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☕️ FREE FLYING ☙ Saturday, February 3, 2024 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Saturday! Time for your Weekend Edition, and wait till you feast your eyes on today’s issue. I have solved some of the world’s biggest problems, simultaneously averting World War III and a new Civil War. You are welcome! In today’s roundup: border bandits batter New York City and dumbfounded liberals start waking up, a little; Ukraine faces a whole new headache but there is a solution to everybody’s problems at hand; DA Willis finally responds to claims she should be disqualified and sinks deeper into the slough of national disgrace; and Florida’s Covid Grand Jury issues its first interim report.


🔥 By now you must have seen the ugly border story about a wild gang of illegal migrants beating down some New York City cops that is sawing apart the conventional migrant narrative:

image 4.png

The nice young gangster pictured above, arrested and released without bail, utterly undisturbed by his brief detention if not fully defiant, is probably now on a bus to somewhere and will never ever appear in a New York court. Under intense public pressure, Governor Hochul swore to “send them back” yesterday, but of course if she could send these criminals back, which under New York Law she can’t anyways, they’ll just stroll nonplussed back across the border again anyway.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who until recently used to complain all the time about illegal immigrants infesting the City, that is until he got investigated by the DOJ over vague allegations having to do with Turkey, and after FBI suddenly confiscated Eric’s personal electronics (and who knows what they might have found), well, now Eric has his head screwed on right. He’s now a team player. He’s back on the democrat plantation.

The new Mayor Adams completely contradicted Governor Hochul’s anti-immigrant spirit yesterday by announcing a terrific new program to start paying illegals a salary to live in the City:

image 5.png

Under the program, migrant get a prepaid credit card every 28 days with $1,000 loaded on it. It’s a very sweet deal. Money for nothing, and the chicks for free. I know what you’re thinking, but the undocumented aliens are told they may only spend the free money on food, diapers, and other stuff that tugs on democrat voters’ heartstrings. The rule is enforced by the honor system. They have to promise. There’ll be no punishment for buying drugs or selling the prepaid cards for cash or anything else like that.

What, you don’t believe illegal immigrants’ promises? What kind of monster are you?

Anyway, each migrant family of four gets a cool grand every 28 days. Stop complaining. It’s inflation! Have you seen the prices at the grocery these days? Anyway, wait till the migrants in Texas hear about the prepaid credit cards in New York City. There’s gold in them thar’ hills!

Illegal border-crossers panning for prepaid credit cards. AP file photo.

Words fail to describe this delicious clip from CNN yesterday, in which CNN’s John Miller dramatically delivered some exquisitely bad news dumfounding hostess Erica Hill (and the white guy) and rendering them momentarily speechless. In the clip, Miller explained that illegals steal stuff in New York City, fly down to Florida to spend the money, then come back to NYC for more stealing. It’s a pretty good deal for Florida. Then Miller dropped the bomb: police told him the illegals aren’t staying in Florida “because there you go to jail.”

image 7.png

I wonder what the jurisdictional difference could be? If you haven’t seen the clip yet, you have to see it. CLIP: Liberal CNN hosts dumbfounded by truth about relative crime incentives (1:44).

🚀 To the last Ukrainian! It’s just one damned thing after another in Ukraine these days. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about, what with that accursed Putin breathing down their necks all the time and a new glorious counteroffensive they need to win this Spring. As if all those problems weren’t bad enough already, behold this gloomy headline from the UK Times, published two days ago, piling on even more bad news:


Unexpectedly! It sure is hard to make babies when there aren’t any men left. The good news for Ukrainians is—it’s almost over! Haha, just kidding. Listen: Do. Not. Worry. I had a massive brainstorm last night during my wee hours ruminations over this unexpected endangered Ukrainian problem. Wait till you get a load of this one! It’s my best idea yet. Call me crazy, but I think I’ve figured out how we can solve two huge problems at the same time. I’ve done it; it’s done. Who says lawyers aren’t good for anything?

The answer to Ukraine’s problem was lined up right in front of us the whole time:

image 2.png

Get it? Are you following me? Portlanders, pay attention. It only costs $936 to fly someone from Longview, Texas to Warsaw, Poland — which is right across the border from Lviv, Ukraine! (Sadly, Ukraine is a no-fly zone. Warsaw is very close though.)

image 3.png

In other words, and I’m going to make this super simple for you guys, since it involves math, but if I’ve toted up the figures properly, in other words, if the stupid A.I. is working right this time, then for Joe Biden’s $100 billion dollar Ukraine aid package, we can fly one hundred million migrants to Warsaw. Then they’d only have one more border to cross.

I mean, there’s plenty of money left in the budget for buses and stuff. Just bus them over.

A hundred million migrants is 75% of the entire population of Russia. Add a hundred million illegals to however many Ukrainians are left, and Ukraine will have a fighting chance!

That’ll show that doggone Putin.

It’s win-win! Ukraine is facing total demographic collapse. Plus they are about to lose the Proxy War. Ukraine need more men more than anything. They need tons and tons of them! Well, guess what? Here in the U.S. we have too many young men, and many of those unwanted young men are super brave and are willing to fight armed police officers (see above).

Ukraine needs fighting men!

