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☕️ DOXXERS ☙ Friday, October 20, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Friday! Your great big roundup today includes:  Biden’s big national address and fundraiser; Twitter kicks the New York Times to the curb; New York Times “accidentally” doxxes the entire Israeli army; Biden “accidentally” doxxes deployed special forces members; worldwide caution for American travelers; UK Times op-ed argues self-defense standard for Israel;  Newsom goes to Israel; SADS motocross star; SADS actress; SADS beauty queen; SADS music legend; SADS top Hollywood producer; and … I don’t know how to describe this one. You’ll have to see it for yourself.


🚀 Last evening, Joe Biden delivered his second national address since rolling into the White House. At times whispering, at times quietly shouting, gritting his teeth, squinting, clearing his throat every six words, and pointing straight at Hell, Joe Biden shot for “steely resolve,” which unfortunately came out looking more like a man anticipating a difficult bout of constipation:


In a few long words, veins popping out on his forehead and his face shining like a Klieg light, Joe said Americans are losing focus, and after everything he’s done for us. He said we need to stop forgetting about his family’s investments in Ukraine, which are suffering because Putin. And — oh yeah — also Israel, which is suffering just like Ukraine. In fact, in a way, Putin made Hamas attack Israel, because Putin is getting away with his Ukraine invasion right now. Plus, blue cities — blue cities! — are also suffering, just like the jews, who are suffering just like the Ukrainians, but the cities are suffering from the U.S.’s border problem, which is also just like Ukraine, and is also Putin’s fault. So, the bottom line is: let’s all print a lot more money and then send most of it to Ukraine!

Here’s the transcript:

Good evening, my fellow, uh, Americans. We have to talk about, ah, an important inflection point in this graph right here. Wait, where … okay never mind about the graph. As you may know, the nation’s longest friend and most important ally, Israel, was attacked by … uh … those people. The evil! The jews are suffering. But someone else is suffering too.
You know who I talked to right before I came on tonight? Me neither. But before that, I spoke to, uh, president Zelensky of Ukraine. He said they were hanging on and punching the Russians in the nose, and good too, but unless they get some help soon, uh, the thing is, you know, the thing.
It reminds me of the time when I was fighting in the Korean War. My entire platoon was dead. It was just down to me. And on the other side was fifty thousand uh, what do you call them, fighters, anyway, it was me and them. And then I said to myself Joe, you got to get to work, and so … uh … well never mind, that will take too long.
My administration has come up with a very conservative aid package that will put the Russians in their place and you can take that to the bank. We only need $100 billion dollars. For Ukraine. And for all that other stuff! It’s your duty as Americans. And as, um, that guy once said, we are the Light on the uh, on the top there, you know, the highest spot.
So for the cost of a mint chocolate ice cream cone a week, which is my favorite kind by the way, but with butterscotch syrup, that’s the best … uh … in a cup, otherwise it can get messy, believe me. Where was I? Oh. I hope the Republicans can stop opposing peace and security and being hateful and just cough up the money. Anyway, that’s it. Good night.

Okay, I took a little authorial liberty there, but you got the gist. In his actual speech, Biden broke his $100 billion proposed aid package down like this: $10 billion for Israel and $60 billion for Ukraine. Of the remaining $30 billion, some for Taiwan; some for “humanitarian aid” (Hamas); and some for “our own border security.”

Last night, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) tweeted a response video saying she’d heard that the actual bill directs the requested border money not to the border, but to big blue cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, to help accommodate even more illegals. Brilliant.

Watching Biden is a morbid kind of exercise. Biden still has that dual-chin thing going on (is the bottom of his face collapsing?), and when he talks none of the skin on his face moves. It’s either a mask or a horrifying Botox fail. Ironically, Joe Biden is several years older than both the modern State of Israel, created in 1948, and the modern state of Ukraine, which separated from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Bizarrely, Fox’s Brit Hume described Biden’s speech as “the best of his presidency.” It wasn’t, even though he faced the very low bar of having given only one other national address, and still failed. And you can tell that everybody agreed it was horrible, because two of four Israeli newspapers didn’t even mention Biden’s speech on their home pages this morning. The Wall Street Journal didn’t even run a real story about it, publishing just a handful of bullet points instead.

