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☕️ HYSTERIA ☙ Friday, January 27, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Friday! Today’s roundup includes: a Project Veritas Multiplier; another Project Veritas video lands featuring Pfizer’s Jordan Walker; a mini-roundup from the FDA Vaccine Committee meeting; CDC resurrects the stroke signal; JB Pritzger criticizes DeSantis over woke textbook selections; and DeSantis seeks to make child rape a death penalty crime.


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Let’s show them how much we support what Project Veritas is doing!



🔥 I had some reservations, but it is starting to look like Jordan Trishton Walker really IS Pfizer’s “Worldwide Director for R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning.” Pfizer wisely had no comment yesterday; after certain previous “misunderstandings” with the law, the pharma giant knows when to keep its mouth shut.

Yesterday, Project Veritas dropped ANOTHER undercover video featuring Jordan Walker. In the new video, James O’Keefe confronted Walker in a restaurant, tried to get Walker to explain his previous comments, and Walker pretty much freaked out.

James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII

In this video: -I was locked in a restaurant (possible Unlawful imprisonment) -I was Assaulted -Had our IPad destroyed -Pfizer director said “I’m literally a liar” -He confirmed hes Boston Consulting and Pfizer -He said he’s trying to “help the public” –


12:44 AM ∙ Jan 27, 202326,875Likes8,023Retweets

As in Wednesday’s video, we see this person Walker acting like a living caricature of a diversity hire. Instead of calmly standing up, telling O’Keefe he’d be hearing from the lawyers soon, and walking out — which is what he SHOULD have done — Walker went on an painfully long, childish, hysterical tirade that devolved into an embarrassing wrestling match on the floor, smashing a laptop, and calling the police to report “a bunch of white people” were making him feel “unsafe.”

Welcome to snowflake world.

Not to mention, the entire time, Walker acted like a lampoon of gay stereotypes. He was over-the-top, SUPER gay. It takes effort to act that gay. He seemed like a character who just walked off the set of La Cage aux Folles. I only mention this because I suspect Walker owes his entire career to his “intersectional” skin color plus his sexual preferences, which he probably feels like he must make painfully obvious in order to help preserve his entitlement to his multi-layered victim status.

In other words, he doesn’t want there to be any mistake that he’s black AND gay.

It was an appalling display. Remember, Walker is an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, two levels down from the president of the largest pharma company in the world, Albert Bourla. Walker probably makes over a million dollars a year.

Yet he acts like a spoiled three-year-old.

If you watched or listened to any of the online discussion about the first Walker video, you may have heard Dr. Malone’s comments. Robert was most troubled by how unserious Walker is, given his high-level job responsibilities. To Robert, it is appalling that someone with Walker’s duties could casually chortle at the thought of — whoops — accidentally releasing the wrong virus.

Dr. Malone and Jordan Walker are from different generations. Very different.

Like me, Sasha Latypova, who has been doing great work on DOD’s involvement in the vaccine rollout, expressed some skepticism of Walker yesterday, except for different reasons. Sasha said Walker’s not a scientist — and sure enough, that’s just what Walker claimed in the new video.

Not only that. He picked the worst alibi ever: “I thought I was on a date; I lied!,” Walker insisted several times in the clips.

Insisting he was lying is a poor defense. If he admits he’s a liar, then why should we believe him when he says he was lying?

🔥 Unsurprisingly, corporate media was silent as the tomb about the encounter:

🔥 As you can see above, yesterday Florida Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to Albert Bourla seeking answers to the questions raised by Wednesday’s video. At least someone is taking it seriously.

🔥 These videos are powerful but they won’t convict anyone. I could be missing something, but they don’t ‘prove’ Pfizer did anything wrong. Walker used enough weasel words to protect himself. For example, he didn’t say they WERE directing evolution, not exactly, he said they were ‘discussing’ doing that. It’s not illegal to discuss something.

Still, the videos are huge. Even if they don’t lead to arrests and convictions, they expose Pfizer in a way that, I believe, will ultimately be the pharma company’s undoing. It’s an “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment.

To me, the most significant import of the video is that it exposes the quality and character of the people managing Pfizer. Instead of carefully-scripted public relations images, Project Veritas gave us a quick, candid glimpse of the ugly, unvarnished truth. The Pfizer managers are amoral, woke caricatures of human beings.

