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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Tuesday, September 6, 2022 ☙ SPECIAL MASTERS

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By Jeff Childers


I hope you all had a joyful and rewarding Labor Day, and Happy Tuesday C&C! I took the day off yesterday, slept in, recharged the sarcasm batteries, and so forth, and was all set to write a long-form essay called “Kirsch’s War” today when current events washed over the blog in a giant news tsunami just like NASA’s secret weather machine went on the fritz.

Steve Kirsch is on a rampage, and the C&C Army is going to help him, but given the pace of events, I’ll have to get to that tomorrow. Your roundup today includes: big win for Trump in the Biden raid case; a big win for Trump in the J6 Committee’s case against the RNC; new Ivermectin study finds 92% mortality improvement and Brazilian feds indicted the lead researcher; Russia cuts off Europe’s gas; worldwide civil unrest tops the charts; sanctions keep backfiring; signs of life in Chile; Jane Fonda gets blood cancer; and Fetterman’s stroke stops debate.


🔥 Judging by the heartbroken and outraged reactions found in the lefty TDS-fever swamps on Twitter, Trump’s lawyers scored a significant victory Friday when the federal judge in Miami granted Trump’s motion to appoint a special master over the raid, and also halted the FBI’s investigation until the special master has been selected, hired, and has completed his review.

On an aside, you know, it’s just heartbreaking that there’s not an mRNA vaccine for TDS yet. We need another Operation Warp Speed.

Judge Aileen Cannon’s 24-page order is quite informative. She reviewed the actual history of the raid and noted the vast amount of material taken during the raid: “agents seized approximately 11,000 documents and 1,800 other items from the office and storage room[,]” including, by the FBI’s own admission, “personal effects without evidentiary value and… upwards of 500 pages of material potentially subject to attorney-client privilege.”

Here’s a link if you want to read it for yourself: https://tinyurl.com/4yfv6wam.

Judge Cannon thoughtfully and carefully rejected the government’s arguments about Trump’s lack of standing to request a master, and the argument that former presidents can’t invoke executive privilege if the sitting president waived that privilege. The judge found the law unsettled regarding the second question.

She then questioned the government’s approach to reviewing the seized documents, noting that on at least two occasions, the FBI’s ‘taint team’ initially failed to catch privileged material. Even though investigators subsequently noticed the privileged nature of the documents and returned them to the ‘taint team,’ the investigators who were exposed to the sensitive material were not removed from the reviewing team, so the harm has been done.

Judge Cannon ordered the parties to confer and submit a proposed list of special masters, so she can select one, and more importantly, she issued an injunction shutting down the FBI’s continued review until the special master is appointed and can finish their work.

The practical effect of the order is that it will prevent the raid from being used to arrest Trump before the midterms. But maybe even more significant, Trump’s lawyers now have a neutral judge involved in the case, and not just a magistrate who has blasted Trump on his Facebook page.

Unsurprisingly, the government is distinctly not happy about the decision, and said it is “reviewing the options.”

You can tell how bad this is for team FBI by how violently the left reacted to the notion that a neutral third party should be allowed to supervise the unprecedented public investigation of a former U.S. president. The lefties don’t even know who the special master will be, but they are already freaking out about it. Which tells you everything you need to know.

Great job, Trump team.

🔥 In another win for Trump, late last week the J6 Committee dropped its most ambitious subpoena, the one seeking all the RNC’s donor information. The UK Daily Mail reported that the J6 Committee formally withdrew its subpoena for fundraising information from the Republican National Committee and President Trump.

The Daily Mail explained that “the subpoena issued earlier this year sought records from Salesforce on the performance metrics and analytics related to email campaigns from Donald Trump, his reelection campaign and the RNC,” which includes personally identifiable information about most, if not all, major Republican donors.

“We said all along that this subpoena was unconstitutional,” RNC spokeswoman Emma Vaughn said after the subpoena was withdrawn. “This is a victory for freedom of speech, privacy, and Americans’ right of political association without fear of partisan reprisal.”

Notably, the decision to drop the request came after beetle-like Liz Cheney’s profound re-election defeat to Harriet Hageman in Wyoming, and after the announcement by the other Republican turncoat on the committee, Adam Kinzinger, of his retirement from politics. Which leaves the Committee with NO “bipartisan” cover.


💊 You may have seen articles this weekend about a new peer-reviewed study of over 80,000 patients taking Ivermectin in Brazil, published in Cureus, titled “Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate in a Dose-Response Manner: Results of a Prospective Observational Study of a Strictly Controlled Population of 88,012 Subjects.”

