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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Saturday, July 30, 2022 ☙ A New World 🦠

I fact check the fact-checkers on the Canadian Doc Deaths story; monkeypox emergency in NY; festival tips from CDC; great legal news for military jab cases and healthcare workers; and much more...

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By Jeff Childers


Happy Saturday, C&C, and welcome to the weekend edition! This morning’s “good news” roundup includes: a new parent’s rights dashboard debuts in Florida; corporate media “fact-checks” the Canadian doctors story, and I fact-check the checkers; New York is back under emergency and the CDC offer some helpful festival tips; Director Walensky explains where kids get monkeypox; Twitter’s on a banning streak; Biden builds back the wall, better; animals hit hardest by masks; a fantastic new injunction on the Air Force’s jab mandate; another amazing win as Liberty Counsel settles a jab case for healthcare workers for $10 MILLION DOLLARS; and Nature panics over supply chain problems with childhood vaccines.


🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER: Love her or hate her, Dr. Simone Gold was the first to publicly lead the pushback against the covid shots, and she has been squarely in the Pharmacological-Industrial complex’s crosshairs ever since. Having a Chicago medical degree and also a Stanford law degree, Dr. Gold tirelessly campaigned for alternative treatments and against the jabs in the face of massive pushback, and she founded America’s Frontline Doctors, which helped teach independent doctors all over the country to save people’s lives.

On January 6th, she briefly entered the Capitol during the protest, gave an anti-vaccine speech, and then promptly left after being asked by police. She was later arrested in Florida, and — with no prior criminal record of any kind — this week she began serving a 60-day prison sentence for trespassing, while Ray Epps tours the country in his travel RV.

Today our orders are to multiply Dr. Gold. But this is not about Dr. Gold. This is us sending a message, a message to everyone who thinks Dr. Gold “got what she deserves” because she opposed vaccine mandates. That’s why we need every C&Cer’s help, regardless of whether this is personally “your issue” and regardless of whatever you might think of Dr. Gold.

Here’s how it works. Click on the link and donate any amount ending in a $2 so they know where it came from. It doesn’t matter whether you cover the processing fee, they get a report showing the original donation amount. Donate what you can easily afford; it can be as little as $2, $12, $22, or however much you feel like giving or that you won’t notice out of your budget.

The key to our success is that we ALL help out, diehard C&Cers as well as first-time readers. Here’s the link, do it NOW BY CLICKING HERE, do it before you read today’s post.

I know you’re tempted to keep reading today’s awesome post first, but it only takes a few seconds, and then you’ll be right back here to keep reading. Let’s blow it out — no matter how much the total winds up being, everyone will see that thousands of us made donations. It’s a huge message, not only to our adversaries and to Dr. Gold, but to ALL the independent doctors who stand up for medical freedom, and who are shocked and appalled at what’s happening to Dr. Gold.

We have their back.

It doesn’t make any difference, but I’ll add that Dr. Gold and AFLDS have been loyal friends to C&C from the beginning, even before she moved from LA to Florida. Here’s the link again. If this is your first time, you’re going to feel GREAT after you do your part, I promise. You’re now part of a movement, an army of Davids taking on a geopolitical Goliath.

This is how we win, working together.

🪖 The Florida Department of Education published a new parent’s rights website this week: https://www.fldoe.org/ParentalRights/

The website rounds up information and tools for parents of school kids in Florida. It also provides an email address for reporting concerns, presumably violations by teachers or administrations: [email protected].

Even better, it mentions the top concern my office is hearing from parents these days — inappropriate sexual materials in schools, and the DOE strongly suggests that kind of material could be a CRIMINAL matter:

Florida law makes it illegal for an adult to knowingly distribute to a minor on school property, or post on school property, any pornographic or harmful materials, as defined in law. If you have questions or concerns regarding the potential introduction of pornographic or other materials harmful to minors within your child’s school, please contact your local state attorney’s office.



💉 After fastidiously ignoring the shocking story for two weeks, corporate media courageously tackled the Canadian doctors’ situation yesterday, with multiple outlets running “fact check” stories (all on the same day) insisting that at least three of the five deaths were NOT related to the jabs. No way. Actually, all the stories suggest the cluster was only three deaths, not five; they don’t mention the inconvenient other two at all.

