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☕️ CRUNCHY ☙ Monday, January 30, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Monday! Welcome to today’s roundup: reflecting on wartime casualties; thoughts about Trump’s latest criticism of Governor DeSantis; McCullough links suicides to the jabs; Forbes pans Project Veritas in a garbage op-ed; and Bloomberg admits fake meat is fully cooked.


🔥 On a quick Saturday morning trip to grab some raw milk at the farmer’s market on, I was oddly reminded of wartime 1944. Not at first though. It was a beautiful, cool, crisp, and sunny Florida morning, the market was busy, and it was almost entirely mask free. No sign of a pandemic. Not just then. It happened later.

A 1944 Farmer’s Market

Threading the crowd past the organic sausage stand, I heard my name called, and stopped to chat with a nice lady I met during the 2020 pandemic wars here in our county. Back then I’d helped organize and advise teams pushing back against the county and the school board, and I befriended a lot of great folks who I probably never would have had the pleasure to meet otherwise.

After pleasantries, she let me know that even though her family’s small business had managed to survive the worst of the pandemic, it would be closing soon. The pandemic’s cuts were too deep, after all, and Biden’s economy makes it impossible to bounce back. We talked about their good attitude and how God surely has something better in store for them next.

💉 So then I told her about a call I’d received after hours Friday night from a Florida neurosurgeon. The office was closed, but the service put it through anyway, and I took it because it sounded important. The doctor, 56, started off by informing me that she’d lost her medical practice because of her vaccine injury. Symptoms began right after her second Moderna shot in early 2021: tremors, weakness in the limbs, joint swelling, trouble sleeping.

The doctor’s symptoms progressed into full-blown Lupus. She said she often falls down now, after her body goes completely limp. Standing is a terrible risk because when she falls, she can’t move her arms to break the fall. So she’s now confined to bed. She’s also going blind. She’s recently filed for permanent disability and plans to file for bankruptcy, to deal with the large loans for her practice, which have gone unpaid for nearly a year.

In other words, this neurologist lost everything to the shots: her health, her profession, her job, her money, her freedom, and soon, even her eyesight. “It took my life,” she said. “Vaccines should not be like this.”

Here’s the thing. The doctor reported all those facts to me remarkably clinically. I asked questions about various points and she gave me prompt and responsive answers. But near the end of our short call, she broke down into tears when she expressed her greatest regret: promoting the vaccines. “I misled so many people,” she sobbed.

I didn’t know what to say. We’ve ALL been misled.

💉 My farmer’s market friend expressed appropriate shock and sympathy over the neurologist, then told me another story. She told me about Michael,* 31, who’d had a difficult twenties but over the last couple years has really gotten his life together. He is back at church and getting very involved, he finished his degree, he is back on track.

But just recently he’s developed some profound cardiac problems. He wakes up in the middle of the night with his heart pounding in his chest and it WON’T STOP — for HOURS. It’s destroying his sleep. He’s afraid to lie down and is terrified about what’s going to happen next.

My friend tried her best to resist, but she just couldn’t stand it and asked Michael The Question. He answered affirmatively: two shots and a booster. He’s seeing a doctor with the University of Florida, which means he’s getting good medical care but they will never ever consider it might be vaccine injury, much less treat him for that.

I told her to let me know if there’s anything we can do to help. We both shook our heads, not really knowing what to say about all these casualties, then moved on to the football schedule before saying goodbye.

(* ‘Michael’ is not his real name.)

🔥 It was only as I was walking away, considering some cut flowers for Michelle, and mulling over the conversation, did I tally the carnage. We had just discussed three more losses: a small business, a neurologist, and a young man. It occurred to me this is what life in 1944 must have been like. A numberless river of tragic news, in quantities previously unimaginable, but no time to grieve. There was a war to win. There was no time to complain or lose hope.

Not everyone agrees with me that World War III has already started. Call it whatever you like, and call it whatever KIND of war you like. But we ARE in a war. That’s crystal clear. The casualties are piling up.

But we don’t have time for grief. We must win it. We have to stay focused and positive. If America loses, Mad Max’s Thunderdome will be a best-case scenario for the rest of the world.


🔥 I usually don’t cover the “people said stuff” news, but every once in a while, there’s something noteworthy that compels a response about something somebody said. Yesterday, it was Trump, who posted a contentious note that on the surface seems like a silly fighting invitation offered to Governor DeSantis, presumably to create some media drama for the primary.

Trump attacked DeSantis on pandemic policy. Trump’s weakest point.

That’s what it looks like superficially. But really, it’s much more complex and Trumpian than that.

First of all, it’s not even a serious hit on DeSantis. With conservatives, pandemic policy is DeSantis’ strength. Only the lunatic left accuses him of shutting down Florida. Governor DeSantis never actually shut down Florida or the beaches. The counties did that. DeSantis even mocked the beach closures, earning him the covid-stupid nickname “DeathSantis.”

