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☕️ DIRTY RAIN ☙ Saturday, February 18, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Welcome to the Weekend Edition, C&C! Your tardy roundup today includes: the U.S. military looked and looked but they still haven’t found what they’re looking for; US announces Russian crimes against humanity right before Russia puts on evidence of US crimes, so it’s even; Biden stiffs Ohio, and Mainers can relax about all that black grit raining down on them, it’s not what you probably think; fake Soros video undermines DeSantis; Czech ambassadors struck with adults dying suddenly syndrome; Bollywood actor dies suddenly from happiness at acting award ceremony; Fetterman’s back in the hospital, this time for weeks; Americans continue despising corporate media who isn’t learning their lesson; another significant resignation joins the list, this time at the World Bank; and Roseanne dunks on jabs in a Fox standup special.


🎈 What can I tell you? It’s just too hard, they have no choice, they’re giving up. Fox ran a story yesterday headlined, “Biden Administration, NORAD Call Off Search for Missing Unidentified Objects Shot Down Over Alaska, Lake Huron.”

So, that’s it. The balloons’ cause of death is unknown and always will be. Yesterday’s DoD statement explained that, whatever it was they took down, assuming anything was taken down at all, will never be confirmed. Sorry.

U.S. Northern Command recommended that search operations conclude today near Deadhorse, Alaska, and on Lake Huron, as search activities have discovered no debris from airborne objects shot down on Feb. 10 and Feb. 12, 2023. The U.S. military, federal agencies, and Canadian partners conducted systematic searches of each area using a variety of capabilities, including airborne imagery and sensors, surface sensors and inspections, and subsurface scans, and did not locate debris.
In Deadhorse, Alaska, U.S. Northern Command worked closely with the Alaska National Guard Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command to position teams to expedite recovery should searches locate debris. Arctic conditions and sea ice instability informed decisions to conclude search operations in this location. Air safety perimeters will be lifted after flight operations conclude today.

With regard to BOTH balloons — that were so significant they scrambled squadrons of missile-firing jet fighters — they were surprised to find them floating there. Then they couldn’t identify the mysterious “objects.” Now they can’t find them at all. Nobody tracked the fall, apparently.

We only know that ANYTHING was shot down because the military said so in a press briefing. They never released any video of the objection from fly-bys or surveillance. I hate to even ask but … are we SURE the whole thing isn’t completely made up?

Don’t cancel me!

🚀 The Wall Street Journal ran a stern story this morning headlined, “Kamala Harris Says Russia Has Committed Crimes Against Humanity.” Since nobody thinks Kamala actually speaks for anybody, and since Humanity wasn’t around to ask, I had to read further into the article to find out what the Deep State thought.

The Deep State is on board:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement Saturday morning saying that he has determined that Russian forces and officials have committed crimes against humanity.

As the article points out, there is no enforcement mechanism under U.S. law for broad determinations of “crimes against humanity.” And of course, the Secretary of State’s opinion is not like a court order or anything. But Ukraine supporters should be pleased that the U.S. has now officially recognized atrocities against Ukrainian civilians, even if it is just obviously for the U.S. government’s own political purposes, since next week the Russians will be putting on evidence the U.S. sabotaged two undersea pipelines creating an historic environmental catastrophe.

Hey, it’s not like we’re sending you Ukrainians any fighter jets, but it IS helping, right? With words. Maybe they’re not so much help on the battle field, but you know, in the court of public opinion.

🔥 In a Biden Administration first, federal officials told Ohio it doesn’t qualify for federal aid related to the East Palestine derailment disaster. They probably filled the form out wrong or something. On Thursday, Fox ran a story plainly headlined, “Biden Admin Turns Down Ohio’s Request For Disaster Assistance After Toxic Derailment.”

Ohio gets exactly zero dollars. Ukraine, now that one’s important, because it involves protecting UKRAINIAN civilians. And because of fairness. Over $100 billion has been shoveled into Ukraine so far.

Local Maine station B98.5 ran a story yesterday headlined, “What Is Dirty Rain And Why Is It Currently Falling On Maine?”

An excellent question. I’m sure plenty of fretful Mainers, in light of recent events and watching something happening they’ve never seen before, would like to know. B98.5’s story explained that, in rare cases, dust from desert-ey regions of the Southwest can sometimes be carried up, up, up through the upper atmosphere, traveling north and east all the way to Maine, where then it all falls down in “muddy rain” dirtying people’s cars, getting in their hair, and generally making a nuisance of itself.

It DEFINITELY is NOT the recently blown-up train derailment chemicals just southwest, and just upwind from Maine. The article doesn’t even consider that option, because, how ridiculous! Hazardous chemical plumes can’t go up into the upper atmosphere traveling north and east a short distance to Maine, and then rain down on everybody. Only desert dust can do that. That’s its superpower.

So don’t worry Mainers. It’s probably just Southwest desert dirty rain, coming in the winter time, for a nice seasonal change.

🔥 Yesterday morning, the first thing that popped into my news feed was a tweet hysterically claiming that George Soros had “endorsed” Governor DeSantis. I immediately figured it out, and tweeted a warning that the video clip was fake and misleading.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop some prominent conservatives from buying into the fake news:

It only takes a minute to figure out that George Soros would NEVER support any prominent Republican. But for some reason, people seemed to think old Georgie switched parties and — just to get back at President Trump — was advising the rest of us Republicans to vote for DeSantis, who hasn’t even announced yet, and since we hang on every word that Soros utters.

Of course, Soros did not actually switch parties and endorse Governor DeSantis for president. What happened was, somebody leaked a video of Soros giving some kind of talk to a pack of rabid marxists somewhere in Hell, and he mumbled through reading a pre-written strategy of pitting Republicans against each other by inflaming the Trump-DeSantis conflict.

