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☕️ GOOD CATCH ☙ Thursday, May 4, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it is Thursday! Your roundup today includes: sneaky drone attack by nobody almost doesn’t kill Russian President Putin, but sure sent a statement; Florida passes HB 1521, protecting women’s bathrooms from spike-heeled perverts; Australian premier says hateful people who don’t want their kids groomed can just move to Florida; nobody wants booster shots; more doubles take over Jamie Foxx’s roles but nobody knows anything; mostly-peaceful transformers pacified by Texas Capitol Police; whistleblower claims FBI has documents evidencing Biden bribe; Republicans put the kibosh on Minnesota pedo-normalization bill; Florida makes child rape a capital crime, defying the U.S. Supreme Court; and a heartwarming hero video to start your day right.


🚀 The big Proxy War news yesterday even made the Wall Street Journal, this time, in a story headlined “Russian Government Says Kremlin Hit by Ukraine Drones, Blames Kyiv.” The slightly schizophrenic article both claimed that the two remotely-piloted, unmanned suicide aircraft hit the Kremlin and also says that they were shot down by Russian air defense systems.

Surveillance videos showed an incoming drone, some Kremlin roof snipers scrambling up a ladder for a shot, and then the drone — presumably destroyed by a defensive weapon at the last second — exploding just above the dome’s roof. Other angles show the dome burning a little, possibly from the craft’s fiery wreckage and debris.

The Russians promptly declared the attack was an attempt to assassinate President Putin. It’s not completely crazy, since just a week ago, Putin escaped an attempt to kill him by drone, so the Russians might be putting two and two together, or maybe they have some inside info.

Still, it’s a mystery. Once again, nobody’s taken responsibility for the attack, except everyone is accusing everyone else, and U.S. corporate media keeps mentioning the possibility that Russia attacked itself, like they always say, since Russia probably also blew up its own multi-billion-dollar underwater gas pipeline as well as its lengthy Kerch Bridge to Crimea. Now, supposedly, it’s trying to assassinate its own president to make Ukraine look bad or something.

It’s such a dumb theory you can almost detect the news anchors, forced to repeat the stupid self-attack possibility every time the story comes back around, painfully going through the motions, but with their plaintive eyes desperately signaling they’ve been kidnapped and need us to call 911.

Anyway, Zelensky was coincidentally (and safely) out of the office in Finland when the attack happened and, following the Kremlin strike, he’s decided he quite likes the quiet, snowy, safe NATO member country, and for no specific reason, not really, Zelensky made up his mind yesterday to extend his stay in Finland from one day to ten days, and then let’s just see how we feel when we get there.

The former comedian denied have anything to do with the attack, sort of.

In broken English, not Finnish, which was weird since Zelensky almost never even tries to speak English — you can understand why — but he did this time, and he flatly denied that Ukraine had anything whatsoever to do with the insidious flying assassination attempt:

We don’t attack Putin or Moscow. We fight on our territory. We are defending our will just as it is. We don’t have, you know, enough weapon for this. That’s why we don’t use it any, anywhere. For us, that is a deficit. We can’t have it. And we didn’t attack Putin.

Zelensky made it clear: this was a serious matter, and the Ukrainians get no advantage whatsoever from the attack. On the other hand, within hours of the drones being shot down, the Ukrainian Postal Service (UPS) had produced brand new stamps and an entire full-sized commemorative display memorializing the attack on the Kremlin.

Having studied the image very closely, I believe the Ukrainian soldier in the stamp picture is holding a radio, not making an obscene gesture. Probably. But … if he IS holding a radio, doesn’t that suggest he’s controlling the suicidal bird? Anyway.

In Putin news, while Zelensky hides out in Finland, Putin decided to have a “work from home day” today and will stay at the presidential residence instead of coming in to his Kremlin office and will just work remotely. Various reports suggest he’s hunkering down in the presidential bunker, which seems reasonable under the circumstances.

U.S. and NATO officials promptly claimed to be baffled by the attack. We have no idea. Maybe it was the Ghost of Kiev? Both groups raced to distance themselves from the drones, they have no intelligence about it, how could they, and soberly expressed grave concerns that Ukraine was complying with requirements not to use NATO-supplied weapons to attack targets inside Russian territory.

But underqualified Secretary of State Antony Blinken sang to a slightly different tune, refusing to condemn the attacks, and expressing skepticism about whether the event even happened at all. “We leave it to Ukraine to decide how to defend itself,” Blinken droned ominously.

