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☕️ IDEA WARS ☙ Monday, June 19, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it’s Monday, a fresh new week! Today’s post begins with an attempt to refocus everybody on how far we’ve come, despite the wars and rumors of wars, and then caps off with a roundup of good news. We are in a battle of ideas, not men, and in spite of occasional appearances to the contrary, we are winning.

We are winning, because our ideas reflect truth.


🔥 It’s been six months since the last time I did this, so it’s time again that we had a little talk. I’ve noticed in the comments signs of some folks feeling overwhelmed again, awash in emotional negativity, and burdened by a sense of imminent doom. I call it the spirit of former CDC director Rochelle Walkensky.¹

Walensky is a good place to start. Just within the last six months or so, top odious health officials like Ratface Fauci, Director Walensky, a slew of other bureaucratic lockdown maniacs, plus a whole bunch of top media personalities like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon who infamously wished harm on the unjabbed, have all permanently ridden off into the sunset of history, and are no longer busy making themselves public nuisances and getting up in everyone’s grill.

It’s true that, with the notable exception of that haggis-throwing lunatic, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, none of these criminals have been arrested yet, as they richly deserve, in fact most are landing in cushy wombs of wokeness, like Lori Lightfoot, who’ll be teaching Harvard students soon.

How you react to these people washing out of public life will tell a lot about your state of mind. Are you focused on the cushy Harvard job? Or on the fact they can’t tell anybody what to do anymore?

QUESTION: Are all of those departures good news — or bad news?

ANSWER: It is all unqualified good news! We should be throwing a party! Those devil worshipping, politically-appointed scumbags have all been stripped of their unmerited positions and powers, where they WERE doing vast amounts of damage to millions of people. Now they’ve drained off into lefty retirement land, where they can bloviate all they want but will never ever sign another executive order.

Sounds great! But the trouble is, some people are crying, “but Jeff they should be in jail! I refuse to take the W! Now I’m depressed! ”

Today is, in fact, Lori Lightfoot’s last day in office. From now on, I shall call today Juneteenth, to perpetually celebrate the vanishing of Lori Lightfoot. For years, the corpselike politician has dictated the health, prosperity, and happiness of nearly three million Chicagoans; democrats and Republicans, women and children, man and beast.

Lightfoot probably thought she’d use the pandemic to spring like a bloodsucking flea right up to the Governor’s office, the Senate, or maybe she even thought she’d run for President.

Who knows what goes on inside that addled racist’s brain.

But it’s different now. Lightfoot didn’t spring into the Senate, she climbed into a classroom. And that’s all she gets. No more POWER. She might have a fat salary and a pension, but her domain is now limited to a couple hundred woke Harvard kids.

Do you suppose Lori is satisfied with her change in status? I doubt it. And lest you think they’re just parking her at Harvard temporarily, and Lori might be planning a comeback, consider this headline from last week’s Chicago Tribune, where they are busy burying ‘Lori the lockdown mayor’ under dumptruck-loads of sticky blame:

Lightfoot only got a paltry 17% of the vote in her re-election campaign, becoming Chicago’s first mayor in 40 years not to be re-elected. Yet, when I first announced that news, some could only complain that Lori’s replacement will be worse. Maybe, but who knows? That’s a problem for another day. And even if it’s true, it doesn’t detract from the win.

The notion that everything wrong that’s happened to us over the last three years could possibly be fixed with a few months of focused attention is a Satanic lie straight from the pits of Hell. That kind of thinking is designed to dispirit and depress. A sudden reversal of culture and politics like that would be akin to a train traveling north at 70 mph suddenly jamming into reverse and within sixty seconds heading back south at 70 mph.

Something like that is TECHNICALLY possible, but the g-forces would squish everyone and everything inside the train into jelly. It’s not feasible to think we’re going to fix six decades of American rot in a few weeks. That’s kooky talk, magical thinking of the worst kind.

We could talk about Tucker being freed from Fox. You could see that as bad news (he was fired!!) or you can see it as an amazing development where Tucker’s message can now reach even more people than he ever could while he was on that deteriorating network. Tucker got out before the implosion.

Within the last six month, Elon Musk freed Twitter, and Joe Rogan has become a news anchor more important than Mike Wallace ever was back in the day. You can either focus on Joe Rogan’s and Elon Musk’s warts, or celebrate how both men are — for the moment, at least — helping turn the culture in a better direction.

And how about Bud Light and Target? More wins. All of these just in the last six months, so stop crying so much.

