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☕️ EXCESSIVE ☙ Wednesday, January 18, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it’s Wednesday! Today’s roundup: Governor DeSantis makes a major announcement; a pandemic of baffling excess deaths breaks out all over the West and governments can’t obfuscate for much longer; SADS medical association death; FDA’s vaccine advisors complain about being duped; update on Lisa Marie Presley’s last song; Davos wants a diversity of professionals; and an exciting science project that will give you hope for humanity, or a headache. It depends.


Yesterday, Governor DeSantis announced a package of proposed legislation captioned, “Permanent Protections Against the COVID-19 Biomedical Security State.”

Most of the existing Florida laws related to individual rights against the various covid mandates were set to expire this year. Back in 2021, nobody — except a few of us conspiracy theorists — believed we would still be dealing with mask mandates two years later. But here we are.

In fact, local mega-hospital chain and University of Florida-affiliate Shands Healthcare just reimposed a network-wide mask mandate, as a “private employer.”

According to the Governor, Florida intends, not just to extend the laws, but to make the existing protections permanent, and add some new ones.

Here is the flyer for the Governor’s new legislative package:

Under the new laws, employers may not discriminate against employees based on their jab status, nor can masks be required outside industrial settings where necessary to protect employees apart from covid. In his announcement, Governor DeSantis called mask mandates “insane and irrational.” That shows you how far we’ve come.

The new package of laws will also provide the strongest speech protections for doctors in America — the opposite of California, which was roundly mocked during the press event. At one point, DeSantis emphasized “they were wrong about lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, mRNA shots, and passports.”

What else is there?

Amusingly, I don’t think the Governor used the “v” word a single time, preferring instead “shots,” “jabs,” and “injections.” When Surgeon General Joe Ladapo spoke, he stressed that, despite what many public health official have claimed, mRNA is a brand new technology. Giving it to kids “is the land of crazy, and Florida is the land of sanity,” Ladapo said. “We’re going to keep it that way.”

I’m sure you’ll be gratified to hear that Governor DeSantis agrees with us (and the facts), and repeatedly noted that people are MORE likely to get infected WITH the new bivalent booster than without it:

Florida’s Voice @FLVoiceNews

Ron DeSantis says “almost every study” found those who receive the booster are “more likely” to get infected with COVID-19 “I don’t even think China imposes [travel vaccine mandate] anymore!”


7:36 PM ∙ Jan 17, 2023264Likes66Retweets

I guess that’s another thing they were wrong about. Here’s a link to the entire event (45 minutes). Or, you can just wait for my review of the proposed bill package, after it’s been filed.

Ron DeSantis @GovRonDeSantis

Permanent Protections Against the COVID-19 Biomedical Security State https://t.co/IRVCDsFGM17:18 PM ∙ Jan 17, 20232,265Likes484Retweets

🔥 The drumbeat on the excess deaths problem is becoming deafening. On Monday, former Blackrock executive Ed Dowd told Steve Bannon that insiders say a “narrative shift” on sudden deaths is coming from the White House:

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 @VigilantFox

Narrative Collapsing, Unexplained Deaths: A Shift in the Story Is Coming Soon – @DowdEdward “One of my sources in the government told me that … the White House is potentially preparing to declare an epidemic of sudden death and that they might blame long COVID …”


10:41 PM ∙ Jan 16, 20234,331Likes2,491Retweets

Dowd said the disability data and the spike in deaths in working-age Americans (read: subject to mandates) is getting too big to hide, and White House staff is currently debating announcing an “epidemic” of sudden death, blaming, wait for it, long covid and the horrors of climate change. That’s not a joke.

I don’t know if it’s true, and I don’t usually run rumors, but Ed’s claim nicely tees up the phenomenon coalescing since New Year’s.

The Wall Street Journal dipped a timid toe into the excess deaths whirlpool last week, running an op-ed headlined, “How Deadly Were the Covid Lockdowns?” The sub-headline further explained “For Americans under 45, there were more excess deaths without the virus in 2020-21 than with it.”

Without mentioning the most obvious suspect — the one new thing that 70%+ of Americans have in common — the authors expressed concern over the rising rates of U.S. deaths over the baseline through 2022 — not just higher this year than in 2020-21, but MUCH higher, and which keep on floating upwards. Most alarmingly, and consistent with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s goofy notice that for some reason there are fewer employees competing for jobs, deaths are highest among working-age Americans (18-44):

The CDC data show the rate of non-Covid excess deaths in the first half of 2022 was even higher than 2020 or 2021. These deaths therefore likely already exceed 250,000, disproportionately among young adults. We are witnessing multiple healthcare emergencies, but resources and attention are still directed toward Covid. Non-Covid excess deaths have shown no signs of diminishing, at least through mid-2022.

Multiple healthcare emergencies. And nobody is looking into it.

