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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Monday, September 19, 2022 ☙ GOOD INFO

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By Jeff Childers


And we’re off! It’s the hopeful start to a new week in post-pandemic, pre-election America today, and I trust all you C&Cers had a wonderful weekend. Today’s roundup includes: Biden apparently pivots on the border wall; a HUGE story about the democrats getting caught with their chocolate-stained hands in the disinformation cookie jar; Biden announces the pandemic is OVER; New York doesn’t get the memo; and Taiwan is hit with a serious earthquake.


🪖 Operation multiplier tips: Here’s a page with step-by-step instructions for getting a free Google Voice phone number that you can use on donation sites instead of your real cell phone number: https://www.lifewire.com/get-a-google-phone-number-5211558

That way, solicitations texts will go to your Google voice number and not to your actual cell phone.


🔥 The Intercept ran a timely article yesterday headlined, “Border Wall Construction Resumes Under President Joe Biden.” Hahahaha, oh they’re killing me this morning! The sub-headline explained, “The Biden administration laid out its plans to rev up work on completing Donald Trump’s signature project.”

You may recall that Biden halted the Trump’s border wall right after he took office in January 2021, mumbling something about “what border crisis?” Now, although there’s no official announcement, and corporate media is completely silent about the massive policy shift, but it seems as though an unofficial policy to continue the construction is now suddenly and unexpectedly in force.

The Intercept reported that last week, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that work on the border wall that began under Trump is revving back up under Biden,” explaining that “[s]tarting next month, contractors will return to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona to resume work on the wall, senior CBP officials said in a public webinar.”

Gosh. What could have caused this sudden shift in Biden’s thinking? I have two ideas. First, according to a weekend story in Just the News headlined, “Two More Texas Counties Declare Invasion At Southern Border, Bringing Total To 29.”

So far, Governor Abbott has stopped short of declaring a statewide invasion — no state has. But with literally hundreds of thousands of untracked, unvetted, illegal foreign nationals streaming across Texas’ border every month, one wonders WHAT the governor thinks an “invasion” is?

There must be some other, highly-technical definition of the word out there that I’m not aware of.

Last week, Texas neared 30 Texas border counties declaring their own local states of invasion. But then, more significantly because it blew up on corporate media, Governor DeSantis shipped a handful of migrants to the sunny shores of Martha’s Vineyard, and THEN we find out the Biden administration want to start building the wall again.

Could it have something to do with headlines like this?

Pivoting! It’s no way to run a government, of course. Biden is acting more like a paranoid, secretive dictator than the leader of a transparent democratic government. All this shifting and pivoting whenever the mood strikes him, stopping and starting construction of a Congressionally-approved border wall, without even a public announcement, seems pretty anti-democratic, actually.

🔥 The Democrats have gotten their sticky little hands stuck in the fake news cookie jar, this time. A TikTok video went viral this weekend, which simultaneously illustrated the underhanded tactics of the left, rogue deep state government actors, massive funding, and the shady NGOs carrying out its demonic agenda — as well as the how desperate it’s getting.

The viral video was posted by a popular TikTok “Harvard trial attorney” Preston Moore (@trialbypreston). He wasn’t happy. Not at all.

First of all, as I can assure you, since I’m also a lawyer who posts on social media, serious lawyers are always careful to tell what they believe is the truth, especially online, because their reputation has to be solid in front of judges and juries. A reputation for lying kind of hurts if you’re a trial lawyer. Not to overlook ethics, of course.

Second, on his TikTok channel, Preston has been consistently critical of the former president. He has repeatedly posted about his opinion that the FBI has enough evidence to indict President Trump for concealing national defense information, for example.

I’m sure that’s why they thought it was safe to contact him. They forgot some people care about ethics and telling the truth.

In his latest video, Preston says he got an unsolicited email invitation from “Jane” at the “Good Info Foundation,” offering a “paid collaboration” where he could earn $400 for making certain posts to his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Curious, he responded that he was interested, and then got a link to a private web page providing instructions for what needed to be in the paid post. The Good Info Foundation (or, the “GIF”) wanted him to talk about January 6th, but from a certain, er, point of view:

Preston thought all this seemed kind of sketchy. Then he noticed under the heading, “Key Messaging (in your own words!),” the Good Info Foundation’s private web page advised him to make this remarkable claim:

Preston followed up, emailing back and asking Jane to explain what evidence backed up the claim that the Trump campaign paid “literally millions of dollars to make” the January 6th siege happen. And guess what? Jane didn’t provide any evidence. She backed off and said, “you don’t have to say that if you don’t want to.”

Here’s Preston, in his own words:

Ian Miles Cheong @stillgrayThis lawyer on TikTok is exposing a disinformation campaign to drive certain talking points about Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” to sway viewers into voting for Democrats in the upcoming midterms. September 18th 2022664 Retweets1,614 Likes

🔥 So, who or what is this Good Info Foundation anyway? The GIF’s list of board members and officers is a rogue’s gallery of Deep State operatives. For example, the GIF’s board chairman is Richard Stengel, a former State Department official (and then ‘MSNBC contributor’). Alert independent investigators quickly dug up this video clip featuring Stengel speaking in 2020:

Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthalOne is Richard Stengel, self described former “Chief Propagandist” and supporter of domestic US propaganda Ben Norton @BenjaminNortonMore of the revolving door between mainstream corporate media outlets and the US government: Three paid analysts on MSNBC have left to join Joe Biden’s administration. A fourth paid MSNBC contributor helped write Biden’s victory speech. https://t.co/TGhmzVWml7November 11th 2020280 Retweets852 Likes

In the clip,* Stengel explains when he worked at the U.S. State Department, his job was literally called the “Chief Propagandist.” I am not making that up. And then I nearly spit out my coffee when he says this:

“I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it. And they have to do it to their own population. And I don’t think it’s that awful.”

