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☕️ HAPPY DRAGMAS ☙ Wednesday, December 28, 2022 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it’s the last Wednesday of 2022! Today’s packed roundup includes: the IgG4 study is making waves; bad news for Moderna’s covid treatment drug in two new studies; Canadian study shows no benefit over natural infection offered by five shots; teenage St. Paul hockey player dies from rare brain clots; social media influencer shades the intelligence community; sick Fort Lauderdale Christmas drag show now under investigation; the military mandate finally falls; and TV doctor surprisingly supports military mandate repeal, citing vaxx injuries.


🪖 For hardcore C&C fans, I recently made the Lakeland Ledger in a January 6th case:

Lakeland’s Fancelli says little in interview with Jan. 6 committee


💉 The study we reviewed on Monday about the IgG4 antibody shift is spreading widely. In just two days, most of the usual covid commenters have written about the story, and even rabidly pro-jab folks have noticed:

Dr. Eric Topol is an influential, full-throated, unapologetic vaccine advocate. For him to observe that “the clinical significance is not known” is shocking. I would’ve expected him to include some kind of reassuring or optimistic comment downplaying the study, or at least ignore it.

The main point seems to be sinking in:

There are a couple takeaways. First, “fully vaccinated” (two dose) folks may not yet be in the danger zone. The researchers didn’t find IgG4 antibody replacement began in earnest until after the 3rd booster, and especially after the 3rd booster and reinfection.

The study has lots of leg. Things are making more and more sense.

The results suggest the repeated shots — never before tried at scale, I might add — are overwhelming the body’s immune system. In order to prevent “immune overload” (a deadly cascade of autoimmune problems), the body says, well boys, we’ll just have to tolerate this for a while, stop shooting and buckle up.

Next, tolerance would explain both why boosted people are getting reinfected so often and also why their infections may appear mild. Their infections appear mild because the body is suppressing its systemic immune response: no fever, no headache, no congestion, no coughing. But their infection is raging away invisibly.

Finally, and maybe most important, people may want to strongly consider STOPPING BOOSTING until this thing gets sorted out. It’s almost certainly the continued boosting that is causing tolerance. I know this sounds shocking, but repeat injections of a toxic genetic antigen over a short period of time might not have been the very best idea they came up with during the pandemic.

💊 Uh-oh! More problems emerged last week with Moderna’s fancy covid drug in the form of two studies. The first study published in The Lancet, titled, “Molnupiravir plus usual care versus usual care alone as early treatment for adults with COVID-19 at increased risk of adverse outcomes (PANORAMIC): an open-label, platform-adaptive randomised controlled trial.”

These researchers studied outcomes of patients with and without Moderna’s covid treatment Molnupiravir (its version of Paxlovid), and found that Molupiravir doesn’t work:

Molnupiravir did not reduce the frequency of COVID-19-associated hospitalisations or death among high-risk vaccinated adults in the community.

That’s not good. But that’s not all.

Another pre-print study published on MedRxIV the same day, December 22nd, titled “Antiviral treatments lead to the rapid accrual of hundreds of SARS-CoV-2 mutations in immunocompromised patients.”

The researchers also studied Moderna’s covid treatment Molnupiravir, which is supposed to reduce viral replication by scrambling covid’s genome. Nothing could go wrong with that plan.

But here’s what the researchers said:

Within days of treatment, we detected a large number of low-frequency mutations in patients and that these new mutations could persist and, in some cases, were fixed in the virus population … This commonly used class of antivirals has the capability to supercharge SARS-CoV-2 evolution, and uncontrolled use may generate new variants with a transmission advantage that prolongs the pandemic and makes other therapeutics less effective.

So, not only doesn’t the drug work — it does NOT reduce serious covid infections or deaths — but it “supercharges” the evolution of new covid variants by DELIBERATELY randomly mutating the covid gene.

The FDA approved that drug. You really can’t make this stuff up.

We spent a TON on this safe and effective wonder drug. A seven day course of Molnupiravir costs around $700. The federal government has pre-purchased billions of dollars worth, making the drug another runaway success for Moderna.

I wonder what the experts will buy next? Repurposed rat poison? Injectable disinfectant?

🔬 A different pre-print study published yesterday on MedRxIV titled “Prior infection- and/or vaccine-induced protection against Omicron BA.1, BA.2 and BA.4/BA.5-related hospitalisations in older adults: a test-negative case-control study in Quebec, Canada.”

Of course, the study’s text advocates for more boosters due to waning jab efficacy. Whatever. We’ve covered why that might not be a good idea. But as is often the case with these studies, the most interesting bit was buried down in the data, this time in supplemental table four, which is a separate download from the main paper.

The table showed that the researchers found unjabbed people with Omicron natural immunity were just as protected (91% vs 92%) from hospitalization as previously-infected people with five doses of the mRNA jabs. Or put another way, they found no difference in the rate of hospitalization between unjabbed and quintuple-jabbed people with prior Omicron infections.

So … what good are the jabs?

💉 St. Paul hockey player Cormick Scanlan, 16, died on Christmas Day after suffering a series of sudden and unexpected strokes earlier this month.