It’s pin the blame on the covid donkey! At least they’re starting to pin the blame on the jackass experts where it undoubtedly belongs:

No time is too soon to acknowledge and begin to alleviate the collateral damage from Covid policies.

Well. “Now” is too soon, apparently. Not surprisingly, the highest cohort of excess deaths — even with the CDC constantly fiddling with its figures and “upgrading” the software — was due to strokes and heart attacks (i.e., AT HOME), as reported in the authors’ linked study:

Hypertension and heart disease deaths combined were elevated 32,000. Some of these appear to be heart attacks suffered at home without visiting a hospital. Diabetes or obesity, drug poisoning, and alcohol-induced causes were each elevated 12,000 to 15,000 above previous (upward) trends. Homicide and motor-vehicle fatalities combined were elevated almost 10 000.

I believe that a threshold case for negligent homicide could now be brought against public health officials at all levels of government.

It’s not just here in the States. Germany recently shattered its previous December, 2020 record for excess deaths — in December 2022, two years into its brilliant, mandate-driven mass vaccination program:

Three days ago, the Spectator ran an exposé written by “Charlie Walsham,” the pseudonym of a BBC whistleblower who claimed the Beeb is whitewashing excess deaths to protect guilty government-affiliated media actors. The January 15th article was headlined “The Problem With The BBC’s Reporting On Excess Deaths.”

Walsham wrote:

Provisional figures released this week reveal that more than 650,000 deaths were registered in the UK in 2022 – 9 per cent more than 2019. This is one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 50 years. But despite many of the causes of this being obvious, the BBC is pretending the development has come as something of a shock.

The BBC is now using the perverse, meaningless euphemism “pandemic hangover” to help disguise the expert-baffling causes of all the brand-new, sudden and unexpected mortality. As in the U.S. and Germany, the excess deaths trend in Britain does not appear to be slowing, but rather picking up speed:

The ‘most worrying’ statistic, he said, related to the previous two weeks – with deaths running at 20 per cent higher than usual, a trend he warned that could ‘keep on running throughout January and February’. The news anchor weighed in, saying there were ‘very big questions for the government and for NHS’ to answer.

The BBC described the UK’s excess deaths as “the worst in 50 years:”

In a recent six-minute monologue, at one point mentioning Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, GB News’ Neil Oliver asked some very pointed questions about the UK’s excess deaths:

Citizen Free Press @CitizenFreePres

Neil Oliver: “Excess deaths are rising around us.”


4:54 PM ∙ Jan 15, 2023225Likes104Retweets

At this point, the now-undeniable excess deaths are mainstream news in Great Britain. So far, U.S. corporate media has managed to surround the burgeoning problem with a dense fog of aerosolized cow manure.

Europe as a whole is getting shellacked. As of January 14th, official data aggregator Euromomo showed 2022 excess deaths rivaling those for 2020 — the year with the deadliest covid variant and without vaccines or any officially-approved treatments other than a kidney-destroying remdesivir injection and the vent:

Highly-jabbed Japan is also experiencing off-the-charts excess deaths:

Bernie’s Tweets @BernieSpofforth

JAPAN – Top doctors now challenging the Health Authorities to investigate damage done & excess deaths. He’s a bit pissed off. Good.


9:17 AM ∙ Jan 8, 20236,679Likes3,039Retweets

Down Under, ministers are arguing about the 25,000 excess deaths in 2022 compared to a third that number — 8,706 — in 2021. There have also been 140,000 injuries reported — excluding un-reported injuries — which is more than all other vaccine injuries added together since the Australians started tracking them in 1974.

On December 9th, News Punch ran a story headlined “Australian Gov’t Baffled As Vaccinated People Keep Dying at ‘Incredibly High Pace’.” The article quoted Karen Cutter, spokeswoman for the Australia Actuaries Institute’s Covid-19 Mortality Working Group, who explained the country’s +13% excess mortality was an “incredibly high number for mortality,” and it was “not clear” what was driving the increase.

Cutter explained:

“Mortality doesn’t normally vary by more than 1 to 2%, so 13% is way higher than normal levels,” she said. “I’m not aware [of anything comparable] in the recent past but I haven’t gone back and looked [historically]. They talk about the flu season of 2017 being really bad, and the mortality there was 1% higher than normal. So it’s well outside the range of normal.”

Cutter doesn’t think the shots are to blame, but agrees they should be on the table. “There is zero evidence that vaccines are causing these deaths as far as I’m concerned,” she said. “But I cannot prove it.”

💉 But some countries are not experiencing excess mortality. South Africa — which largely rejected the shots — has had no real excess deaths since mid 2021:

In fact, Africa’s excess deaths are currently at a record LOW — the opposite of the highly-jabbed countries.

🔥 Whenever the jabs are mentioned in the same paragraph as excess deaths, pro-vaxxers hysterically complain and, as Steve Kirsch noted in his recent Substack, maniacally refuse to debate. As I see it, this is the most damning evidence against the shots. Anyone whose argument is “na na na na I can’t hear you” is not a serious person. And there are a lot of unserious people around these days, some of them with too much authority.