The only true part is that DeSantis declared the original state of emergency, which allowed the counties to do lockdowns and mandates using their then unlimited emergency powers (which, mercifully, and as I warned them, are now limited). Beyond that, the Governor was not then who he is now. Governor DeSantis was forged in the pandemic’s white-hot crucible. He is something altogether new, different from the man who first took office.

But forget about Trump’s criticism. Forget all about the substance of what Trump said. Read his last line again carefully. Trump is practically daring DeSantis to come after him on the JABS. A child could write the rejoinder: “Oh yeah? That’s pretty rich coming from the death shots’ architect.” (Or, words to that effect.)

Believe me, Trump knows all about the politics around the mRNA injections. Yesterday’s feisty post proves he WANTS to have that debate, and it is DeSantis, since the Governor is the person most likely to engage on that topic, owing to the primaries being the next political step, and because DeSantis has already questioned the vaccines and convened a grand jury.

But why would Trump want this fight? Is he politically suicidal?

I think it’s not just about the primaries. I think it’s much bigger. Take a minute to visualize how the Trump-DeSantis jab debate would play out in corporate media. If Trump and DeSantis had an extended, spicy, and exciting throwdown over their mutual pandemic policy and about the jabs, with DeSantis criticizing the shots and Trump — of all people — defending them, WHICH SIDE WILL CORPORATE MEDIA SUPPORT?

Media can’t support Trump. Nor can Media support an anti-vaxxing governor. But Media still has to make a choice: which side to boost and which side to demean.

This irreconcilable conflict would combine to form an explosive news paradox, where media positrons would slam into media negatrons, the Ghostbusting streams would disastrously cross, Don Lemon’s pickled brain would spurt out of its container like a spoiled custard, and CERN would accelerate out of control until the WEF was dematerialized into an alternative dimension having no carbon at all. Good luck trying to stand up.

Seriously, even though DeSantis’ best political response here is to continue ignoring Trump, I really, really want to see this show.

💉 Dr. Peter McCullough took aim at linking suicides to jabs today in a Substack he titled, “Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 Vaccination.” He did a deep dive into the secondary journals, which have been less throttled about jab injuries than the big names.

McCullough found about ten scholarly articles describing “acute neuropsychiatric symptoms” after covid shots. “Acute” means it came on suddenly and unexpectedly, the opposite of “chronic.” In this context, “neuropsychiatric symptoms” means psychosis. Breaks from reality. Crazy town.

McCullough summarized one of the papers, which was titled “First Episode of Psychosis Following the Covid-19 Vaccination – a Case Series.” The researchers examined three patients with acute psychosis that sprang up after they got jabbed. Here’s how Dr. McCullough reacted to the paper:

All three patients required hospitalization with exhaustive diagnostic testing and medical treatment. One of the cases progressed to attempted suicide with a knife stabbing to the abdomen requiring emergency abdominal surgery. As a doctor I am disturbed by medical evidence demonstrating gene coded SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan Institute of Virology Spike protein in the human brain after vaccination. I wonder how many subtle changes go clinically unrecognized. Even if a small number are affect, the massive numbers who came forward make any “rare” complication a common issue to face in clinical practice.

The bottom line is these findings means in cases of suicide we can’t rule out jab injury as a cause anymore, and prior “mental health problems” becomes suggestive of a REASON. Normally, we be very sensitive to grieving relatives grappling with a loved one’s tragic suicide.

But now these deaths, including suicides, are part of a developing public health crisis, even if only because excess deaths are skyrocketing.

💉 Forbes became the first corporate media to respond to the Project Veritas exposé of Pfizer’s senior executive buffoon, Jordon Walker. Of course, Forbes downplayed the story in its article headlined, “No, Project Veritas Video Doesn’t Prove Pfizer Is Mutating Covid-19, Who Is Jordon Trishton Walker?”

“Doesn’t PROVE.” They’re playing that game again. See my comments about evidence versus proof and liberals’ feigned inability to recognize the difference.

The Forbes article is not labeled as an op-ed, at least not clearly, but that’s what it is. Here’s how the long, skeptical story begins:

Tucker Carlson has claimed on his FOX News show Tucker Carlson Tonight that there’s been “a near-total media blackout of this story.” But since there doesn’t seem to be any type of memo circulating to journalists telling them to not cover “this story,” let’s cover it now and see how much veritas it really has.

It’s an argumentative piece, offering no new facts, and I won’t cover all its different silly arguments. But just to give you an idea though, here’s the linchpin — how the author washes right by Walker’s identity, suggesting the absence of information (freshly-scrubbed) raises a question about whether he actually works for Pfizer.