I could kiss every single Republican in the House for not electing a Speaker (admittedly, some more enthusiastically than others, but I digress). Because of that, Biden’s aid package can’t be jammed through before anybody gets a chance to read it. Otherwise it would probably have already passed, since right after Biden’s speech the Senate voted 97-0 on a resolution supporting Israel.

The battle for Speaker is a very fine bit of passive-aggressive political jiu jitsu. What are they supposed to do? They don’t have a Speaker yet.

I don’t know whether they planned it this way or not, but the Republicans are looking like geniuses at this point. Take your time, Republicans. Do it right.

🔥 After yesterday’s absurd New York Times reporting disaster over Hamas General Hospital, The Washington Post ran a defensive story headlined, “Elon Musk’s X removes New York Times’ verification badge.” The WaPo pretended not to know why Musk took away the New York Times ‘trusted-source’ flag.

The “verified” badge is a little symbol distinguishing the Times’ 55-million-follower account from all the impostor accounts. The Times has never paid for it. Now it has been taken away, the official Times twitter account is on the same level with scads of fake New York Times twitter accounts and parodies.

Musk did not explain the Times’ demotion or answer requests for comment. But given the timing it was obviously because the Times excreted so much fake news about Hamas Hospital, including a running a top-of-the-fold fake photo of a demolished hospital that  wasn’t even a hospital and even though the real Hamas Hospital was not, in fact, demolished.

Anyway. The Times responded childishly to its fake-news demotion by immediately running a Paul Krugman hit piece against Twitter. Krugman didn’t even mention the Times’ demotion, but come on:

image 2.png

In April, NPR became the first major news organization to stop using Twitter after Musk gloriously labeled its account as “state-affiliated media.” Musk now seems to be inviting the New York Times to also get off his platform.

I can’t say The New York Times twitter account would be missed.

🚀 The New York Times generated even more disgust over its war coverage yesterday when it “accidentally” on purpose showed Hamas terrorists exactly where all Israel’s ground invasion units were in real time:

image 3.png

Now Hamas knows exactly where to aim its rockets! Not to mention shore up its defenses. Thanks, New York Times!

Now ponder this question: somebody gave the Times that satellite imagery analysis. Who could it be? It wasn’t diligent, hardworking New York Times reporters, don’t make me laugh.

🔥 With friends like these, we don’t even need Hamas. In a similar story yesterday, Fox ran an article headlined, “Biden administration admits it doxxed US special forces soldiers in Israel, apologizes.” You’d better sit down for this one.

While Biden was in Israel, he “encouraged” U.S. special forces members with a personal visit. Our soldiers were there secretly to help retrieve over a dozen American hostages. But then Biden’s team posted the unredacted photos — which clearly showed four of the soldiers’ faces and their tattoos — on Instagram:

image 4.png

This is the redacted version. Biden posted a clear photo.

Biden deleted the photo an hour later — too late, after hundreds of thousands of views — and only after people started pointing out the terrorists will soon identify these soldiers and then target them and their families.   A White House spokesperson told Fox News, “As soon as this was brought to our attention, we immediately deleted the photo. We regret the error and any issues this may have caused.”

Biden regrets the error. Is a statement of regret an apology?

Since I’m piling on, the New York Times, which did not report the Biden doxxing story at all, not thinking it newsworthy that Biden doxxed four in-theatre, active-duty special forces soldiers. But the Grey Lady did fret about the poor pro-Hamas Harvard students being doxxed:

image 5.png

Also, two years ago, Biden “accidentally” doxxed some CIA agents:

image 6.png

Seasoned C&Cers will recall that like Biden, the U.S.’s other worst president, James “Jimmy” Carter, also faced a Middle-East hostage crisis, and also bungled the rescue attempt. It’s like Biden is trying to beat Jimmy Carter.

As Mark Twain said, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.

💣 Yesterday, The Washington Post ran a story headlined, “State Department issues ‘worldwide caution’ alert to Americans overseas.” Thanks Joe Biden! Without fanfare, midday yesterday the State Department issued an unprecedented GLOBAL travel alert, warning ALL Americans who are traveling about heightened risks.

I can’t remember anything like this ever happening before. Can anyone else?

image 8.png

Be careful out there!

