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☕️ COLLAPSING ☙ Tuesday, February 14, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Tuesday! Happy Valentine’s Day. A nice tight roundup for you: the United States military continues to coyly hint that they’ve been shooting down aliens but it looks more and more like a psyop; Damar Hamlin gives his first interview but struggles to answer important questions; the Russians begin their new offensive and the U.S. embassy calls for citizens to flee; East Palestine starts to get some attention; wind turbines are falling over; CDC releases stroke signal conclusions; and some awkward mortality data emerging from the UK.


👽 US fighter jets have now shot down four flying objects in nine days. The Pentagon held a press briefing on Sunday night — during the Super Bowl game. The generals said some remarkable things. For example, NORAD General Glen VanHerck admitted “I believe this is the first time within United States of America airspace that NORAD or United States Northern Command has taken kinetic action against an airborne object.”

General VanHerck was asked by a New York Times reporter whether the military had ruled out extraterrestrial origins for the still-unidentified objects. “We haven’t ruled out anything,” VanHerck replied, sending media into a frenzy.


To date, Supreme Allied Proxy-War Commander Biden has ordered four strikes on flying “objects” over North America, beginning with the Chinese spy blimp. Over the last few days, the Pentagon has announced downing smaller, unidentified objects over Alaska, Canada (for some reason), and Montana.

Although the Wall Street Journal’s home page still says nothing at all about the East Palestine chemical disaster, or the new Russian offensive, it does contain a prominent story about the unidentified objects, and even includes a sub-headline reference to UFOs:

The Pentagon has been careful to use the words — not in order — “object,” “unidentified” and “flying.” It’s almost like they WANT people speculating wildly about extraterrestrial origins or something. For some reason.

Diligent independent investigators dug up 2019 stories that strongly suggested the Pentagon knows a LOT more about balloons and floating objects than it is letting on.

From the Guardian, 2019:

And USA Today, 2019:

When you dig deeper, it gets worse. Here’s an advertisement for military surveillance balloons from defense contractor Raven Aerostar:

D.nobleman @Dnobleman1

@bennyjohnson Raven Aerostar- Sioux Falls SD


11:52 PM ∙ Feb 9, 202331Likes11Retweets

And from Army Technology, as recently November 2021:

And from the War Zone Wire, May 2021:

And Sunday, democrat Senator Chuck Schumer even said the objects that have been shot down were balloons:

One begins to suspect there are a lot more balloons in the sky over the United States than we knew about. Naturally, with all that experience with spy balloons, you might conclude the Pentagon would have a pretty good idea of what it was looking at up there.

Some folks are starting to connect all these dots and are wondering, hey, wait a second, are we shooting down our OWN BALLOONS?

After all, the Pentagon has never denied the “objects” were ours. It’s only saying, hey, we don’t know WHAT we shot down, we just shot them down. Because that’s what we always do. These days. These days we always do that. And, except for the first one, nobody is complaining about their balloons being blown up. Finally, as of yesterday morning, John Kirby said the U.S. has been unable to recover ANY debris from ANY of the three unidentified objects. And it never will.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to invest a much more cognitive effort into the government’s goofy “unidentified object” story. I’m much more interested in why we let the Chinese spy blimp track our nuclear sites, and whether Supreme Proxy-War Commander Biden is dragging us into a hot world war, not to mention Nord-gate, East Palestine, and Hunter’s laptop.

But I will admit this: It’s getting downright risky to go ballooning in this country. I cancelled my Valentine’s Day champagne flight.

💉 This weekend, Damar Hamlin gave his first interview following his injury. Oddly, he refused to answer the two questions that everyone wants to know about. And he seemed to struggle over his answers, like he wanted to tell the truth but didn’t know how, and then gave up.

Defiant Baptist @DefiantBaptist

Nothing to see here, I guess! #DamarHamlin 🤯


7:15 PM ∙ Feb 13, 2023220Likes82Retweets

Here’s the full interview:

Nobody is arguing that if Damar would be dead now if he hadn’t collapsed during a major football game and then gotten immediate, intense medical treatment. Plus, there’s no news about when, or even if, Damar Hamlin will ever play football again.

🚀 A new, bigger phase in the Ukraine war may be getting underway earlier than we expected. Reuter’s EuroNews service ran this disquieting headline yesterday: “US Warns Its Citizens in Russia to Get Out Immediately Over Security Fears.”

It’s not the first time. Last September, our Embassy warned citizens to get out before Russia’s expanded troop mobilization. Now it looks like the Embassy is reacting to the massive new Spring offensive that most observers have been expecting to start on the anniversary of the invasion, as Russia and Belarus continue to build up very large amounts of men and matériel along the border.

