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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Monday, July 25, 2022 ☙ Vaids and Menes🦠

A giant media development on jab injuries; cold showers; SADS; Biden re-defines recession; ABC finally finds Panama; and a Ukrainian connection to ritualistic child trafficking and cannibals in Utah.

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Monday! And we’re off, off into another week of glorious adventure here in phantasmagoric Post-Pandemia, where the news is getting more implausible by the minute. This morning’s post is a little late, but it’s worth it.

In today’s roundup: giant developments as the corporate media embargo on vaccine injuries begins to lift; the newest cause of sudden and unexpected heart attacks; three more sudden and unexpected celebrity/athlete deaths; Biden re-defines the word, “recession”; ABC finds Panama; and a Ukrainian connection to — I am not making this up — an alleged organized child trafficking and cannibal ring in Utah.


🪖 I’d like to speak with any folks whose banking was frozen, de-platformed, or otherwise negatively affected after making a donation to the Canadian truckers. U.S. citizens only. If you fit this description, please email [email protected]. Feel free to forward this to anyone who matches the description.


🔥 Corporate media broke the embargo on vaccine injuries last week.

It was Tucker — it HAD to be Tucker — who ran a segment discussing some of the jab studies that WE have already been looking at for months but the entire media apparatus has been industriously ignoring, like teenagers making a PBJ sandwich while casually pretending not to see a puppy accident on the kitchen floor, so they don’t have to clean it up.

In his show Thursday night, Tucker started by riffing on Biden’s oil cancer and his convenient covid diagnosis, and then used all that to segue into a monologue questioning the jabs:

Is it possible that the vaccine actually can hurt you, especially if you keep getting boosted? Can it weaken your immune system? Well, that looks possible. Multiple studies have looked into this. Just last month, the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology published the findings of several MRNA researchers and we’re quoting, “In this paper, we present evidence that vaccination induces a profound impairment in type one interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health.”

Tucker continued discussing the study, saying:

The researchers continue that, in their studies of the COVID vaccine, “We identify potential profound disturbances in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance. These disturbances potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease… myocarditis, Bell’s Palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response, etc.”

So, it’s possible. In fact, it’s looking likely that the vaccine might suppress the immune system. This fact, the authors concluded, will “have a wide range of consequences, not the least of which include the reactivation of latent viral infections and the reduced ability to effectively combat future infections.” Now again, we sincerely hope that’s not true, but it’s not just the conclusion of one scientific journal.

He said immune suppression — VAIDS — was “likely!” Tucker then moved to a different Lancet study from February, and said:

Read this section and more of C&C by clicking the link below.

Via Twitter:

Twitter avatar for @P_McCulloughMDPeter McCullough, MD MPH @P_McCulloughMDTucker correctly cites Yamamoto observation after 2 of them, the immune system is less responsive than the pure unjected with an intact and natural immune response. More evidence the products are backfiring and why so many regret taking them in the first place. @TuckerCarlson

Corporate media embargo being lifted…

Either way, this is a HUGE development. Who do you think will be next?

💉 Meanwhile, the UK Express ran a terrifying story this week that made my blood run ice cold headlined, “Heart Attack: The Shower Habit That Could ‘Precipitate’ a Heart Attack in the ‘Healthy’.” Showers! Habits! Habitual showers.

The headline’s enigmatic “shower habit” is: cold showers. Cold showers are risky and dangerous now. Thanks, experts!

Germans were less concerned, since they’re under government orders to cut their showers back to save gas. Good timing.

💉 Navy veteran and “Naked and Afraid” star Melanie Rauscher, 35, died suddenly and unexpectedly on July 17th, while dog sitting for a friend. No cause of death has been released. The dog, having endured a quite harrowing weekend after its sitter dropped dead, suspects the jabs, but what does IT know?

💉 Former Notre Dame offensive lineman Paul Duncan, 35, died suddenly and unexpectedly July 15th while jogging in his neighborhood. He’s survived by his wife Ellen and two young daughters. Ellen said his organs would be donated, to help others. Too bad he hadn’t got the news yet that jogging causes strokes.

💉 Former Miami Hurricane Football wide receiver Sam Bruce, 24, died suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack on April 28th. He’d been involved in a minor car accident, and then had what authorities first thought was a seizure. On July 22nd, medical examiners released their report finding Sam had died of “natural causes:” acute myocardial infarction due to coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease. Myocarditis. Natural causes. At 24. An athlete!

Uh huh.

📉 Hahahahaha! It worked so well for covid that they’re trying it again. The White House just redefined the word “recession,” so that the U.S. is NOT in a recession after all. Not anymore. Not after they redefined it. Shazam! You’re welcome.

Fox News ran a story yesterday headlined, “Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Acknowledges Economic ‘Slowdown’ but Downplays Recession Fears.” The sub-headline said, “Yellen insists U.S. economy is ‘not an economy that’s in recession’.”

Yellen admitted to Fox that the “common” definition for a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP, and allowed that economists DO expect to see negative growth again this quarter following last quarter’s -1.4% drop, but still, Yellen insisted that does NOT mean the U.S. is in a recession.

Why not? Because, borrowing a play from the CDC, the White House just updated its website to reflect the new, improved definition of the word:


So. The definition USED TO be two consecutive quarters of falling GDP. Now, under the new, improved definition, a recession can’t really be defined at all; it’s “holistic.” Intangible. Squishy. In other words, they’ll let us know when it’s a recession, don’t bother trying to figure it out for yourself.

