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☕️ DAD ENERGY ☙ Monday, June 12, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Monday, a brand new week! While last week’s cuckoo news cycle did turn a half dozen disinformation staples into now confirmed facts, it was hard to keep up with, and I think we could all use a rest. In today’s roundup: former Scottish PM’s post-pandemic slide descends into jail; Lori Lightfoot lands on her clown shoes as the nation’s premier university’s newest professor; WSJ claims prize for best government brown-nosing; Muslim and Christian parents uniting against groomers in Canada and California; Journal Article suggests science itself has become the bigger threat; Danny Penny explains why he intervened in the subway; and a heartwarming animal-saves-small-human video to brighten your day.


🔥 Another one bites the dust! The New York Times ran a refreshing story yesterday headlined, “Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s Former Leader, Is Arrested in Financial Inquiry.” The sub-headline added, “The arrest of Ms. Sturgeon, who resigned as leader of the Scottish National Party in February, follows that of her husband, previously the party’s chief executive, and of its former treasurer.”

Sturgeon was one of the gaggle of odious, now-disgraced lockdown tyrantesses, including New Zealand’s horse-faced Jacinda Ardern and Finnish party girl Sanna Marin. Sturgeon tried to cancel unjabbed people using vaccine passports, but was halted at the last second by vast protests and churlish, uncooperative British Ministers of Parliament.

Here are a few of Nicola’s best hits:

The criminal charges against the former Prime Minister are somewhat murky. It has something to do with $600,000 or maybe $750,000 in missing or misused campaign funds. It’s not clear. But following the usual template, when Sturgeon suddenly and unexpectedly resigned earlier this year, she was promptly replaced by the former Health Minister, Humza Yousaf, who oversaw the haggis-eating country’s bloody covid response.

Of course.

I don’t really know much about Scottish politics, or whether Sturgeon is legit crooked, or is just getting Trumped by her political enemies. It’s impossible to summon any sympathy for her, though, after what she put the Scottish people through.

Maybe one of our Scottish C&Cers can give us the local point of view…

🔥 Speaking of disgraced lockdown mavens who were replaced with someone even more awful, you’ll be pleased to know, I’m sure, that former Chicago mayor and gay Beetlejuice lookalike Lori Lightfoot has been appointed as a Senior Leadership Fellow for the fall term at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

In other words, now she’s a professor! Ta-da!

Harvard’s press release announcing Lightfoot’s appointment and her fall teaching schedule extolled the former lockdown mayor for her amazing experience in managing public health crises. Health crises like covid and also like this one, presumably:

Ms. Lightfoot also broke new ground in race relations:

And now she’ll be teaching at Harvard! In other words, Harvard just jumped the shark. If it wasn’t before, it’s now an international laughingstock. At this point, the only reason people are sending their kids there is for the rapidly shrinking brand name.

🔥 The Wall Street Journal was on top of its game has already claimed the prize for Dumbest Headline of the Week, right out of the gate! And it’s barely even Monday morning:

They think they’re readers are morons. Grandma Garland wanted politics out of the DOJ? Really? And now the fact the DOJ is politicized is … Trump’s fault? And, notice how the main story’s subheader praised “the government,” which only wants a “speedy, focused trial,” while criticizing Trump and this team, who are just delayers and undercutters.

Apparently the Wall Street Journal took its nose out of the government’s hindquarters and is now just letting the Biden Administration write the headlines. The Journal doesn’t even NEED editors anymore; imagine the savings.

Anyway, in their haste to claim Merrick Garland wanted to keep politics out of the DOJ, I guess the Journal forgot all about how he’s politicized issues like these:

Why is the Wall Street Journal kissing Merrick Garland’s backside with such revolting enthusiasm? Is it because Garland identifies as an old lady and it’s Pride month?

🔥 The Post Millennial ran an intriguing story this weekend headlined, “BREAKING: Children stomp on Pride flags as Christian and Muslim parents protest LGBTQ indoctrination in Ottawa schools.”

Stomping on the Pride flag; ouch

The fracas, which is growing into something resembling a movement, has united Christian and Muslim parents against the so-called “Pride” phenomenon. Muslim outrage seems to have initially sprouted from a recent viral classroom audio clip, which features an Edmonton high school teacher. In the leaked recording, the harpy-like instructor can be heard berating innocent Muslim students for not being sufficiently enthusiastic about Pride and atypical sexual behaviors that they believe earn you a front-row, reclining seat in the hot place.

The Londonberry School class was discussing Uganda’s new super-strict anti-homosexuality laws. Recently, lawmakers in that African country passed a law criminally prohibiting even identifying as LGBTQ+, upon a wildly lopsided vote of 398 to 2. Ironically, over here in the U.S., if you agree Satanic Pride merchandise should be quietly moved out of the kids’s section to the back of the Target, you’re told you are literally erasing gay people.