If there ever was a good company there, it’s been hollowed out and re-filled with people like Jordan Walker, who might check some diversity boxes but have no business directing labs in third world countries to dabble in viral evolution.

And through these videos, Pfizer is exposing Fauci and the DOD. They started it; they came up with the clever disguise of tinkering with viruses “in order to be prepared for future strains.” Fauci and the DOD developed the pathetic excuse that it’s possible to out-think nature and predict the stochastic evolutionary paths of real viruses by creating synthetic viruses using off-the-shelf genetic strings and patented codes.

Pfizer is just using Fauci’s logic to justify adding functions to deadly diseases by “directing” their evolution. They just want to be prepared.

It’s all been a back-alley shell game, right from the start, and the Project Veritas videos tear the mask right off the whole odious enterprise. Unless they manage to bury this somehow, these videos will wake people up to the real problem: what happens when the technology reaches the point where anyone can build a “directed evolution” lab for a few hundred grand.

In other words, I think these videos will be an inflection point. It’s hard to predict where we’re going, but we’re going to get there faster now.

💉 The FDA held its joint VRBPAC Vaccine Committee meeting yesterday. They voted to drop the original strain shots completely, and to move forward with the “bivalent booster” for now.

The Committee discussed, but did not vote on, an annualized covid vaccine program like with flu vaccines. Based on what came out during the meeting, I am thinking they didn’t have the votes to approve an annualized covid regime. And perhaps not for the reason you might think.

During public comment, person after person told the Committee their heartbreaking stories about being vaccine injured and then being gaslit by their doctors and ignored. If the Committee thought these folks would go away, they were wrong.

The emotional testimony seems to have had some effect. At the end of the meeting, following the public comment period, the CDC’s Tom Shimabukuro shockingly acknowledged that some people are experiencing debilitating illness after getting the injections. He said, “We are aware of these reports of people experiencing long-lasting health problems following COVID vaccination.”

He stopped short of making a causal connection, but neither did he rule it out using the boilerplate gobbledygook that we have become used to hearing about the jabs.

TexasLindsay™ @TexasLindsay_

BREAKING: Director of CDC Vaccine Task Force, Tom Shimabukuro just admitted C•19 Vaccines Are Causing Debilitating Illnesses


12:03 AM ∙ Jan 27, 202311,583Likes6,282Retweets

In case you were wondering, the gal who pulled the rip cord the instant she realized the CDC was talking about jab injuries and fled the zoom was Dr. Hayley Gans of Stanford University’s Children’s Health.

Some of the Committee members had interesting comments during the meeting. At one point, Dr. Cody Meissner said that asymptomatic covid infections are “desirable, because it will stimulate both cellular and humoral immunity; it will act like its own boost.”

Chief Nerd @TheChiefNerd

FDA VRBPAC Member Cody Meissner Says Asymptomatic Infections Are Now Desirable “Do we really want to stop asymptomatic infections? An asymptomatic infection is desirable because it will stimulate both cellular and humoral immunity. It will kind of act like it’s own boost.”


12:00 AM ∙ Jan 27, 2023270Likes104Retweets

Remember how panicked everyone was about asymptomatic infections? Now, they’re good. Sadly, that information could have helped us a few years ago.

In one surprising admission, Dr. Jerry Weir allowed we have no idea how the covid vaccines are affecting T-Cell memory: “I don’t even think we know whether the T-Cell response is a CD4 T-cell response, a CD8 response…I’m just saying there’s a lot that’s unknown.”

Chief Nerd @TheChiefNerd

FDA Director Jerry Weir Says It Is ‘Unknown’ How the COVID Vaccines are Affecting T-Cell Memory “I don’t even think we know whether the T-Cell response is a CD4 T-cell response, a CD8 response…I’m just saying there’s a lot that’s unknown.”


11:50 PM ∙ Jan 26, 20231,306Likes818Retweets

This is remarkable news. This admission of our lack of knowledge about the T-Cell response to the jabs — not even knowing WHICH T-Cells might be responding — means we really have no idea at all HOW the vaccines work.

IF they work, that is.