🚀 The UK Times published a thoughtful “letter to the editor” yesterday, penned by two House Lords who argued as lawyers using basic legal principles of self-defense that it is an error to criticize Israel for its violence against Gaza:

image 7.png

Certainly Israel should make every reasonable effort to avoid civilian casualties, but under a self-defense standard it would not have any further obligation. I’m not arguing either way for using the common-law self-defense standard, but it seemed like an interesting place to begin the discussion.

💣 The Restrainer — whatever it is — continued holding Israel back from its Gaza ground invasion yesterday, although, as the New York Times’ not-so-helpful satellite shots showed, the invasion still appears to be on track.

💣 But do not worry, Israelis! Help is on the way. Gavin Newsom is going to Israel. To assist or give advice. Or something.

image 10.png

Now if we could just get Justin Trudeau over there, the woke masterpiece would be complete.

💉 It’s ‘Medical Emergency’ Friday. First up: Motocross star Jeff Alessi, 34, died suddenly and unexpectedly early this month leaving “a void in the world of motocross that will be hard to fill.”

image 11.png

From what I can tell, and there isn’t much to go on, Jeff — only 34 — died IN HIS SLEEP AT HOME. OxGaps News reported the cause was “a massive heart attack.” These days, famous 34-year-olds dying in their sleep at home without any prior medical issues is nothing remarkable. Media has declined to follow up on any of the initial articles because who cares.

As Hillary famously asked, at this point, what difference does it make?

Apparently nobody (not even Jeff’s family) is concerned that something besides the jabs might have given him a heart attack. Something like any other kind of medication, or mutant bedbugs, or Chinese drywall, or Hamas assassins. Nope. No curiosity. It’s just something that happens.


💉 Actress and former beauty queen, Jaquelin Carrieri, 48, died suddenly and unexpectedly two weeks ago. Media has suggested she stroked out after a routine procedure in a California plastic surgeon’s office.

image 12.png

It sounds like Jaquelin had her fatal stroke AT HOME, since the Daily Mail reported Jaquelin’s children Chloe and Julian were were right by her side when she died. It’s your guess why media would assume it was related her unidentified “plastic surgery procedure” (could just be botox) rather than assume it was the jabs, which is what I am going to do.

💉 Another beauty queen, Miss Uruguay and Miss World Candidate Sherika de Armas, 26, died this week after a two-year battle with cervical cancer.

image 13.png

Shrerika had extensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, but the cancer spread and killed her anyway. Or the treatment did. Either way.

Coincidentally, two years ago when Sherika’s cancer suddenly appeared, the Miss World competition had a vaccine mandate:

image 14.png

I’m just saying. Don’t cancel me.

💉 Tennessee theater actor Josh Massey, 44, died suddenly and unexpectedly of mysterious causes last month. He had his Pfizer jabs though.

image 15.png

Commenters reported that Josh’s “EN” and “EW” batches are considered to be “hot lots” for Pfizer jabs. It was just bad luck:

image 16.png

The good thing, though, is that Josh trusted the Science.*

(* results may vary.)

💉  One of Malawi’s biggest music stars, described as a “legend,” Thomas Chibade, 37, died suddenly yesterday in the hospital after a brief, mysterious illness.

image 17.png

Media — always respectful of people’s privacy — is reporting “rumors” Thomas died from malaria. In other words, it was a sudden and severe bacterial infection. Weird.

💉 Hollywood Producer Stephen Emery, 46, died suddenly and unexpectedly last Saturday — right after his workout. His “cause of death has yet to be shared.”

image 18.png

Steven worked as executive producer on titles like the Netflix original film Wheelman, the movie Killerman starring Liam Hemsworth, 2019’s Line of Duty, and the Liam Neeson-led film Honest Thief. He was a production executive on Gran Torino, Æon Flux, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and 21 Grams.

Now Steven’s show is over. It’s too late at this point, of course, but maybe Steven should have been more careful about the two highest risk activities these days for sudden death: working out and sleeping. It’s something for the rest of us to think about.

🔥 Finally: okay, these people need to just stop. Just. Stop. It.

image 9.png

CLIP: What the heck (1:52).

That thing strapped on her face is a muzzle. Maybe she’s a biter?

Great job, ladies. Liberalism plus feminism has resulted in you muzzling yourselves like human puppies at a leather festival and voting men in as women of the year. Congratulations.

Have a fabulous Friday! I’ll be back tomorrow with your delightful Weekend Edition C&C. Till then.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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