Well, how about a law requiring jail time for just SAYING you’re gay? What would that be? Isn’t that more like ‘erasing?’

Anyway, the irate teacher noticed some students expressing sympathy for the Ugandans, and for their right to have their own African culture without it being appropriated by meddlesome, white, female Canadians. Their teacher didn’t like that kind of sympathy for African culture, not one single bit, and it fired her off into a rageful tizzy.

“If you believe that kind of thing, you don’t belong here,” the teacher said shrilly. She continued scolding the students, her voice rising, explaining “That is not what Canada believes; we believe in freedom; we believe people can marry whoever they want. That is in law, and if you don’t think that should be the law, then you can’t be Canadian. You don’t belong here, and I mean it.”

FYI, her saying “you don’t belong here” was a veiled deportation threat, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Here’s the link, listen for yourself.

The sanctimonious teacher also informed the students that, if they wished to be free to worship their Muslim faith without discrimination, they also must effusively participate in Pride events. “That’s how it works,” she said, teaching the students that religious liberties are earned by works of public support for atypical same-sex lifestyles.

The Edmonton parents who listened to the teacher berating kids for not being gay enough felt sort of negative about it. They sort of felt like the teacher was being manipulative, emotionally abusive, and pushing a gay agenda using unjustified threats to deport Muslim families. The parents also questioned the teacher’s understanding of basic civics, since in democratic systems, citizens who don’t agree with laws are supposed to try to effect change, not move out.

Parents were further angered when an Ottawa school board sent out a notice telling staff that, when the new school year began, teachers should use “they/them” pronouns for ALL students, by default, to avoid accidentally “misgendering.”

Of course, calling someone THEY when their pronouns are he/him IS misgendering. The mentally-handicapped school board came up with a daft rule guaranteeing that every student would be misgendered. Parents are objecting.

It’s not just happening in Canada, either.

🔥 In related news, California Muslim parents protesting Pride last week were assaulted by Antifa goons in a sneak attack. But the parents — mostly recent Armenian immigrants — weren’t having it, and by all accounts gave the tattooed wonders a thrashing they won’t soon forget.

But mostly peaceful

Here’s a good interview with Andy Ngo describing Muslim parents’ reaction to this year’s massive Pride push, and how Antifa’s responded:

Mom’s For Liberty founder Tiffany Justice accurately observed the Muslim parents in California were exhibiting “Dad energy:”

We may be at the point now where what we need is a lot MORE dad energy.

🔬 The Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice published a remarkable commentary last week by covid superstar Dr. John Ioannidis titled, “What Did COVID-19 Really Teach Us About Science, Evidence And Society?”

The article begins by praising some pandemic successes, but quickly turns to the downsides, noting correctly that “The consequences for education, healthcare, small businesses, social life and democratic politics itself were often disastrous.” As a result, shocking disparities in health outcomes are appearing: “life expectancy for men in London’s affluent neighborhoods is 18 years longer than for those in poor areas.”

After setting the table, Ioannidis and his co-authors made their central point, and it was hotter than English mustard:

Now add the uncertain but plausible possibility that COVID-19 was itself the product of biomedical science, and an apparently outrageous consequence becomes inescapable: science itself may have become a threat to overall population health… [I]t is hardly irrational that an increasing proportion of the dissatisfied public is wondering whether truth and the path to a healthier world must lie somewhere else than within prestigious journals and celebrities at the science–policy–communication interface.

Allow me to repeat that: “science itself may have become a threat to overall population health.”

He’s exactly correct, and bless him for saying so. Ioannidis’s comment was also particularly timely in light of the Sunday Times’ lengthy weekend exposé of “fresh evidence” of covid’s origins as a Chinese military bioweapon, which, until about ten minutes ago, it was domestic terrorism to point that out.

Dr. Ioannidis, a highly-credentialed and accomplished scientist, who among other praiseworthy things was the only reliable source during the pandemic of the REAL covid infection fatality rate, has survived the cancellation wars. Now it’s his turn. Ioannidis and other thoughtful scientists like him have quitely initiated the next phase of the war: reclaiming science from politics.

Here’s the link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jep.13876

🔥 Watch this Danny Penney statement about WHY he intervened in the subway, and be encouraged:

Courage is not the absence of fear, but how you handle fear.

🔥 So I’ve already run several heroic dog clips, which are great, but here’s one for the cat lovers. Brave housecat saves child!

Have a magnificent Monday! Come back tomorrow and we’ll share a pot of 100% organic, artificial-intelligence-free Coffee & Covid.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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