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☕️ EXTENSIVELY REVIEWED ☙ Monday, January 16, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning happy people, it is Monday, time to start the new week off right! Your C&C roundup today includes: results of my Sunday poll about CDC trustworthiness; FDA retracts CDCs stroke signal; another top cardiologist called for jabs to be suspended; U.S. Senator calls vaccines a fraud; traffic accidents seem to be oddly increasing; the WEF starts today without Schwab or Soros; excess deaths makes the mainstream in the U.K.; Jikkyleaks finds suspicious data in the Aussie VAERS system; McCarthy floats Trump expungement; and a little energy boost for your day.


🔥 I ran an unscientific Sunday poll yesterday, asking if folks trust the CDC or not. It was SO close.

Oh, ye of little faith! Just wait for the next story and then tell me how little you trust the CDC.

💉 Great news, everybody! And you said the health agencies weren’t good for anything. The Washington Post ran a story late Friday headlined, “Extensive Review Affirms Safety of Covid Booster After Signal of Possible Risk.”

Whew! We sure dodged a needle there.

Here’s the timeline. Friday afternoon, the CDC announced that it had diligently found a faint safety signal showing a potential link between ischemic strokes in 65+ and the Pfizer bivalent booster. By Friday evening, when reports of the original signal were still being drafted, the FDA promptly announced it had concluded an “extensive” albeit rapid review and — fortunately — found no link whatsoever. None.

Never mind!

So you can quit whining and relax into your next booster. Here’s how WaPo described the FDA’s “extensive” research project that only took about 90 minutes:

Government vaccine safety experts have combed through databases containing millions of records in the United States and consulted with regulators in other countries but so far have not found any indication that the statistical signal represents a clinical risk to patients… “We have looked at the totality of the evidence and there are no concerns at this time that this represents a true safety signal,” an FDA official said.

See? They ran a database query and phoned a friend. There you go. Feel better now? Look how fast they move to protect pharma, sorry, I mean us. And you didn’t trust the health agencies. Shame on you.

💉 But you know who also doesn’t seem to trust the U.S. regulatory agencies? Another top cardiologist, that’s who, this time Saudi Arabian professor, Dr. Abdullah Alabdulgader. Over the weekend, a video emerged in which the professor said, “Despite unprecedented support… [from] what we think [is] seriously increased levels of sudden cardiac death, I think anything related to the mRNA products should be reviewed critically, and in view of the cardiovascular complications of this type of vaccination; I think this type of vaccine should be suspended until it is fully investigated.”

Ian McDermott @ianmcdermottLSO

World eminent Cardiologist Prof.Abdullah Alabdulgader calls for suspension of mRNA jab because of cardiac harm concerns *President of The International Congress for Advanced Cardiac Sciences. *Founder of The Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Saudi Arabia.


9:24 AM ∙ Jan 16, 202340Likes21Retweets

Dr. Alabdulgader probably doesn’t know about the FDA’s extensive review yet. Maybe that will change his mind.

💉 You can add U.S. Senator Ron Johnson to the list of doubters. He was interviewed on highly-rated Fox and Friends this weekend.

Senator Ron Johnson @SenRonJohnson

It’s time to start facing reality. The COVID-19 vaccines were not as safe or effective as we hoped and prayed they would be. And the COVID cartel still won’t admit they were wrong.


4:41 PM ∙ Jan 14, 202320,710Likes7,564Retweets

The Senator told the Fox team that, “We all wanted these vaccines to end the pandemic, but they didn’t… and nobody will admit it. The body count is way too high… we completely mishandled this… Quite honestly, people who got the vaccine don’t want to know there may be some real issues with this.”

Senator Johnson called for “transparency and honesty,” sooner rather than later. He might as well have also called for world peace.

💉 The Ethical Skeptic queried traffic accidents (injuries and deaths) from the CDC’s global health database, and the curve looks exactly like what you would expect.

Whatever it was, atrophied driving skills or something else, it’s starting to look a lot like Mario Cart out there. Keep your eyes on the road.

