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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Tuesday, September 13, 2022 ☙ SNAKE OIL

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Tuesday! Today’s roundup includes: news about Ukraine buried in propaganda avalanche; rumors fly about Putin and Trump arrests; Biden unveils the new and improved 2022 Cancer Moon Shot and you’ll never believe what makes it work; the home of covid-zero throws in the towel on jab requirements for international visitors; New York ends its state of covid emergency; a breakthrough study finds jab risks greatly outweigh jab benefits for young people; Detroit Free Press argues it’s time to end the national state of emergency; and Monkeypox infections are falling, and you’ll never guess who’s going to get the credit.


🔥 It was impossible to follow the developing Ukraine story yesterday, since most social media became utterly worthless, with any reliable information completely swamped by an anti-Putin propaganda-lanche. The scale was completely unprecedented, unlike anything I’ve seen before. A thousand thousand small accounts breathlessly reported that, because of the single military setback in Ukraine, Russian president Putin: was arrested, was under guard at his Dacha, was going to face trial for crimes against humanity, was deposed in a military coup, is facing impeachment in the Russian congress, has lost all support of the Russian people, will soon be executed; et cetera, ad infinitum.

Here are a couple representative examples, which don’t provide any sense of the actual scale of the thing, like offering a single salty drop to try to explain the Pacific Ocean:

Ramon Agusta @ramonagusta”Rumours are swirling in Moscow that former generals and KGB officials are preparing to oust Russia’s president Vladimir Putin & plan to end the war in Ukraine, which is increasingly seen in Russia as a strategic mistake & above all, an economic disaster.” Kremlin coup rumours growing in Moscow: Disgruntled generals join FSB looking to oust Putin and end Ukraine warRumours are swirling in Moscow that a number of former generals and KGB officials are preparing to oust Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and plan to endcityam.comSeptember 12th 20228 Retweets38 Likes

Dash Dobrofsky @DashDobrofskyWe ask you to relieve yourself of your post’: Kremlin officials have begun a mutiny against Vladimir Putin. ‘We ask you to relieve yourself of your post’: Kremlin officials are turning against Vladimir PutinHalfway through his invasion of Ukraine’s sixth bloody month, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s grip on power in Moscow is imploding as scores of Kremlin officials are calling upon the 69-year-old autocrat to quit.Putin had anticipated his February 24th “special military operation” to be a cakewalk…rawstory.comSeptember 12th 2022923 Retweets3,874 Likes

We need a new word to describe this kind of seemingly coordinated, completely unhinged, global propaganda. I say ‘coordinated’ because it’s all obviously completely made up, and normal people just don’t make up this kind of stuff. Apart from a few outliers, normal folks may exaggerate, they may even speculate hyperbolically and repeat dumb things they’ve heard online, but I just do not believe THIS MANY folks originate calculated lies.

So at present, the actual news — whatever it is — is buried under a tsunami of fake news. There’s nothing new about anti-Russian war propaganda, of course. You can see it at work because the anti-Russian social media army is nearly always wrong. For example, they’ve previously reported that Putin was dying any number of times. He had cancer, was poisoned, was worried about BEING poisoned, refused to leave Moscow out of fear of assassination, and so forth.

It’s happened so often that I stopped reporting on the “confirmed” news about Putin being on his deathbed.

As far as corporate media goes, as I predicted, CNN ran a long-form story yesterday celebrating the brilliant Ukrainian offensive headlined, “Russia’s Collapse In Northeast Ukraine Ignites Fury From Putin Loyalists.” The article describes how the wily Ukrainians tricked the blockheaded Russians into thinking a forward push was going to happen further south, but then broke through Russian defenses that had been thinned out in the north. Now, CNN says, Russia is all but defeated: out of weapons, out of manpower, and completely demoralized.

Thank goodness! Maybe now we can stop Venmo-ing billions of American dollars to some of the most corrupt actors in the world. Republican lawmakers, take note. As CNN says, the Ukrainians now have the war situation well under control. They don’t need more money or weapons. Or, in other words, at this point, WE need the money and weapons more than they do.

🔥 Curiously, a similar propaganda effort targeted President Trump yesterday, albeit on a smaller scale. After corporate media reported that he’d been seen landing in Washington, DC, the fake social media army went to work claiming that President Trump: was indicted; was arrested on the tarmac outside his plan; had been met by FBI agents and local law enforcement; was obviously dressed in a hurry because he wanted to turn himself in before being arrested in front of news cameras; is now sitting in a DC jail; would soon be tried for crimes against humanity; and so on, and so forth.

