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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Monday, September 12, 2022 ☙ MOON SHOTS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, and Happy Monday, C&C! As we begin a fresh new week, a fresh new roundup for you: corporate media buries the biggest development in the Ukraine war since it started; Joe’s next cancer moon shot; an global epidemic of cancer; and you’ll never believe all the new risks for getting cancer.


🚀 After weeks, if not months, of creeping Russian advances, back-and-forth artillery strikes, and wrangling over a nuclear power plant, the situation in Ukraine shifted rapidly over the weekend, as war zones can do sometimes. You won’t get the whole story from corporate media though, because it puts the narrative on thin ice.

On Saturday morning, my Ukraine/Russian channels were reporting Ukraine had suddenly and unexpectedly pushed Russia out of two large areas of the Donbas. According to local reports, the Ukrainian troops included a lot of American and British “mercenaries,” and the unusually well-coordinated action seemed to take the Russians completely by surprise, who were forced to retreat in disarray.

According to British media, by Saturday night a jubilant Zelensky was already mocking Moscow in an online video, boasting “the Russian army in these days is demonstrating the best that it can do, showing its back.”

By mid-day, corporate media was spinning up the narrative machine, getting it all ready to start spamming the zone with long-form narratives and personal interviews about Ukraine’s glorious defeat of the foul Russian aggressors, and how this momentum was just what was needed to get the war politics back on track, and to get the dollars flowing freely again from Washington into the Deep State’s Eastern European crack house, Ukraine.

Francis Harris @fharris2011″In the end, the Russians fled any way they could on Friday, on stolen bicycles, disguised as locals. Hours after Ukrainian soldiers poured into the area, hundreds of Russian soldiers encamped in this village were gone” Amid Ukraine’s startling gains, liberated villages describe Russian troops dropping rifles and fleeingUkraine’s blitz liberated Izyum and other occupied areas in Kharkiv region, but Russia still holds large swaths of territory and a major advantage in firepowerwashingtonpost.com

September 12th 20222 Retweets6 Likes

But by the time I got done with church and Bible study on Sunday, my local sources were reporting that Russia had started bombing Ukraine’s network of antique Soviet-era power stations, marking a massive change in the character of the war.

Valeria @Valere_ia✅🇷🇺🇺🇦❗ Massive blackout in Ukraine after missile launch from Black Sea. Power down fully or partially in: ⚡️ Kharkiv Oblast; ⚡️ Sumy Oblast; ⚡️ Poltava Oblast; ⚡️ Dniepropetrovsk Oblast; ⚡️ Zaporizha Oblast; ⚡️ Odesa Oblast; ⚡️ ZSU-controlled parts of DPR;


September 12th 202251 Retweets164 Likes

According to some reports, up to HALF of Ukraine lacked power yesterday night. Since the start of the war, Russia held off taking this elementary military step; a step that the U.S. promptly took in Iraq when we invaded that country. Of COURSE you take out the enemy’s power, it hampers communications, impedes enemy special forces, and helps thicken the fog of war.

In fact, I even speculated on C&C in early March that it might be a fake war BECAUSE Russia was withholding bombing Ukraine’s power. It seemed to me that Russia wasn’t really TRYING to win. Later, the evidence suggested that Russia was trying to avoid damaging civilian infrastructure and was trying to avoid creating a humanitarian disaster.

When I got up this morning I immediately searched corporate media for reports on the power strikes. It’s a made-for-news story. It writes itself. Civilians in Ukraine — already suffering greatly — have now been plunged into the dark by the outrageous and unprovoked Russian attacks. But I was surprised to find a single story on the power. One Reuters story this morning mentioned the power strikes in the link, but after I clicked it, the headline was only, “Ukraine Troops Sweep Ahead After Russian Collapse In Northeast.”

But the Independent UK ran a story this morning headlined, “Blackouts In Ukraine As Retreating Russian Forces Target Power Stations.”

According to the Independent, as Russian forces were pushed out of large areas in the Kharkiv region, they struck the power plants there, pulling the plug on large parts of Ukraine. The strikes appear to have been missiles launched from Russian ships in the Baltic Sea. Former comedian and Ukrainian president Zelensky then denounced the “deliberate and cynical missile strikes” against the power plants as acts of terrorism.

“The [Russian] occupiers have struck critical infrastructure in the city and region of Kharkiv,” Kharkiv governor Olegh Synehubov wrote on Telegram. “In several population centres, there are no electrical or water supplies. Fires have broken out where these strikes occurred and emergency crews … are containing the blazes.”

