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☕️ FAKERS☙ Thursday, January 5, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it’s Thursday! Today’s roundup includes: a fake doctor twitter network is exposed, showing how fake pro-covid support probably is; Trump doesn’t break with McCarthy for Speaker; Florida asks for a DEI accounting from state universities; and Greta is the victim of new mental illnesses.


🪖 Heroic but reclusive social media activist Chaya Raichik thanked Coffee & Covid yesterday with this nice video. We have your back, @libsoftiktok!

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gacvwpij1uufu3/Raichik%20-%20CnC%20Thanks.mov?dl=0


🔥 The San Francisco Standard ran a quiet mini-Twitter files story last month, headlined “These Doctors Pushed Masking, Covid Lockdowns on Twitter. Turns Out, They Don’t Exist.” Can you believe that? To give you an idea where this curious leftwing media story was going, later in the article they speculated that the fake doctor accounts were designed to make the left look crazy for cocoa puffs.

As always these days, it wasn’t corporate media’s crack squad of highly motivated investigative reporters who broke the story. It began with — of course — an independent researcher, an LGBT+ ally of some kind, who came across a trans pro-lockdown doctor who has been very vocal during the pandemic and has BOTH a trans flag and a Ukraine flag in his bio picture.

Meet Doctor Robert Honeyman:

Dr. Honeyman’s bio described the fake doctor as a transgender “Doctor of Sociology and Feminist studies” with a “keen interest in poetry,” and who virtuously used they/them pronouns. Not just any old interest in poetry — a “keen” interest in poetry. That’s the good kind.

But Honeyman’s bio picture turned out to be a stock photo sold under the caption, “Smiling happy, handsome latino man outside—headshot portrait.” It’s as fake as the rest of him. The photo was, however, digitally manipulated to make it look less “stock” and more real.

As you will see, in no way was his name’s resemblance to the word “honeypot” an accident.

Recently, Dr. Honeypot’s tweets described his difficult pandemic journey; an escalating covid double-tragedy. On November 12th, 2022, Dr. Honeypot, sorry, I mean Honeyman, tragically lost his sister — to covid. Yes. Very Tragic. He wrote emotionally about his loss and received dozens of condolences, over 4,000 retweets and 43,000 likes.

One month later on December 12th, another covid tragedy struck the Honeyman family. And they say covid never strikes twice. Well, it DOES strike twice, three times, or even more, but not if you’re current on your boosters, or unless you took Paxlovid. But I digress. After just losing his sister, covid struck Dr. Honeyman’s HUSBAND. My goodness. Can you imagine the suffering? The bereaved wife/husband (?) turned to twitter for comfort, passionately writing:

Poor Dr. Honeyman! And, my goodness, this virus is raging out of control! People are dropping like flies! We need to DO SOMETHING! Once again, misled twitterers’ condolences, well-wishes, re-tweets and likes piled up. Honeyman took the opportunity to ask for even more followers, to show support for him and his husband during their covid crisis:

Dr. Robert Honeyman 🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️ @DrRHoneyman

If you could follow me on this platform I need as much people round me as possible right now. Feeling empty sadness12:07 AM ∙ Dec 13, 20221,799Likes60Retweets

But as bad as they were, those weren’t Doctor Honeyman’s only tragedies this year. In July, he tweeted about his debilitating monkeypox infection, saying “Don’t believe what the media have been sharing… it’s a horrible disease that has had me bed ridden.” Then in October, he claimed to have been the victim of a transphobic attack.

Suffering stacked on suffering. How much can one keen poetry lover take?

Doctor Honeyman’s “husband,” also a doctor, Dr. Patrick C. Honeyman, used a bio-pic stolen from an insurance salesman from Wayne, Indiana. At least he added a rainbow flag. Meet Dr. Patrick Honeypot, I mean Honeyman:

According to the Standard, the two fake doctors, whose accounts constantly urge extreme covid caution, are part of an interconnected network of AT LEAST four fake accounts all touting their ties to the LGBTQ+ community, vocally advocating mask-wearing, jabbing, and social distancing, and dishing out generous helpings of criticism to folks they felt are not taking the pandemic seriously enough.

