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☕️ IMPLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY ☙ Monday, February 12, 2024 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Monday! Time for a terrific new week of Coffee & Covid. To kick things off, enjoy today’s packed roundup with a special post-Super Bowl treat: the wokest Super Bowl in history also sets virtue signaling records; my theory about what’s really going on with all the industrial accidents, fires, and explosions, which will both make perfect sense but is also more insidious than you probably thought; where in the world is vaccine mandate pushing Lloyd Austin?; and a call for a neurological differential diagnosis.


🏈 The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in overtime last night by a single field goal, 25-22, sending the San Francisco 49’ers back to street cleaning duty. For its part, the Super Bowl won the Wokest Sporting Event competition, with pre-game Pfizer sales rep Travis Kelce sashaying into Tiger Stadium in a sparkly designer leather outfit and matching purse, featuring expensive, high-production-value ads asking whether Christians could possibly be more hypocritical, and kicking off with an interminable, incomprehensible, intentionally-exclusionary, and designed-by-committee National Anthem just for black folks, terrifyingly forecasting the painfully-extended openings we must surely endure in future Super Bowls, once they add in all the other groups’ special songs, like the Indigenous People’s National Anthem, the National Anthem for Venezuelan-Americans, and the Fiji Islander-American pineapple-salsa-themed National Anthem.

image 4.png

At least they’ve stopped with all the kneeling.  Oh, and I just remembered. I think we own the rights to Ukraine’s National Anthem now, so they might as well jam in that one, too. Here’s Taylor Swift’s boyfriend in his special Super Bowl Day outfit, which honestly looks like something he was forced to wear as a punishment because he dropped the ball too many times in practice or lost a bet or something:

Somebody please take Travis’s Man Card away until he gets better.

The made-for-television, storybook nail-biter touched down Kansas City’s second consecutive Super Bowl victory and its third big win in five years. Kanas is dominating.

Joe Biden’s official 48-second White House pre-Super Bowl address was cut more often than a Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce highlight reel. Nevertheless, although he can’t get through a full sentence, Joe Biden has had enough. He hasn’t had enough with the Proxy War sinking into the Ukrainian mud, Iran killing U.S. soldiers in secret desert bases, Russia building its fleet of hypersonic nuclear weapons, a wide-open border flooding with bad actors, a brewing Civil War with Texas, off-the-chart excess deaths, plummeting life expectancies, surging inflation, two-tiered justice systems, Chinese war balloons, disappearing F35s, a Defense Secretary back in the hospital, doors flying off airplanes, or pricey surgeries turning cats into trans dogs. Nope.

Biden is fine with all of that.

But what really gets him angry, well, President Robert L. Peters addressed the Nation to let us know he is mad as hell about smaller snack food package sizes. And he isn’t going to take it anymore.

image 2.png

CLIP: Former Vice President Addresses the Nation before the Super Bowl (0:48).

I promised myself I wouldn’t get into this very silly processed-food story, since I have something much better to get to, but I must remind diligent readers that Joseph Robinette Biden passed the biggest package of processed pork in history, the Orwellianly-named Inflation Reduction Act, back in 2021.

So how is inflation still shrinking snacks in 2024? Was Biden’s so-called reduction act just a backfiring, money-printing boondoggle? What do you think?

🔥 Last week I made an offhand comment about my “theory” on the obvious epidemic of industrial “accidents,” and in doing so accidentally got a bunch of you highly curious and wanting more. It is not really so much of a theory as a possible explanation for a curious pattern I noticed in my regular daily review of the international news.  Lawyer Disclaimer: It is only a theory.

But it’s a good theory.

Many of us have marveled at media’s lamentable lack of curiosity over all the mysterious industrial fires and explosions decorating the U.S. over the last couple years, which has fueled all kinds of fiery and explosive speculation. But I will propose an uncomplicated, parsimonious explanation for everything we’re seeing that the media won’t talk about.

As we dig in, remember this: even Bill Nye — who originally claimed “the science” guy title long before Fauci tried to horn in on the action — Bill Nye himself will tell you: anecdotal evidence is often the very best evidence.

image 9.png

I’m proposing there is a pattern easily discernible among all these mysterious industrial accidents. What if I told you they loosely came in pairs? What if I suggested that oftentimes when there’s a mysterious fire or explosion or drone attack in Russia or Iran, it’s followed within a few days — or even on the same day — by a matching mysterious refinery fire or explosion in the United States? And that the paired events could often be called equivalent or proportional, and have so far somehow seemed to avoid serious, escalatory civilian casualties?

Would you call me crazy? A conspiracy theorist? What if I could show it to you? And then, if you agreed with me, what would it imply for how aggressive the U.S. should be in the World right now?

image 20.png

For sake of space, we will only examine oil refineries. And, to keep it manageable, I’ll just start from December (although you can go back for over a year and find the same destructive tempo).

