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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Thursday, July 28, 2022 ☙ Baby Stealers 🦠

The most promising study to date; the most terrifying threat yet; docs show massive CDC censorship efforts; pediatric hepatitis cause found; dems fund election deniers; and much more...

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By Jeff Childers


Good day, C&C! It’s Thursday, and we’re closing in on the end of July here in Post Pandemia. Today’s roundup includes: the greatest scientific study ever published promises a cure for all that ails us; guess what two new studies say is causing the pediatric hepatitis outbreak; newly-discovered documents show massive coordination between the CDC and social media during the pandemic; media pivots to new “recession” definition; democrats fund election deniers while prosecuting election denial; Venezuela and Iran and farm land; DeSantis kicks over ESG metrics; the most terrifying new threat yet; and Trump explains his Fauci policy.


☕ Late last week, the Washington Post ran a very helpful story that I happen to agree with headlined, “Regular Coffee Drinkers Had Lower Chance of Dying in 7-Year Period.”

Ha! See? I mean, what CAN’T coffee do?

According to a new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, people who drink up to 3½ cups of coffee a day have a better chance at a longer life span. And that’s even if you ruin it with a little sugar, apparently.

It wasn’t some cheap coffee-industry study of ten broke college kids or something. The researchers tracked the coffee consumption and health of 172,000 caffeine addicts over a seven-year period. They found that those who regularly drank 1½ to 3½ cups of coffee a day, plain or even sweetened with up to a teaspoon of sugar, were up to -30% less likely to die than non-drinkers from ANY CAUSE — including blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Or even monkeypox, I mean Brokeback Mountain Spotted Fever. Sorry.

I get it, tea is probably good too, but … it’s science, people. Don’t be a science denier. Drink coffee, read C&C, live long and prosper.

🔬 CNBC ran a story yesterday about a new pediatric hepatitis study, headlined “Scientists Identify Likely Cause of Mysterious Children’s Liver Disease.”

Whew. Glad we figured THAT out.

The researchers came up with a surprising conclusion. They ruled out covid and the shots. Instead, they decided the cause of the crippling pediatric hepatitis outbreak was … lockdowns. LOCKDOWNS. Nearly 40% of the hospitalized cases — mostly children under 5 years old — needed ICU treatment, and about 5% — 1 in 20 — needed liver transplants.

Specifically, in separate studies published Tuesday, two UK research teams both concluded that infants may have missed out on developing immunities to two linked viruses: adenovirus and adeno-associated virus 2 (AAV2), because of lockdown restrictions.

Some people were warning right from the jump that locking kids down, strapping masks over their tiny faces, and dousing them in hand sanitizer might — maybe — make them MORE vulnerable to disease. But the experts overruled us. Put them in bubbles!

At some point we may need to have a delicate conversation about exactly what should be done about all the so-called experts who pushed lockdowns and school closures so hard. The Lord sayeth vengeance is His and everything, it’s hard but that’s the rule, but that still doesn’t mean we have to keep listening to media-appointed “experts.” We can cancel them, right?

🔥 … Free Beacon…

The Washington Free Beacon ran an exposé yesterday about some newly released CDC documents, headlined “How the CDC Coordinated With Big Tech To Censor Americans.”


According to the Beacon, newly-discovered documents show that starting in December 2020, CDC officials routinely emailed workers at Twitter, Facebook, and Google about “vaccine misinformation.” CDC officials even flagged specific posts as “examples” of misinformation. But they did it secretly, strongly suggesting they knew it was wrong.

The emails suggest even wider coordination than email campaigns. In one email, a Twitter employee says he is “looking forward to setting up regular chats” with the CDC officials. Others show coordination of zoom meetings with the CDC over how to best police alleged misinformation about covid vaccines. One internal March 2021 email from a senior CDC staffer says “we are working on [sic] project with Census to leverage their infrastructure to identify and monitor social media for vaccine misinformation.”

The Census Bureau! Come ON. They weaponized the entire federal bureaucracy against us.

Other emails show Facebook gifted the CDC with $15 million in free advertising credits in April 2021, massively promoting the government’s WRONG covid messaging. Do I need to repeat the list? 95% efficacy, vaccines prevent infection, lockdowns flatten the curve, masks work. And so on. All fake.

