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☕️ DISCRETIONARY ☙ Thursday, July 20, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, and Happy Thursday! As the week rapidly draws to a close, your roundup includes: IRS whistleblower’s identity catches Congressional democrats lying again; Florida enjoys remarkable financial success, for some reason; Colorado Childrens’ Hospital halts gender surgeries; SADS double-doctor mysteries;  SADS double racing mysteries; SADS football player; SADS YouTube starlet; Russian literally blows up grain deal, along with a lot of grain; Sweden learns not to burn Korans, but Torahs are okay; strange Travis Scott pyramid story; and a funny prank video to get you moving today.


🔥 The Biden Bribery investigation moved apace yesterday with another surprising disclosure. CBS News ran an article on the story, headlined “IRS whistleblower in Hunter Biden case says he “felt handcuffed” during 5-year investigation.”

image 3.png

Not surprisingly, CBS’s headline buried the real story. For weeks, democrats have claimed that the anonymous IRS whistleblower, who has been testifying to the House Oversight Committee about how the investigation into the Bidens was thwarted and shut down, was just some random disgruntled Republican trying to score cheap political points.

Despite having been kept completely anonymous for his own protection, yesterday the whistleblower outed himself and showed the democrats lying, again. It turns out Joseph Ziegler is not a Republican opportunist. He’s a gay democrat who worked for the IRS for 13 years. He’d been investigating the Bidens since President Trump’s time in office.

“I’m a Democrat. In the last presidential election, I actually did not vote,” Ziegler told CBS. “I thought it would be irresponsible of me to do so because I didn’t want to show bias one way or the other.”

image 2.png

Ziegler has claimed he had assembled evidence of serious Biden tax felonies, and as part of his investigation uncovered the now-infamous Hunter Biden WhatsApp shakedown message, the one that stated Joe Biden was “sitting right next to ” Hunter. Ziegler said he repeatedly sought permission to get cell location data to find out whether Joe Biden was actually there or not, and was turned down every time.

One supposes that, if President Trump had been implicated, the FBI would have immediately raided his homes and confiscated his devices, not to mention getting his publicly-available cell location data, for which the government does not need a subpoena. But in Hunter and Joe’s case, the IRS buried the evidence.

If it weren’t for double standards, the democrats would have no standards at all.

I think the House Oversight Committee is playing things just right. It’s going to be nearly impossible to prove the Biden Bribery case, at least anytime before the elections. So they picked a much easier crime to prove: coverups and lopsided prosecution. The Biden DOJ can only hide behind “prosecutorial discretion” for so long.

Finally, and more curiously, why is CBS covering this story so thoroughly? Fairness? One suspects that corporate media has a strategy in mind, but what could it be? Are they trying to purge Biden?

🔥 Florida’s Voice News ran an upbeat story yesterday headlined, “DeSantis executes early payoff of $400 million in state debt.”

Imagine that. Government paying off its debt.

Yesterday, Florida announced it had just paid off another $400 million of Florida’s debt through the Debt Reduction Program, which was included in the governor’s “Framework for Freedom” budget. Florida’s state debt has now been paid down by over $5 billion since Governor DeSantis took office in 2018. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C. … well, you know.

Even better, despite paying down the debt by hundreds of millions of dollars, Florida’s 2023 budget, passed last month, provided $2.7 billion in tax relief for Floridians, and provided the most funding for education in the state’s history. Florida — one of the largest states in the country — now has the second-lowest debt per capita in America.

And Florida’s financial success was accomplished in spite of — or maybe because of — the pandemic. See, e.g., California.

🔥 Local 9News Colorado ran an unintentionally encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Children’s Hospital Colorado stops providing gender-affirming surgery.”  The article’s first sentence complained, “There’s now one fewer place for young transgender people to get certain types of care in Colorado — and the change is a win for people who want to threaten them.”