For one example, on November 27th, Dr. Honeyman opined that the U.S. should adopt China-style lockdowns:

Dr. Robert Honeyman 🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️ @DrRHoneyman

Come on china! Stop protesting, I wish we had similar lockdown measures here 🤦‍♀️4:53 PM ∙ Nov 27, 202275Likes4Retweets

On November 24th, Honeyman tweeted that his son/daughter, who came out as trans earlier this year, got her whole class to wear masks by peddling the story of his fake sister’s death:

Dr. Robert Honeyman 🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️ @DrRHoneyman

My young child got everybody in class to wear a mask after making a simple poster explaining the benefits to us all, after her aunt dying of Covid she pulled the whole family together. If she can do this, why can’t we all?12:29 AM ∙ Nov 25, 20224,522Likes819Retweets

Not everybody was buying it, but whenever people started to catch on, Dr. Honeyman asked his many followers to report them for misinformation or hate-speech violations:

Dr. Robert Honeyman 🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️ @DrRHoneyman

Been made aware of a couple attacks on Twitter on my sisters post. Could I ask for everybody to report this account 🙁

ُ @User97651

@DrSteveVille @DrRHoneyman You’re both the same person. No way this many similar weirdos exist2:35 AM ∙ Nov 15, 2022

The Standard explained that the fake accounts seemed designed by central casting to appeal to liberals:

It is unclear who created the two doctors, but their bios and personas signpost identities meant to appeal to a certain type of Twitter denizen: liberal, pro-diversity and concerned about Covid.

Isn’t that all of them?

At least two other “Doctor” accounts supported, re-tweeted, and endorsed Dr. Honeyman, helping build his credibility. The first was Dr. Gerold Fischer, another staunch LGBTQ+ ally, now deleted from Twitter. “Fischer,” get it? Fisher. Someone who fishes for something.

In September, Dr. Fishy, I mean Fischer, announced he was tragically suffering from long-covid brain fog, and Dr. Honeyman re-tweeted Fischer’s post:

Another fake doctor in the Honeypot network was Dr. Steve ’Ste’ Ville, allegedly from the University of Antwerp, a Ukraine and LGBTQ+ ally, also recently deleted:

Dr. Ville also endorsed, friended, and re-tweeted the other three doctors’ accounts. Here is a July thread between Dr. Honeyman and Dr. Ville, accusing the W.H.O. of literally urinating on a pride flag, and linking covid expert Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding:

Somebody remind me: What does “astroturf” mean? Or “color revolution?”

There’s a lot more and I could go on and on and on, but I have to stop someplace. Here’s the thing: after what’s recently been exposed in the Twitter files, what are the odds this little fake-doctor network exposed by the San Francisco Standard is really a military/intelligence psyop to keep fearful liberals believing in the pandemic and advocating for covid restrictions?

Back in the Cold War, communist agents used a similar ‘network building’ technique to promote journalists and professors. They would startup a dozen spies with entry-level jobs as local reporters or academic writers, and then over the next months and years the group would reference and promote each other, until at least one of them landed a prominent job at a major newspaper or university.

Then that would would help elevate the rest.

But sometimes it backfired. This time at least, whoever’s running the psyop went just a little too far with all the cuckoo-liberal nonsense. The Standard quoted the independent researcher who blew open the story wondering about who was really behind it all:

“Is this someone who is well-intentioned but perhaps has a lot of anxiety about Covid, and this is a way for them to act out those anxieties?” he asked. “Or is this something more nefarious where someone thinks creating accounts like this is a way to point at them and say: ‘Look how crazy the liberals are’?”

Indeed. Maybe I’m wrong, and this was actually a reverse-psyop to discredit liberalism. If so, judging by the many lunatic responses to the fake doctors’ tweets, it isn’t working. Try harder!

🔥 Trump officially broke with Republican Kevin McCarthy late yesterday afternoon and endorsed Bryon Donalds. At least, that’s what it looked like, while this fake message made the rounds:

But later, Trump denied that “official” announcement, calling it fake AND fraudulent:

Trump is still supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. This morning, new Republican Elon Musk also tweeted his support for Kevin, whatever that’s worth.

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker10:23 AM ∙ Jan 5, 202340,849Likes3,621Retweets

Republican infighting exploded yesterday, as six votes were attempted in the House but no Speaker could be elected. As they say, politics is a blood sport. For a short recap of the situation, I can’t improve on Tucker’s segment from last night:

Rep. Matt Gaetz @RepMattGaetz

[email protected] on McCarthy’s bid for Speaker: “You don’t want to be ruled by a man who wears a Ukrainian flag lapel pin and lives with Frank Luntz? No problem, we get it.”


