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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Wednesday, July 6, 2022 ☙ Never Ever 🦠

The biolabs story breaks out in U.S. media; I connect more biolabs dots; UK's top covid doc resigns; DeSantis signs patient protections; Dutch farmer protests; Biden shuts down oil; and a Fla. report.

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By Jeff Childers


Surprise! Suddenly and unexpectedly, I’m back, since covid claimed my trial as its latest victim. So today, your unexpected roundup includes: the biolabs story breaks in US media; I connect some more biolab dots for you; UK top covid doc suddenly and unexpectedly resigns; DeSantis signs patient protection law; Canadians face shifty re-defining of “fully vaxxed;” EU requires cars to have digital tracking; Farmer protests continue in Netherlands; Biden shuts down more US oil production; an Ice Cream Panic; sudden and unexpected cancellations due to unexplained illnesses; and I check in with Florida’s covid figures.


🪖 So this is what happened. My team and I were hard at work over the weekend, preparing for trial, when about noon on Saturday I got a call from my opposing counsel. He sounded congested and miserable, and said I was never going to believe it. “I have good news and bad news,” he said, “and they’re both the same thing.”

He’d tested positive for covid on Saturday morning.

And that was, as they say, that. As it turned out, the judge was also working, and by 1pm my trial — covid’s latest victim — had been rescheduled for October. It’s hard to describe how this feels; it’s like being all dressed and ready for an Olympic competition when at the last second, the games are canceled because a kid in the snack shop sneezed into the chili dip.

So anyway, the good news is, I’m back!


🔥 Uh-oh! The cat is rapidly clawing its way out of the biolabs censorship sack. Yesterday, top government media mouthpiece Bloomberg ran an article headlined, “US Ambassador Urges China to Stop Spreading Russian ‘Lies’.”

The article not only finally reported that Russia is accusing the U.S. of running bioweapons labs in Ukraine, but also that China apparently believes it, too. In a Chinese government-sponsored “World Peace Forum” on Monday, US Ambassador to China Nicolas Burns said this:

“I would hope that Chinese foreign ministry spokespersons would stop accusing NATO of starting this war. That’s Russian propaganda. I hope Foreign Ministry spokespersons would also stop telling lies about American bioweapons labs, which do not exist in Ukraine. These all came from Russia. Unfortunately, this has been picked up by the Chinese.”

Unfortunate, indeed.

Bloomberg reported that top Chinese officials and its state media have repeatedly blamed the U.S. for provoking Russia through NATO expansion. And Chinese diplomats have officially “amplified” Russian-backed “conspiracy theories” that the U.S. produced biological weapons in Ukraine.

The paper then uncritically reported that the U.S. government denies the claims and argues that China is spreading Russian misinformation. What Bloomberg didn’t mention is that there are now TWO members of the UN Security Council — the two largest players apart from the U.S. — that are now accusing us of running illegal bioweapons labs in the beleaguered country.

Bioweapons are considered weapons of mass destruction, just like nuclear warheads. Just saying.

Having been forced to admit that there were U.S.-linked biological RESEARCH labs in Ukraine, the U.S. seems to be trying to thread the needle by making the childish distinction that the gain-of-function research on deadly pathogens is not a “weapon” because it was for purely defensive purposes. Sure, the bugs COULD BE used by unethical actors, like Russians, as weapons. But you can trust US. We would NEVER do that, or accidentally release a devastating global pandemic.

Here’s Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland carefully explaining to Senator Marco Rubio that, while there ARE dangerous biolabs in Ukraine, they aren’t WEAPONS labs, no, never:


Once again, this story is not about what our diplomat said. The news is that Bloomberg reported that the bioweapons accusations exist. This kind of embargo-breaking usually signals some kind of pending narrative pivot. I can’t wait.

🔥 The disputed labs in Ukraine have been clearly linked with an American company called MetaBiota. MetaBiota was also the only American company allowed to work at the Wuhan lab in China. MetaBiota’s start-up capital came from Rosemont Seneca — Hunter Biden’s company.

Here’s a 2014 email to Hunter Biden, recovered from his laptop, from MetaBiota VP Mary Guttieri, offering Hunter a helpful memorandum about how “we can potentially leverage our team, networks, and concepts to assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia[.]”

So many questions. First, what was Hunter doing dabbling in Ukraine’s independence from Russia? Why was he so interested in THAT? Why was an American biotechnology company involved in Ukraine’s independence from Russia? What does that Ukrainian independence from Russia have to do with biotech?

