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☕️ ECLIPSING ☙ Monday, February 5, 2024 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, and a Happy Monday to you! This morning’s roundup includes: frenzied speculation ensues over Tucker’s Moscow trip; DA Bragg’s two-tiered anti-cop justice system continues causing controversy and eclipsing actual justice; judge dismisses Alvin Bragg case against two fake vaxx card buyers; Paul Pelosi Jr. skates on more federal charges, since he’s assigned to the top deck of the justice system; Canada pulls the plug on assisted suicide expansion; and eyes on the upcoming solar eclipse, which promises to be a memorable one.


🔥 Following cascades of weekend rumors — and appalling liberal meltdowns — over Tucker’s mysterious trip, previously only rumored but now confirmed to be to Moscow, where the hated enemy of Ukraine dwells and takes up space, Russia Today ran this beguiling headline last evening:


In other words, we still don’t know anything.

The article quoted a fan’s impromptu cell recording of the former Fox reporter in his Moscow hotel who, after being asked if he planned to interview the Russian president, pressed his lips together and said only, “We’ll see.” Tucker, who seemed either like he had a cold, or else was a trifle jittery to talk about the Russian president in public, like he was wondering if maybe he was being recorded by the KGB, also remarked he’d come visiting to see for himself how the Russians were doing under sanctions, and said they seem to be doing well.

The fascinating clip is a little hard to make out and, like the rest of the civilized world, I’m eager to hear more. If they didn’t arrange this little candid interview on purpose as a marketing gimmick to fire up enthusiasm for the show, they should have. I guess we’ll just have to wait for whatever comes out.

If he ain’t interviewing Putin, it’s going to be very anticlimactic.

image 3.png

Reactions back at home have been mixed, with some — like fake conservative and neocon Bill Kristol, who wants Tucker’s passport revoked — comparing Tucker’s trip to Jane Fonda’s infamous visit to Hanoi in 1972.

image 2.png

What do you think? Is that a fair comparison? I’m not too sure. For one thing, Tucker is a journalist, not an actress, and journalists often interview enemy foreign leaders. Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters, and Christiane Amanpour spring to mind.

You’d think Bill Kristol, who styles himself a journalist, would understand that key distinction. Oh well.

But, even if it is fair to make the Tucker-Fonda comparison, then I guess democrats have nothing to complain about, since they found Fonda’s trip entertaining and elucidating. Even among democrats though, opinions vary. At least one democrat, dare I say liberal, Robert Kennedy, Jr., not only supports Tucker’s right as a journalist to report from wherever he feels it necessary, but went so far as to suggest the extra transparency of hearing directly from Putin instead of just from invisible military propagandists might even be a good thing.

image 4.png

Of all the domestic coverage, I thought Newsweek’s headline said it best:

image 6.png

Such as it is, the “Tucker goes to Moscow” story is light on any actual news. As far as we know, Tucker could just be taking a little well-deserved holiday in the former Soviet Republic. I hear the cold plunge into the Volga river is a popular excursion this time of year.

All the frenzied speculation is a byproduct of the actual news, which is also good news, and which means we’ve finally reached the point where it was possible for Tucker to go to Moscow.

(No, really, it’s a thing. See:)

image 7.png

🔥 Stout New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the same corpulent crime-fighter prosecuting President Trump, was also the same plump DA who released the border-jumpers without bail last week. Bragg, battered by criticism is, pillow-like, absorbing the body blows, defending his decision to release the renegade border-jumpers, and is bum-rushing a grand jury to indict the same scofflaws who beat down two cops in Times Square recently on camera and were arrested but immediately released to go about their affairs.

It’s almost like they don’t want to know who these people are. For some reason.

In any case, the well-rounded, Soros-supported district attorney’s “no bail” policy will soon be put to the test when the indictments inevitably come through. Then we’ll all see whether the young men — who have no valid i.d. and are deliberately not tracked as “sanctuary policy” (so as not to put the criminals in any danger of ICE deportation) — we’ll see whether Alvin will be able to find any of them to re-arrest once he gets the indictments.

To help avoid confusion, I made this helpful infographic, so you would know where you stand in the two-tiered criminal justice system these days. You are down on the second tier, which is kind of like being assigned to deck one on the cruise ship. You might even be below the second tier, somewhere underneath the Constitutional waterline:

image 5.png

After I made that dandy illustration, I ran across this recent New York Post headline, so obviously we are all getting on the same wavelength:

image 8.png

It was actually a good news story, since last week the judge body-slammed tubby DA Bragg by dismissing all charges against a pair of New Yorkers who bought fake vaccine cards during the pandemic. Bragg had charged them — and fourteen other people — with felony possession of a forged instrument. Bragg wanted years in jail.

But in his written opinion last Tuesday, the judge dismissed all charges against the vaxx card buyers, and shoved it right back in Bragg’s fat face. According to the Post and the order, the judge found the charges constituted and injustice:

Bragg’s office “routinely — nearly daily — move[s] to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments” to avoid harsher penalties for previously convicted felons or to avoid jeopardizing people’s immigration status, the judge wrote in an opinion issued Tuesday.
…“The Court agrees with the arguments submitted by (defendants) J.O. and R.V. This Court believes that the public will be relieved to know that our judiciary carefully considers the arguments of the parties that come before the court and that the courts will dismiss charges when they constitute an injustice.”

In a bizarre twist, the fake vaccine cards were sold by “adult performer” Jasmine Clifford, who wasn’t trying too hard to hide it either, since she went by her Instagram handle “AntiVaxx Momma.” Here’s one of her tamer pictures:

image 9.png

According to the DA’s office, who arrested and charged her with all sorts of stuff back in 2021, Jasmine sold a total of 250 vaccine cards for $200 each. Which just goes to show you how unpopular the shots are, that even though they were free, people were willing to pay $200, associate with sketchy folks, and risk arrest to avoid the jab.