Dr. Paul Offit almost approached sounding vaccine-skeptical at times. At one point he insisted “we need the CDC to tell us exactly who it is that’s getting hospitalized and dying from this virus.” In other words, tell us WHO is at risk?

Dr. Offit said ONLY when the CDC gives us that information can we make decisions about who should get vaccinated and when.

KBirb @birb_k

Paul Offit’s comments near end of 26 Jan 2023 VRBPAC. He emphatically states we need lots of granular data from CDC before deciding who/what/when for future injections, plus good academic immunologic predictors. Why is this demanded only after 2+yrs and 667M+ injections in U.S.?


12:34 AM ∙ Jan 27, 2023110Likes32Retweets

The whole Committee seemed to be uncertain about an annual vaccine regime, except for kids and, as Dr. Offit emphasized, at-risk folks. I can’t say for sure, but it feels like there might be pushback against making the covid vaccine regime permanent.

💉 Reuters ran a surprising story yesterday headlined, “CORRECTED-U.S. CDC Still Looking at Potential Stroke Risk From Pfizer Bivalent COVID Shot.” Earlier this month, the CDC said it had detected a ‘weak signal’ of a relationship between ischemic stroke and the jabs, and was going to investigate. Then it concluded its investigation in record time — one day — and it declared that the signal had flickered out, or something, indicating no risk of stroke was associated with the jabs; why would you ever think that?

Well, now the signal is back. Or maybe it never went away, or something. Anyway the CDC “corrected” the fact it has not yet resolved the signal. I guess the one-day investigation was a little too fast.

Yes, it’s not just you, this whole thing is very weird and looks ridiculous.

The article suggested the stroke risk might be linked to people who took flu shots at the same time as their covid booster. But as one public presenter to the VRBPAC committee yesterday stressed, there’ve been signals for stroke in VAERS since day one.

🔥 The Hill ran a story yesterday headlined, “Illinois Governor Slams DeSantis’s Decision to Block AP Course.” Normally I don’t pay any attention to what J.B. Pritzger says but I was curious about what “course” got the oversized governor’s goat.

In Governor Pritzger’s words: “Illinois expects any AP course offered on African American Studies to include a factual accounting of history, including the role played by black queer Americans,” Pritzker’s said in a letter to David Coleman, CEO of the College Board.

But Florida Governor DeSantis said the Sunshine State is rejecting the AP history book, because it combines “queer history” with “black history.” Governor DeSantis doesn’t mind black history, but objects to all these woke politics. He explained:

“What’s one of the lessons about? Queer theory. Now, who would say that an important part of Black history is queer theory? That is somebody pushing an agenda on our kids. And so when you look to see they have stuff about intersectionality, abolishing prisons, that’s a political agenda. And so we’re on — that’s the wrong side of the line for Florida standards. We believe in teaching kids facts and how to think, but we don’t believe they should have an agenda imposed on them. When you try to use Black history to shoehorn in queer theory, you are clearly trying to use that for political purposes.”

But Governor Pritzger DOES want all the woke politics and queer theory, so I guess the College Board will have to try to please everyone.

What is “queer theory” anyway? Why is it a “theory?” What IS the “theory?”

🔥 Fox ran an encouraging story yesterday headlined, “DeSantis Proposes Making Child Rapists Eligible for Execution, Allowing Death Penalty Without Unanimous Jury.”

Fox News @FoxNews

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: DeSantis proposes making child rapists eligible for death penalty by forgoing unanimous jury verdict. fxn.ws/409JnVK


11:20 AM ∙ Jan 27, 2023


Yesterday, Governor DeSantis announced some proposed changes to Florida’s criminal code, including making child rapists eligible for the death penalty, reducing the number of jurors needed to approve capital punishment, strengthening bail laws, and increasing criminal penalties for fentanyl aimed at kids (like putting it in candy), among others.

Is it just me, or is it weird that on the western side of the country, California is busy decriminalizing child rape, but on the eastern side of the country, Florida is imposing the death penalty for the same thing.

Have a fabulous Friday! Here’s the multiplier link again in case you ‘forgot’ to do it up top: https://www.projectveritas.com/donate/. See you tomorrow, for the weekend edition!

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Published with author’s permission.

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