Here’s the lineup according to Reuters, which along with all the other corporate media fact-checkers, only relied on a single source to rule out the jabs: the doctor’s employer, Trillium Partners Healthcare system.

  • Dr. Segall: died after getting aggressive advanced lung cancer, aged 49.
  • Dr. Sawicki: died after getting Stage 4 Gastric Cancer, Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma, one of the most aggressive forms of stomach cancer. We don’t know how old he was, but his picture looks 30-something.
  • Dr. McKenzie: a neurologist, who died after having an undisclosed “serious illness.”

The unmentioned included:

  • Dr. Hannan: died while running.
  • Dr. Nayman: died while swimming in a TRIATHLON.

Tellingly, Reuters’ “false” verdict did not explicitly claim the vaccines were uninvolved. Instead, it circuitously fact-checked vaccine involvement as “false” by finding there was “no evidence” of jab injury. That’s completely different. There’s no evidence of jab injury for a reason, because the people who have the evidence are suppressing it.

But aside from that, the fact checkers still resolved nothing. Dr. Segall and Dr. Sawicki’s two cancers are perfectly consistent with suspected vaccine injury:

From the study (caps added for emphasis):

“We also identify potential profound disturbances in regulatory control of protein synthesis and CANCER surveillance. These disturbances potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and TUMORIGENESIS.”

Next, Dr. McKenzie’s “serious illness” might or might not be a vaccine injury — they released too little information to say. But I find it odd Trillium told us about the two cancers but wouldn’t say what the third doc’s “serious illness” was. It doesn’t prove anything but it is suspicious. In the law, evidence of an attempt to conceal evidence supports an inference of a guilty conscience.

So. The third doc’s enigmatic secret illness does not rule out vaccine injury. The cancers don’t rule out vaccine injury either, as the study suggests, a fact which Reuters could have discovered by spending ten seconds searching online medical literature instead of credulously accepting whatever the doctors’ employer’s public relations firm said.

As a lawyer, I would call the employer’s testimony “impeachable,” because the employer is biased. The employer’s incentive is to avoid admitting responsibility for the doctors’ deaths, since the hospital was the one that mandated the jabs. Dead young doctors with lots of remaining lifetime earning potential represent potentially HUGE damages, if the survivors successfully connected the dots and sued the employer over its mandate.

So OF COURSE Trillium said it had nothing to do with the jabs.

You’d think Reuters might have pointed out Trillium Partners’ potential conflict of interest, but no. Not a peep. It’s almost like Reuters WANTED to excuse the hospital from liability.

Finally, Reuters undermined its own fact check by completely ignoring the two athletic deaths. The fact there were FIVE dead doctors — not just three — is newsworthy by itself, and also adds to the analysis of potential causation. In other words, the lack of underlying disease in the two athletic deaths argues for a possible common cause tying together the cancers and the mystery illness.

Therefore, I hereby officially rate Reuters’ Fact-Check of the Canadian Doctor Deaths — FALSE.

🔥 I bet you saw this one coming…

 I bet you saw this one coming. Fresh out of the covid emergency, New York’s replacement governor Kathy Hochul has declared a new state of emergency, this time for — you guessed it — monkeypox — sorry New York Department of Health! I mean Brokeback Mountain Spotted Fever:

New York will tell you all about it if you text MONKEYPOX to 81336. (Maybe they should use a different key word?) But before you try it like I did, you should know you don’t actually get any information, they just sign you up for “monkeypox updates.” I can’t wait to get my first one.

The NYDOH’s auto-response also refers you to its dashboard, which includes a link to a helpful CDC video for “sexually active” people. It should have included “non-monogamous gay” in the title, but whatever. Here’s the link:

You won’t believe it’s come to this. The official CDC government video includes information about safely attending raves and group sex parties, and give tips about navigating back rooms “where there is little clothing and sex occurs.” It suggests remembering to disinfect your fetish gear and sex toys. And — I am not making this up — if you DO have sores, the CDC says “consider having sex with your clothes on.”