This is classic Fifth Generation warfare. Sneak attacks and propaganda. You can’t blame them though. It’s even harder to figure out where a killer drone comes from than figuring out where fully-vaccinated Jamie Foxx might be, but more on that in a minute.

🔥 Transformer activists in Florida are outraged today about yesterday’s passage of HB1521, which prohibits entering a “restroom or changing facility designated for opposite sex” and requires covered facilities to offer properly-segregated bathrooms and changing rooms. It’s now headed for the Governor’s desk and will almost certainly be signed into law.

Covered facilities include: government buildings, educational institutions, correctional facilities, domestic violence centers, “public accommodations” (hotels and amusement parks), and healthcare facilities. If they want, covered entities can offer unisex bathrooms and changing rooms instead of segregated ones.

The bill has some unique features. They carved out exceptions to cross-bathrooming, such as bringing your child with you, helping an elderly person, or if your bathroom is out of order and you can’t hold it and nobody is in the other-gender bathroom. Okay, it doesn’t say anything about not being able to hold it, but I think that’s implied. Here’s the money part:

A person 18 years of age or older who willfully enters, for a purpose other than those listed in subsection (6), a restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex and refuses to immediately depart when asked to do so by another person present in the restroom or changing facility commits a misdemeanor of the second degree.

So on the plus side, the law protects women’s spaces from creepy, costumed perverts pretending to be girls. On the down side, ladies won’t be able to seize the men’s room anymore when the line for the ladies’ gets too long, unless the men politely agree.

It was also kind of interesting how Florida legislators defined “biological sex” using a pretty commonsense, inarguable test:

(d) “Female” means a person belonging, at birth, to the biological sex which has the specific reproductive role of producing eggs.
(e) “Male” means a person belonging, at birth, to the biological sex which has the specific reproductive role of producing sperm.
(g) “Sex” means the classification of a person as either female or male based on the organization of the body of such person for a specific reproductive role, as indicated by the person’s sex chromosomes, naturally occurring sex hormones, and internal and external genitalia present at birth.

See? It’s easy. It’s basic biology: chromosomes (can’t change ‘em), external genitalia (at birth), and hormones (naturally occurring ones, not artificially-occurring ones). Or at least, it should be easy an easy test. Just give the “experts” a chance, they’ll find some way to make it complicated.

🦘 Meanwhile, over in Australia, Victoria Premier Dan Andrews scolded his House of Commons that, if you want biologically-separated restrooms, you should just go ahead and move to the racist republic of Florida:

He accused Australian parents who recently protested a drag-queen story hour of being, well, every name in the leftist book:

Not an exercise of free speech, but an exercise of hate speech. Violence, bigotry, racism, sexism, uh, uh, homophobia, transphobia. Ugly scenes. Ugly scenes on any measure. On any measure… If you want to behave like the worst elements of the Floridian Republican Party, well, GET TO FLORIDA! Head over there! Where your hateful views might be worth something! They’re worth nothing here. We won’t stand for this sort of ugly behavior. It’s appalling! It’s not about free speech. It’s about hate speech, plain and simple.

Speaking for myself, those sane Australian parents are welcome in Florida, if they aren’t welcome in insane Victoria anymore.

💉 Terrific news! Zero Hedge ran a story yesterday headlined, “New COVID Vaccinations/Boosters Slow To A Trickle.”

Pfizer covid-shot revenues are crashing and, according to Our World in Data, new covid jabs are scraping the bottom. People aren’t buying them or even taking them for free. In other words, absent mandates, they can’t even give ‘em away.

Even though roughly 70% of Americans got the first two shots, only about 17% took any booster. Seems like Americans are starting to catch on.

💉 He didn’t say, but I bet Jamie Foxx is grateful for the jabs. Yesterday, Fox News ran a story headlined, “Jamie Foxx Breaks Silence Amid Mystery ‘Medical Complication’.” The sub-headline quixotically explained, “Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne are for filling in for the ‘Beat Shazam’ host and his daughter Corinne.”

The story reported that, for the first time since the A-list actor was hospitalized on April 11th, he “spoke out” and “broke his silence” about his mysterious medical incident. But that’s exaggerating a tiny bit. Like other mysterious medical incident victims before Jamie, Fox’s version of “speaking out” was six words posted to the actor’s Instagram account yesterday:

“Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

He, or someone working his Instagram account, also thanked Nick Cannon for taking over his show. And a body double just finished up filming his movie “Back in Action.” Displaying absolutely zero curiosity, and using the passive voice, Fox blandly reported that Jamie’s medical status continues — a month later! — to be a mystery:

Foxx’s medical condition has not been disclosed.

