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☕️ DISASTER CONCERN ☙ Saturday, September 30, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&Cers, and welcome to the Weekend Edition! Your jam-packed roundup this morning includes: barely functioning Senator Dianne Feinstein takes a dirt nap, but who will she vote for next year?;  signs of life in House Republicans as Ukraine funding falls out of the budget; squad member confounds CNN’s Jake Tapper by insisting that the U.S. border is totally secure; plaintive post by multiple jabber draws scorn and criticism on lefty bulletin board; Putin opens Russia’s border to draft-dodging Ukrainians; Biblical imagery of flash floods in New York City; Biden impeachment inquiry hearing updates; Kennedy throws political bomb teasing independent run; Loudon school superintendent criminally convicted; appellate court upholds two more state bans on sterilization of children for “gender”; and a fabulous idea for a badly-needed translation app.


🪖 Some C&C friends have asked for a quick favor to help increase jab injury awareness. Outstanding covid docs Deb Viglione, MD and Jim Thorp, MD along with former attorney Sally Saxon, wrote and published a book last year: The COVID-19 Vaccines & Beyond . . . What the Medical Industrial Complex is NOT Telling US. Apparently they are in some kind of super-prestigious industry cover art contest and have requested C&C’ers to consider voting for their book by following the short instructions at this link: www.SallySaxon.com.  There is a signup requirement (but you can use your Facebook account), otherwise it’s free.

It’s amazing enough that their “anti-vaxxer” book is even allowed to run in the contest; imagine if they actually won the dang thing.


💉 The biggest news yesterday was the timely passing of Shingles survivor Dianne Feinstein, 90, who was also a tireless employment advocate for out-of-work Chinese espionage tradespersons. Ms. Feinstein was also a wonderful actress, twice nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal of an addled, deaf United States Senator in a charming period piece set in the 2023’s, filmed as a live-reality tragi-comedy, a masterful allegory sharply comparing Ms. Feinstein’s decrepit condition to the failing U.S. government as a whole.

image 4.png

But politics waits for no great-great-great grandmother. The jockeying for Feinstein’s senatorial replacement started even before her waterproof, reinforced Senate seat began to cool off.  Under the rules, California Governor and stealth presidential candidate Gavin Newsom is allowed to appoint her replacement, and social media is even more aflame than usual with wild speculation.

The most popular possibilities include disgraced Representative Adam “Shifty” Schiff (D-Ca.), who has worn out his welcome on that his of Congress and has started shiftily sidling toward the Senate. A more creative theory involves Vice President Kamala “He Haw” Harris resigning to take Feinstein’s now-vacant Senate seat, Biden appointing Gavin Newsom as Kamala’s replacement as V.P., and then Biden stepping down to allow Newsom to become the Resident. Whereupon, if Newsom were certifiably insane, he could then re-appoint Harris as VP.

And Bob’s your uncle, all lefty problems solved!

That amazing possibility is coincidentally supported by Newsom’s 2021 vow to appoint a “black woman” to Feinstein’s seat. According to Reuter’s fact-checking department, He-Haw Harris is black:

image 5.png

Because, in today’s democrat party, melanin is the best indicator of qualification to run the country; it’s even better than actual qualifications.

Another dark horse candidate is supersized “body-positivity” model and rap artist Lizzo, who also appears to be in the running. Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say she’s in the walking. Slowly.

image 6.png

For their part, democrats are suggesting California’s woke (black) Representative for California’s 13th congressional district, Barbara Lee, and former woke law professor and U.S. Representative for California’s 45th congressional district, Katie Porter (white). We’ll see.

Whichever, Newsom finds himself under the proverbial gun to act fast, since the Senate’s majority hangs on a razor’s edge and could conceivably pass a hated Republican budget if Feinstein’s seat stays open for too long.

Get your sea-salted caramel popcorn ready for the show!