You could watch this weekend’s video clips of vaccine injury poster-boy John Fetterman and top democrat Joe Biden trying their hardest to spit out something intelligent and either laugh or cry. You can cry about how America has been brought so low and is now an international laughingstock. Or, you can laugh at how badly the democrat party is hurting its own brand by making a dementia patient the constant ever-present face of the party, and also celebrate the fact that, to excise the rot in that party, the rot first had to be exposed, which it most certainly is being — in live, three-D technicolor.

So, if you have a choice how to interpret current events, why not choose hope over despair? Take the Ws. Stop reading doombloggers. Doombloggers deliver a quick dose of adrenaline but leave you enervated and despondent. Plus, some doombloggers are almost certainly psyoperators, purposely dispiriting people.

There’s not one single reason we should be discouraged or depressed. We are clearly moving toward justice. Nobody ever told you freedom would be free, or easy, or there wouldn’t be some casualties along the way.

In that vein, today I’m recruiting for a special forces team. C&C’s comments section is one of the best on Substack. Since I can’t be everywhere, the mission is, if you see a doom post, when someone posts something like “Oh I can’t stand all this bad news and I’m not sure I can go on,” please respond by pointing out some good news, along with some encouraging, hopeful words.

You don’t even need to directly engage, just sprinkle in some positivity. C&C is, after all, about hope and optimism.

Now let’s look at today’s good news roundup.

🔥 In our first great example of good news, the New York Post ran a story yesterday headlined, “Parents Who Back Merit, Higher Standards Dominate NYC School Council Elections.”

And just when you were ready to write New York City off for good! Signs of life.

The story reported that school board candidates endorsed by a conservative group advocating for merit-based admissions and rigorous academic standards “dominated” recent school-board elections.

How dominated? Nearly THREE-QUARTERS of the candidates backed by Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education (PLACE) won school-council seats, and already make up a significant 40% of all elected representatives on the Citywide & Community Education Councils — the city’s version of school boards — for the 2023-2025 term.

It’s a conservative sea-change in school board politics in liberal New York City.

The Post explained the “tremendous showing is a stunning rebuke to liberal education activists who have pushed to scrap merit-based admissions” arguing that merit-based policies somehow hurt minorities and worsen segregation.

Bill Bennet famously called that philosophy the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

If it can happen in New York City, imagine how it could happen in other places.

🔥 Speaking of merit-based policy, if you enjoy well-written, meaty, intellectual essays about current events, you must read this excellent article recently published in the highbrow Palladium Magazine:

In the essay, the author accurately described two inter-related phenomena: (1) the crisis in world leadership, and (2) the increasingly-common failures in our previously-reliable systems like the rail lines and the energy grid.

Mr. Robertson, who manages a multi-billion-dollar investment fund, compellingly argued that the world’s leadership crisis can be directly traced to the elevation of diversity over merit, which started with the civil rights “revolution” in the 1960’s, and has only increased in velocity since then, like the out-of-control bus in that Keanu Reeves movie, “Speed.”

The article cites a long list of excellent examples showing how diminishing competence in politics, big corporations, and non-profit companies is leading to mistakes. And the mistakes are piling up. In one persuasive argument, Robertson recited the history of how the FAA dumbed-down the air traffic controller entrance exam, for “inclusion,” and now the numbers of close calls are racking up.

A weird coincidence.

Robertson also mentioned the East Palestine rail disaster, which is only the worst of many recent derailments. And he discussed last year’s avoidable supply-chain disaster.

The piece ended with a stark warning, as you would expect given the subject matter. But this is actually good news. Robertson’s piece, the discussion itself, is saying something that needed to be said for a long time now.

To fix the problem, you must first diagnose the problem.

This particular diversity-over-merit problem is finally reaching a crisis stage that we won’t be able to ignore much longer, and folks will either have to participate in their own destruction or start agreeing on some solutions. Robertson warned:

The path of least resistance will be the devolution of complex systems and the reduction in the quality of life that entails. For the typical resident in a second-tier city in Mexico, Brazil, or South Africa, power outages are not uncommon, tap water is probably not safe to drink, and hospital-associated infections are common and often fatal. Absent a step change in the quality of American governance and a renewed culture of excellence, they prefigure the country’s future.

In other words, our first-world train is running off tracks into a third-world ditch. The solution is to elect competent people. And the way to do that is to start local, and work our way up.

🔥 I know a lot of you still feel hopeless, even after my encouraging opening monologue (somehow). I wish I could give you “the answer,” which is what everyone wants, many pretend to, and nobody has.