Listen, it’s all lining upThey’ve already got the migrants sleeping right at the airport. And we can we money because the migrants are allowed to fly for free, even without documents. We might not even need the $100 billion. See how simple it is? And they even already have a program; before the FBI got him properly sorted, Mayor Adams already had a relocation scheme to fly migrants for free to anywhere on Earth. It’s so perfect! Just move them down to the boarding area. Maybe tell them the new iPhones are being handed out at Gate 13 or something.

Unless I’ve missed something, when can we start? The Ukrainians are desperate.

🔥 Speaking of National Disasters and the ritual humiliation of America, Atlanta DA Fani Willis filed her long-awaited response to multiple motions to disqualify her in her criminal crusade against President Trump under her novel RICO theory involving Georgia election law. Now we know why it took so long: Fani’s response was 175 pages long.

image 8.png

Confirming yet again that it is only a matter of time before Fani finally waves farewell, the corporate media boiled Fani’s surprisingly well-written response down to one fact: she admitted her special lawyer Nathan Wade has been working under her. I mean, they were sleeping together:

image 9.png

Fani’s response — 29 pages of legal argument and about 150 pages of exhibits — is surprisingly solid. Absent proof of direct financial transfers, the issue of Fani’s bad romantic choices might be separated from her historic celebrity RICO prosecution of the President. But Fani’s problem is that her problems are expanding faster than her waistline.

Yesterday, the Hill ran a story headlined, “Jordan subpoenas Willis on federal grant spending.” On behalf of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) served DA Willis — she done got served — a subpoena for records related to federal financial improprieties. You may recall the recording of the “whistleblower phone call” that leaked earlier this week related to Fani’s office’s misuse of federal Covid funds. Now it seems clear it probably leaked from the Judiciary committee, probably to politically pave the way for the subpoena, but I’m only guessing.

They’re giving Fani a chance to extricate herself from her love nest. It won’t work.

💉 Everyone has been wondering what happened to Governor DeSantis’ Grand Jury, the one tasked with reviewing the government’s covid response and whether big pharma (or anyone else) defrauded Floridians. The Florida Supreme Court convened the 12-month grand jury about, well, a year ago. The Grand Jury just issued its first report.

image 10.png

As it should have, the Grand Jury has worked in secret, which frankly has frustrated a few people. I’ve seen more than a few blackpilled comments whining that it’s all hopeless; it’s going nowhere; we should’ve heard something by now, and so forth. Well, I am pleased to report that the Grand Jury issued its first interim report yesterday, and you’re going to love it. The report’s conclusion poignantly observed, “It is a sad state of affairs when something as simple as following the science constitutes an act of heresy, but here we are.”

The 30-page (double-spaced) report is required reading for every literate adult who survived the last four years. It’s well-written in plain English and understandable to anyone with a GED equivalent, and even to some people from Portland. The Grand Jury addressed the first two government interventions, lockdowns and mask mandates, and found neither followed the science, despite terrific and ultimately terrible costs. Later reports will cover vaccines.

Corporate media ignored the news, of course, but yesterday the New York Post ran the story headlined, “Federal agencies refuse to cooperate with Florida grand jury investigating COVID-19 vaccines,  interim report reveals.” From the report’s description, here’s what they’ve been up to so far:

Since last June, this Grand Jury has cast a wide net, eliciting sworn testimony from a range of both expert and lay witnesses on issues both central and adjacent to the questions we have been charged with resolving. We have learned a great deal— some of which we will discuss in detail below — and we would like to thank those witnesses who have appeared before us so far. Admittedly, however, we are not physicians. Some of us are involved in the medical field, but most of us work in other professions and vocations. We have, however, spoken to numerous doctors, professors and scientists with a broad range of viewpoints on the topics we will discuss below and other topics we intend to discuss in the future. In a way, this Grand Jury has allowed us to do something that most Americans simply do not have the time, access, or wherewithal to do: Follow the science.

Strangely, every single federal agency refused to comply with subpoenas and other requests from Florida’s Grand Jury:

Our Legal Advisor has sought the assistance of several agencies of the United States Government which have thus far declined to participate. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Army, among others, all had a substantial hand in the contracting, approval and distribution process for the COVID-19 vaccines at the center of our inquiry. These agencies have elected not to provide representatives to testify before this body, and federal law prohibits us from compelling their cooperation.

Happily, the Grand Jury determined they don’t need the federal agencies. I know just how they feel. There is enough information from other sources, published agency guidance, and Congressional testimony, so that the jurors easily bypassed federal efforts to obstruct them.

This well-written, even-handed, non-controversial report is the first step toward accounting for the chaotic, dictatorial, and ultimately counter-productive pandemic response by federal, state, and local officials. Unfortunately, the people who most need this information will refuse to see. But it is now in the record. Under our form of representative government, the people — not experts, politicians, or unelected bureaucrats — hold ultimate authority. This Grand Jury report constitutes the people’s voice, and the people are not impressed.

It is difficult to calculate the depth of gratitude owed to Governor DeSantis and a large number of courageous Floridians, both in and out of government, who contributed to the preparation and publication of this badly-needed review. We look forward to the Grand Jury’s next report with great interest. Read it and comment!

Have a wonderful weekend! And, even if you aren’t an illegal immigrant with free tickets to anywhere you want to go, fly back here after the weekend for Monday morning’s warm and encouraging Coffee & Covid roundup.

We can’t do it without you. Consider joining with C&C to help move the nation’s needle and change minds.  I could use your help getting the truth out and spreading optimism and hope, if you can:  ☕ Learn How to Get Involved 🦠

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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