Since the pro-vaxx crowd is terrified of dying, especially from mysterious causes lurking around corners waiting to pounce, it beggars one’s imagination to detect any rational explanation for their planet-sized disinterest in getting to the bottom of excess mortality. Aren’t they worried that they could be next?

It’s even baffling why they would want to protect the shots. What do they care? It’s not their job. They don’t have a stake in pharma profits.

But it IS the CDC’s job. Why isn’t the excess mortality in the U.S. the CDC’s current highest priority? Why hasn’t the entire federal bureaucracy been mobilized to figure out why people are keeling over in record numbers? Where are the death-counting Chyrons and the weeping anchors? Where are all the politicians reading off the names of the dead? The endless stories and op-eds? The vast lake of expert opinions? The angry questions shouted at the White House press secretary?

Why did Fauci retire in the teeth of such a massive, baffling public health emergency?

I am open to ideas. So far I only have one theory, and it’s a good one.

💉 Finally, and I hate to bring this up, but if the vaccines “worked” AT ALL, even accepting the tardy claims that they magically protect folks from hospitalization and death, shouldn’t we be seeing plunging covid death rates in highly vaxxed countries? But that’s NOT what we’re seeing. Not at all.

Physicians for Informed Consent @picphysicians

CDC data show mass vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine has had no measurable impact on the COVID-19 mortality rate in the U.S. Read the #picphysicians #COVID19 #vaccinemandates 21 Scientific Facts That Challenge the Assumptions: physiciansforinformedconsent.org/covid-19-vacci…


8:46 PM ∙ Dec 4, 2022


And how will they finally explain the ‘pandemic of the vaccinated?’

💉 Speaking of excess deaths, they are off the charts among Canadian doctors. Another one died suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of November: Sean Grondin, 56, the most recent president of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. No further information is available about the cause of his “sudden” death.

The STS was an early and active vaccine promoter.

💉Last week, CNN ran a surprising story headlined, “FDA Vaccine Advisers ‘Disappointed’ And ‘Angry’ That Early Data About New Covid-19 Booster Shot Wasn’t Presented For Review Last Year.”

The gist was that the FDA’s Vaccine Committee did not receive available information about actual infections between people who’d had the original booster and people who took the new bivalent booster shot. It found that 1.9% of the study participants who got the original booster later became infected, compared to those who got the updated bivalent vaccine who were infected at a HIGHER rate, 3.2%

Some of the Committee members felt that information might have been helpful. They would not say they’d have voted differently, but who knows? The issue was that they weren’t they provided with that information before they voted.

Vaccine Advisory Committee member Dr. Paul Offit was not pleased. He explained, “I was angry to find out that there was data that was relevant to our decision that we didn’t get to see. Decisions that are made for the public have to be made based on all available information – not just some information, but all information.”

He continued, “This was not acceptable. I understand we’re in the middle of a pandemic. I understand we’re building the plane while it’s still in the air, but you can’t do this. It did shake my faith. It shook my faith in how these decisions were being made.”

The advisers meet next on January 26th, to discuss future plans for covid jabs.

🔥 Yesterday, the Daily Mail UK shed a little more insight into Lisa Marie Presley’s untimely death last week in an article headlined, “Lisa Marie Presley’s 14-Year-Old Twin Daughters Won’t Return to $4M LA Home Where She Died From Cardiac Arrest Because ‘They’re Too Traumatized’.”

So, she died AT HOME. Suddenly.

The teenaged twins, Harper and Finley, have been staying with their grandmother Priscilla Presley. The article mentioned their father — divorced from Lisa Marie last year and remarried in October — has been “on hand.”

🔥 It’s not just politicians and billionaires gathered in Davos this week for the WEF’s annual meeting. The Daily Mail UK ran a titillating story yesterday headlined, “Tricks Of The Trade: $2,500-A-Night Prostitute Reveals How Business Rockets At This Week’s Davos Summit – And Why She Wears Business Clothes To Blend In And Never Gossips About Elite Clients.”

According to the “professionals” interviewed by the Mail’s diligent reporter, going rates for “consultations” during the gala political event are $760 per hour, or $2,500 per night at a bulk discount.

Between appointments, the 600 CEO’s and 50 heads of state allegedly attended sessions yesterday on issues including gender parity, the return of manufacturing, the green transition, efforts to end tuberculosis, and the intersection of food, water and energy, whatever that is, some sessions featuring actor Idris Elba.

An ACTOR. Of course. What else?

🔥 I don’t know quite what to say about this final clip, except that I’m glad to live in a world where someone conceived of and executed this critically-important project. For science.

Weird and Terrifying @weirdterrifying

Man attempts to paraglide with couch


5:17 PM ∙ Jan 16, 2023197,379Likes30,025Retweets

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll see you tomorrow for another dose.

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Published with author’s permission.

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