CBS News reported that an angiogram showed Cormick had a highly unusual syndrome called Moyamoya’s disease, a blood vessel disorder in which an artery in the skull becomes blocked or narrowed. Weird.

Purely coincidentally, Pfizer’s court-ordered disclosures of its confidential “Adverse Events of Special Interest” included Moyamoya disease in the list.

And, for some reason, the St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association locked down its Twitter account, right after tweeting about Cormick’s death.

I wonder what the Association was worried about? Maybe some historical tweets about recommending or requiring experimental medical treatments of some kind to play hockey? Just guessing.

🔥 This tweet now has 1.1 million views:

Maybe, back when they were buying up social media influencers, they should’ve bought Kim Dotcom. I have to imagine that they didn’t plan this part of the narrative.

🔥 The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation just announced they are investigating Monday’s “family friendly Drag Queen Christmas” show. That was fast! I found some images from the show but, well, it was super hard to find any that I could include on this (mostly) family-friendly blog, not even blurred. But here you go.

This is Rudolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer cavorting on the set, which was clearly designed FOR CHILDREN.

I know. It’s totally Satanic.

This is Crystal Methyd, performing for the kiddies and the grown-up kiddies to Rihanna’s hit song, “S&M”:

Gross. The DBPR agreed, saying in its announcement:

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is aware of multiple complaints about a sexually explicit performance marketed to children held in Fort Lauderdale on December 26th. The Department is actively investigating this matter, including video footage and photographs from the event.
DPBR will, like in other cases, take action. Exposing children to sexually explicit activity is a crime in Florida, and such action violates the Department’s licensing standards for operating a business and holding a liquor license.
The Department will share any collected evidence with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for potential criminal liability.

Independent journalist Chris Nelson attended the well-attended Fort Lauderdale event, protested, was thrown out, and confirmed children were present.

Chris Nelson 🇺🇸 🏝 @ReOpenChris

After noticing MULTIPLE children in the audience at the explicit Drag Queen Christmas in Ft Lauderdale I called out performer Nina West for inviting and allowing children to come to her sexually explicit shows!


3:04 AM ∙ Dec 27, 202213,206Likes3,268Retweets

It appears the DBPR was on top of things even before the show, and sent a letter to the Fort Lauderdale venue warning them not to admit kids, which they ignored.

I’m not sure which part of the story is more remarkable: the fact that people actually take their kids to see this stuff (why??), that the show could fill a large South Florida auditorium (ugh), or that Florida is actually pushing back (hooray!).

Hat tip to Chaya Raichik, the one-woman genius behind the mega-influential Libs of TikTok account, who made the drag show story viral. After being doxxed, Chaya was invited by Governor DeSantis to stay at the Governor’s mansion anytime she needs to for security.

Florida’s Voice @FLVoiceNews

JUST IN: Ron DeSantis offered @libsoftiktok founder Chaya Raichik to stay at governor’s mansion if she felt unsafe after being doxxed “He said, ‘If you [or your family don’t feel safe] you can come to the governor’s mansion […] You can come and stay as long as you need.'”


5:12 PM ∙ Dec 27, 20223,922Likes635Retweets

Libs of TikTok will be our next multiplier. I’m getting us a link.

💉 Last week the Senate approved the bloated Defense Authorization Act, but slipped deep inside was a repeal of the detested military mandate. Thus, U.S. service members will no longer be required to get the shots.

That’s great news. It will probably moot any number of pending lawsuits.

💉 In a loopy Washington Post op-ed, former Planned Parenthood director and CNN TV doctor Leana Wen offered mild support for the mandate’s repeal. Surprisingly, she explained her reasoning by citing potential vaccine injuries:

[W]e need to be upfront that nearly every intervention has some risk, and the coronavirus vaccine is no different. The most significant risk is myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which is most common in young men. The CDC cites a rate of 39 myocarditis cases per 1 million second doses given in males 18 to 24. Some studies found a much higher rate; a large Canadian database reported that among men ages 18 to 29 who received the second dose of the Moderna vaccine, the rate of myocarditis was 22 for every 100,000 doses.

Wen also recognized — even endorsed — natural immunity as superior to inoculation, which was her justification for supporting the mandate’s repeal. Of course, this is a complete reversal from her pro-jab, anti-immunity positions last year, when she was calling for punitive measures against unvaxxed people to encourage more shots.

But what I have learned about Leana Wen over the pandemic is that she is a reliable bellwether for the official narrative. Wen’s public opinions are always followed by similar official or unofficial changes in federal government policy. I have no evidence that she’s an agent for the federal government, but if you assume that’s true, you’ll pretty accurately predict her behavior, and can reliably guess what the feds will do next.

So I am cautiously optimistic that we may soon see official or unofficial backpedaling on the shots, a recognition of risk, and acceptance of natural immunity as sufficient protection.

Of course, WE are all past that now, but a big chunk of America isn’t there yet.

Still, it’s progress. Just wait till we get to 2023.

Have a wonderful, if chilly, Wednesday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning for more.

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