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☕️ COMMOTIO NONSENSE ☙ Wednesday, January 4, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Wednesday! Today’s roundup: a multiplier report; more commentary about Damar Hamlin, jabs, and blunt-force trauma; an optimistic report from Florida’s inauguration; and a new Louisiana law that will give you hope for the future.


🪖 MULTIPLIER UPDATE: Our Libs of TikTok multiplier has now raised over $100,000 for the targeted social media activist in a few days’ time. Great job! This is what we can do, working together, each pitching in an easily-affordable amount that none of us could have afforded, by ourselves.

Libs of TikTok might be the best example of the power of one. Its author has completely changed the national conversation just by re-publishing lunatic leftists’ own words. And, working together as a team, we just put a lot of gas in her tank and sent a message to corporate media that all these ugly attacks on our allies will only generate more support for them.

Libs recognized us with a very kind tweet to her 1.7 MILLION followers:

Libs of TikTok @libsoftiktok

“Libs of TikTok has accomplished more for protecting kids this year than maybe any other single person or group, all by just re-publishing crazy leftwing TikTok videos” Thank you @jchilders98 for the beautiful write-up! coffeeandcovid.com☕️ INEFFECTIVE ☙ Thursday, December 29, 2022 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠New multiplier orders! Chinese covid scares jabbed folks; Japanese find spike proteins where they shouldn’t be; celebrity SADS; Rep. Ja…3:06 PM ∙ Jan 2, 20238,204Likes829Retweets

I have some terrific multipliers lined up for us this year. You’re going to love it!


💉 Damar Hamlin is still in the hospital, still unconscious, and the wary officials involved in his case have shut up. Yesterday, we learned a few things. First, Hamlin coded again at the hospital. Next, it’s now pretty well-established that Hamlin was jabbed, since his team publicly boasted about being “100% vaccinated.” We also learned Hamlin was given nine minutes of CPR on the field — including defibrillation. The last thing we heard was that the unfortunate NFL player has now been attached to ECMO.

According to Wikipedia, ECMO is used to give “prolonged cardiac and respiratory support to persons whose heart and lungs are unable to provide an adequate amount of gas exchange or perfusion to sustain life.” The machine works via a blood tube inserted into the heart, which draws blood out, artificially oxygenates the blood, and then pumps it back in with a second tube. This technique is often used when ventilation alone cannot sustain blood oxygenation levels.

Hamlin’s fight for life is one of the most captivating stories in America just now. This morning, both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times featured multiple cover stories about Hamlin, the NFL’s medical policies, and the indefinite suspension of the game. Social media is bursting with hot takes, opinions, commentary, speculation, and burning conflict.

Since there’s no other substantive news about Hamlin, I’m going to try to round up the best comments and add something new to the discussion.

🔥 First, one of the hottest debates is over whether it is morally proper to speculate on the cause of Hamlin’s injury while he is clinging to life. The best argument against talking about this case right now is that it’s all hot takes, nobody knows anything for sure, and — presumably — we’ll have more and better information soon, so all the current speculation can do is make his relatives feel even worse.

That’s a decent argument, and it would carry a lot more weight if the least moral people in the media weren’t the ones making that argument. But beyond that, Hamlin’s injury sits squarely on the epicenter of the most significant, emotional, and life-changing experience the entire country has ever endured in their lifetimes, over a three-year period.

You can’t expect us NOT to talk about it.

Three more points. The event itself was public, not private; it happened on live television before thirteen million viewers. Also, many people suspect a crime has been committed, which considerably changes the calculus. Finally, Hamlin’s condition could potentially inform a lot of other jabbed people, who are highly interested and cannot reasonably be expected to wait, quietly and patiently, for official answers.

So the better argument, in my view, is that it IS moral and necessary to discuss the situation, until and unless better information is provided. And it’s happening anyway. I would advise Hamlin’s family to stay off social media during this difficult time.