🚀 Speaking of Republican budgets, on Thursday night House Republicans voted 117-101 against sending another $300 million to help secure Ukraine’s borders. Per conference rules, Ukraine funding is now dead and cannot be voted on anymore this budget cycle.

image 7.png

Hardest hit by the failed vote were Robert L. Peters and a clutch of Ukrainian oligarchs. It might finally be time to take the ugly Ukrainian flag out of your social media bio pic and move on to the next virtue-signaling thing. Just think about it.

🔥 And speaking of woke Representatives, in a CNN interview this week Ayanna Pressley insisted to an increasingly incredulous Jake Tapper that the U.S. “border is secure.” Pressley is more concerned about paying illegal migrants to cross the border.

image 2.png

CLIP: Representative Presley declares the border is secure (5:27).

Here’s how the interview went:

PRESLEY: No doubt about it, our border is secure. And we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. And we have to fix a broken system, and …

TAPPER: But if you have millions of undocumented migrants coming into the country, how is the border secure?

PRESLEY: Jake, this is not a new crisis. It does require, uh, more political will and, uh, commitment, and it is a humanitarian crisis and we should treat it as such…

TAPPER: I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying except for the idea that the border is secure. I mean, if you have people crossing the border, it is by definition not secure. An argument worth considering is that because our border is so porous, millions of people make this unsafe journey … because the border is not secure. It just seems like such a refusal to acknowledge reality to say the border is secure when we know that millions of people are crossing the border every year.

PRESLEY: (Word salad) climate crisis. Asylum is a human right. We must do more and better. (Word salad) Republican government shutdown…

TAPPER: But would you grant me the point that the border is not secure?

PRESLEY: Jake, that is a conversation for another day.

Oh yeah, it’s totally secure.

💉 A very unfortunate recent Reddit post made the rounds yesterday. The post appeared on the bulletin board r/Covid19Positive, and the poster complained she’d had all the safe and effective vaccines, but still got covid six times, and has now lost her sense of taste and smell again.

image 3.png

Liberal must keep themselves strictly on the party line and never question the narrative. The “helpful” replies to the poor poster’s plaintive question mainly consisted of mask-shaming — you have to wear it ALL THE TIME dummy — and gaslighting about how the vaccines are only supposed to protect people against one variant, duheveryone knows that.

You would think people would be starting to figure it out at this point.

🚀 Yesterday, in the wake of news that Ukraine is now seeking to extradite Ukrainian draft-dodgers from European countries to feed its Counteroffensive human meat grinder, Russia Today ran a story headlined, “Putin eases entry rules for Ukrainians.

image 11.png

Russia’s new immigration decree, published yesterday, allows Ukrainian citizens to enter Russia without visas or even a valid passport, allowing for a number of new alternative forms of I.D. that displaced Ukrainian citizens can use. Kids can enter Russia with just a birth certificate.

It appears that a whole lot of Ukrainians aren’t so sure that Putin is the dictatorial monster that Joe Biden says he is. According to Russia’s TASS news service, over 5.2 million Ukrainians have relocated to Russia since January. The article allowed that independent analytics company Statista pegged the number lower, at a still-impressive 1.27 million, which is still more than Germany (1.09 million) or Poland (968,000).

It seems to be a one-way phenomenon. I couldn’t find any statistics about Russians moving to Ukraine, for some reason.

🌧️ The streets, shops, and subways of Mogadishu, I mean New York City, flash flooded yesterday after getting a few inches of hard rain, prompting the state’s replacement governor to declare a state of emergency. The manmade disaster evoked all sorts of wonderful commentary about the woke-run city’s failing infrastructure, Biblical judgments and Noah’s Ark, and sharp allegory about the City’s other manmade disaster, its flood of illegal migrants.

image 8.png

“I am declaring a state of emergency across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley due to the extreme rainfall we’re seeing throughout the region,” Governor Hochul declared on Twitter. Mayor Eric Adams, soaked with criticism for his ‘slow response’ to the crisis, admitted in a press briefing, “Some of our subways are flooded and it is extremely difficult to move around the city.” At least half the City’s subways were closed and one airport terminal.