It has not? WHO has not disclosed his medical condition? WHO did Fox ask? Did they ask his doctors? His family? His friends? His agent? His co-stars? The Back in Black producers?

Did they ask Jamie? I mean, he’s talking now. Allegedly.

It’s a triple mystery. Not only is nobody saying what’s wrong with him, but nobody knows who isn’t saying what’s wrong with him, if you follow me.

Fox didn’t even speculate about where the actor is now. It’s like they don’t know, but they didn’t even say they don’t know. Is the actor still in the hospital? Where’d the Instagram post come from? Is he up and talking? The article only referred to a week-old People piece saying Foxx was still having tests run. Baffling.

The public hasn’t seen or heard from public personality Jamie Foxx since April 11th. His roles and shows are now being farmed out to other actors.

I’ll ask it. Is Jamie Foxx dead?

🔥 Mostly-peaceful transformers were further pacified by Texas Capitol Police yesterday during a fractious, mostly-peaceful protest during debate over so-called anti-trans bills.

Here is Gateway Pundit’s delicious headline: “Violent Left-Wing Insurrectionists Invade Texas State Capitol and Shut Down Proceedings on Bill Banning Child Sex Surgeries – State Police End the Commotion in Epic Style.”

Online leftists were horrified and appalled that the mostly-peaceful insurrectionists weren’t treated with the respect they deserved. Or maybe they were. I guess it depends.

🔥 Fox News reported yesterday that a “highly-credible whistleblower” told the House investigative committee that the FBI is hiding internal documents allegedly showing that a foreign national bribed Joe Biden while he was vice-president.

Yesterday, Committee chair James Comer subpoenaed the FBI for the documents and given the agency only 7 days to respond. “The information provided by a whistleblower raises concerns that then-Vice President Biden allegedly engaged in a bribery scheme with a foreign national,” Comer explained.

The headline from the UK Telegraph was more blunt:

There’s zero on the story on either the Wall Street Journal or New York Times’ home pages. Why would there be? Is this kind of thing even news anymore? Sure, they impeached President Trump for much less, but that was a long time ago.

🔥 Human Events ran a gratifying story yesterday headlined, “Trans Lawmaker Shamed Into Dropping Pedo-Normalization Bill in Minnesota Amid Backlash.”

Unattractive Cross-Dressing Lawmaker

In February, Representative Leigh Stinky, I mean Finke, Minnesota’s first unattractive cross-dressing state legislator, introduced a bill called the “Take Pride Act.” The bill would have “proudly” removed language from Minnesota’s state Human Rights Act, which currently excludes pedophilia from the protected “sexual orientation” class.

In other words, the bill would have made “pedophilia” a protected sexual orientation under Minnesota’s Human Rights Act. But Minnesota House Republicans successfully intervened and “managed to get the language normalizing pedophilia stripped out of the bill in a vote.”

Back in the day, they promised us that legalizing gay marriage would never EVER lead to crazy stuff like this. Normalizing pedophilia was just a silly “slippery-slope” conspiracy theory. Well? How about now?

Thank you, Minnesota Republicans.

🔥 In related news, Breaking 911 ran a heartwarming story Monday headlined, “DeSantis Expands Death Penalty In Florida To Cover Child Rapists, Setting Up Supreme Court Showdown.”

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill permitting the death penalty for convicted child rapists, and reducing the number of jurors needed from a unanimous 12 to a super-majority of 7, setting up a U.S. Supreme Court challenge.

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that states may not impose the death penalty for child rape unless the victim was killed. Governor DeSantis said he is fully prepared to challenge thisSupreme Court precedent, arguing that it is unjust to protect child rapists from the death penalty.

Florida’s new law, which takes effect October 1st, provides that sexual battery of a person under the age of 12 is a capital crime.

Smells like progress.

🔥 And for your boost today, watch this short video clip of a heroic guy climbing out onto a nearly-flat 8th-story window to save a small child:

I don’t know the details, but God bless that courageous, quick-acting man. That baby is never going to hear the end of this story. His parents will be telling it until he’s 96.

The funniest bit was the “Plan B” guy, down below, holding a catching sack. No pressure! I bet he was the most relieved when that kid got pulled into the window.

Have a terrific Thursday! Let’s get back together tomorrow morning to share another delicious cup of Coffee & Covid.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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