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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Saturday, September 17, 2022 ☙ HURRY 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, and Happy Saturday, C&C! Today’s roundup: the DOJ appealed Trump’s special master; Martha’s Vineyard fights back; moving on from a sudden and unexpected death; Indonesia shopping for cheaper oil; a high speed Trump Train to the world’s end; Epoch documentary; and why the West is starting to admire Russia despite the constant anti-Putin propaganda.


🔥 Proving that government can act in a hurry when it wants to, yesterday the DOJ promptly appealed Judge Cannon’s order appointing a special master in the Biden Raid case. The appeal was filed in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta and claims that ANY DELAY in the FBI’s investigation — no matter how short — will cause IRREPARABLE HARM to the entire government of the United States of America. According to the DOJ, it would literally be worse than a million Vietnam wars.

To support its claims, DOJ made two main arguments:

First, DOJ argued that, by definition, all classified documents are government documents. Government documents are the government’s property, not President Trump’s property. Therefore, Trump can’t claim he has any special interest in keeping documents that he doesn’t own. But on the other hand, the government DOES have a legal right to get its own confidential property back, and do whatever it wants with its documents.

Second, DOJ claimed it is absolutely critical that the government gets complete control of its own documents back, RIGHT NOW, so it can keep on investigating, to find out who President Trump might have disclosed the documents to, and whether there might be any more documents out there somewhere. The DOJ seems to be implying that if it can’t complete its investigation before the mid-term elections, then it’ll be a Hindenburg-style national security disaster, just wait and see.

Once again, the briefing provided a lot of helpful background information that cuts right through corporate media talking-head speculation and noise. The DOJ says it seized 11,000+ documents in the raid, but only 100 of them were classified (1%). In other words, they grabbed over ONE HUNDRED TIMES more than they needed to.

That seems to kind of tell the whole story.

In its appeal, DOJ said it is only asking for a limited stay of Judge Cannon’s order, just enough to let it continue investigating the confidential documents, which is meant to seem like a fair compromise or something. They’re arguing, “hey, appeals judges, we only want to keep reviewing about 1% of documents. We’re cool with Judge Cannon’s order on the other 99%, no problem, happy to wait.”

It’s a classic baby-splitting scenario. They’re baiting the hook, offering the court a way to seem wise and fair and non-biased — like King Solomon — and to give both parties a little something. The DOJ hopes the judges will issue an order ending like this: “We agree with Judge Cannon’s reasoning regarding the vast majority of items seized from the Plaintiff, but we cannot agree regarding the very small number of classified items clearly and indisputably identified as the government’s property. Therefore, we hereby STAY the Order, but only as to those seized items that are plainly and obviously government property and are necessary for the government’s continuing national security investigation.”

But as with most of what we can see about the government’s raid so far, DOJ’s argument is profoundly deceptive, maybe even irrational. The whole predicate of the search was to get the classified material; the existence of those 100 documents was the entire argument they used to justify the unprecedented search of the President’s residence. In other words, if the investigation will continue with only the 100 classified documents, then the DOJ’s argument is, at its core, an admission that the 11,000 other items AREN’T NECESSARY FOR THE INVESTIGATION.

Judge Cannon’s order said the special master would prioritize reviewing the classified items first. Although DOJ claimed that any tiny delay would cause “irreparable harm,” it did not offer any compelling evidence for that harm, except to wildly speculate that Trump might have shown the documents to someone, someone like an evil foreign dictator — like Putin! — and somewhere, some undercover agents might need immediate protection. Who knows? After all, without looking at the documents, how can they tell if there’s even a problem?

It’s purely speculative, and the 11th should say no, DOJ, you waited almost a year to raid the President, you can wait a few more days to let the special master take a look first.

What happens next is the 11th Circuit will issue a briefing schedule, setting a deadline for when Trump’s attorneys must respond to the government’s brief. I’ll let you know when I know.

🔥 Adios muchachos! The alert citizens of Martha’s Vineyard wasted no time yesterday, violently reacting to the terrifying new threat posed to their utopian seaside community. They desperately yanked on the political strings that wealthy, well-connected progressive elites have access to — not available for YOU, of course — and the Massachusetts National Guard promptly ‘relocated’ all 51 hapless migrants to a nearby military base.

