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☕️ DE-STABILIZERS ☙ Thursday, June 15, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday! We have a wild and gross roundup to wade through today, so get ready. In the roundup: Trump’s remarkable comments on yesterday’s circular firing squad; Starbucks faces $20 million in punitive damages after jury finds it illegally fired white manager for her skin color; House Oversight Committee finds buried Biden tax document with mysterious millions appearing from nowhere; morbid story of evil, occult, body snatching cabal based in Harvard University; Daniel Penny indicted for murder; Biden takes “father to the nation” too far; PGA tour commissioner has sudden and unexpected mystery illness; young Florida sports journalists pulls the plug after two sudden and unexpected strokes; and another great clip of a Republican exposing FBI malfeasance into the permanent Congressional record.


🔥 I’m not sure, but this next clip might be the most important comment in our lifetimes. Yesterday, President Trump echoed the same spirit of Coffee & Covid’s lead item, along with Tucker’s explosive commentary, but even more directly.

Trump effectively accused of treason the criminal syndicate operating in secret within our government. He said they were deliberately destabilizing the United States:

“Don’t forget this persecution is being done by the same weaponized agencies that, for 7 years, have been running illegal psychological warfare campaigns against the American people.

Much as if they were trying to destabilize a Foreign country.”

In a normal world, big media would be all over an accusation like this. Nobody covered it. Still, it sure seems like a lot of folks are waking up to this disturbing truth.

🔥 The Post Millennial ran an encouraging, race-bending story yesterday headlined, “Former Philly Starbucks Manager Wins $25.6 Million After Being Fired For Being White.”


An obviously-competent and thoughtful jury awarded Ms. Phillips the sum of $600,000 in compensatory damages (for lost wages, benefits, and so forth), plus a whopping $25 million dollars in punitive damages.

(Note from JC: Starbucks will almost certainly appeal the $25 million punitive damages award. Long-standing Supreme Court law disfavors punitive awards exceeding three times the actual damages. But the appellate court will do the right thing and let it stand, or maybe Starbucks lets it go for some reason. They should settle with her.)

Back in 2018, two black men entered the Starbucks, used the bathroom, and then loitered around without ordering anything. Something about the men made the Starbucks employees suspicious, and an un-named employee supervised that day by (black) assistant manager Paul Sykes called 911.

The two customers were arrested, processed, and then released without charges, after explaining to police they were just waiting for a business associate and didn’t want coffee. Almost immediately, as you can easily imagine, corporate media began running stories claiming institutional racism, activists began gearing up for protests, et cetera.

So Starbucks promptly fired the store’s only white manager, Shannon Phillips, in a very public display of “correcting” the problem, and then paid the two unfortunate customers an undisclosed amount of money in settlement of their “claims.”

But courageous Assistant Manager Sykes testified on Ms. Phillips’ behalf, telling the jury her firing had been racially motivated. He testified that, even though he supervised the employee who called 911, and even though Ms. Phillips never even knew about it, Mr. Sykes himself wasn’t disciplined at all.

For its part, Starbucks denied the firing was racially motivated, adding insult to the injury by telling the jury Ms. Phillips was just a terrible manager all around, just awful, nobody would want her, and her termination’s timing was pure coincidence.

Clearly the jury did not believe the coffee mega-corp’s lies. In fact, based on the size of that punitive damages award, the jury seems to have concluded the racist, lying liars at Starbucks were the very Devil.

What’s most ironic is that, in trying to convince the media it wasn’t racist, Starbucks wound up proving to a jury that it WAS racist. Funny old world, isn’t it?

🔥 Yesterday, Trending Politics ran an inflammatory article headlined, “JUST IN: $10M Magically Appeared In Biden’s 2017 Tax Return; House GOP Investigating.”

Deeply buried in the inner pages of a 2017 tax return for one of Joe Biden’s many shell companies, a do-nothing firm called CelticCapri Corp, was a single line item showing the unexplained receipt of $10 million dollars without any sign of where it came from. House Oversight Committee members are extremely curious about it, especially since the timing would line up with some of the “deals” Biden had apparently been cooking as VIP.

So far, that’s all the actual news. Everything else is pure speculation at this point. I’ll keep you posted. But the bigger story is shaping up nicely, with the House Oversight Committee members doing the job the FBI is incapable of doing, or the job that was successfully blocked by the criminal syndicate operating within the FBI’s ranks.

🔥 This one was a little difficult to write for a family audience, for reasons which will shortly be gruesomely obvious. ABC News ran a macabre story yesterday headlined, “Harvard Medical School Morgue Manager Accused Of Stealing, Selling Human Remains.” The sub-headline correctly added, “‘Some crimes defy understanding,’ a federal prosecutor said.”

When you find out what happened, you are going to agree with that prosecutor, a hundred percent. Lacking a religious worldview and a belief in literal good and evil, there’s simply no way to explain this story. In fact, what the ABC article was reporting seemed so outrageous and so over the top that I stopped reading, got on PACER, and pulled up the indictments from the Middle District of Pennsylvania for myself.