In other words, don’t STOP having sex. Don’t be silly. Keep on. Just wear more clothes. Clothes are like a body mask.

The video is also a little jarring because the speaker, who appears to have been selected to appeal to a certain audience (you decide), uses all this clinical language but then keeps saying “butt” when referring to places where sores appear. I bet they had a nice debate about what word to use. It’s also jarring when the polite, suited gentleman discusses “rave parties” and “fetish wear.”

Maybe a guy with a face tattoo would have been less distracting.

Anyway, congratulations, New Yorkers. You’re back in emergency land, where the governor can issue emergency executive orders whenever the mood strikes. Get ready!

🔥 Folks have been asking… 

 Folks have been asking where the kids with monkeypox infections might have picked up the disease. CDC Director Walensky answered that question, sort of, but very very delicately.

She said, “Both of those children, um, are traced back to, uh, individuals who come from the men-who-have-sex-with-men community, the gay men, uh men, community.”

Uh huh.

🔥 Within the last 48 hours,…

Within the last 48 hours, Twitter has been on a banning rampage. It banned Moms for Liberty for calling someone a “groomer.” It banned Dr. Mary Talley Bowden (@mdbreathe), and has labeled all the Epoch Times’ posts as “unsafe.” That’s just three examples, there’re lots more.

My best guess at answering “why now?” is that this looks like battle space preparation for the midterms. Not that Twitter is trying to influence the elections, no, no, never. They’re just making Twitter safe for democrats running in the midterms.

🔥 Speaking of midterms,…

Speaking of midterms, CNN ran a happy story yesterday headlined, “Biden administration to close border wall gaps in Arizona.”

The gist is that after shutting down the border wall project, and returning land to owners who sold or had land taken in eminent domain proceedings, the Biden Administration yesterday approved completing four small gaps in the otherwise-finished wall located in Arizona near the Morelos Dam. Officials explained it was just to help save lives by protecting illegal migrants from drowning. I guess the small gaps in the otherwise finished wall are an attractive hazard or something.

Anyway, it’s two political jaybirds with one cynical stone! First Biden gets to claim credit for tackling the border problem, and also he did it for the best interests of the migrant invaders. Ta-da! You’re welcome.

Yesterday, Fox’s Peter Doocy asked diverse White House press secretary Jean-Pierre about the wall, and a hilarious exchange ensued:

  • DOOCY: “Why is the Biden administration building a border wall in Arizona?”
  • KJP: “We are not finishing the wall. We are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their failed attempt to build a wall.”
  • DOOCY: “But candidate Biden said that ‘there will not be another FOOT of wall built in my administration.’ So, what changed?“
  • KJP: “We are not finishing a wall. We are trying to save lives.”
  • DOOCY: “By filling in … uh … is this racist? Because in 2019 when the former guy was proposing a wall, you said it was ‘his racist wall.’ So how is this different?”
  • KJP: “[Blah, blah blah word salad.]”

Hahaha! They’re re-defining “building a wall!” They’ll tell you what the words mean. You don’t even have to think AT ALL now.

😷 Where are the animal lovers…

Where are the animal lovers when you need them? The UK Daily Mail ran a story yesterday headlined, “The Devastating Impact of Covid-19 Litter on Earth’s Wildlife: Shocking Photos Snapped in 23 Countries Show Animals Tangled in Face Masks, Disposable Gloves and Other Personal Protective Equipment.”

The article reports on a “study” that collected photos of animals — birds, mostly — tangled up in discarded face masks. The article mentions another study estimating more than 25,000 tons of PPE including masks and other types of covid-related plastic waste has been dumped into Earth’s oceans.

At least the oceans won’t catch covid.

Remember how the experts PROMISED that masks were totally harmless? They’re fully inconsequential, just a minor inconvenience. People who complained about masks were making a big deal about nothing. I guess they didn’t mean birds or fish, for whom masks seem a little more inconvenient.

Anyway, I’m thinking of making some social media badges out of the bird pictures. What do you think?