2:29 AM ∙ Jan 5, 202310,577Likes2,526Retweets

Does the Establishment’s support for McCarthy actually come from a burning desire to keep the money flowing to Ukraine, as (I think) Tucker is suggesting? Who knows. To break the deadlock, I expect the majority will offer even more substantial concessions to the objecting representatives than they already have, such as more favorable rule changes and committee assignments.

It might even be worth it, depending on what’s offered.

💉 Officials released no new information yesterday about Damar Hamlin. Not even a vague explanation of his current condition, the underlying injury, his treatment, or any prognosis. Nada. But corporate media’s psyop team has engaged four-wheel drive and is driving the counter-narrative everywhere.

For example, MSNBC ran a goofy opinion piece by columnist Esther Choo headlined, “Why Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest Is the Latest Anti-Vaxx Rallying Cry.” Uh-huh. The sub-headline explained it definitely probably wasn’t the jabs: “Cumulative experience with cardiac arrest among athletes playing competitive sports lets us know the likely culprits of this serious event.”


Esther Choo: Cases of myocarditis are many times more likely for patients who become ill with Covid than for people who received a Covid vaccine. This anti-vax rhetoric distract us from legitimate ways of keeping athletes safe and healthy. on.msnbc.comOpinion | Why Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest is the latest anti-vaxx rallying cryCumulative experience with cardiac arrest among athletes playing competitive sports lets us know the likely culprits of this serious ev…11:04 AM ∙ Jan 5, 2023547Likes138Retweets

Calling the notion there have been more sudden athlete deaths recently a “debunked conspiracy theory,” Choo related a story about a soccer player who died on the field before news reported he’d not been vaccinated. She quoted a friendly, cherry-picked expert saying vaccine-induced myocarditis was super rare, how dare you:

Cases of myocarditis after Covid vaccines fortunately have been mild and tend to resolve rapidly. Medical experts believe it to be an unlikely cause of Hamlin’s collapse. “Such an event is so, so low in the list of possibilities,” cardiologist Sandeep Jauhar, author of “Heart: A History,” told me. “Most, if not all, NFL players have been vaccinated. Why haven’t we seen more instances of this event among other players?

Indeed. But what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Why haven’t we seen more cases of commotio cordis among other players? Hmm? Speaking of which, is it just me, or did Choo appear to ever-so-slightly back off the commotio cordis hypothesis in this paragraph?

Hamlin’s collision with the player he tackled moments before his heart stopped stimulated discussion of commotio cordis, a phenomenon in which ventricular fibrillation — an irregular heart rhythm that prevents life-sustaining blood flow — is provoked by a blunt blow to the sternum. But what exactly caused his case remains to be seen.

The phrase “stimulated discussion of commotio cordis” is hardly an endorsement of the theory. She didn’t quote any cardiologists about that ulra-rare type of injury, either.

Also yesterday, the BBC ran a very similar story headlined, “Damar Hamlin: How Anti-Vaxxers Exploited Player’s Collapse.” It begins quoting Marjorie Taylor Green, who tweeted that it’s time to investigate the covid vaccines. But the BBC disagreed. It was probably just your average healthy 24-year-old athlete’s garden variety heart attack:

A US study looking at athletes over four years found many unexplained deaths were in fact caused by cardiac arrest – a cause more common in male and African-American players…. There has been no further information about any underlying causes which could have contributed to his cardiac arrest.

“His cardiac arrest.”

For its expert, the BBC quoted the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which pronounced that “activists” were “cynically exploiting tragedy to baselessly connect any injury or death of a notable person to vaccinations”.

Apparently, the vaccines are now a protected group, along with muslim minorities and trans people, and the CCDH isn’t going to let this hatred of jabs stand. The anti-hate non-profit’s director, Imram Ahmed (if that’s his real name) explained, “Anti-vax lies are deadly and platforms must stop allowing dedicated spreaders of disinformation from abusing their platforms and the trust of other users.”

Seriously, though, why would a reporter call the Center for Countering Digital Hate for a remark about Hamlin’s collapse? Isn’t that a medical issue? Where’s the “hate” angle? Is it because Hamlin is black? I don’t get it.

The BBC’s article did not mention commotio cordis at all.

Also yesterday, NBC ran a story headlined, “One NFL Player Has Died on the Field. His Widow Watched Damar Hamlin’s Collapse in Horror.” Not to worry though, it can happen, as NBC explained in the sub-headline, “Five decades ago, Detroit Lions wide receiver Chuck Hughes, 28, died of a heart attack when a blood clot dislodged after he was tackled.”