In short, and unsurprisingly, the researchers found a blockbuster NINETY-TWO PERCENT reduction in mortality from covid in the group taking Ivermectin as opposed to the group not taking the drug.

What you may not have heard is that they are now going after the lead researcher on the study, Flavio Cadegiani. Brazilian police indicted the scientist for “crimes against humanity,” for conducting a 2021 study on a chloroquine-like drug in the Amazon. Ironically, they alleged Flavio failed to get full informed consent from his patients.

I know. The irony. You can’t make this stuff up.

The charges are that 200 of Flavio’s 600 study patents died during the study, which sounds pretty awful. But Flavio defends that outcome, pointing out that at the time, hospitals in the Amazon were experiencing 50% covid mortality. So Flavio says his study actually showed a benefit. And he says his study was pre-approved by government agencies before he began.

It can’t possibly be that they are weaponizing law enforcement against the researcher because he wrote about Ivermectin. That would be bonkers. Be serious.

🔥 In a totally predictable story which corporate media is pretending took them completely by surprise, the Financial Times ran an article yesterday headlined, “Russia Switches Off Europe’s Main Gas Pipeline Until Sanctions Are Lifted.”

You’ll recall that Russia warned them, twice, both times claiming it couldn’t get spare parts “because of sanctions” and so had to reduce the natural gas flow first to 40%, then to 20%, but Europe was just going around, fat and happy, pretending like it never got the overdue notices.

The elites just can’t understand this move, not at all. First of all, they’ve never even KNOWN anyone who’s had their power cut off before. They think having the power cut off is a MORAL failure. Since elites believe Europeans are morally superior to Russians, this power-cutting-off is an outrage! It’s defamation! It’s disgustingly inequitable. It’s backwards, the opposite of equity. It’s non-equity! And even worse, it’s socially unjust or something. (I can’t follow the lefty logic.)

According to the Times, the Kremlin abruptly announced that Russia’s gas supplies to Europe through the NordStream 1 pipeline won’t — can’t — be fully reconnected until the “collective west” lifts sanctions against Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine. The announcement went something like this, “European comrades do not pay bill, do not make arrangement, and always call Russian people bad names. So have no choice but cut gas, very sorry.”

Corporate media and ignorant politicians in this country think it is patently unfair for Russia to stop selling its gas to Europe, just because of a few sanctions between friendly countries. Here’s a hilarious example from the article of how out-of-touch the elites are:

European leaders have said Russia’s technical issues are a ruse and have accused Moscow of “weaponising” its energy exports to retaliate against the western sanctions.

Hahahahaha! I can’t believe they actually printed that horse hockey. Please. These guys are giving me too much material.

What do these dummies think “sanctions” are? Hey, Europeans! You guys cut the Russians off from a bunch of stuff, like SWIFT, and now the Russians are sanctioning you back. YOU STARTED IT. Say what you want about the Russians, but at least they aren’t going around whining about their sanctions like the Europeans and lefty politicians in America.

Europe, you want to fight with the big boys? Get out of that dress, put some real shoes on, and take your sanctions like a man. Quit crying about them, you big babies.

Germany, which was particularly surprised by the announcement while gayly frolicking at a leatherwear ‘festival’ or something, will be hardest hit. Already suffering from crippling energy inflation, with prices having skyrocketed up to ten times since the beginning of the year, the country’s citizens face truly astronomical energy bills as it heads into a frigid winter.

Elites aren’t affected by energy prices too much, because if their power bill goes from $500 a month to $5,000 a month, they don’t really even notice. For heaven’s sake, their next cut out of the Ukraine cash grab is over a hundred times that much. But the average German can’t afford the rates where they are now, much less where rates are headed.

In other words, a lot of ordinary Germans are going to have THEIR gas cut off for not paying their bills. So far, German elites have elevated principle over practical politics, sacrificing its citizens to boost the West’s suicidal Ukraine policy. How long the Germans will put up with this remains unclear.

They aren’t completely quiescent though. Signs of life are sprouting up. For example, German social media influencer Kim DotCom (1M followers) retweeted this post by Lebanese influencer Sarah Abdallah (300K followers), about French protests to get out of NATO:

Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxoThis is HUGE. People all over Europe are starting to resist the NATO proxy war. “Let’s get out of NATO!” shout tens of thousands of French people in the streets of Paris yesterday. September 4th 202211,341 Retweets34,936 Likes

You’ve heard about the French protests to get out of NATO, haven’t you? Haha, just kidding. Of COURSE you haven’t. That’s the wrong kind of civil unrest for corporate media. They don’t like reporting THAT kind.