🔥 Next up is the debate about the mechanism of Hamlin’s injury. Without even examining Hamlin, establishment experts have already concluded that it is most likely that Hamlin died from a blunt-force injury called “commotio cordis,” an ultra-rare event that happens when a focused impact hits the chest wall at exactly the right angle and at just the right time in the heart’s rhythmic cycle to stop the heart.

In 100 years of NFL play, no one has ever died on the field from commotio cordis. That’s how rare it is. Here are two explainers pre-dating the current debate:

MedicTests.com @medictests

Commotio Cordis is sudden ventricular fibrillation triggered by a blunt, nonpenetrating blow to the chest without damage to the ribs or sternum!


1:05 AM ∙ Aug 16, 20221,033Likes287Retweets

ميد | MED💉🎓 @Medical_MD1

Commotio Cordis ✨ It’s a phenomenon where an unexpected blunt impact to the chest causes sudden death in the absence of cardiac damage. In other words, ventricular fibrillation caused by blunt trauma to the heart😣


7:25 PM ∙ May 2, 2021640Likes161Retweets

I find this theory laughable. The same experts pushing the commotio cordis hypothesis are the same ones who dismissed myocarditis deaths as “ultra-rare” and were the first ones to bark “no evidence!” at any jab-injury hypothesis.

Dr. Peter McCullough — a top CARDIAC SPECIALIST — initially considered the possibility, but after he examined the film, ruled out commotio cordis. The injury is always caused by a small hard trauma, such as from a baseball, a hockey puck, or a fist. It is almost always seen in young people or folks without protective padding. And when it does happen, it immediately stops the heart.

But here, Hamlin was tackled from the side, not the front. No small blunt force is in evidence; the argument would be it was a shoulder, but that is not seen in the film. Most significantly, before Hamlin collapsed, he stood up and took several steps, which would have been nearly impossible for someone with a stopped heart to do. Finally, the commotio cordis hypothesis cannot explain why Hamlin’s heart was not quickly restarted by CPR or defibrillation, or why he remains in a coma.

What the pro-jab experts WANT to say, but can’t, is that the NFL medical team messed up Hamlin’s resuscitation and further injured him somehow. That would massively defame the medical team, which is one reason why the so-called ‘experts’ don’t want to have the debate right now.

Do you see the sad irony? The same experts who leaned into “ultra rare” to dismiss jab injuries are now embracing a true “ultra-rare” theory to explain away the more likely possibility. ‘Hypocrites’ is too mild a word.

Using a lawyer’s analysis, I’ve concluded vaccines are literally much more likely to have been the cause of injury, for several reasons. First, even criminal Pfizer, deep-state Moderna, and the captured FDA were all reluctantly forced to concede that myocarditis — heart inflammation and damage — is a KNOWN SIDE EFFECT of the jabs. It is THE most commonly-known side effect, in fact.

Second, who does jab-induced myocarditis most often affect? Why, young men just like Damar Hamlin. Study after study after study confirms this. Young men like Hamlin are MOST at risk of that injury. Very recently, Florida completed its own study, with findings consistent with all the other ones.

Finally, regular readers are already aware of the recent worldwide epidemic of athletes dropping during play JUST LIKE Hamlin did. You’ve seen the videos. In the majority of those other cases, no trauma was involved. I’m not saying it proves something. But the other identical-seeming cases should give doctors a HINT. Maybe it’s a clue of some kind. You never know.

So, on the one hand you have this ultra-rare type of injury that’s never happened before in 100 years of NFL play, which doesn’t fit well with the facts, and requires special pleading to explain inconvenient facts like how Hamlin stood up after the hit, was hard to revive, why he re-coded at the hospital, why he was unable to breathe on his own, or how his chest pads didn’t sufficiently diffuse any trauma ruling out the type of focused strike needed to stop his heart.

On the other hand, you have the MOST COMMON jab injury in the MOST COMMON age cohort in a fully and recently-jabbed individual. At this point, any doctor who prefers commotio cordis to an adrenaline-triggered jab injury is a doctor that can’t do math and has no business diagnosing anybody.