But the question that really gets me is, when Russia inevitably became aware of these efforts, when Russian prostitute-loving Hunter inevitably spilled the beans, how were the Russians SUPPOSED to respond? Especially after Hunter’s dad, the “Big Guy,” then infested the office of the Presidency in 2020 under — let’s be honest — somewhat sketchy circumstances?

One suspects the Russians could feel rather gloomy about Hunter Biden and MetaBiota now being fueled by the entire apparatus of the United States government.

And, to place another layer on the slime cake, here’s a photo of Nathan Wolfe, WEF young global leader and CEO of MetaBiota, posing with Epstein’s top procurer and daughter of CIA pet billionaire Robert Maxwell, notorious pedophile and madame Ghislaine Maxwell:

You REALLY can’t make this stuff up. Nobody would believe it.

🔥 British Bankester and WEF (World Economic Forum) bootlicker Sajid Javid, the UK’s top Covid Minister, resigned suddenly yesterday, and he did it right, publishing a fiery bridge-burning letter he sent to Boris Johnson, saying he’d lost confidence in the prime minister. “It has been an enormous privilege to serve in this role, but I regret that I can no longer continue in good conscience,” the UK’s head health minister told his boss.

Javid is just the latest rat scampering off Boris Johnson’s sinking political ship. After a no-confidence vote last month, a slew of ministers with unpronounceable names have resigned so far: Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, Bim Afolami, Saqib Bhatti, Jonathan Gullis, and Andrew Murrison all rage-quit, presumably getting out before the political contagion spreads any further.

Johnson, who pinned the British people down under an endless series of useless lockdowns while he threw gala parties at HQ for two years, now finds himself in political quarantine. It’s a darned shame.

🦸‍♂️ Back on this side of the pond…

Yesterday, Governor DeSantis signed the “No Patients Left Alone Act,” which increases patient protections, makes hospital visitation by relatives a fundamental right, forbids limiting physical contact with patients, and bans hospitals from requiring visitors to prove covid vaccination status.

DeSantis is a pleasant contrast to Boris Johnson’s imploding administration.

💉 Meanwhile, north of the border, the Toronto Sun ran an article Monday headlined, “’TWO DOSES ARE NO LONGER ENOUGH’: Canadians Required to Get COVID Shot Every Nine Months.” Ha! Boosted!

Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said that the previous definition of “fully vaccinated” makes no sense, explaining that it’s more important that shots are “up to date” and whether or not a person has “received a vaccination in the last nine months.” Haha, suckers. You believed it was just two little pricks and you’d be done.

Duclos didn’t specifically comment on the fact that the jabs were designed for the original strain of the virus and clearly aren’t working on the new variants, except that he admitted, “We will never be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Never ever ever.

“Like the virus, our immunity also evolves. Two doses are no longer enough,” the health minister explained. Apparently, INFINITE doses are also no longer enough.

Most Canadian jab mandates have been lifted, but when asked, Duclos wouldn’t rule out the return of mandated shots. He would only say, “We want to be prepared for next fall and that requires an up-to-date vaccination which is based on the nine months.”

Every nine months. Weird. That’s the exact same timeframe as the human gestation cycle. Just saying. Don’t cancel me.

🔥 Today, a new European Union law requires all new cars and trucks to include “black boxes” that record activity and performance information, including whether or not seat belts are in use. In this initial incarnation, only law enforcement can access the data, which actually seems a lot more sinister to me than privacy advocates’ worries that insurance companies will eventually use the data to set individual prices.

Since the black boxes are integrated with vehicles’ computer systems, critics’ other concerns include whether officials would use real-time access to enforce speed limits, remotely shut cars down to wait for police to arrive, or even disable vehicles completely because the owner tweeted something mean about people who wear face masks in the shower, or wrote on Facebook that President Xi of China is impotent and bears a striking resemblance with Winnie the Pooh, which he is and he does.

🥕 Farmers’ protests continued in the Netherlands this weekend and yesterday. Food producers are upset over a 2019 ‘green law’ called the Habitats Directive, which requires automatic reductions in farming if proportions of native plant species change from increased nitrogen in the soil or for any other reason.

Well, now the species are changing or something. Dutch growers claim the law’s automatic limits will require mass slaughter of food animals and the shuttering of up to a third of the country’s farms — right when global famine is blipping onto the apocalypse radar.

Haha! Stupid farmers! They think it’s just a coincidence caused by morons minting loopy environmental regulations. “At the time, politicians having always been as stupid as they are now, nobody was thinking ahead and wondering, look, what might this mean in the future?” Dutch representative Thierry Baudet said.