Our first case broke on December 5th, when KQED reported about two mysterious fires that had broken out at the Marathon facility in Contra Costa, California. Both caught on fire during the inky hours of the middle of the night, at the same plant on two separate days, eight days apart. Marathon described both fires as “facility-wide emergencies.”

image 6.png

Five days later on December 10th, a mysterious fire broke out at a small refinery in eastern Iran’s Birjand special economic zone, reported as “remaining out of control” at the time of press. You could also call it a “facility wide emergency,” since all 18 reservoirs at the Iranian refinery had caught fire, and over 1.5 million liters of fuel had burned to date.

image 5.png

Six days after that on December 16th, a second mysterious fire broke out at another refinery in the Iranian city of Isfahan. There were four injuries (two were firefighters) and no deaths.

image 18.png

Two fires for two fires. The pattern is right there, and it’s always highly suggestive. After a brief break for the holidays, our cases resumed. On January 25th, a blaze broke out, again, in the middle of the night, at a giant oil refinery in the southern Russian town of Tuapse. Built in 1929, the Tuapse refinery is one of Russian’s oldest, and is the only large refinery located on the Black Sea.

image 11.png

And then … five days later on January 31st, a gas pipeline mysteriously exploded in an Oklahoma town — near the Texas border — creating a glow on the horizon so big it could “be seen for miles.” No cause of the pipeline explosion has been announced (and never will be). 

image 14.png

Then, around six days later on February 1st, just like the giant Tuapse refinery, BP’s biggest refinery in North America (and the biggest in the Midwest) in Whiting, Indiana, suffered a mysterious transformer failure causing a plant-wide power outage, a series of equally-mysterious smokestack fires, and forced evacuation of everyone but a skeleton crew. Witnesses living nearby said they’d never seen the plant put out smoke like that before. Reuters said news of the outage, which occurred at midday, spiked international gasoline and diesel prices.

image 10.png

Two days later, on February 3rd, a fire broke out at an oil refinery in Volgograd, Russia, blamed on a Ukrainian drone attack. Like BP’s Whiting plant, the Volgograd refinery was described the “biggest producer of oil” in the massive Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

image 21.png

Are you getting the idea? Are you with me yet? The timing is incredibly suggestive, of course, but to me, the proportionality of the incidents seems to be the dead giveaway. If your enemy strikes you with a deniable stealth attack against your 40-foot fishing boat, you don’t sabotage their cruise ship, or their rowboat. Your spies swim out in the middle of the night and punch a hole in the side of one of your enemy’s 40-foot fishing boats.

Even Steven. It has to be even-Steven. That’s how your enemy knows it was paid back.

There are ways to test my theory. For instance, try searching for news of similar types of refinery fires in the last six months anywhere else besides the U.S., Russia, and Iran. You won’t find them. Not in India. Not in Mexico. Not in Venezuela. Not in Saudi Arabia. (Note: There are direct military attacks against refineries in Syria and Iraq between U.S. and Iranian-affiliated forces, which is a completely different and not-hidden pattern.)

Apparently all those other countries have better refinery fire suppression. Or else, I’m right, and the kinetic phase of the Proxy War is now at our industrial and economic doorstep, if not already inside the national house. If anything, the strikes seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity. I’ll end with the most recent set of attacks.

Four days ago on February 8th, a mysterious fire broke out at the Ilsky oil refinery in Russia’s southern Krasnodar Krai, which was extinguished within an hour.  Note that little fact, included in the article. It jumps out since these articles are usually uniform in their lack of details.

image 23.png

Western media attributed the incident to a repelled Ukrainian drone strike.

And then a second fire, also attributed to a Ukrainian drone strike, struck Russia’s nearby Afipsky oil refinery on the same day, making a total of two oil refineries attacked in the small hours of February 8th.

image 13.png

Tit, tat. Around 12 hours later, on the same day, February 8th, multiple fire departments rushed to fight a fire at a Penreco oil refinery in Karns City, Pennsylvania.

image 12.png

According to media reports, the Karns fire was also extinguished within an hour. That particularly remarkable detail, matching the reports from unrelated media about the Ilsky fire almost word-for-word, was included in the Butler Eagle’s concise story:

image 22.png

In other words, it was the same as the Ilsky fire. Proportional. A forty-foot fishing boat.

image 8.png

But there were two refineries hit in Southern Russia on the 8th. So they still owed us one. Penreco was the first, and then on very next day, February 9th (just three days ago!), two mysterious fires broke out at different times on the same day at a major Phillips 66 refinery in Billings, Montana.

image 7.png

If you look to the media, or ask the ChatBots, or the federal law enforcement agencies, or the military, they will hysterically deny any connection. No evidence! It’s gaslighting all the way down, from here to the end of the official government propaganda pipeline. But please. It is a coincidence beggaring belief that two similar-sized events happen at two oil refineries in Russia and then at two oil refineries in America within a few hours of each other.

Give me a break.

Deniers will squawk about correlation not necessarily proving causation. But correlation is certainly evidence of causation, and nobody disputes that.  And at some point, correlation does definitively prove causation.

How many coincidences does it take? How many to conclude that the U.S. and Russia are involved in tit-for-tat infrastructure attacks? Whenever a Ukrainian drone hits a Russian oil refinery, guess what immediately happens to an American oil refinery? It’s like the Russians aren’t even blaming Ukraine anymore. It’s gotten to the point that, when I see news of a Russian refinery fire, I start counting down until I see the bookend story over here.

