-Millennial ran an unsurprising story headlined, “BREAKING: Zelensky announces he is planning to join World Economic Forum in Davos, to sign new postwar loans with BlackRock.”

According to Bloomberg, Zelensky said in an evening address to the nation, “Specialists of [BlackRock] are already helping Ukraine to structure the fund for the reconstruction of our state.”

Ukrainians should get ready to own nothing and be happy about it! Maybe BlackRock will build some cockroach ranches over there, because the Ukrainians are going to need something to eat after the WEF shuts down all their farms.

You didn’t see THAT completely unsurprising development coming, did you, Ukraine supporters? What a world.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you guys back here for the second-to-last Coffee & Covid of the year. You don’t want to miss it.

Alright, my procrastinating darlings. You knew it would be here, the Multiplier link. Go ahead and knock it out now! https://secure.anedot.com/coolidge-reagan_foundation/libs-of-tiktok

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