The Dutch farmers are protesting by withholding veggie shipments, using their trucks and tractors as rolling road blocks, and getting up to all sorts of other creative ways to communicate their dissatisfaction, like using manure spreaders to deliver pungent products to the front steps of government buildings.

For some reason, the protesting farmers seem a little, well, untrusting of the government’s intentions. In widespread social media chatter, the farmers have been warning each other about “Romeos” — undercover government agent provocateurs — who are inciting violence or even committing violent acts themselves to blame on the farmers. Some circulating videos appear to show men dressed as farmers vandalizing a government building and then all climbing into a police van a couple blocks away.

Dumb cops. Never use the official police van! Not when you are committing crimes, planting evidence, and otherwise secretly trying to get innocent citizens in trouble.

Anyway, it sounds like the Netherlands’ deep state has been getting pro tips from the January 6th Commission. I’ve been tracking this story for several days and have yet to see any official response from the Dutch government addressing the main issues, like whether it is TOTALLY FLIPPING INSANE to slaughter Bessie the Milk Cow and shutter Alpine Acres right when a global famine is kicking off.

The Dutch seem intent on live-action role playing a childhood fairy tale. Here’s a hint: what does “killing the golden goose” mean?

📈 Haha, stupid Dutch people. You voted for those dummies, so you deserve what… um, hold on a sec. Maybe I spoke too soon. A Saturday UPI article was headlined, “Biden Proposes to Block Offshore Drilling in Atlantic, Pacific Oceans, Allow Some In Gulf of Mexico.”

Oops. I guess we did it, too. Thanks a lot, 81 million alleged Biden voters.

That’s right! Just like the leaders in the Netherlands, our leaders have concocted the awesome, totally-green idea to shutter production in the midst of a shortage; in our case, cutting oil production in the middle of a worldwide fuel crisis. Brilliant!

What does “self-inflicted injury” mean?

Released on Friday, Biden’s proposal would cap new oil drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico at only ten, allow one possible lease sale in northern Alaska, and ZERO lease sales for the entire Atlantic and Pacific drilling areas — through 2028.

Joe’s draft plan will be published in the federal register later this month allowing a 90-day public comment period. I can’t wait to see the comments. It should be epic.

Just in case you were wondering, Joe didn’t come up with this insane idea completely on his own. This terrific brainstorm is being provided to you by the most reckless, self-destructive political party in history. The UPI explained, “During a legislative session earlier this year, Democrats urged [former vice-president] Joe Biden to do more to stop offshore drilling.”

On the other hand, 14 Republican states sued the Biden Administration for banning new oil and gas drilling on federal lands, baffling Democrats by arguing that bans drive up energy costs. Imagine that. Shady environmental groups are outraged by the proposal to allow even ten leases in the Gulf over the next five years. “The Biden administration had an opportunity to meet the moment on climate and end new offshore oil leasing in Interior’s five-year program,” said Drew Caputo, vice president of litigation at Earthjustice.

Let’s drill down a little. EarthJustice’s website brags that it employs 180 lawyers in 15 regional offices and has an astounding 650 current lawsuits. SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY. Just lawyers’ salaries alone would be well over $40 million annually. The website says they raise $150 million every year from ‘individual donations and foundations.” FOUNDATIONS being the key word. Think Gates, Soros.

They’re busy little beavers down at the EarthJustice center. In fact, just yesterday the legal group reversed a Trump-era modification to the Endangered Species Act:


I often wonder whether shadily-financed groups like this are really the most dangerous threat we face, rather than corrupt politicians, cartel drug dealers, Russian oligarchs, covid deniers, or soccer moms.

🔥 In the latest “outbreak” reminiscent of the Abbott lab shutdown, the CDC says it thinks Big Olaf Creamery, an ice cream brand only sold in Florida, may be to blame for a small listeria outbreak. Between January and June, 14 out of the 17 people interviewed by the CDC reported eating Big Olaf ice cream before symptoms started.

Although it is cooperating with a recall, Big Olaf is not so sure. “Our brand has not been confirmed to be linked to these cases,” said their official statement. “Nothing has been proven,” and “it is only speculation” that their ice cream is to blame.

Listeria, a type of bacterial food poisoning usually treated with antibiotics, can be serious for people with weak or underdeveloped immune systems. Either way, the symptoms are on the messier, less pleasant side.

I’ve never tried Big Olaf ice cream, never even heard of it. Is it weird that I want to try some now?

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