The ghoulish article was accurate. If anything, it was toned down.

The shocking federal criminal charges described a grisly conspiracy, operating out of Harvard University, including at least five people who’d created a nationwide network for trafficked human remains for … personal collections. The conspirators had been getting away with it for YEARS, and were making money handing over fists. Literally.

One of the conspirators even operated a retail store selling (under the counter) items for élite collectors created from human remains, such as shoes and books bound in tanned human skin. She lives and operates in Salem, Massachusetts, which should give you a hint, and store is called Kat’s Creepy Creations, which seems grimly appropriate.

Kat enjoys walks on the beach and Creating Creepy Things

Harvard University was essential to the conspiracy. It turns out that lots of people donate their OWN BODIES to Harvard Medical school — after they’re finished with them, of course — for “medical research.” It’s kind of a badge of honor among a certain refined, ivy-league crowd, a final self-sacrificial act of ultimate worship to the humanistic gods of science.

But — apparently — too many people are shoving their bodies at Harvard these days, and the dissecting researchers can’t keep up with them all. So budding entrepreneur Cedric Lodge, 55, the Ivy League University’s mortuary manager, observing the inventory of spare parts piling up, had a brain storm.

Ironically, he was looking at brains when his brain storm happened.

Harvard Mortuary Manager Cedric Lodge, looking prosperous, clambers out of federal court

Lodge’s wife, Denise Lodge, 43, also seemed to think the sales opportunity was a terrific idea. Why let all those perfectly good bodies go to waste?

Shy mail order enthusiast Denise Lodge was closed for interviews yesterday

The industrious pair had no trouble locating customers, such as the aforementioned Kat’s Creepy Creations and non-traditionalists like Jeremy Pauley from Pennsylvania, pictured below. Jeremy sold human merchandise ON HIS INSTAGRAM PAGE.

Instagram is having a tough week, what with just being exposed for facilitating a vast pedophile network. Now this!

Face-tattoo enthusiast and alleged Instagram body parts merchant Jeremy Pauley

Instagram is fast becoming a digitalized black hole of evil.

Anyway, NBC News reported the Lodges had a process. Mr. Lodge would escort the buyers into Harvard’s morgue to pick out the very best remains from that day’s surplus inventory they wished to buy. It was something like a necrotic shopping spree. Then Mr. Lodge would take the carefully-selected bits of donor’s bodies home from Harvard to Mrs. Lodge, and she would package them up for shipping to buyers by express mail.

I won’t list all the body parts in the indictments’ sordid catalog of purchases. Trust me that you’ll be happier not knowing. But I will say it included parts that would make you wonder: what on Earth would anyone be doing with that in the first place? And there were plenty of other parts that easily suggest various wildly inappropriate and downright evil uses.

Harvard, surely fretting over the potential economic and public relations disaster from lawsuits by bereaved families of trusting body donors, issued a heartfelt statement saying all the things its lawyers and PR professionals advised. It is appalled and saddened, a horrible betrayal of donors’ trust, which it hopes to rebuild, blah blah, et cetera.

But one sentence leapt off the screen at my lawyer’s eyes:

Investigators believe that Lodge acted without the knowledge or cooperation of anyone else at HMS or Harvard.

Huh. That right there is a careful, lawyer-designed weasel sentence.

First of all, HARVARD isn’t saying that it — Harvard — believes Lodge acted alone. So it could be there’s information Harvard hasn’t turned over to investigators, and its statement still would be 100% factually true. But second, it doesn’t even say WHICH investigators believe Cedric had no help. The police? The FBI? An internal committee? Private detectives? The team from NCIS? The janitor?

And why is Harvard speaking for the investigators? In only one sentence? Why aren’t the investigators speaking for themselves? It leaves plenty of room for investigators — whoever they are — to later deny they ever said that, and Harvard can just claim a “misunderstanding” occurred.

I’d bet my next paycheck that the ambiguity is intentional. In other words, it’s likely Harvard thinks Lodge had help.

There’s a lot I could say about this story. I’ll start by calling it pure Evil, evil with a capital “E”, evil nestled in and pulsating right out of the heart of the Ivy League’s crown jewel, the locus of élite American training, the wellspring of most of our top judges and high politicians and striped-pants-wearing state department officials. That Harvard.

Harvard, of all places, is most aware of the sacred trust donors placed in it when they gifted their bodies to further human knowledge, not be made into some maniac’s skin purse. Somehow the perverted Lodges easily and regularly accessed Harvard’s morgue, treating it as their own ghastly body mine — without anyone noticing. Supposedly.

The second fascinating aspect of this story is NONE of the many articles about this inflammatory story used the word “evil,” not at all, not even once that I could find.

Why are they so shy to call something evil?