It’s ironic, don’t you think? The government got millions in free ad credits to promote MISINFORMATION while censoring the information that turned out the be accurate. The Bible explains God is not the author of confusion, 1 Cor. 14:33, so now we know where it comes from — the CDC!

Anyway, all this is CLEAR evidence of a massive conspiracy to violate Americans’ Constitutional freedom of speech. Private businesses may not conspire with government to censor Americans. And remember, it all occurred in the context of very public discussions, especially among democrat politicians, about “needing to revisit Section 230” — the Communications Decency Act — which allows social media platforms to exist.

I think it would be fair at this point to give all of US some free ad credits and censor the CDC. Who’s with me?

🔥 Fox News did…

Fox News did a roundup of corporate media, showing how they all pivoted like a flock of starving pigeons chasing a bread crust to embrace Biden’s clever wordplay over “recession.” The Fox article I was headlined, “Biden White House Talking Points Redefining Recession Quickly Embraced by Media Outlets.”

The article makes some pretty funny points, like where it quoted the odious Paul Krugman, who had just finished apologizing for last year’s awful prediction that we wouldn’t see any serious inflation, but NOW he’s SURE that recession talk is overblown, and the White House’s new and improved definition was always how it should have been in the first place.

The article quotes Boston Globe reporter Jim Puzzanghera, who even went so far as to claim “it’s not officially a recession until a small group of experts empaneled by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge says so — and they are known to take their time.”

In other words: look, dummies, it’s not a recession just because your family is suffering financially from bad government policy. It’s only a recession when a tiny group of unelected, undisclosed, anonymous experts says it is, long after the fact. Just trust the experts, who are currently saying it’ll be a year or more before they can tell us whether it’s a recession or not. So you’d better not say it IS a recession, or you’ll be a disinformer, and you know what happens to disinformers.


Meanwhile, Politico stealth-complained about the dumb redefining, but went along with it anyway: Click here to read post

It’s nuanced. It only took internet sleuths about three seconds to find where the exact same Politico author, Morning Money Ben, said the exact OPPOSITE thing two years ago:

It got better. Morning Money Ben even endorsed the old definition as recently as LAST MONTH:

Whoops! Listen to PRESENT me, not prior me!

🔥 In totally unrelated news…

In totally unrelated news, Politico ran a story about how White House officials are running around twisting reporters’ arms, to make them toe the newest line about how great the economy is: Click here to see the post

See, the news isn’t about the RECESSION. It’s about how a recession might give Republicans a way to attack Biden. Whenever it’s bad news, corporate media always runs with “Republicans pounce!”

Jared Bernstein, one of Biden’s longest-serving aides, said “What we are trying to do is explain things in a much more nuanced way than most people are getting from the daily news flow.”

Much more nuanced. MUCH MORE.

Making Politico’s point, Texas Representative Kevin Brady, top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, pounced, quipping “It’s too bad the White House doesn’t have a vaccine for denial.”

Hahaha! Good one.

Senior White House aides promised that Biden will be heading back to the midterm campaign trail — soon — as soon as he “fully recovers” from his covid infection, to counter the Republican narrative with an even sharper, much more nuanced, message on the economy. According to his aides, Biden will insist that the economy is not only great (e.g., high job growth) but it’s also getting even better (e.g., falling gas prices).

Much, much more nuanced.

Unfortunately, pollsters think Biden’s semantic acrobatics are too little, too late. “Inflation is way bigger an issue, three times bigger, than anything else on anyone’s mind including Covid, Ukraine, guns, you name it,” explained Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University analyst. “There is very limited time for them to fix this as the clock ticks down to the midterms. There really is little upside potential for them here.”

The Babylon Bee nailed it:

🔥 Axios ran a story yesterday…

Axios ran a story yesterday headlined, “Jan. 6 Committee Divided on Dem Meddling in GOP Primaries.”

Axios says some democrats on the J6 committee are “concerned” about the “trend” for Democrats — flush with covid cash — to donate to pro-Trump Republicans in primaries, trying to boost what they consider to be “unelectable” candidates over mainstream options.

In the example from the article, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is throwing cash at Republican candidate John Gibbs, who has suggested there may have been SOME cheating in the 2020 elections, and who is running in Michigan against Congressman Peter Meijer, a Republican who voted to impeach Trump.