In fact, a different Reuters article yesterday was headlined, “France Reiterates Advice to Citizens to Avoid Going to Belarus.” In a later-removed section of the short article, Reuters explained the French Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that it “strongly” advised its citizens against going to Belarus “given the new offensive launched by Russia in Ukraine.”

For some reason, Reuters edited the story later in the day to remove the reference to Russia’s new offensive. But early this morning, the Economist tweeted a promo for its “World in Brief” column leading with an announcement of … a new Russian offensive.

And while I was working on this morning’s post, Reuters finally coughed it up: the new offensive has been launched:

An Australian ABC analysis published late yesterday suggested the activity this week is not the real offensive, but just the warmup for the real offensive, as the Russians start probing the Ukrainian lines. It unironically said the coming weeks would be an “uneasy time” for the Ukrainian war effort.

It will also be an uneasy time for corporate media, which has repeatedly promised that Ukraine has all but trounced the nefarious Russians and the war is going to be wrapped up any minute now.

🔥 Following our coverage yesterday, newly-elected Ohio Senator J.D. Vance issued a statement about the train derailment in East Palestine, and then appeared on Tucker.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

JD VANCE: “The leaders of this country have decided to disregard the people of East Palestine”


1:32 AM ∙ Feb 14, 20235,060Likes1,697Retweets

The most significant parts of Vance’s statement is that he is calling for FEMA assistance which, remarkably, has been nowhere to be seen, and for appropriate investigations. That’s some decent progress for East Palestinians, and brings some much-needed attention to the story. I’m not taking the credit, but the collective weight of independent sources (including C&C) emphasizing the seriousness of the East Palestine story and the plight of local residents yesterday finally pushed corporate media into responding.

Meanwhile, so-called “climate activists” finally had a chance to be useful, and they sprang into action, racing to microphones around the world to talk about … the horrors of GREENHOUSE gases again. While completely ignoring the ACTUAL horrors of vinyl chloride gases.

If I didn’t know better, I might think that a clean Earth isn’t climate activists’ real agenda. Weird!

🔥 Speaking of climate activists, Bloomberg ran a story late last month headlined, “Wind Turbines Taller Than the Statue of Liberty Are Falling Over.” Whoops! Predictably, some of the mountainous metal structures with massive, constantly-moving parts are having trouble keeping up with life’s rapid pace of events. Some of them are getting tired sometimes, and quitting. Dramatically.

The article was actually a puff-piece promoting the wind energy industry, which credulously accepted turbine manufacturer’s silly excuses that the real reason some turbines are failing is because the industry is working “too hard” to help people, and to help make turbines even MORE safe and efficient. They said they need to slow down a bit, nobody can keep this pace up. “It takes time to stabilize production and quality on these new products,” GE’s CEO Larry Culp explained on an earnings call in October

Or, maybe we just don’t have the technology necessary to manufacture machines of this size that can reliably run forever without stopping, without lubrication, and without regular maintenance. But they’re the future of energy, you betcha.

Just don’t camp underneath one.

💉 The CDC finally got around to releasing the results of its on-again, off-again stroke signal investigation. The Epoch Times ran a story Saturday headlined, “Booster Shots May Trigger Stroke Incidents, According to CDC and FDA.”

The report, issued January 26th, found the following factors statistically related to enhanced risk of stroke following a booster shot:

— there were clusters of strokes 1-21 days after the booster, with the strongest signal between 11-21 days after.

— sixty-four percent of cases got the flu vaccine on the same day as the covid booster.

— the signal was stronger with the Pfizer shot.

The CDC reiterated that the shots are completely 100% safe and effective, but people who are at risk of clots and stroke might want to hold off on the boosters for now. Just in case. They’re not saying there’s anything wrong, no, it’s just statistics, you never know, but you can’t be too careful. It’s your health.

They are only here to help.

💉 Insurance analyst Josh Stirling testified under oath at Senator Ron Johnson’s covid vaccine hearings last week, and announced some pretty grim figures emerging from British data, including that people under 50 who got the mRNA shots now have a +50% higher mortality rate than unvaccinated people:

WOLSNED 🇬🇧 @wolsned

“The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate… One dose there was a 145% mortality rate” Josh Stirling, insurance analyst. This is based on UK data.


3:46 PM ∙ Feb 11, 20239,791Likes5,987Retweets

If true, those are only the mortality rates SO FAR. Hopefully they taper off now that the jabs are receding into the rear-view mirror for everyone but the hopelessly jab-happy. On the other hand, the CDC maintains the shots are totally safe and effective. Except for sometimes.

Have a wonderful, romantic Valentine’s Day (if that’s your thing), and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more!

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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