Next, what about the social implications? It means something that society’s tolerance extends to stores like Kat’s Creepy Creations and Jeremy Pauley’s Instagram store. Why? And, what is making people so fascinated with the occult that they are tattooing and modifying themselves into monstrous circus freaks and then reveling in death to the extent they are happily trafficking in illegal human remains?

It’s not a good sign.

People call CHRISTIANS crazy for believing in healing miracles. But Christians aren’t tattooing their faces and putting studs in their skulls. Why doesn’t anyone call THAT crazy, which it obviously is? And, what benefit exactly do these people think they’re getting from their occult gods, a benefit that could possibly justify what they are doing to themselves?

Finally, there’s good news, which is that legitimate justice appears to be underway, the media is properly stirred up, and the authorities are saying the right things.

So all is not yet lost; the crime is correctly being treated as the shocking spectacle of horror that it is.

And … if you needed one more reason to delete Instagram, you’re welcome.

🔥 Not surprisingly, guided by Alvin Bragg, a New York Grand Jury indicted Daniel Penny for murder yesterday, triggering the heroic, subway-riding veteran’s arrest. The New York medical examiner expectedly concluded that Jordan Neely’s death was a homicide.

Only Penny was charged. The other subway passengers who helped Penny subdue the maniacal, homeless drug addict were not charged, including two black men. Don’t get me wrong; it’s good nobody else was charged. But it does hint at Bragg’s motives.

A better example is the black Walgreen’s security guard in San Fransisco who shot and killed homeless (black) trans shoplifter Banko Brown as he (she?) was running out of the store last month. San Fransisco DA London Breed has not charged the security guard, despite the whole thing being captured on security video. Instead, DA Breed said the guard properly defended himself after being in mortal danger.

Security guard, inside, shoots Banko, outside fleeing (blurring was added)

Anyway. If you believe it, the indictment was totally NOT because Daniel Penny is white, how dare you, et cetera.

This development is not surprising. We were already expecting an indictment, ever since Alvin Bragg decided to present the case to the grand jury, which is why we and many other raised money for Penny’s defense. It’s up to his lawyers now.

🔥 This week in “celebration” of “Pride” month, Joe Biden issued a stirring statement claiming to own everyone else’s kids.

Well, I bet Sniffy Joe would love to have a claim on all the kids.

It’s so creepy. Someday, in the future, parents will threaten their kids with a visit from Joe Biden.

And isn’t the whole thing so weird? The same people who don’t want their own kids are the same people who want to lay claim to everyone ELSE’S kids. What’s up with that? What do they want with our kids?

💉 Fox ran a provocative story yesterday headlined, “PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan ‘Recuperating From A Medical Situation’.”

The sudden, unexpected statement explaining that Mr. Monahan, 53, would be absent from work for a while referred obliquely to an undefined “medical situation” but did not provide any other details.

Ordinarily I would suspect the medical situation was either an inconvenient venereal disease, or that the top golf executive was jab injured. But, unlike other sports executives, Monahan protected the PGA Tour from jab mandates:

So, who knows? But either way, we pray for Mr. Monahan’s rapid recovery from his undisclosed illness.

💉 Florida Politics ran a story earlier this week headlined, “Florida Native Journalist Aimee Sachs Dies At 38, But Leaves A Courageous Legacy Of Giving Life To Others.”

Aimee Sachs, 38, was one of Florida Politics’ own reporters, apparently well-liked. She went to the hospital on May 20th with “symptoms of discomfort,” which were soon diagnosed as a mild stroke. A week later, while she was still recovering from her first stroke, on Sunday, May 28th, she “suffered a powerful second stroke that shockingly and completely debilitated her body’s physical capabilities.”

It happens all the time. These days.

After her second, stronger stroke, the healthy 38-year-old reporter was informed by her doctors that she would never walk again. She would never talk again. She would be completely unable to care for herself — in a bleak condition the doctors described as “locked in” to her own body.

Aimee could only communicate with her family by blinking her eyes.

One can only imagine the tortured thoughts racing through Aimee’s panicked mind. She must have believed the doctors, believed that no recovery would or could ever be possible, no matter what, not even with mRNA drugs, and there was no reason to even give it a few days to see what would happen. So Aimee blinked “yes” at her father and sister when they asked if she wanted them to pull the plug. And the article reported that surgery teams rapidly recovered Aimee’s organs for donation.

Hopefully not donated to Harvard.

🔥 Finally, enjoy this encouraging clip of Senator Ted Cruz giving another hopelessly-compromised FBI official the business for refusing to even talk about the Biden Bribery document.

People often comment that it’s fun and gratifying to watch clips like these but what does it really accomplish? Besides moving the needle of society, and helping persuade other members of Congress, these types of interviews have a very important function.

All Congressional testimony is recorded in the Nation’s permanent records. It becomes the country’s official history. It is critical for future generations that our official records reflect what REALLY happened in 2023. So we can be grateful to our Republican congresspeople, who heroically endure pallets of mindless word salad from evasive bureaucrats, in order to create a useful historical record.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for more breaking news. Whew. It’s hard to keep up with it all.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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