Here’s a representative example:

bernadette @bluckingThis. Now. Trump is in DC on a tarmac w no entourage. Arrested? https://t.co/F9ploIH3UaAngry Staffer 🌻 @Angry_StafferA lot of folks have asked, but I don’t have a clue why Trump is in DC. My thoughts: 1. Health issue / going to Walter Reed 2. Turning himself in? 🤷‍♂️ It’s not often Trump does anything without fanfare, so this makes me think it’s a narrative he can’t control. https://t.co/IGXsPzeBhbSeptember 12th 20226 Likes

So, it’s weird — right? — that on the VERY SAME DAY, social media armies pushed rumors about both Trump and Putin that both leaders were separately being arrested to face trial for their myriad “crimes against humanity.”

One might fairly speculate whether this stuff all originates from a single polluted spring.

💉 Good news everybody! Biden held a live event yesterday, to unveil the glorious details of his new and improved 2022 Cancer Moon Shot, as opposed to his lame 2016 Cancer Moon Shot, which apparently has finally expired after a long, debilitating, bureaucratic illness. We don’t need stupid moon shots like the pathetic last one, which OBVIOUSLY hasn’t worked. The improved 2022 version has a new “secret sauce,” and it’s REALLY REALLY going to work, this time.

Ironically, the secret of the 2022 Cancer Moon Shot is … a shot! Specifically, an mRNA shot. The shot doesn’t actually exist yet but — try to follow Joe’s logic here — because the mRNA shots work so well at stopping covid, they are going to stop cancer, too. See? If it works good against covid, it must be good against cancer. It’s probably good against everything, like some kind of miraculous elixir sold off of a gaily-painted stagecoach that can instantly transform into a stage while also allowing for a hasty midnight departure.

Greg Price @greg_price11Biden: “To prevent cancers, scientists are exploring whether mRNA vaccine technologies, that brought us safe and effective covid-19 vaccines, can be used to stop cancer cells when they first arise.” September 12th 2022165 Retweets514 Likes

See? You probably thought I was making that up. But it is basically what Biden actually said. Second, if the shots work as well against cancer as they did against covid, we are in serious, serious trouble, people.

On the other hand, if we bury them all, maybe the mRNA shots will grow into a giant, leafy, magic bean tree.

Anyway, as usual with Democrat initiatives, results don’t matter, it’s the intent that counts. (And, how much cash you can funnel to your friends, of course.) Biden isn’t forecasting anything good happening anytime soon — in fact, he’s explicitly saying it will take TWENTY FIVE YEARS, not even to beat cancer, just to cut the ballooning numbers in half:

The White House @WhiteHousePresident Biden’s Cancer Moonshot will work to: – Cut the cancer death rate by at least 50% over the next 25 years – Turn more cancers from death sentences into chronic diseases people can live with – Create a more supportive experience for patients and familiesSeptember 12th 20222,065 Retweets13,124 Likes

I wonder how they calculated that 50%? Anyway, the Washington Post ran a skeptical story on Biden’s speech headlined, “Biden Touts Cancer ‘Moonshot’ At JFK Library, Despite Setbacks.”

The article explains that the “renewed” Moonshot takes the form of ANOTHER new health agency, called ARPA-H. Apparently the CDC and the NIH aren’t enough. We need even more agencies with even more fabulously-paid directors who enjoy even more lifelong tenures and can hire even more of their good buddies and can hand out even more generous research grants to even more scientists who play ball and don’t ask questions.

And THAT should do it, this time. Because SCIENCE!!!

You shouldn’t joke around. As you know, Biden has personal experience with cancer. He’s an oil cancer survivor. He got the cancer when he was a kid growing up in Delaware and there was oil IN THE AIR, so thick that his parents had to run the windshield wipers to clear the glass so they could see where they were going. I’m not making that up. At least, that’s what Joe said. Anyway he recovered from his oil cancer, somehow, fortunately. That part of the story isn’t clear.

Maybe Joe’s oil cancer experience also explains his hostility to gas-powered cars?

💉 After spending two years uselessly chasing covid-zero, bragging about having total border control, and still getting their vaccinated butts kicked by a tiny virus, New Zealand has finally thrown in the towel and is finally ashcanning jab requirements for international travelers who — for some reason — want to visit the island nation.

Zain Chagla @zchaglaNo vaccine or test requirements for entering New Zealand. Come on Canada. This is getting ridiculous The latest rules for travel to New Zealand as all Covid-19 entry restrictions are scrappedPrime Minister Jacinda Arden is removing all but a few Covid-related rules with vaccination requirements axed for international travellersinews.co.ukSeptember 12th 20221,614 Retweets5,940 Likes

💉 You know who else is throwing in the covid towel? Replacement governor Kathy Hochul of New York, who suddenly and unexpectedly ended the state’s hyper-extended covid state of emergency last week.

New York Post @nypostHochul finally ends COVID-19 state of emergency as close election looms trib.al/zDoByat


September 12th 2022145 Retweets527 Likes

The Post’s headline obviously connected Hochul’s decision to her flaccid re-election — first election? — poll numbers. But there might be another, stiffer explanation.