Were you confused why, after three U.S. soldiers were allegedly killed by Iran, we didn’t strike any targets actually in Iran? I suggest to you maybe it was because Team Biden knew that if we struck targets in Iran, then Iran would strike matching targets in America. We use planes and missiles, and they use saboteurs with … we don’t know, but the FBI surely does.

Were you confused why Republicans in Congress supported Ukraine aid for so long? I suggest to you it may be because they were being shown classified information proving Russia was hitting targets inside the U.S., which made the Congresspeople mad as hornets at Russia, for a long time.

It took them a while to figure out Russia only does it after our Proxy strikes a Russian target first.

Our porous border has allowed our enemies to build invisible military bases inside the United States. We have no business attacking anyone until we solve that threat. More importantly, the Russians and the Iranians know we are toothless. Apparently they can strike us at will. If anything, our enemies have shown an enormous amount of restraint.

What do you think? Am I crazy? Or crazy like Taylor Swift embracing the NFL?

💉 Yesterday brought news from the not-shocking-but-still-earth-shaking developments file. Amidst frightful levels of global conflict, internal sabotage, war with Iran, Proxy War with Russia, the precipice of war in the Taiwan Strait, Biden’s attack on snack foods, and so forth, it’s a very good thing that U.S. Secretary of State Lloyd Austin made a full recovery from his mysterious January hospitalization and is now back in quarterback position and fully in char… Oh, wait.

image 15.png

It seems that I spoke too soon. Mid-afternoon yesterday, the Pentagon released — one suspects reluctantly — a terse, worrisome statement. As CBS News described it:

“Today, at approximately 2:20 pm, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III was transported by his security detail to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to be seen for symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue,” Pentagon Press Secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t just for a checkup. I think “emergent” in the Pentagon’s statement meant “emergency.” Then this morning, NBC News ran an alarming followup headlined, “Lloyd Austin hospitalized for a bladder issue; duties transferred to deputy defense secretary.” The sub-headline informed us, “Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks will assume his functions and duties, the Pentagon said.”

We don’t know what’s wrong with him or how serious it is. They are talking but aren’t saying anything. “At this time, it is not clear how long Secretary Austin will remain hospitalized,” the Secretary’s Walter Reed doctors said in a statement issued last night. Nor did they explain why Kathleen Hicks had to take over.

As a reminder, on New Year’s Day Austin was rushed to Walter Reed for treatment for serious complications (said to be a UTI) arising from his elective prostate cancer surgery he had right before Christmas. A controversy exploded like a defective Patriot missile over the Pentagon’s habit of hiding his hospitalizations — and the remarkable delegation of his duties to his second-in-command while he was unconscious for a week — and keeping that secret from everyone including his own boss, Joe Biden.

Awkwardly, Austin had just agreed late last week to testify to Congress about his last hospitalization. From the Hill, Wednesday:

image 17.png

Looks like Secretary Austin now has even more to talk about with Congress, assuming he’s out of the hospital by then. The Secretary was also scheduled to go to a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group this week in Brussels, Belgium, in what would have been his first overseas trip since his initial hospitalization. Given the re-delegation to Kathleen Hicks, this week’s Ukraine trip now appears much less likely.

Two years ago, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spearheaded the military’s vaccine mandate. Now, coincidentally, he’s plagued with weird, atypical cancers, infections, complications, and uncertainties.


🔥 Could one of our C&C neurologists please diagnose this anonymous patient based on this five-minute collection of interview clips?

image 3.png

CLIP: Diagnostic clip of Joe Biden after being prepared and propped up (5:03).

Doctor, please provide your differential diagnosis in the comments.

Seriously, watch the whole thing. It is morbidly fascinating, like watching a series of blooper clips of mixed-up football players tackling their own teammates, or getting disoriented and running the wrong way down the field. Scoffing democrat partisans will pooh-pooh this video and point to increasingly-rare moments of Biden clarity, which admittedly can sometimes happen during the exact same speech where the former Vice President forgets where he is or falls over a beanbag.

Dementia patients are well-known for having good days and bad days, good moments and bad moments. Just because Biden is occasionally lucid and seems like “his old self,” does not mean he is competent to do the most demanding job in the world.

Here’s a serious question. Would you let your grandmother drive in this condition? Of course not. You’d take away her driver’s license for her own protection. Sorry Nana. It’s better this way. Should someone who can’t safely drive his convertible Camaro down the street to Martha’s Vineyard Frozen Custard have access to the nuclear football?

Democrats will bark that these days you don’t elect a man, you elect a team. But if we are really electing Biden’s team, and not just him, then let us meet the team.  The team should be running for President along with — or instead of — Joe Biden.

I’m sure they are terrific folks and would make the campaign proud. Aren’t you? Let’s get them out there. Somebody ask the media to do it … oh never mind. I guess we’ll have to do it ourselves.

Have a magnificent Monday! We’ll pick up the threads again in tomorrow’s overtime edition roundup.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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