Um. They HAVE TO DO IT THEIR OWN POPULATION. They “have to.” That used to be illegal! Oh well, at least he admitted it. But, just spitballing here, maybe it’s time for a new Church Committee. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Committee

Apparently Richard’s “Good Info” — a non-profit public interest organization — is now paying TikTok influencers $400 bucks PER POST to propagandize Americans about January 6th and falsely claim that Trump paid millions to “make it happen.”

I don’t think “good information” means what they think it means. You usually don’t have to pay like-minded influencers to talk about “good” information.

Another “advisor” listed on the GIF’s website is Dan Pfieffer, who used to be Obama’s White House Communications Director. The website identifies a woman named Tara McGowan as the “founder” of GIF. InfluenceWatch describes McGowan as “a Democratic political operative,” and says this about her:

InfluenceWatch didn’t list Good Information, Inc., which runs the Good Info Project, but it did mention this interesting little nugget:

$65 million! That’s a whole lot for one single project. Pretty ambitious. Having tried my hand at some public-interest fund-raising, I know how much work it takes.

🔥 So wouldn’t you like to know where all the millions to pay for top-tier deep-staters and buy off social media influencers are coming from? Oh wait, someone already tracked it down:

George Soros, what a shock! I knew you’d be surprised.

🔥 Now let’s go back and think about some of the talking points, because they evidence an interesting new narrative pivot.

First of all, the GIF advised Preston to call it a “criminal conspiracy,” and NOT an “attempted coup,” “treason,” or even an “insurrection.” Those other words must not be polling well, or maybe they just aren’t a great predicate for an indictment. Instead the GIF clearly prefers the term “criminal conspiracy.”

Second, they echoed the White House’s recent talking points, advising Preston to say that “MAGA Republicans” were to blame, and NOT “Trump and his allies.” It’s just one data point, but it sure looks like coordination with Team Biden.

Finally, the Good Info Foundation clearly wants its paid influencers to link “anger” at the “criminal conspiracy” with voting against Republican candidates. In other words, they are trying to influence the elections.

So what does all this suggest? It suggests that the democrats are ramping up to argue there is some kind of ongoing criminal conspiracy directly fueled by President Trump, with the enthusiastic support of “MAGA Republicans.”

Haha, I think there IS a criminal conspiracy all right. Except it’s a criminal conspiracy to influence the elections, through fake news and disinformation, directly fueled by lunatics like George Soros, with the enthusiastic support of deep state actors.

🔥 Still, there’s a lot of good news here. First of all, if they’re backing down from the term “insurrection,” that must mean the old narrative bit the dust somehow. So they’re testing a new narrative, maybe based on the FBI raid.

Second, if they have to pay influencers $400 PER POST, they’re obviously not seeing a lot of volunteerism. The more expensive it is to pay for this message, the less it must make sense to ordinary democrats. In other words, media influencers — especially liberal and anti-Trump ones — should be happy to report talking points that were true or popular.

But not only did that effort fail with this Harvard trial lawyer, he went public with it, understandably upset that someone was trying to buy him off to publish fake news. It’s a setback.

And, they over-reached this time, pitching their little scheme to someone that they didn’t know FOR SURE would keep it quiet. So they are either running short of regulars or they are making a huge pre-election push.

It is worth reflecting, though, that they wouldn’t be doing this at all if it hadn’t already worked with a lot of other social media influencers.

The bottom line is, social media is so influential now as an alternate source of news that they are having to spend tons of money trying to push their disinformation online. Which means people must be paying a whole lot less attention to corporate media.

🔥 Finally, here are the issues that the “Good Info Foundation” appears to highlight as “disinformation” on its website. I thought you might find them interesting too:

— Vaccine skepticism

— January 6th

— 5G concerns

— Election skepticism

I didn’t used to be too interested in the whole 5G thing, but this gives me pause. I might have to look into it now. And, the website also features scary pictures of Steve Bannon and Tucker Carlson.


🔥 Moving on, CNN ran a chipper story late yesterday headlined, “Biden: ‘The Pandemic Is Over’.”

On his Sunday morning appearance on 60 Minutes, Biden tried to straddle the line and make all sides happy right before the elections, saying, “The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. It’s — but the pandemic is over.”

Well then, I guess that’s settled. Of course, the federal state of emergency continues, but let’s not nitpick. Science!

💉 New York hasn’t got the memo, apparently. The New York Post ran a story this weekend headlined, “850 More Unvaxxed NYC Teachers, Aides Fired For Not Complying With Mandate.”

It turns out that about 1,300 DOE employees took a deal last year that gave them a year’s unpaid leave, in exchange for an agreement to be jabbed by September 5th of this year, or be “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.” The year has finally come around.

Of the 1,300 courageous deferrers, some 450 finally gave in and took the shot, but the rest held out. All of them are now terminated, including 225 teachers and 135 paraprofessionals.

Actually, given what we now know about the shots, 450 is more than I would’ve guessed. Anyway, if you are an unjabbed, newly-“resigned,” experienced NYC paraprofessional considering moving to Florida, give my office a call. I understand we’re also hiring teachers down here.

🔥 A strong earthquake hit Taiwan over the weekend, reported as anywhere from 6.4 to 7.2 on the Richter scale. Images included everything from shaking buildings to avalanches to toppled buildings.

According to the Hill’s report, there was only one reported fatality as of yesterday afternoon.

I’m very, very happy there weren’t many casualties. But if Taiwan has another earthquake, or a more serious one, then China could just walk in under the banner of humanitarian aid.

It’s a good thing the Chinese don’t have secret earthquake technology.

Have a magnificent Monday! I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

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