I say good riddance. But this tactic is not new. This is how they got Trump. But they aren’t learning.

Some anonymous democrat congressman who was too chicken to give his name explained, “The DCCC is playing with fire. It undercuts the great work of the Jan. 6 committee and makes us look like hypocrites.”

Ah. So the problem is that with their left hands, the Democrats are allegedly fighting to save democracy by protecting the integrity of free and fair elections, but with their right hands they’re shoving cash at insurrectionists and “election deniers.”

Hahahaha! Life can be complicated.

Unkempt democrat J6 Committee member Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) took a more balanced view. He told Axios that hey, these things happen:

“One can certainly understand an argument that it’s categorically wrong to do anything that would objectively help insurrectionist election deniers. But in the real world of politics, one can also see an argument that if the pro-insurrectionist, election-denier wing of the Republican caucus is already dominant, then it might be worth it to take a small risk that another one of those people would be elected, in return for dramatically increasing the chances that Democrats will be able to hold the House against a pro-insurrectionist, election-denying GOP majority. Jean-Paul Sartre said that in politics we all have dirty hands up to our elbows. Nobody’s pure. And we are in desperate times to defend democratic institutions and practices.”

There’s so much material here. I’ll just end by observing that Peter Meijer made a bad bet by siding with Dems to vote to impeach President Trump. Now the Dems are using that same vote to primary him, to help elect a pro-Trump, election-denying candidate.

It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?

🚀 Venezuela gave Iran… 

Venezuela gave Iran a MILLION ACRES of farmland this week. I thought, you could hide a lot of missile silos in a million acres.

🔥 Governor DeSantis is…

Governor DeSantis is leading again. Yesterday, he appeared on Tucker’s show to announce that Florida will ban ”ESG metrics” from being used to drive Florida pension fund investments.

In case you haven’t been following the issue, so-called ”ESG metrics” are what’s been causing all these corporations to get super-woke. ESG stands for “environmental and social governance.” It’s a Soros/WEF-backed initiative to “score” every publicly-traded company based on how well the companies comply with woke guidelines like hiring diversity officers, making employee endure Maoist struggle sessions, reducing carbon use, promoting LGBTQ+ issues, adding pronoun policies, and generally acting like complete asses.

The scores have permeated big finance to the extent that companies with terrible products can still perform well in the markets by hitting high ESG scores. And if a company isn’t toeing the woke line, the scorers punish them by lowering their score, which generally cuts their stock price by putting the stock on the ESG blacklist.

In his comments, DeSantis speculated that other governors will soon follow his example and also eliminate ESG scores from pension investment criteria. Progress, and leadership!

🔥 There’s a terrifying new threat…

There’s a terrifying new threat out there, and the AP ran a frightful story about it yesterday headlined, “Japanese City Alarmed by Biting, Clawing, Attacking Monkeys.”

But it’s much worse than that. The AP explained the monkeys are targeting INFANTS, attacking them — and stealing them.


There have been 58 attacks in Yamaguchi just since July 8th. It’s getting so bad that city officials hired a special monkey-hunting squad armed with tranquilizer guns.

City official Masato Saito explained yesterday that the monkey “are so smart, and they tend to sneak up and attack from behind, often grabbing at your legs.”

STEALTH baby stealing monkeys!

The experts are — unexpectedly — baffled. “I have never seen anything like this my entire life,” Saito said. The AP reported that no one knows why the attacks are suddenly happening, or where the stealthy troop of monkeys came from. The pit, presumably.

This clears up ANOTHER prediction from the Book of the Revelation. “I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” Rev. 6:8

We’ve already seen the sword, famine, and plague. Now, the wild beasts! I always wondered what that would look like. Turns out it was far more terrible than anything I could have possibly imagined: mysterious, stealthy, baby-stealing monkeys.


🔥 In spicy media comments…President Trump explained…

In spicy media comments earlier this week, President Trump explained that, while he was in the White House, “I just listened to Fauci and whatever he said, I did the opposite… I came out very good.”


That used to be the C&C position! I used to say, just do the opposite of whatever the experts suggest and you’ll be fine. I’m gratified to see President Trump came to the same conclusion.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll be back tomorrow as usual, with a new roundup for you.

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