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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Thursday, July 7, 2022 ☙ Shanked 🦠

Boris Johnson involuntarily retires; Georgia Guidestones explode; FBI and MI5 team up against China; Monkeypox cases double in NYC; and today's funniest meme.

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By Jeff Chiders


Good day C&C! It’s Thursday, and today’s roundup includes: Boris Johnson’s involuntary retirement over covid policy; the Georgia Guidestones explode; the FBI and the MI5 team up against China; Monkeypox cases double in NYC; and today’s bit of humor to lighten your day.


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🪖 Alert! Next week we’ll multiply Feds for Med Freedom. At long last.


🔥 Another popular Western leader falls, the victim of covid overreach. The Wall Street Journal ran an article this morning headlined, “U.K.’s Boris Johnson to Resign After Scandals Grow Too Great to Handle.”

I reported yesterday on the abrupt public resignation of Johnson’s revolting crypto-marxist health minister Sajid Javid, who joined a half dozen other members of Johnson’s team bolting for the door this week. According to the WSJ, the resignations continued yesterday, topping FIFTY departures. Top members of Johnson’s Conservative party confronted him on camera demanding his resignation, while Johnson insisted he would “stick it out” for the “good of the country” because, Johnson claimed, the last thing anybody needs right now is more change.

Johnson never saw it coming. Just recently he’d chatted happily about his goal to stay in the office until the 2030s. Last week he jovially bragged to reporters about his maniacal vision of “rebuilding the Roman Empire.” But it was never going to work.

Vast political skullduggery was on display yesterday as insiders plotted, cabals met in back rooms, operatives sharpened their political knives, all while Johnson’s defensive forces were draining away like water out of the palace’s hot tub, and all while the politicians publicly chatted politely with each other about the unseasonably hot weather in the hallways of power. The British are better at dark politics than anyone.

The article explained that by morning, Johnson had turned loose of his goal to stick it out, and has agreed to resign. He wants to continue as “custodian” until elections in August, which would deprive his party of a chance to appoint a successor. We’ll see if they let him, but I doubt it. Someone who wants to cling to a disgraced office that badly is probably a man who desperately needs to bury some bodies before he turns the lights off and hands in his key.

There’s a reason I’m spending all this time on this story. The Journal claims Johnson fell because of “a series of scandals,” but only names two. They’re worth looking at.

The first scandal you already know about: the hedonistic parties at Number 10 Downing Street — the prime minister’s official residence slash offices. If you were a connected politician during the harsh British lockdowns, that’s where you went to vent a little steam. They let the good times roll. Worse, Johnson had denied any parties occurred — to Parliament — several times before he was forced by the quick rush of events to admit it all HAD, in fact, happened. Having the parties was “bad judgment.” So was lying.

So that’s one.

The second enumerated scandal was Johnson’s appointment of Chris Pincher as Deputy Chief Whip, which among other things runs the party’s pastoral care and discipline. Pincher owns a long, neatly-tucked-away history of complaints about unwanted sexual advances toward young men. Groping and such. In typical British understatement, they’re calling Pincher the “Chief Whip sex pest.” And apparently a bunch of people knew about it, including Johnson, who knew about Pincher’s pestilent little problem for years.

Someone leaked it. Someone who knew about Pincher AND about Johnson knowing about Pincher. Think about that for a second. It had to be someone at the top level of government, someone who knew Pincher’s dirty little secret and the coverups, and most significantly, knew that Johnson had been told and had promoted Pincher anyway. So the leaker must have been one of the top members of his own party.

In other words, they shanked Boris Johnson, the hero of Brexit, right between the shoulder blades. Et tu, Brute? Or, if you want to be properly British, you might simply call the whole sordid episode Johnson’s involuntary retirement.

Getting to the point, Johnson is reaping the harvest of his own stupid lockdowns, mandates, and executive orders. His wantonly destructive covid policies infuriated people and pushed his popularity dial over towards unpopularity. The lockdowns made people who disliked Johnson actively hate him. They made people who were neutral to Johnson into folks who strongly disliked him. And they made Johnson’s own supporters less ardent, and less willing to support him when the political rubber hit the road. Which it yesterday.

I described the Pincher scandal so you could understand that Johnson’s fall was NOT because of “a series of scandals.” The pedo appointments had been going on for YEARS. They were leaked to wound Johnson BECAUSE everyone hates him now, and because Johnson lied about exempting himself and his buddies from his despised covid lockdown policies.

Plus, what is up with that hair? I assume Johnson has heard of a hairbrush. Man, please. Have some self-respect.

Anyway, back at the time, I allowed that all these dictatorial leaders were enjoying their heyday, but I also predicted there would eventually be a reckoning. I said the more grotesque the overreach, the stronger the backlash would be. I warned them this would happen, but they wouldn’t listen.

It’s just starting. I’m not kidding: I would not be surprised if even president Xi’s insane covid lockdown policy winds up taking him out too. Famously inscrutable, Chinese people can be hard to read. There are a lot of them. They are also good at dark politics. Who knows, they may already be far past the breaking point, it’s just difficult to tell.

Here at home in the U.S., a lot of democrats are about to find out how unhappy people are over all their covid overreach this November.

🔥 This next story is a little odd, and I debated whether to write it up, but ultimately I couldn’t help it. There’s a metaphor here. The story is, the Georgia Guidestones blew up.

You can search U.S. corporate media forever and won’t find this story, and maybe it’s not particularly newsworthy.1 Maybe it’s just a minor act of freshman vandalism on a weird out-of-the way amateur tourist attraction or something.