GEROMAN – – Zerbian – -👀- @GeromanAT1Closer images. September 11th 20228 Likes

According to the Independent UK, the head of the eastern Sumy region, Dmytro Zhvytsky, said electricity and water losses affected at least 135 towns and villages. Perhaps hinting where this may be going, the Independent noted darkly that “deliberate targeting of essential civilian services is a violation of international law.”

Possibly. I suppose invasions violate international laws too.

This move by the Russians positively suggests a new strategy, a strategy that will be difficult for the Ukrainians to counter. Ukraine is completely outmatched in a full-scale conflict. So if Russia is taking the gloves off, things are going to get livelier in Ukraine, NATO will be under pressure to escalate its involvement, and the Deep State will be freaking out.

I’m guessing this is why corporate media is avoiding reporting the story. First, they want to celebrate Ukraine’s success before clouding the narrative with Russia dropping the hammer. Second, they don’t want us to recognize that Russia could having taken out anything they want, at any time, FROM THE SEA. They don’t HAVE to creep across Ukraine inch-by-inch if they don’t want to, or even lose a single tank.

In other words, the Russians could just bomb Ukraine’s infrastructure from the ocean and then go where they like. They could hit Zelensky’s palace in Kyiv. The fact they haven’t done that raises a lot of hard questions and puts unwanted stress on the narrative.

🔥 Joe Biden announced another announcement this weekend, saying that this week he’ll be revealing the “details” of his next big program — the Cancer Moon Shot. Or, I should rather say, “the Second Cancer Moon Shot,” because Joe already announced the first Cancer Moon Shot back in 2016 while he was VP for Obama.

He’s already dumped at least $1.8 billion into his Cancer Moon Shot. So let’s see how it’s working out so far.

🔥 A new study by researchers at Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital in Boston, published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology last week, asked whether global cancer rates in younger people are increasing. I’ll give you one guess what they found.

According to the study, since the early 1990’s, cancer rates in people under 50 have been steadily climbing, in some cases dramatically. “A genuine increase in the incidence of early-onset forms of several cancer types also seems to have emerged,” the researchers said. They found breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, and pancreatic cancers, among others, rose drastically beginning in the 1990s.

SOMETHING has to be causing it. The researchers concluded the evidence shows that, whatever is causing the cancers must be something that happens when people are YOUNG:

[E]ach successive group of people born at a later time (e.g., decade-later) have a higher risk of developing cancer later in life, likely due to risk factors they were exposed to at a young age.

Weird. What happens to people at a young age that is increasing with each generation? It’s baffling. The researchers considered processed food, alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, obesity, and lots of other options.

But there was one glaringly obvious thing they did NOT consider. You know what it was. You know what the potential risk factor was, that the poor scientists did not dare mention. 💉

It’s a timely study though. It nicely tee’d up the government’s new cancer narrative. Joe only has to swing the club. If he can swing clubs these days, that is.

💉 Cancer rates are rising even faster since Joe’s (first) Cancer Moon Shot started. In fact, only this morning, the Telegraph UK published an article with this alarming headline:

Gosh. The Telegraph says that, according to “extremely worrying” new data, death rates among men with prostate cancer tripled during the covid pandemic. The paper spends most of its time speculating that the increase must be due to deferred treatments and hospital backlogs.

It didn’t consider the you-know-what.

💉 Get ready to start finding out about slew of new things that cause cancer, because it’s already started. Here’s another new headline, from BBC News, published two days ago:

Air pollution causes cancer! And also obesity:

Medical Xpress @medical_xpressAustralian research shows rates of #obesity-related cancers quadrupled in a generation doi.org/gqsc9fmedicalxpress.com/news/2022-09-a…September 9th 20226 Retweets9 Likes

And career choices:

AppOrtho @apporthoWhy do orthopedic surgeons have such high breast cancer rates? motherjones.com/politics/2022/…via @MotherJonesWhy do orthopedic surgeons have such high breast cancer rates?Many don’t learn about the risks until it’s too late.motherjones.comSeptember 6th 20229 Retweets8 Likes

And processed foods:

Lars-Johan Larsson @LarsJohanLNew study links ultra-processed foods and colorectal cancer in men: Researchers found that men who consumed high rates of ultra-processed foods were at higher risk for developing colorectal cancer than those who did not. sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/…September 12th 20221 Like

And HIV:

IPVS – International Papillomavirus Society @IPVSocietyHPV-oropharyngeal cancer incidence rates were 3-fold higher among veterans with #HIV compared to veterans without HIV. Suggests greater levels of immune suppression may increase #HPV persistence & progression to cancer bit.ly/3AR7uhzListen 👇 to @angela_mazul discuss