Unlike the buyers, the judge did not dismiss Jasmine’s charges, but he did have some spicy words, again calling out Alvin Bragg by name, about overcharging the offense, even sprinkling in the word “ludicrous”:

As to (Jasmine) Clifford, the Court finds the recommendation of 2 to 4 years of incarceration to be wholly inconsistent with the plea offers submitted to this Court by District Attorney Bragg’s office within the past year. Indeed, it is common practice for this District Attorney’s office to offer a plea to a lesser included charge of an indictment to avoid the “legislature’s intended sentence” and/or to avoid immigration consequences of a plea. For the People to now rely on People v. Reyes, 174 A.D2d 87 (1st Dept. 1992) for the position that “confidence in the criminal justice system ‘can only be undermined when justice is administered in less than an even-handed fashion'” is quite simply, ludicrous. Notwithstanding the People’s contradictory position in this case, the People have the right to make any lawful plea or recommendation, and the legislature’s mandate enjoins this Court from making an offer less than the statutory minimum, which the defense has conceded is 2 to 4 years of incarceration.

The bottom line from this story is that the judge gave us another example of what I’ve been long claiming would eventually happen: judges aren’t dummies, and they are finally starting to catch on. They usually defer to government and big corporate lawyers far longer than they probably should, but after they realize they’ve been lied to, judges will start dropping the hammer.

To give you something to compare it to, the last time something like this happened was in 2010 or 2011, when judges finally woke up to the fact the bank officials were faking people’s signatures on lost loan documents, hoovering up federal aid bucks while sticking it to borrowers, and were outright lying in affidavits. When all that started becoming obvious, the judges started getting muley and picky and not taking bank attorneys’ word for anything, and as a result people got to live in houses under foreclosure for a couple extra years.

I think we’ve finally reached that point in the post-pandemic — and also perhaps in Alvin Bragg’s DA career. The judges are getting cranky. They’re getting tired of hearing all this organic fertilizer.

🔥 In more appalling news from the two-tiered justice department, the UK Daily Mail ran an eye-watering story last week headlined, “Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi, Jr. dodges federal charges for the SEVENTH time after being linked to money laundering and mail fraud scheme involving San Fransisco flop house.

image 12.png

Even more insulting than the fact Pelosi, 55, wasn’t charged, was that he had two co-conspirators in the same deal who were charged. Pelosi’s co-conspirators, apparently, do not enjoy first-tier treatment and became defendants, unlike Pelosi, whose real name was omitted from the government papers altogether and he was referred to in the papers by a polite acronymized alias to protect his privacy.

Those are only some of the benefits of tier one. Maybe if you work hard enough, someday you too can enjoys tier one rewards.

Among other things, the Daily Mail reported that documents proved Pelosi paid bribes to San Fransisco officials for building permits. Not only that, but Pelosi owned a fifth of a fraudulent building with the co-conspirators, who were charged with bilking investors of millions. Finally, Pelosi was sued individually by at least one of the defrauded investors, who alleged he masterminded the deal. But federal prosecutors weren’t interested.

The Daily Mail noted this is the seventh federal case linked to the junior Pelosi, with no charges ever filed against him in any of them. Maybe he’s got nine lives.

image 13.png

Paul Pelosi, Jr., provided a five-star rating for the service on “tier one”, and he recommends it, as do New York’s illegal border-jumpers. Alas, too bad for you! Enjoy your “tier two” accommodations, such as they are, and don’t ask for extra peanuts.

🔥 Canadians received some much needed good news two days ago, when the New York Post ran a story headlined, “Canada halts controversial assisted suicide program for mentally ill due to lack of doctors willing to participate.

image 11.png

Canada shocked the world last year when its parliament passed an expansion of its already-liberal and Orwellian assisted suicide law (euphemistically called “MAiD”), extending government-sponsored killing to people with “grievous and irremediable” mental health problems like depression.

Depressed people was the original reason most folks opposed assisted suicide. For some reason, there’s a thought that people who are down in the dumps might be more and unfairly susceptible to government marketing schemes. But Trudeau’s government now agrees with depressed people: there’s no use in going on.

Maybe the whole Canadian government is depressed. There’s a program for that now.

Anyway, the newly-expanded program was supposed to take effect this year on March 17th, but apparently the Canadian government ran into a depressing snag: too few doctors — specifically, too few psychiatrists — were signing up for the financially-lucrative program.

The launch has been indefinitely postponed. They pulled the plug on it. Canadians, you just got a gift: some more time to get the government-sponsored death train off the tracks. So get busy. And stay happy! If they notice you are getting too depressed about their death maids, you never know what could happen next. It’s a vicious circle.

🔥 Alvin Bragg’s ample girth might be blocking out the light of justice, and Paul Pelosi might be blocking your access to the tier one area, but soon the Moon will block out the Sun in a marvelous allegory for society’s eclipse of common sense.

Don’t miss it. It will be twenty years until there’s another total solar eclipse like the one coming on April 8th, according to a Newsweek article yesterday headlined “Last total solar eclipse for decades expected to be even more jaw-dropping.

image 10.png

April’s eclipse will be even more memorable and unique because it coincides with a solar maximum, which is also underway this year. I’m not sure exactly what will be different owing to the Sun’s extra-lively activity, but there you go.

The good thing about eclipses is they pass quickly. May the eclipse of another moonlike object, Alvin Bragg — and everything he represents — pass just as quickly and take just as long to come back round.

Have a magnificent Monday! Be happy and sunny and not at all eclipse-like, and orbit your way back around tomorrow morning for another superior and reliable roundup.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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