🔥 Aaron Siri, who’s been doing yeoman’s work…

Aaron Siri, who’s been doing yeoman’s work on the military mandates, had a big win Thursday when his newly-certified class received a preliminary injunction from the federal district court in Ohio. The Court ordered the Air Force, Space Force, Air National Guard, and the related academies not to take any disciplinary action against any service member who refuses the jabs on religious grounds.

Judge McFarland appeared to agree that the Air Force has been trampling on service members’ religious liberties. He wrote, “due to the systematic nature of what the Court views as violations of Airmen’s constitutional rights to practice their religions as they please, the Court is well within its bounds to extend the existing preliminary injunction to all Class Members.”


🔥 That’s not all…

That’s not all. Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel of Orlando, another civil rights powerhouse, settled another class-action vaccine case with a private employer who refused to recognize religious exemptions for $10.2 million dollars yesterday.

According to a statement on Liberty’s website, Staver sued NorthShore University HealthSystem “on behalf of more than 500 current and former health care workers who were unlawfully discriminated against and denied religious exemptions from the covid shot mandate.”

Lol. Mat always calls them the covid “shots.”

Anyway, assuming the Court approves the settlement, Liberty will get about $2M, or 20% — a VERY reasonable contingency fee — and each terminated employee will get $25,000. The statement estimates that even employees who weren’t terminated, but who were coerced to take the shot, will each get $3,000.

The figures aren’t the important thing.

We’ve been waiting for a win like this for two years. What’s important is that, to the legal community, this case is like discovering a new legal continent. Law firms that have been sitting on the sidelines because “nobody can win vaccine cases and make money” will smell the sweet scent of cash and a flotilla of legal ships will set sail for the new world.

Private employers who decided to “play doctor” with their employees and force them to take shots will likely be paying through the nose for years and years and years. As we predicted over a year ago when all this madness started, it’s going to be bigger than the tobacco litigation.

I’ll also add that I recently spoke to one of our allied attorneys who said she expects to receive her first EEOC letter suggesting that after the agency’s investigation, it appears “likely” that the employer illegally discriminated against the unjabbed employee by treating them as disabled, by requiring them to wear masks and take other actions not required of vaccinated employees.

There is a small but well-developed set of case law holding that employers can’t just assume that a healthy employee is sick simply because they are in some at-risk category. Consider the case of an employer treating a healthy gay person as having AIDS and requiring them to work from home or something. That’s not fair. It turns out that kind of differential treatment violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lawyers are now arguing that employers who discriminated against healthy unvaccinated employees by requiring masks or segregating them violated their ADA rights by assuming they were disabled.

Assuming this works, employers may have liability even though they accepted religious exemptions, because they discriminated somehow against the employees who invoked their religious exemptions to the jabs.

Get ready! The legal gold rush may be starting. Too bad so many employers trusted that the federal government would have small businesses’ back. Not so much.

📉 Nature ran a panicky story…

Nature ran a panicky story this week headlined, “Pandemic Drives Largest Drop in Childhood Vaccinations in 30 Years.”

Imagine that.

Nature never considers vaccine hesitancy, or more accurately, it never wonders if a few more people might now be reluctant due to learning about the pharmaceutical companies’ outsized influence in driving the massive childhood vaccination industry.

Instead, Nature blames the 5% drop in vaccination rates — 25 million kids worldwide — on “supply chain” and “economic disruptions.” According to Nature, that small drop in the general jab rate poses a nearly existential threat to all life on Planet Earth.

But the story doesn’t make sense. A temporary drop in jab rates do to transitory supply chain issues isn’t anything to panic over. Just fix the supply chain. It almost seems like Nature is worried there’s a DIFFERENT reason people are avoiding the shots for their kids. So it wants to reassure everyone that shots are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for life as we know it. Just trust Nature.

Or, you could decide for yourself! I know that’s a radical concept, but just think about it. Maybe we could redefine “vaccine” for ourselves this time.

Alright procrastinators! Here it is again…

the Operation Multiplier link: https://www.freedrgold.org/#__donate. Don’t wait! Do it RIGHT NOW. Remember: donate any amount that ends in a $2, and the processing fee is up to you — it works either way.

Have a terrific weekend! I’ll be back on Monday morning to help kick off the new week and the new month the right way, with more C&C. 

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