Most of the article was the interview with Chuck Hughes’ widow about his non-vaccine-induced blood clot. So that proves it. NBC also described Hamlin’s injury as “cardiac arrest,” and also did not mention commotio cordis.

Well, I guess it’s true that Hamlin almost died when his heart stopped. You could say the same thing about gunshot victims, car accident victims, and jab victims. Or maybe you CAN’T say that about jab victims, because that would be misinformation.

Those three example stories are just a drop in the bucket. Corporate media flooded the zone with a brutal counter-attack against hateful anti-vaxx speculation:

Apparently, now it’s morally bad, grotesque, exploitative, sick, disgusting and hateful to wonder whether Hamlin was killed by a bad pharmaceutical product. Virtue signalers, take note!

Interestingly, none of the headlines cited above included the “commotio” word. It is already flushing down the memory hole? Maybe the apparent retreat from the commotio cordis hypothesis has something to do with this hapless cardiologist’s quick retreat from twitter, after opining that Hamlin’s second cardiac arrest at the hospital ruled out that ultra-rare type of impact injury:

Igor Chudov 🐭 @ichudov

A prominent cardiologist said that Damar Hamlin was unlikely to suffer from commotio cordis, if his heart stopped again an hour after he was resuscitated. Then this cardiologist made his account private, but here’s the tweet image:


7:58 PM ∙ Jan 4, 2023405Likes105Retweets

Don’t worry though, they’ll come up with something else. Just hang in there! Give them time.

We are praying for Mr. Hamlin’s rapid and complete recovery. He’s not the story. He’s the victim.

🔥 People ask me all the time if the universities are a lost cause. Well, I told you to strap in. Governor DeSantis’ Budget Director sent a memo to state officials last week, asking for a detailed accounting of money spent on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” programs, along with lists of personnel employed in those areas. Uh oh!

The letter set the tone in its first paragraph. The State doesn’t want to WASTE MONEY, presumably least of all on idiotic DEI programs:

[I]t is important that we have a full understanding of the operational expenses of state institutions. Governor Ron DeSantis has prioritized a cost-effective higher education system[.]

Cost effectiveness is important. The memo asks universities to list all DEI programs and staff, and total up the costs, separating out how much is contributed by the state. Universities have two weeks to return the requested information, which should be readily available.

Here’s the money paragraph:

[T]his letter is a request for information from the Department of Education and the State University System regarding the expenditure of state resources on programs and initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and critical race theory within our state colleges and universities… Please collect and submit all institutions’ responses no later than Friday, January 13, 2023.

My confidential source embedded in the woke skunkworks of a major Florida public university administration seemed skeptical that the university would reply honestly. But I think it would be terrific if the administrators lied, because that would be sufficient cause for their termination.

One lefty commenter sarcastically complained about how conservatives yammer about the “free market” all the time, but then do this kind of stuff. Um. Dear commenter: Public universities ARE government. They AREN’T the “free market.” The “free market” is the part that ISN’T government run.

Ironically, the commenter was another unfortunate example of the failures of our public education system. Apparently.

Where’s the Governor going with this? I bet all the university administrators are asking themselves that question, if they haven’t already concluded he’s looking to scalpel away the burgeoning grievance industry.

We shall see.

🔥 It’s not new. Governor DeSantis started working on the higher education problem during last year’s legislative session, when the Board of Governors modified the tenure rules to allow for five-year reviews of professors, effectively ending permanent tenure.

How’s THAT going? On Tuesday this week, the Atlantic ran this unintentionally hilarious headline:

According to the Atlantic, brave tenured professors in Florida are now finding it “harder to resist laws,” now that they might be fired when they break the law. It’s making criminality SO much “harder.”

Hahahaha! They can still break the law, but it’s harder now! Dang that wily racal DeSantis! And don’t forget the poor students, who “suffer” — very badly! — from the absence of professorial lawlessness.

🔥 Speaking of victims, poor Greta Thunberg is having panic attacks — and anxiety! — about climate change. Somebody do something!


Maybe Greta should check with CDC Director Walensky to find out how the jinxed agency director is managing her own unshakeable feelings of impending doom, since 2021:

The Recount @therecount

@jeneps CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky goes off script with an emotional plea to the public about “impending doom” following rise in COVID cases: “Right now, I’m scared.”


3:33 PM ∙ Mar 29, 2021381Likes186Retweets

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for lots more on all these fascinating developments.

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Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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