Last week, the Post ran another story headlined, “Hochul Gave Covid Test Contract To Campaign Donor That Charged Taxpayers Double.” In the story, the Post explained:

An end to the state of emergency comes just days after revelations of how Hochul reportedly helped a donor tied to $300,000 in campaign donations get $637 million in state business for rapid tests that were twice the cost of those provided by other vendors. The payments … add to a growing list of alleged pay-to-play schemes involving Hochul, who has denied wrongdoing.

Pay to play schemes? Say it isn’t so. New York’s emergency declaration gave Governor Hochul power to bypass normal procurement requirements for state purchases and award ‘no bid’ contracts whenever the mood struck. It’s shocking that there could have been any abuses. I mean, Hochul is completely above reproach and so forth. I know that you’re shocked. Shocked and appalled. How could this happen, and so forth.

“The order finally expiring today is a powerful illustration of why it’s dangerous to let governors overuse their emergency powers,” health policy expert Bill Hammond explained. “The Legislature should investigate what happened and reform the law to make sure it can’t happen again.”

Who could have ever seen this kind of thing coming?

💉 A brand-new peer-reviewed Harvard / John’s Hopkins study of vaccination risks versus vaccinated rewards for young people explicitly concluded that the jabs CAUSE more illness than they prevent. This is a game changer.

The 50-page study, posted to SSRN yesterday, is titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities.” Significantly the researchers concluded that, for each covid-related hospitalization theoretically prevented in young people, the jabs may cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events.

The researchers explained:

Using CDC and sponsor-reported adverse event data, we find that booster mandates may cause a net expected harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities. Given the high prevalence of post-infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favourable.

Extrapolating from this data-driven conclusion, the researchers made five arguments why university booster mandates are medically UNETHICAL:

1) [N]o formal risk-benefit assessment exists for this age group; 2) vaccine mandates may result in a net expected harm to individual young people; 3) mandates are not proportionate: expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits given the modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission; 4) US mandates violate the reciprocity principle because rare serious vaccine-related harms will not be reliably compensated due to gaps in current vaccine injury schemes; and 5) mandates create wider social harms.

In other words, the jabs are not a good bet for young people. If you have a child in college, this study might be useful to forward to your kid’s jab-happy college administrators. Just saying.

The study is more evidence that the covid narrative has been abandoned.

🔥 The Detroit Free Press ran an op-ed yesterday, republished by Yahoo News, captioned, “Enough With The Backdoor Policymaking. It’s Time To End The Covid Public Health Emergency.”

The article calls for the end of the national covid state of emergency. The authors point out that Biden’s emergency powers have allowed him to create a “bolus of payments” that avoid the normal legislative process, including:

The administration can maintain expanded benefits for people enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. All states and Washington, D.C., can offer expanded telehealth services without getting prior authorization from the federal government. Hospitals receive a 20% increase in the Medicare payment rate for every patient diagnosed with COVID.

The authors argue that, whether or not you think these policies are helpful, since covid is no longer an ACTUAL emergency (if it ever was), these issues are issues for LEGISLATORS, not the executive branch. Which is what C&C has been arguing since March 2020.

[I]f the administration wants to keep these benefits in place, it needs to follow the normal democratic and legislative processes to do so, instead of using the emergency to duck the need for congressional approval.

The experts who wrote the piece summarized why it is manifestly unhelpful to concretize these covid policies into a never-ending state of emergency:

Lifting the federal public health emergency will free up funds and hospital capacity, discourage policymakers from clinging to harmful pandemic policies and help guide the country back toward much-needed normalcy.


🔥 As Biden appointed an actual Satanist to coordinate the nation’s response to the Monkeypox festival epidemic, rates of infection are now, apparently, dropping.

Even though the infections began dropping BEFORE the newest joker was added Biden’s deck of bureaucratic wild cards, covid experts were straight off congratulating the demonic Monkeypox coordinator for ALREADY solving the epidemic:

Monica Gandhi MD, MPH @MonicaGandhi9MONKEYPOX: Great to see decline in cases in this global outbreak (first reported May 12 to WHO) likely due to behavior changes, then natural immunity, now vaccination. Dr. Demetre Daskalakis @dr_demetre our monkeypox coordinator in US doing a GREAT job Monkeypoxtally @MonkeypoxtallyAnother step in the right direction: This is the 4th week in a row where monkeypox cases decline globally as we continue to see a clear downtrend in cases in the last month and a half. 5 weeks ago we recorded 6,887 cases vs 4,317 cases this week. Let’s keep up the awareness! https://t.co/smzddSC1CuSeptember 11th 20226 Retweets34 Likes

That was fast! Hot take: Maybe he made a deal with the devil?

Have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll be back right here tomorrow morning, brewing up some more delicious Coffee & Covid for you.

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