But there’s a lot of that kind of unrest going around.

🔥 On Friday, Business Insider ran a story headlined, “Risk of Civil Unrest Surging in More Than Half of the World’s Countries, Analysis Says.”

Verisk Maplecroft, which sounds like a character from a James Bond movie, is a UK-based risk consulting and intelligence firm. Among other things, it calculates a ‘risk’ of civil unrest score, using variables like inflation levels, how countries respond to dissent, and how devastating an impact civil unrest could have on a country’s infrastructure.

In its latest report, published last Thursday, over half the countries on its Civil Unrest Index (101 of 198) increased their risk of civil unrest between the second and third quarters of this year. In other words, the natives are getting restless. “Although there have been several high-profile and large-scale protests during the first half of 2022, the worst is undoubtedly yet to come,” the report noted, in a somber British accent.

Apparently this is another one of those “firsts” we’ve been seeing so often lately. Maplecroft said it has never before seen levels of civil unrest risk this high, not since it began tracking the index. Now, keep in mind this index is a “model;” they aren’t calculating high UNREST, they’re scoring high RISK of unrest. It’s a bad sign, but it’s not reality, not yet.

Predictably, the report blames the problem on the Russians for invading Ukraine, which is like blaming kids’ learning losses on covid. Of COURSE it’s not the war. Covid over-reactions, U.S. sanctions, and the nearly-universal cooperation with those sanctions by Western countries have all plunged the world into unprecedented rates of civil unrest risk.

And before you light up the comments section, I am NOT arguing the U.S. “shouldn’t have done anything” about Russia invading Ukraine. But I AM saying that Biden should have “done something” that DIDN’T cause worldwide inflation, energy crises, and civil unrest.

But maybe that’s setting the bar too high for him? I don’t mean to be unfair.

🔥 The Daily Mail ran an informative infographic over the weekend that illustrates the profound irony of Russia sanctions, by comparing various economic metrics in the UK to the same ones in Russia:

The sanctions are going SO great. Who came up with these sanctions again? Oh, that’s right, a demented nursing home patient. Weird that it’s backfiring, right?

And it’s just as interesting that the UK media is noticing.

🔥 Stay hopeful. Fox News ran an article over the weekend headlined, “Chile Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Left-Wing Constitution: ‘A Path of Hope’.”

I was just talking recently about how, although we are living through historically unprecedented times, human history is consistent about one thing: social movements always correct themselves.

The gist of the Fox story is that, during the pandemic, Chile elected lefty president president Gabriel Boric, 36, its youngest president in history. Boric ran on an idealistic platform of “reforming” the country’s constitution to add a bunch of wacky leftwing stuff, you can imagine, jam-packed with “social issues,” “gender equity,” and “climate fairness.”

Voting on the constitutional referendum was mandatory, which explains the 96% turnout and never-ending lines at polling locations. After Sunday’s vote, the faction to reject the new constitution won with nearly 62% support, compared to about 38% who voted in favor.

It’s not clear what happens next, because a majority of Chileans still favor changing the current constitution. But the rejection of the leftwing fantasy-constitution is a start. It’s progress.

💉 Communist sympathizer and activist Jane Fonda, 84, who famously labeled covid as “the best thing that ever happened to the Left,” and who enthusiastically advocated for vaccine mandates, announced this weekend she has been newly diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has started chemo treatment.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a blood cancer, usually in the immune cells, that tends to grow in the lymph nodes. It’s another weird coincidence, given the nature of jab injuries.

Fonda says she remains optimistic and we wish her a speedy recovery.

💉 Corporate media have been sniping at each other over the propriety of criticizing candidate John Fetterman for announcing he could not debate Dr. Oz because he is “still recovering” from the sudden and unexpected stroke that he had back IN MAY.

Now, I can remember when, back in the good old days, about two years ago, it was good sport and perfectly fair to discuss in great detail the health status of politicians and candidates for political office. You know, like if somebody’s neurological problems prevent them from even debating the issues, how can they properly represent their state on those issues in the rough-and-tumble of the Senate?

Well, here in post-pandemia, questions like that are mean or unfeeling or shine too much light on things that are better left buried. It’s out of bounds. Don’t. Even. Ask.

Have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow with another great roundup.

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