This video featured someone described by Project Veritas as “Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning,” answering questions from an unidentified interviewer. So you could either take Project Veritas’s or Carlson’s words for it or search for this name on Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go yourself. After all, someone with that kind of title should be fairly easy to find on the Internet, right?
Well, a Google search didn’t really reveal any legitimate source that could verify the person’s name and title. Similarly, a search on LinkedIn doesn’t reveal any such verifiable profiles either, just some accounts trying to spread his name. Some of these accounts are spelling the name slightly differently such as “Jordon Triston Walker” or “Jordan Triston Walker.” Of note, a search for “Triston” without the “h” did return an Urban Dictionary entry that described “Triston” as “a very hot and cute boy who always wants to disagree. Who has the softest hair in the entire world.”

At this point, has ANYONE argued Walker doesn’t work for Pfizer? Pfizer has the burden of saying that Walker doesn’t work there, if that’s the case.

It’s trivially easy to verify that Walker DID have a Linked-In profile until the same evening the Project Veritas video launched, and then, suddenly, he did not have a Linked-In profile. That fact deserves mention, but not, apparently, to Forbes’ “senior contributor.”

I’d call this a poor attempt at a whitewash, but that would be racist.

🔥 Call this one Shadenfreude if you want. But still. Last week, Bloomberg ran a story headlined, “Fake Meat Was Supposed to Save the World. It Became Just Another Fad.”

Fake meat’s fake goose is fully cooked.

Just a few short years ago, fake meat was an investor’s darling. Bill Gates invested heavily in both top fake burger companies: Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Impossible even raised $183 million dollars before it sold a single hamburger. Spirits, as they say, were flying high.

But WHY? It’s simple. It’s because fake meat offers a chance to replace a trillion-dollar, low-margin, highly-competitive industry based on a naturally-available product that anyone can raise and sell, with a patentable, highly-processed food product protected by trademarks, patents, copyrights, and licenses of various kinds, and that means protected profits.

It’s the pharmaceutical-ization of food.

Forget about how God or nature designed your body to work over however many years of evolution or whatever. Whichever, it doesn’t matter, they can hack your body and make it work better! They have people like Jordon Trishton Walker and Sam Bankman-Fried looking into the problem right now! You’re going to love it.

Or maybe not. Bloomberg said sales of fake meat products have been, well, flaccid:

Since then the industry has plunged. Supermarket sales of refrigerated plant-based meat plummeted 14% by volume for the 52 weeks ended Dec. 4, according to retail data company IRI. Orders of plant-based burgers at restaurants and other food-service outlets for the 12 months ended in November were down 9% from three years earlier, according to market researcher NPD Group.
Beyond lost sales in almost every channel last quarter. Over the past year it laid off more than 20% of its workforce, lost more than half of its C-suite and halted projects including vegan hot dogs and the next alt-protein frontier of cell-cultured meat, according to people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be named discussing private information about the company. None of the biggest fast-food chains that had announced partnerships with Beyond—KFC, Pizza Hut and, most important, McDonald’s—have put a single permanent item on their US menus.
[A]s of Jan. 17, Beyond’s stock price is now hovering around $16, down about 76% from a year earlier and roughly 93% from its peak in the summer of 2019.

Consumers, initially fooled by public health whores into believing that fake meat products can possibly be better than the real thing, might be starting to catch on to the game:

Like fat-free Snackwell’s cookies or Lay’s olestra-laden WOW Chips—or any other glut-without-the-guilt food trend that periodically cycles in and out of the zeitgeist—the incremental benefits are eventually offset by concerns over what else might be in there. Many meat eaters initially excited by fake meat, who didn’t mind the not-quite-there taste or texture, eventually took a closer look at the ingredient list and couldn’t figure out whether they were actually trading up. Were they eating these burgers to curb carbon emissions or lower their blood pressure? Was it a healthier alternative or a sodium-filled, overprocessed substitute?

Then the pushback started in earnest:

[After] Beyond’s IPO, onetime fan and whole-foods maven Mark Bittman criticized the fake meat products for their “hyperprocessing.” Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.’s CEO said they didn’t fit with the fast-casual chain’s “food with integrity” mantra. Even John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods Market Inc.—the grocer that had been instrumental in introducing the category—went on the record calling plant-based meat “super, highly processed foods.”

Fake meat was also too expensive compared to real meat.

The critique of “hyper-processing” is why they are now fixated with eating ze bugs. Crickets, already bred in bulk as animal food, offer a patentable, profitable meat replacement product that isn’t AS highly-processed as fake burgers are. All investors have to do is convince us to believe that insects — which would have gotten a restaurant closed by the health department ten minutes ago — are suddenly and unexpectedly great for us, and we should make some waffles with them right now.

It’s the delightful crunchy bits that make a waffle good.

They call us “hesitant.” They’re damned right we’re hesitant. Hesitant to take experimental gene therapies and hesitant to eat their highly-processed bug products.

Entrepreneurs who’ve captured government agencies use mandates to overcome hesitancy. As with the fake burgers, you will see the cricket products making their way into schools, where they can mandate generations of new consumers.

Unless we stop them, of course, which we will. We stopped fake meat! We’ll stop ze bugs. If not, I can’t wait for my first bug lawsuit.

Have a magnificent Monday! See you guys back here tomorrow morning for a refill.

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