The hospital suggested people look elsewhere for their childhood body mutilation. “We are focusing on delivering emotional and medical care to our pediatric patients and their families,” hospital spokesperson Rachael Fowler said. “There are many hospitals in the region where adult patients can receive gender-affirming surgical care.”

Neither 9News’ reporter nor trans activists were pleased. It’s not clear from the outraged article whether Children’s Hospital had ever actually performed any gender surgeries on minors, but it’s super clear that trans activists were madder than a mother with a burned casserole. “The precedent that they’re setting is dangerous,” warned Ruby Lopez, an advocate with OutBoulder. “My fear is that other hospitals are also going to follow suit.” 

One can only hope. And surprisingly, in Colorado. It’s progress.

💉 This SADS story is a little different. Florida oncologist and marathon runner Dr. Cynthia Boyer, 59, died suddenly and mysteriously in Louisiana on May 19th.  No cause of death was released.

image 4.png

Oddly, Cynthia’s husband, Louisiana radiologist and marathon runner Dr. Dwayne Anderson, 64, also died suddenly and mysteriously two months earlier on February 17th “after a brief illness.”

image 5.png

As with his wife’s untimely passing, no other cause of death was released for Dwayne. For no particular reason, one wonders whether the two married healthcare workers got their jabs at the same time. As always, prayers for their family.

💉 Road and Track ran a curious story this week headlined, “Two Dead After Incident at SCCA ProSolo Autocross in Washington.”

image 6.png

SCCA members Amber Dawn Jorgensen, 50, and Des Toups, 61, were both killed when their car unexpectedly kept racing past the finish line, struck a person, and crashed into a building. The car never even slowed down. They don’t know whether it was Jorgensen or Toups driving the vehicle at the time.

Two days earlier, Road and Track ran a similar story headlined, “Co-Driver Erin Kelly Killed in New England Forest Rally Crash.”  Experienced driver Erin Kelly, 48,  Friday in the New England Forest Rally. There were no details provided about the mysterious accident except that she was pronounced dead at the scene.

image 7.png

I imagine that racers experience a lot of adrenaline while driving at high speeds and around obstacles.

💉 Another young athlete died suddenly. Fox Sports ran an article Tuesday headlined, “Former Iowa Hawkeyes offensive lineman Cody Ince dead at 23.”

image 8.png

Former Iowa offensive lineman Cody Ince, 23, mysteriously, suddenly, and “unexpectedly” died over the weekend at home in Wisconsin. Never even made it to the hospital.

Cody is survived by his fiancée, Olivia Tucker.

No further details about the sudden and unexpected death of a young athlete were released, because what difference does that make? Why would anyone be interested in the reason a healthy young person suddenly drops dead?

💉 Atlanta YouTube star Annabelle Ham, 22, died last week after a sudden, unexpected, and mysterious ‘epileptic event’ after attending a bachelorette party in Fairhope, Alabama.

image 9.png

No official cause of death has been released. Initially, following speculation about Annabelle’s death, her family asked for privacy. “Please don’t post or spread speculation or details that are unfounded. There will be a time to share more details and to go deeper into her life,” they wrote on Instagram.

Shortly afterwards, for some unexplained reason, they changed their mind and posted a followup stating that Annabelle died from an “epileptic event.”

An “epileptic event” could also be described as a seizure.

If you dig a little more, you find earlier reports that Anabelle’s body was recovered by local law enforcement — from the water. The Baldwin County coroner’s report stated the YouTube sensation was reported missing by her sister just hours before her body was discovered in the waters of Mobile Bay – a few miles from the pier where she was last seen.

While the coroner did not identify an official cause of death, the report said there was no evidence of foul play. According to the family’s wishes, I will not spread speculation or any unfounded details.

Another bright light, taken too soon.

🚀 Following Ukraine’s terrorist attack on its Kerch Bridge this weekend, Russia attacked several port cities in Odessa yesterday, reportedly destroying 60,000 tons of grain in the process.

image 10.png

The attacks follow Russia’s decision to withdrawal from a “safe passage” agreement that had allowed grain transportation for the last year. In other words, Russia literally blew up the grain deal. Ba-da-bump.