And so far, it’s working perfectly! Soros told his followers that pushing DeSantis so the Republican Party would edge Trump out, would make The Donald run as a third party candidate, which will split the Republican vote right down the middle and the dems can walk slowly to the presidential finish line, even stopping for caramel popcorn along the way.

It’s not new. If he ever was, Soros is no genius now. His proposal is just “Ross Perot 2.0” without the graphs and the folksy anecdotes about snakes crossing a pond. “Ya see, it’s simple.”

Somebody clipped out the part of the video where Soros gave his operatives talking points about DeSantis. For example Soros said DeSantis is “shrewd” — which is not exactly a compliment, that’s only one step above “cunning.” The shortened, edited video suggests the 109-year-old Georgie just LOVES Florida’s Governor. But it’s all fake, and I can’t imagine how this nonsense is good for anyone on our side.

Soros’ real strategy is exactly what I’ve been warning about ever since the conflict between the two Republican leaders started warming up. We can’t afford to split the party. We have to find a way to let the men run together in a fair primary, or we risk creating a third party.

Here is the uncut, unedited clip, including the part where Soros explains his Perot 2.0 plan:

Chief Nerd @TheChiefNerd

Viral Clip of George Soros Seemingly Endorsing @GovRonDeSantis Leaves Out His True Agenda…To Destroy the Republican Party Here is the end of that clip which was left out: “This could induce Trump, whose narcism has turned into a disease, to run as a 3rd party candidate. That… https://t.co/YLKNO3poUO


1:14 PM ∙ Feb 17, 20238,038Likes4,103Retweets

Also: Is it just me, or is Soros sounding a little, uh, tired? Maybe he should go to sleep now.

💉 Czechoslovakia’s popular and effective ambassador to Poland, Jakub Dürr, 46, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Thursday.

Mateusz Morawiecki @MorawieckiM

I received the news of the death of Jakub Dürr, Czech Ambassador to Poland with the greatest sadness. A great diplomat, he worked tirelessly for 🇵🇱-🇨🇿 relations. He passed away so suddenly, at such a young age… My deepest condolences to his family and relatives. May he RIP.6:36 PM ∙ Feb 16, 2023234Likes45Retweets

As you probably already guessed, no information has been released about the cause of Jakub’s death. And never will.

💉 Bollywood Actor Shahnawaz Pradhan, 56, died suddenly and unexpectedly this week, suffering a “heart attack” during an Indian awards show. Just before he lost consciousness, he complained of “excruciating chest pain.”

It was probably the joy from winning his acting award that got him. You have to keep that stuff under control. Happiness can kill you. I’m not making that up, apparently.

💉NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns, who drew widespread criticism last October for reporting that candidate John Fetterman had trouble understanding her during an interview, reported yesterday that Fetterman is back in the hospital, this time maybe for a while. But it’s a brand-new problem for the specially-abled Senator: now, he’s depressed.

Last week, Fetterman was in the hospital for several days after feeling “lightheaded” during a Democrat strategy retreat. It would be completely understandable for Fetterman to be depressed after what he’s been through, and being given no reasonable amount of time to recover from his vaccine injury during the campaign. He’s getting that recovery time now.

🔥 Continuing with that report from yesterday about the new Gallup media poll, only a bare quarter (25%) of Americans have a favorable opinion corporate media, for some reason:

As a member of a traditionally disliked group (lawyers), I am all for this developing trend. I hope reporters like being on the bottom of the popularity pile, under the doctors. Lawyers’ stock is up a lot compared to the other professions. You’d think journalists would try to avoid becoming the most hated profession. Can’t they at least get a LITTLE introspective?

Maybe this next question reveals why reporters’ popularity is scraping the bottom (blue=agree, grey=neutral, red=disagree):

So, 73% of surveyed folks either aren’t sure (23%) or believe (50%) that corporate media is INTENTIONALLY misleading everybody. You’re probably asking where that 25% have been over the last three years. Maybe in a coma or something?

🔥 Chalk up another one. Now it’s the World Bank’s President, David Malpass, who has said he will resign before the end of his term. According to reports, the Biden Administration is already moving quickly to pick his replacement. White House advisors say Biden wants to transform the World Bank into an institution dedicated to fighting climate change — because why should it be dedicated to MONEY and FINANCE? — and Biden wants a candidate committed to “financing more renewable energy projects in the developing world.”

In other words, Biden wants somebody who will engineer a massive wealth redistribution scheme, from the U.S. to the third world.

Malpass was a Trump appointee who has spoken critically about climate change. Democrats have never liked him.

💉 Roseanne Barr recently performed a standup routine on FoxNation about covid vaccines. Warning: adult language, and you might want to stop around 1:33 anyway:

Chief Nerd @TheChiefNerd

Roseanne Barr on the COVID Vaccine and Being a Proud “Conspiracy Theorist” “My whole family is a bunch of libtards, and they’d call me a conspiracy theorist the whole time but everything I said turned out to be true!” Roseanne’s full comedy special is on @foxnation… https://t.co/ql1LfkFVWM


5:55 PM ∙ Feb 17, 20239,626Likes2,835Retweets

It seems significant to me that Roseanne could tell those jokes in front of an audience of vaccinated people. It’s not really that jokey, if you take away her voice and body language. “I hope they have to pay for that, what they did to us,” she said. Her biggest applause line was when she guffawed at the notion the government had our best interests at heart.

We are THIS close to a total narrative collapse. Maybe that’s why there are so many distractions lately. Hang in there, it’s coming.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you guys back here at the coffee bar on Monday to kick off the new week with aplomb. Or a plumb. Your choice.

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Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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