Maybe. But the so-called Georgia Guidestones are enough of a story that at least one minor gubernatorial candidate pledged recently to destroy them if elected, and even called them “satanic.” Here’s the tweet from Kandiss Taylor’s primary campaign this spring:


Called “America’s Stonehenge” by fans, the Guidestones sprouted without fanfare in a rural Georgia field in 1980 as if they were designed to fuel conspiracy theories. Maybe because they knew their little monument wouldn’t be super popular, forty+ years later the builders remain completely anonymous, protected by layers of cutouts, shell corporations, and lawyers contractually pledged to secrecy. But whoever built them has enough juice that cameras linked directly to Georgia’s 911 call center constantly monitor the sinister monolith to keep it safe.

It didn’t work.

A 2009 article in Wired Magazine said the monument was commissioned by an unknown person or group under the deliberately-provocative pseudonym “Robert C. Christian,” on behalf of “a small group of local Americans” who had been planning the monument for decades. The fifteen-foot-tall stones are packed with occult symbology, including various holes, lines, and markings tied to various astronomical features. In several languages, including Hebrew, this message is inscribed all over them:

”Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature; Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity; Unite humanity with a living new language; Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason; Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts; Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court; Avoid petty laws and useless officials; Balance personal rights with social duties; Prize truth, beauty, love … seeking harmony with the infinite; Be not a cancer on earth — leave room for nature — leave room for nature.”

The inscription can be fairly understood as a prescription for massive depopulation, radical birth control, eugenics, oppressive government, and a new world order. The occult designs and imagery arguably can be tied to various well-known satanic themes. It has lots of other super weird features. For just one example of many, the Guidestones are placed exactly 666 miles from the United Nations building.

It might be a coincidence. Maybe. Anyway, it’s weird.

So you can easily imagine that — especially considering its secretive construction — a lot of folks, for some reason, think that world governments and NGO’s are conspiring to bring about what the Guidestones suggested over 40 years ago.

Anyway, according to surveillance footage, a sharp explosion occurred at the Guidestones at 4:03am local time on Wednesday, July 6th. The cameras show nothing but a flash of light and one of the three pillars crumbling. Later yesterday afternoon, Georgia authorities demolished the remaining stones for tourists’ safety.

The internet is vibrating with speculation. Did someone finally say enough was enough and blow the damnable things up somehow? Or was it taken down by its own makers, in some kind of occult ceremony symbolizing the destruction of the old order to make way for a new one, or something? Who knows.

What we DO know is: somebody wanted the insane monument gone. While decrying destruction of private property, of course, I can’t help feeling a tiny bit better that the Guidestones aren’t around. We’ll deal with whatever comes next if and when it raises its beastly head.

🚀 Last week I told you …

about how, for the first time in history, NATO identified China as a strategic threat. Yesterday I reported on how the U.S. is now openly criticizing China’s support of Russia, especially over Russia’s biolab disclosures. Then yesterday, we witnessed another first, reported in a BBC article headlined, “China: MI5 And FBI Heads Warn of ‘Immense’ Threat.”

Setting another historical record, the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, and Ken McCallum, the head of Britain’s counterpart, MI5, held a joint news briefing in London. Wray announced that China is the “biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security” and has interfered in politics, including — wait for it — recent elections.

Elections interference is an act of war. Just saying.

The FBI director said the Chinese government had directly interfered in a congressional election in New York this spring because they did not want a candidate who was a critic and former protester at Tiananmen Square to be elected. Wray said the Chinese hired a private investigator to dig up compromising information on the candidate. When they couldn’t find anything, Wray described a Chinese effort to create a controversy using a sex worker, and even considering staging a car accident to take the candidate out.

  • Side question: why are we just hearing about this now?

For his part, McCallum described the challenge of the Chinese Communist Party as “game-changing.” Wray echoed his sentiment, labeling the China threat “immense” and “breath-taking.”

In response, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the FBI director was just “playing up the China threat to smear and attack China,” revealing his “Cold War mentality,” and urged Wray to stop making “irresponsible” remarks. The statement didn’t deny or even address Wray’s claims.

Wray had concluded his remarks by saying, “China has for far too long counted on being everybody’s second-highest priority. They are not flying under the radar anymore.”

It’s the last bit that’s most interesting, about the Chinese not flying under the radar anymore and not being our second priority. The statement was a warning to the Chinese that the U.S. and the U.K. intend to expose them and make them a “top” priority.

All things considered, this looks a lot like an effort to push China away from Russia. Coming down on China is a good start in my view, but Joe will Biden it somehow.

Remember that President Trump promised to crack down on China? Wouldn’t it be deliciously ironic if this whole Ukraine biolabs deal winds up creating the kinds of sanctions on China that Trump really would have loved?

📈 The Hill ran a story yesterday headlined:

“Monkeypox Cases in New York City Double in Past Week.” So, New York City’s health department tweeted Tuesday that 111 people have now tested positive for the pox, up from 55 in the previous week.

The health department is offering smallpox vaccine to “at risk” men, presumably European “festival” attenders and those having well-developed “sexual networks.” Nowhere can you find any recommendations that people desist from the, er, activities that are spreading the virus. It sure looks like perverts get advisories, but normal folks get lockdowns.

There’s something very wrong with our government right now. Maybe those Guidestone conspiracy theorists are really onto something.

🔥 Finally, today’s funniest meme. Seen online:

Have a terrific Thursday! And come on back here tomorrow, ya’ll, for more. Click to SHARE this column.

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