Smells like racism!

The entire unfortunate mess was all cleaned up in a hurry, in less than 36 hours. Do you think the residents of El Paso wish they had the kind of political clout that Martha’s Vineyard residents have?

The activation of Massachusetts’ military against these poor defenseless immigrants had some folks scratching their heads, puzzled about the ubiquitous signs previously wallpapering Martha’s Vineyard’s sandy shores, which declare virtuous-sounding ideals like, “hate has no business here” and “todos son bienvenidos” (“all are welcome HERE”).

I wonder what kinds of immigrants the fine, virtue-signaling elites on Martha’s Vineyard had in mind, when they gaily decorated their neatly-manicured lawns with such lovely, welcoming, multilingual invitations. Not hispanic immigrants, apparently. Those people have TO GO. Not welcome there. Personas non gratas, lo siento mucho.

Maybe the immigrants weren’t diverse enough. Do you think the illegal immigrants could have stayed if they’d also been transgender drag performers? Next time, Governor DeSantis should try issuing spike heels and strapon fake boobs, so we can see if the fine citizens of Martha’s Vineyard like that better.

PS — I stand with Martha’s Vineyard.™ Let me know where I can find a flag for my bio!

💉 Holmes County High School golf team member Tyler Erickson, 17, died suddenly and unexpectedly Monday while practicing for an upcoming tournament. Tyler’s father, Clint Erickson, said the accident couldn’t be explained, it was God’s will. “It was an unexplainable accident … We believe it was God’s will for this to happen… it’s difficult to move on but we’ve got to move on.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Erickson family.

🚀 Reuters ran a story yesterday headlined, “Indonesia Open to Buying Cheap Oil ‘From Anywhere’, Energy Minister Says.”

You know what THAT means. “Anywhere” means Russia.

According to Reuters, Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo told the Financial Times earlier this week that Indonesia was considering joining India and China in buying Russian oil to “offset increasing pressure on his country’s energy subsidy bill.” The country is “evaluating” the risk posed by U.S. sanctions compared to the widespread protests and unrest caused by high energy prices.

Or maybe they’re saying, give us some cheaper oil or we’re going to talk to Putin.

The story illustrates that there is going to be a point where, to some of these poorer countries, U.S. sanctions would be better than the alternative. Biden should consider whether he is driving toward a tipping point that could cause the world to suddenly lean toward the Russia/China alliance, to avoid even bigger problems.

And we’ve seen just this week that German social media influencers are angry with the U.S. for the local problems in that country. If that sentiment spreads to German officials, then all bets are off. I wonder how many other worldwide citizens suffering under the Biden sanctions regime agree.

Adam Tooze @adam_toozeMoscow has offered to sell oil to Indonesia at price that is 30 per cent lower than the international market rate, according to the country’s tourism minister. ft.com/content/36ae27…


September 12th 202248 Retweets115 Likes

🔥 Lebanon is floundering amidst the late stages of a complete financial collapse, most recently in the form of a string of bank robberies committed by bank CUSTOMERS who just want their own money back.

Al Jazeera English @AJEnglishThis week several banks across Lebanon were held up by depositors frustrated at withdrawal limits imposed by banks amid a spiralling economic collapse. Al Jazeera’s @ZeinakhodrAljaz explains why depositors are going to extreme lengths to get their own money ⤵️ September 16th 202273 Retweets129 Likes

The media is struggling to come up with a word for these “bank robbers.” They aren’t really bank ROBBERS, because they only want to make a withdrawal from their own accounts. That makes them bank CUSTOMERS. But of course, they are having to use force to try to get it. So what, exactly, are they?


📖 Israel 365 News ran a story this week headlined, “Ben Gurion Gearing Up to Bring All 70 Nations Straight From the Airport to Third Temple.”

Ben Gurion, Israel’s largest airport, located in Tel Aviv, has announced plans for a 2023 high speed rail line that will transport travelers directly to the Temple Mount in a hurry. According to the story, the terminal station near the Western Wall will be named for the U.S.’s 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

This story is highly exciting to end-times believers, who have long been watching for a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem as a sign of the beginning of the end of the World. While the Israelis are not publicly SAYING they plan to build a new temple, there are some hints, like an informational flyer distributed by the government in Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox neighborhoods, answering questions about how the new train line might affect them. The flyer included this cheerful graphic:

It’s a high-speed sheep train! “Israel Rail: when you need to move your farm animals in a hurry.”