🔥 The World Economic Forum kicks off its swanky annual meeting today in Davos, Switzerland, where private-plane loads of taxpayer-funded politicians gobble up crudités and mediocre champagne while talking nonsense about how vexing individual rights can be. Normally I don’t bother running stories about Clown Schwab, sorry, I mean Klaus, of course, easy mistake to make, anyone could do it.

Anyway, this appeared in my feed and caught my eye for some reason:

A health issue? Klaus? Maybe he’s getting his liver replaced in China, or maybe he just had a bad reaction from eating ze under-fried bugs. Still, it makes you wonder.

Not only that, but little Georgie Soros can’t make it to Davos at all, because his secretary scribbled the gala meeting on the wrong page of his appointment book or something:

George Soros @georgesoros

Due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict, regrettably I cannot attend the @wef Annual Meeting in Davos this year as I have in past years. I plan to deliver a speech in Munich on the eve of the @MunSecConf. Details to come.6:45 PM ∙ Jan 10, 2023449Likes144Retweets

Fortunately, bon vivants Bill Gates and FBI director Chris Wray will be there to rub their pillowy parts with CEOs from Pfizer, Blackrock, and Amazon.

Obviously, the WEF is an equal-opportunity employer. Sort of. I present this next item without comment, except what do you expect other than tall, blonde hostesses at a binge organized by a German wannabe-dictator?

Now don’t start. That’s an extremely diverse staff. It includes a whole 8-year age span, only one gender, true, but with a LOT of feelings, and lots of heights apart from short girls.

💉 The truth continued seeping out this weekend as UK’s Sky News ran a segment on all the recent mysterious, baffling excess deaths. Sky announced there have been over 30,000 excess deaths in England and Wales over the last six months.

James Melville @JamesMelville

UK excess deaths are off the scale. Over a thousand more people are dying every week than expected. The vast majority are non Covid deaths. Sky News: “We don’t know what is driving those excess deaths.”


6:18 AM ∙ Jan 15, 20237,708Likes2,991Retweets

The announcer speculated that maybe long waiting times in the UK’s socialized medical system were the culprit. Maybe. But remember, like they always tell us: correlation does not equal causation. Maybe some OTHER, third thing is causing BOTH long waiting times AND excess deaths.

You never know. Baffling.

💉 Independent mouse researcher and Team Reality member Jikkyleaks was digging around in Australian VAERS and says there have been ZERO death reports linked to the special batches of the Pfizer jab that were reserved for its employees.

Jikkyleaks 🐭 @Jikkyleaks

Do you know what else is not in the death batch log? Any of the 7 batches reserved for Pfizer employees. No, I’m not kidding: FF0884 FA4598 FE3064 FA7338 FA7812 FC8736 FC3558 tga.gov.au/batch-release-…


5:28 AM ∙ Dec 27, 2022


Why did Pfizer employees even NEED their own batches? That’s not suspicious, at all. Back in pre-pandemia, you might have thought that SOME media platform would have asked some questions about it. Pharma is getting its marketing dollars worth.

🔥 You have to hand it to Kevin McCarthy. Right on the heels of torturing corporate media reporters by saying he was considering releasing the full, unedited January 6th security videos, the Hill ran a story Friday headlined, “McCarthy Says He Will Look at Expunging Trump Impeachment.”

Hahaha! Hearing this, lefty reporters were writhing like electric mixers.

According to the Hill, the new Speaker said on Thursday that he would consider expunging one or even both of President Trump’s impeachments. Responding to a reporter’s question, before listing several other key priorities for House Republicans, McCarthy explained, “I would understand why members would want to bring that forward, and we’d look at it.”

Neither of the democrats’ two Trump impeachments succeeded, since they both failed to get the two-thirds majority in the Senate needed for removal. Still, democrats think Trump’s double-impeachment was their greatest accomplishment since the New Deal, even better than Genderbread coloring books for kindergartners, if you can believe that.

It would be a bitter dose of mRNA for the democrats if Trump’s impeachments were expunged. You’d almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

🔥 Finally, to help fire up your morning, if this doesn’t do it then you’ll need another dose of caffeine.

If Too Many Zooz can do that at 3:30 am, imagine what you can do today when you’re fully caffeinated.

Have a terrific Monday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for lots more.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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