In my opinion.

🔥 As you guys know, I attended Governor DeSantis’ inauguration yesterday. The Daily Mail UK wrote a nice article about the event with one of its wordy headlines, “Ron DeSantis Says ‘Florida Is Where Woke Goes to Die’ as He Is Sworn in as Governor for Second Time: First Lady Casey Stuns in Green as He Calls State ‘Land of Liberty and Sanity’ – in What Could Be a 2024 Dress Rehearsal.”

It was a lovely event, well-attended, and the Governor’s speech was very well-written. I suspect he has a new speech writer. In yesterday’s address, he quoted or referenced President Lincoln several times and I caught at least two President Reagan references. His delivery style also seemed different, more … forceful somehow.

In other words, he’s upgraded speechwriters, updated his delivery style, and made a lot of references to popular Republican presidents. PRESIDENTS. Not Governors. He didn’t quote any governors. The first two-thirds of his speech recapped everything he’s accomplished over the last two years. Then, the last third of his speech was all about national issues. What does all that suggest to you?

Interestingly, Jeb Bush attended, seated with the other dignitaries on the stage, but did not speak. What was his role? Whatever else you can say about him, Jeb Bush was a terrific Florida governor and remains popular here; but he IS part of the national GOP, which will trouble many pro-Trump folks because it quietly signaled that DeSantis has establishment support.

On the other hand, that’s a plus with DeSantis supporters, because any viable presidential candidate will need establishment GOP support. Even Trump recognized this, recently endorsing establishment candidate Kevin McCarthy in the berserk battle for House Speaker (although Trump might be going a different way now?).

DeSantis got his longest and loudest standing ovation when he said that Florida was going to protect its children. If you think about it, all this ridiculous, totally-unpopular trans and woke stuff, along with school jab mandates, have created an enormous political opportunity for any ambitious, pro-family governor with presidential ambitions.

Thanks, Joe!

If you want to read it, the Daily Mail article reprinted DeSantis’ speech in full. Thank goodness for foreign media.

While I wasn’t invited to the swanky pre-inauguration cocktail hour, or to the gala post-inauguration dress ball (about which Michelle was deeply grateful not to have to go), I did get a chance to meet in his offices with my courageous, pro-freedom state senator Keith Perry, who publicly supported my mask and vaccine battles back when no other politicians would even touch the issue. Keith gave Michelle and me a personal tour of Florida Capitol’s building, where I met lots of interesting folks and briefly shook hands with the new Commissioner of Agriculture and former Senate President Wilton Simpson.

🔥 You’re going to love this next story. It’s that time of year again, when we begin to see all the new state laws coming out, and observe the changing pro-freedom tides that I believe were fueled by pandemic government overreach. Our first example, only four days into the new year, came in a Daily Mail UK article amusingly headlined, “A Real Turn-Off: Watching Porn in Louisiana Now Requires Users to Verify Their Age and Submit State-Issued ID.”

That’s right! Under a new law in Louisiana effective January 1st, any website featuring more than a third (33.33%) of sexual content without “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value” must verify users’ ages via a Louisiana state ID. Because of that, nearly every major porn site has shut off service to Louisiana. Only one major platform remains active, using a third party verification service to control access.

The law works because it empowers citizens to sue porn sites for damages and attorney’s fees if kids can access porn and the site didn’t make reasonable efforts to prevent that. I wish more of Florida’s pro-freedom laws worked this way: Let us lawyers help enforce the laws.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) recently introduced a bill that would require age verification for adult sites at a federal level. That’s great but it’s going nowhere under the Biden Administration. However, more states can use Lousiana’s law as a template. I think we could use this in Florida, stat.

Get ready! I’m predicting we’re going to see a blizzard of pro-freedom, pro-family laws that will make last year look like a warm-up act. The Biden team won’t be able to keep up with it all.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more great C&C commentary and news.

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Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

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