The floods produced tons of hilarious new material for New York’s comedians, including this eye-opening wildlife headline:

image 9.png

Don’t worry about her, the adventurous sea lion swam back into her enclosure after taking a little tour of the swampy surrounding area. She got scared straight. After getting a look at the rest of the City, she felt safer back at home.

By this morning, the flood watch has been canceled, rail services have resumed, and the waters receded as rainfall “eased” and the Ark landed on top of the Mayor’s mansion.

Cue the climate alarmists!

🔥 The Biden impeachment hearings began on schedule Thursday, and were widely panned by skeptical Establishment Media. NPR ran a story yesterday headlined, “The first impeachment inquiry hearing into Biden was six hours. Here’s what happened.


I won’t bore you with the details of the democrats’ comedic shenanigans and the Republicans’ short opening presentation of evidence. It was more interesting to watch the narrative shifting in real time. Instead of parroting the original mantra of “no evidence,” NPR has moved on to Adjective City, now claiming Republicans haven’t presented “clear evidence” of bribery, or “impeachable evidence” of bribery, or “concrete evidence” of bribery.

In other words, they are admitting there’s evidence.

All of NPR’s weaselly adjectives modifying the word ‘evidence’ are just NPR’s opinion, not news. Either the Republicans presented evidence or they didn’t. And apparently, they did. The Republicans even admitted during the hearing that they are still seeking more evidence than the thousands of pages of emails, texts, and bank records they already have, which is what justified the impeachment inquiry in the first place.

NPR did accurately quote Constitutional expert and Professor Jonathan Turley:

“I do believe that the House has passed the threshold for an impeachment inquiry into the conduct of President Biden. In the current impeachment inquiry, the House has proceeded correctly, in my view, by taking this step only after months of preliminary investigations into the alleged corruption scandal involving the President and his family. Indeed, a majority of the public reportedly favor this impeachment inquiry on that very ground.”

NPR didn’t quote Committee Chairman James Comer’s cogent summary:

“We have established in the first phase of this investigation where this money has come from: Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, it didn’t come from selling anything legitimate…it was funneled through shell companies and third parties to hide the Biden’s fingerprints. This deserves investigation, this deserves accountability, the American people expect this Committee to investigate public corruption…the witnesses today have all identified the evidence the Committee has uncovered as deserving further inquiry. And that is what this Committee will do, no matter where the evidence leads.”

It is a well-established legal principle that evidence of an attempt to conceal something is also evidence of consciousness of guilt. So.

During this first hearing, the Oversight Committee: presented evidence of more than 20 shady, unexplained shell companies created by the Bidens and their allies, presented direct evidence of Biden family members raking in over $24 million dollars from China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and other antagonistic foreign countries, identified nine different members of Biden’s extended family who have joined in or benefited from the various unorthodox business schemes, and confirmed that Joe Biden interacted with his family’s business associates in the deals at least two dozen times.

Under any standard, that is evidence. It’s a LOT of evidence. And this is only the beginning. Cue President Newsom, I mean Governor Newsom, to the rescue. The script writes itself: Now that Biden is no longer president, what’s the point?

🔥 The plot thickened yesterday when Reuters ran a problematic story headlined, “Robert Kennedy Jr to run as independent, could complicate Trump, Biden 2024 contest.

image 10.png

In a YouTube video published yesterday, democrat Robert Kennedy, Jr. hinted at a major announcement on October 9th, explaining that “I’ll be speaking about a sea change in American politics,” he said, decrying corruption in “both parties.”

Just about everybody believes Kennedy plans to announce switching to run as an independent.

Here’s the problem, as Reuters sees it. Lots of concerns:

Democrats have expressed concern that any third-party bid could draw votes away from Biden, 80, who faces concerns about the economy and his age in an expected rematch against the Republican frontrunner and presumed nominee Trump, 77.

Nice softball. Biden will be lucky if his only problems are the economy and his age.