The reason nobody has “the answer” is not because there isn’t an answer. It’s because we are dealing with systems so vastly complex that there isn’t one single “answer.” Systems respond, they have feedback loops, and when you push on one side of the system something unexpected springs out the other side.

You might ask how some intelligent people can possibly vote for trans stuff and child mutilation. How can some people believe Biden (“Dark Brandon”) is doing a “great job?” Some parents are taking their kids to chop shops. What is going on? How could this happen?

Here’s the thing: We are not fighting each other. It’s not good Republicans versus bad democrats. We aren’t fighting bad people so much as we are fighting bad IDEAS. And if we’re patient and consistent, we CAN win these battles.

How do I know we can win? Because we just won the exact same idea battle — over covid. We’re now in mop-up operations. Look, back in May of 2023, an attorney for the Governor candidly told me that they weren’t going to weigh in on my mandatory mask case because a plurality (57%) of Republicans favored masking. It felt like I was totally alone.

So that’s when I started C&C, because I decided I needed to fight the IDEA of masking, outside of court, even while I was fighting the legality of masking inside of court too.

And what happened? We all worked together and ultimately beat the bizarre idea that cut-up t-shirts can somehow filter nanoscale virus particles. It took about a year, which felt like a long time, but isn’t really that long, not in historical terms. Then in similar fashion we beat the jabs, which now are barely clinging to life on a ventilator, with their days numbered shorter than that king in the Old Testament.

Now we need to beat the idea that diversity and inclusion are more important than merit and ability. We can do it. It’s already happening.

🔥 The Daily Mail UK ran an encouraging story about a poll of Americans yesterday headlined, “EXCLUSIVE: DailyMail.com Poll Reveals Six In Ten US Voters Think Promoting Transgender Ideology Has Gone Too Far – Including Most Gen Z And Millennial Americans.”

The red part of the chart represents people who said trans ideology has gone too far. Look at all the red:

In the survey, 59% of voters said promotion of trans ideology has gone too far in America, while only 16% said it has not gone far enough. This poll is evidence that we are winning the idea war over “trans ideology.”

🔥 Consider this next remarkable story, which ran in Forbes last week with the headline: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Tops Biden And Trump In New Favorability Poll.”

According to a new Economist/YouGov poll, 49% of surveyed adults said they viewed the anti-vaccine champion favorably. Only 30% said they viewed him unfavorably — the lowest unfavorability rating of any presidential candidate.

No other presidential candidate, not even DeSantis or Trump, have favorability as high as 49%. RFK’s favorability is the highest of all presidential candidates.

If the poll is accurate, nearly half of Americans endorse an anti-vaxxer. That’s called winning an idea war. And at 49%, we are THIS CLOSE to the tipping point. Two more percentage points and we’ll have a majority. We could beat the awful idea of ‘universal vaccination’ soon, if not sometime in our lifetimes.

It feels like RFK is just getting started. He has momentum. Millions listed to him on Rogan last week, and Elon Musk recently hosted him on a Twitter space. RFK might not have a chance to win the democrat nomination, but he’s not going away either.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting RFK for president. The point is about how many folks are okay with saying they view an extreme anti-vaxxer “favorably.”

💉 Speaking of Joe Rogan, you’ll enjoy this next clip of his interview with RFK, where Joe described how fake news CNN lied about his covid infection. “They made me look like I was ill,” Joe Rogan told RFK, explaining how CNN intentionally distorted the colors in his post-COVID Instagram video.

“The fact that that’s a news organization did that is so terrifying,” Rogan explained. “They concentrated on this one medication that my doctor prescribed for me, which was ivermectin.”

Hilariously, Joe pointed out, “And I got better quick, but no one cared that I got better.” Who cares about results when you have a narrative to push?

🐍 Finally, if you need any MORE persuasion, consider this: no matter how bad the news is, at least you don’t have snakes flying off your ceiling fan.

The most hilarious part of the clip is the ending. Imagine what’s happening on the other side of the camera.

So hang in there and be happy. We are winning the idea wars faster than we had any right to expect. And watch out for ceiling snakes.

Have a marvelous Monday! We’ll roundup some more good news tomorrow morning, and also get a war update. Things aren’t going too well for the deep state’s crack house.

Please consider joining C&C to help move the nation’s needle and change minds. I could use your help getting the truth out and spreading optimism and hope, if you can: https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/-learn-how-to-get-involved-

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[FN] CDC director Rochelle Walensky warns of “impending doom” amid COVID-19 spikes – CBS News.

© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved


The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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