September 2nd 20224 Retweets5 Likes

And poor screenings:

CDC Cancer @CDC_CancerClinicians: uterine cancer rates are on the rise. ACOG and CDC have partnered to offer a free online course, Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer: acog.org/education-and-…


September 11th 20225 Retweets3 Likes

And hormone treatments:

Philippe Aftimos, MD @aftimospFertility preservation with or without hormonal stimulation not associated with any increased risk of relapse or disease-specific mortality in women with breast cancer jamanetwork.com/journals/jamao…#bcsmRelapse Rates and Mortality Following Fertility Preservation at Time of Breast Cancer DiagnosisThis cohort study investigates the risk of disease-specific mortality and relapse in women who underwent fertility preservation with or without hormonal stimulation compared with women who did not at time of breast cancer diagnosis.jamanetwork.comSeptember 7th 20222 Retweets8 Likes

And abstinence-only sex education (I am NOT making that up):

Gary Dunavant @GarybhamRates of cervical cancer rising, especially in South: The report’s authors cite #Alabama’s emphasis on abstinence-only sex education in schools, gynecologist shortages in rural areas and the state’s failure to expand Medicaid as contributing factors. As cervical cancer rates tick up, experts cite links to abstinence-only sex educationdescriptionreckon.newsAugust 30th 202216 Retweets21 Likes

And blackness:

ACS CAN Texas @ACSCANTexasCancer affects all of us, but it doesn’t affect all communities equally. Communities of color have higher cancer incidence and mortality rates than other groups. Progress in improving cancer outcomes involves increasing everyone’s access to care Shamed for sickness: How women of color often face social stigma for cancer diagnosisMisinformation and cultural norms can leave some women diagnosed with cancer feeling shunned. Here’s what experts say will help them to recovery.caller.comSeptember 7th 20222 Retweets3 Likes

And whiteness:

UT Health San Antonio Grad School @UTHealthBiomedA new study on cervical cancer showed rates of advanced cervical cancers are spiking, with unusual increases in white women. Dr. Patrick Ramsey, maternal medical director at @UTHealthSA says it’s partly due to restricted care access during the pandemic. Doctors working to figure out why advanced cervical cancer on the riseA large new study found the rates of advanced cervical cancers are spiking, with unusual increases in white women, and experts are trying to find out why.bit.lySeptember 7th 20221 Like

And ancestral heritage:

Charles Onyango-Obbo @cobbo3Globally prostate cancer is the 2nd most frequent cancer, and the 5th leading cause of cancer death, among men in 2020. Across sub-Saharan Africa, mortality rates are 2.7 times higher than global averages. Prostate cancer subtypes linked to ancestral heritageTwo new studies identify ancestry-linked prostate cancer subtypes and cancer drivers that could predict whether it might become life-threatening.cosmosmagazine.comSeptember 3rd 202215 Retweets13 Likes

And, just to mix it up a little, cancer treatment also causes heart attacks, FYI:

Heart Failure Policy Network @HFPolicyNetworkHeart failure rates among people who have had cancer treatment are growing. We must address this with integrated cardio-oncology management across the care pathway. Spotlight on cancer treatment and heart failureThis report highlights the need for integrated care and collaboration between oncology and cardiology services.hfpolicynetwork.orgSeptember 4th 20223 Retweets13 Likes

For a little Team Reality moment, Ethical Skeptic has been ringing the cancer alarm bell for months. Here’s his latest chart, using CDC data:

That vertical line showing where the jump in cancer began marks April, 2021, when SOMETHING changed. So weird. He says the cancer data (the top chart) is now somewhere between an 8-sigma and 20-sigma statistical event, which means something that only happens once in Earth’s history.

All of those articles about the scary new causes of the cancer epidemic were published from the last month or so; meaning that the studies they reported on were probably started sometime after April. Most of the articles ran during the last two weeks — so all the underlying studies were probably started around the same time. A weird coincidence. A happy coincidence, because they all came out right before Joe’s big (second) Cancer Moon Shot announcement.

Do I have to say it? It’s OBVIOUSLY a coordinated corporate media push about cancer. They are SO predictable.

So great ready for the new narrative. One way to interpret all this new attention on cancer is that they can’t hide the spiking cancer rates any more, so they need a new narrative: Everything causes cancer (so it’s not THEIR fault). And — fortunately for us — the administration is ON IT. Because they care about our well-being.

Joe’s getting ahead of the breaking story. I can’t wait to hear all the details!

Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

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