Reuters reassured readers by claiming more Republicans like Kennedy than democrats, according to polls, and that the ultimate effect of an independent run is unclear. But not everyone agrees with Reuter’s rosy assessment. Here’s Newsweek’s pessimistic headline from last week:

image 15.png

The Newsweek article began with this ominous warning: “A third of Democratic voters would likely vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. if he runs as an independent in the 2024 presidential election, according to a new (Rasmussen) survey, potentially handing victory to Donald Trump.”

What do you think? Will an independent Kennedy help or hurt Republicans in the general election?

🔥 Local NBC-4 Washington ran a delightful story yesterday headlined, “Loudoun schools ex-superintendent Scott Ziegler found guilty of retaliation.

image 13.png

One of incoming Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin’s first official acts was to impanel a grand jury to review the various crimes committed by the disgraced Loudon County school board and its cohort of insectile officials, which together infamously shielded a serial-rapist student because he was “gender binary.”

As a result of the grand jury’s work, Virginia’s attorney general has now convicted the former Loudon County superintendent Scott Ziegler of misdemeanor retaliation, for firing a teacher who’d complained about being sexually assaulted by a “special needs” student. The teacher, Erin Brooks, unsuccessfully reported to uncaring officials that the student “inappropriately touched” her and her teaching assistant up to forty times a day. So of course, Superintendent Ziegler promptly non-renewed Ms. Brooks’ contract.

So much for “believe the woman,” the most grotesque of all the democrats’ fake virtue-signaling mantras.

Even better, Ms. Brooks is now suing Superintendent Ziegler for a million dollars in damages, and his new criminal conviction will be terrific evidence for her case. Plus, Ziegler’s career as a superintendent is now effectively over.

Anyway, it’s looking more and more like the woke Loudon County school apparatus is hopelessly compromised by deviants and perverts.

image 12.png

More progress.

🔥 On Thursday, Reuters ran a terrific story headlined, “Appeals court upholds Tennessee, Kentucky bans on transgender care for minors.

image 14.png

Thursday, in a 2-1 vote, the federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a legal challenge from transgender families and allies who argued that the new Tennessee and Kentucky bans “discriminated on the basis of sex.”  But the 6th Circuit panel agreed with supporters of sterilization prohibitions and genital mutilation bans, who successfully argued the treatments are unproven and risk permanently harming kids.

According to the Sixth Circuit’s written decision, the plaintiffs failed to prove that transgenderism is an “immutable characteristic” or even describes any “discrete group” of people:

To establish a new classification, plaintiffs must show that transgender individuals “exhibit obvious, immutable, or distinguishing characteristics that define them as a discrete group.” Bowen v. Gilliard, 483 U.S. 587, 602 (1987). It is difficult to see, at least at this stage of the case, how transgender identity fits that description. Unlike existing suspect classes, transgender identity is not “definitively ascertainable at the moment of birth.” Ondo at 609. It is not necessarily immutable, as the stories of “detransitioners” indicate and as plaintiffs do not dispute. See Detransitioners’ Amicus Brief. Instead of defining a “discrete group,” Bowen at 602, “transgender” can describe “a huge variety of gender identities and expressions,” 2022 WPATH Guidelines.

This fantastic ruling was the second in a row by a federal appeals court, after another 11th Circuit ruling recently revived a similar Alabama law, overruling the lower court. The two appeals court decisions make it very likely that the Supreme Court will agree, if the issue ever gets that far due to a split in circuits.

Even though the so-called “gender affirming” treatments did not even exist a few years ago, lawyers for gender-bending families and the so-called ACLU decried the ruling as a “devastating result for transgender youth and their families” and said “we are assessing our next steps” in defense of transgender rights.

Good luck, groomers.

🔥 Finally, to round out your weekend, enjoy this brilliant suggestion for a translation app that husbands can use when texting their wives.

CLIP: Comedian Pedro Gonzalez reveals idea for texting app (about 2 min).

I could really use that app. For some reason, Michelle doesn’t seem to appreciate it much whenever my response, like Pedro’s, is “cool.”

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you guys back here on Monday morning to kick off a whole new month in paradise, as we wing into the holiday election season.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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