Notice all the produce and farm animals among the happy train passengers? It’s not aimed at farmers. The unfortunate veggies and beasts would be hauled in by Jewish worshippers to be sacrificed. In the Jewish religion, sacrifices may only be made by priests at a temple. So folks are connecting some dots, and concluding that the government is not-too-subtly suggesting a new temple is also in the works.

What we DO know — for sure — is if you want to ride the Trump Train to Jerusalem, you probably shouldn’t wear your best shoes. Just saying.

🔥 The Epoch Times has been doing some excellent documentary work lately. One outstanding offering is their documentary “The Real Story of January 6,” which can be viewed here. The segment about Ashley Babbit is especially interesting, but all of it’s good.

🚀 I’ve been mulling over whether I should report this next story, because it’s going to draw the usual complaints that I’m pushing Putin on people. But I’ve decided the story is too important. So here goes.

A video of a 2013 Putin speech has been making the rounds lately. In it, Putin attacks the West for our moral death spiral, particularly — and presciently — naming the normalization of pedophilia and the erosion of Judeo-Christian values as some of the biggest problems. Back in 2013, this was the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theory, discussed over here only by kooky fundamentalist Christians complaining about phallic-shaped coral formations in Disney animated movies and stuff.

But not any more.

Here’s the clip, uploaded in 2017 but originally delivered almost ten years ago:

In the short clip, from a speech delivered long before Ukraine and Trump, and long before he became the Left’s Great Satan, Putin specifically identifies globalism, anti-Christian (anti-religious) policies, relativism, pedophilia, wokeism, gender confusion, the tyranny of the minority, and the profound destruction of human dignity in the West.

If only OUR leaders had been able to see the looming danger.

To be clear: I am NOT promoting Vladimir Putin. For all I know, the erosion of Western values is a clever long-game Russian plot masterminded by the KGB. But you can’t deny that American progressives enthusiastically embraced all the trends that Putin complained about, and now we are paying the piper. If it WAS a KGB plot, it would never have worked without the wholehearted participation by lots of Western elites and politicians. I don’t blame voters — not as much — because it was sold to us as Christian “tolerance” and non-judgmental “diversity.”

But we need to face a difficult fact: whether or not his comments are part of a secret plot, Putin was right.

So here’s what I think is significant about Putin’s criticisms, and the fact they are (finally) making the rounds in U.S. social media circles. First, because we willfully participated in the scheme, whether it was originally initiated by the KGB (or anyone else), we have opened ourselves up to hissing, booing, and well-deserved criticism, which completely undermines our ability to make a moral argument about what anybody else is doing.

And second, this short video provides everything you need to know about why most Russians support Putin. They see what we have and they don’t want to have anything to do with it.

One well-accepted explanation for why the West won the Cold War against communism is the “economic envy theory,” which supposes that communist citizens spending their days standing around in bread lines saw well-stocked Western supermarkets and recognized communism could never give them a similar abundant lifestyle.

How times have changed.

It’s not a good sign that many U.S. citizens are starting to envy Russian culture. It’s not a good sign that social media influencers are credibly labeling America as the “evil empire,” and not Russia. It’s not a good sign that our federal government just threatened schools with Title IX sanctions unless they let boys hang out in girls’ bathrooms, never mind all the medical torture and disfigurement of our young ladies.

Matt Rosendale @RepRosendaleThe Biden admin’s proposed changes for Title IX to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports and use women’s bathrooms/locker rooms is unacceptable, and America’s parents are unsupportive of this radical scheme. FACT: men cannot become women. Biden’s controversial Title IX rule bombarded with record number of comments from concerned parentsParents are fired up over President Biden’s proposed changes for Title IX, leaving a record number of public comments about the inclusion of gender identity.foxnews.comSeptember 12th 202210 Retweets24 Likes

We must stop accommodating diversity and stand up for morals, values, and innocent kids, and fast, before a beneficent dictator like Putin starts looking like a good solution to the problem.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday, to kick off another exciting week here in the elite’s bizarre utopian experiment, Post-Pandemia.

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