On Tuesday — one day after the deal ended — Bloomberg ran a bleak story headlined, “Ukraine Plea to Keep Grain Moving Clashes With Shippers’ Reality.”

Bloomberg reported that Ukraine asked the U.S. to escort its grain ships safely through the Black Sea, and the U.S. refused, saying shipping escorts are “not an option.” The financial paper expressed doubts that grain shipments can continue without an agreement with Russia. Of course, Zelenskyy blamed the pending food shortages on “Russian aggression,” which for some reason reminded me a recent encounter I had with an elderly North Carolina gentleman, who politely referred to the U.S. Civil War as “the War of Northern Aggression.”

I suppose we can’t expect the former comedian to fess up to his idiotic decision to bomb the Crimean bridge the day before Russia was due to agree to a new grain deal. He couldn’t wait a few more days till a new “safe passage” deal had been inked? Dummy. One thing is a constant in this Proxy War: it’s always Russia’s fault. Whatever “it” is.

🚀 How it started: Last week, the government of Sweden approved a permit for an activist to burn a copy of the Koran as part of a scheduled demonstration near the Turkish embassy.

How it ended: that Koran-burning permit cost them an embassy:

image 11.png

Around the same time, Sweden also approved a permit for a different protestor to burn a Torah before the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. Oddly, there’s been no word of any Jewish protestors burning Sweden’s embassy in Jerusalem. Weird.

🔥 I’m not sure what this next story about U.S rap artist Travis Scott’s cancelled Egyptian tour is all about, but it strangely interfaces with our normal C&C coverage topics in two places. Here’s the headline, from I24 News: “Egypt cancels Travis Scott pyramid concert claiming he is a ‘Freemason’.” The sub-headline provided more detail: “Egyptian authorities prevented the American rap sensation from performing near the Giza pyramids because he ‘performs Satanic rites during his shows’.”

Well, at least the Egyptians care.

It’s a bizarre story all by itself, but the rap artist had also recently appeared here in C&C, due to his 2021 Astroworld performance. The show rapidly became a mass casualty event with at least 8 people dead plus an unknown number of cardiac arrests and other medical incidents — the first of several recent, mysterious mass casualty events. Unlike the more recent examples, Travis’s 2021 show did, as the Egyptians noted, feature occult and Satanic themes, and I’m baffled why this type of thing is considered tolerable nowadays and no longer grounds for being immediately driven out of polite society here in the United States.

The second interesting connection was that Scott’s now-cancelled Egyptian performance was intended launch his new album, “Utopia.” That is curious because, as mentioned in C&C several times over the last couple years, ‘Utopia’ was also the name of the prophetic but ultra-violent 2020 television show starring John Cusack as a genocidal maniac who engineered a fake virus followed by a cabal-led depopulation event, delivered via vaccine, intended to save the Earth’s delicate climate. I’m sure that doesn’t sound familiar at all. 2020’s HBO version of Utopia, which only ran for a single season during the first year of the pandemic, prior to the vaccine rollout, itself sprang from an original BBC show by the same name that ran 2012-2014.

Ironically, Utopia’s gimmick was that the cabal disclosed its plans ahead of time — in the media — through a comic-book series. If you don’t get the irony, just think about it for a second.


Anyway, it just seems weird that, after experiencing the Astroworld disaster, including civil lawsuits and a grand jury proceeding, the rap artist would choose “Utopia” as his new album name. He clearly doesn’t mean “utopia” in any positive, uplifting way: the man was just canceled by Egypt for Satanism.

I have no idea what it all means. But I thought it was an interesting confluence of covid concepts. Maybe you guys can tie it all together in the comments.

🔥 Finally, enjoy this hilarious Spanish TV prank inspired by an old Charlie Chaplain bit, which was just right for the times:

image 12.png

Morale: never volunteer!

Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another terrific roundup.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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