Of course, it’s just political nonsense. The money people know what a recession is, and they’ll act appropriately regardless of whatever Yellen and Biden say. In that sense, their silly wordplay is meaningless. But what it DOES signal to markets is that Treasury Secretary Yellen is about to do the exact opposite of whatever a treasury secretary SHOULD do in the face of a recessionary economy.

What would we do without these experts?

🔥 In another remarkable news development, ABC actually reported on the Panamanian protests in an article yesterday headlined, “3 weeks of protests in Panama cause food, fuel shortages.” The sub-headline explains, “Three weeks of continuous demonstrations and road blockades to protest high fuel and food costs in Panama have begun to cause shortages of some food products, fuel and medicine.”

The short, carefully-worded article included zero interviews with Panamanian officials. It did not speculate on what might have caused the “high fuel and food costs.” Nor did it mention any of the other countries experiencing the exact same type of bad luck.

Finally, ABC did not mention experts, covid lockdowns, or Russia sanctions, nor did the reporters point out how the combination of the three factors has been particularly effective in collapsing weaker economies all around the globe.

But hey, at least they noticed Panama is struggling a little.

🔥 Something really weird is going on, and it involves cannibals. Eating children. In the U.S. Check out these recent headlines:

And finally, this “once-in-a-lifetime” headline from Utah last month that cemented some lucky headline-writer’s career:

The Utah story kicked off earlier this year, when the Utah County Sheriff calmly read this jaw-dropping statement:

In April of 2021, an investigation began into ritualistic child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking that occurred in Utah County. The ensuing investigation discovered that other victims had previously reported similar forms of ritualistic sexual abuse and trafficking that occurred in Utah County, Juab County, and Sanpete County during the time between 1990 and 2010. Portions of these allegations were confirmed.

These allegations are being investigated by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with other local and federal agencies. We are pleading with the public and encourage victims, or individuals with knowledge of these crimes, to contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit, so that they can be offered all the assistance possible. We understand that there are individuals who have concerns for their safety and/or well-being, who have been silenced. We need your help.

The Sheriff said the main focus of the investigation is organized, ritualistic child sexual abuse spanning two decades.

A few weeks after the announcement, the county’s District Attorney, David Leavitt — who was not currently a suspect in the investigation — held a press conference and, without any advance warning at all, angrily announced that he’d been wrongfully accused of murdering small children, and eating them. He said he’d reviewed a witness statement that accused him of being involved in some very heinous crimes. Then Leavitt blamed the whole thing on the Sheriff, for orchestrating a political witch hunt against him.

Tellingly, Leavitt failed to mention the rather significant fact that for a couple years he’d also been under a Homeland investigation for pedophilic sexual abuse and trafficking. More on that in a minute.

The neatly-bearded District Attorney, who ran as a Republican, shocked the red county after he was elected by actually turning out to be one of these woke prosecutors who halts prosecution of a wide range of crimes, tries to “reimagine” the justice system and most tellingly, he tried to shut down the county’s special victims unit. For some reason. During his tenure, he has consistently been attacked by local Republicans as a RINO or worse, and has been just as consistently defended by leftwing media.

In other words, he’s a stealth Soros prosecutor.

In a recent June 27th article, Fox 13 Salt Lake said it got hold of a 2020 documentary including an interview with Leavitt, where he describes “a strategy” to basically buy the adoption of a Native American baby girl from her Montana tribe. You think the story is bizarre so far? This is where things start to get REALLY bizarre.

In the video, Leavitt says he’s close friends with and a business associate of former Ukrainian president Victor Yuschenko. Ukraine again! District attorney Leavitt and former president Yuschenko were cooking up a scheme in 2017 to introduce buffalo to Ukraine, because … whatever. The idea was, Leavitt and Yuschenko would pay top prices for buffalo from a lucky American tribe on some kind of long-term contract.

Who wants to bet the whole Buffalos-to-Ukraine deal would be funded by our tax dollars through some shady federal “biodiversity” grant?

In furtherance of his scheme, Leavitt flew to Montana and met face-to-face with Chief Killsback of the Northern Cheyenne tribe to pitch the lucrative buffalo deal, which the Chief was very, very interested in, but there was a catch: as part of the deal, Leavitt insisted as a pre-condition on getting, I mean adopting, a Native American baby girl. The Chief said no problem, paleskin. Leavitt describes, actually he sort of BRAGS about his repugnant buffalos-for-babies scheme ON CAMERA, although he dressed it all up with self-serving descriptions of his selfless humanitarian aims.

After tribal social services denied Leavitt’s request, citing a long-standing law barring adoption of native babies by non-natives, Leavitt called the chief to complain. Here’s how he described what happened next: “Five minutes later the phone rang and it was the social worker saying, ‘I think I’ve figured out a way to get this child to you.’”

Hurrah! Leavitt said he took the baby girl home with him that SAME DAY. A one-day adoption! It was a social services miracle.

Shockingly, former chief Killsback couldn’t be interviewed for the 2020 documentary because he was in prison for fraud related to some other awesome deal he’d cooked up.

Fox 13 then reported that, back in 2020, the video had made its way to a Homeland Security investigator, Noel Engels, who for several years was already investigating sexual allegations against Leavitt. Engels shot the video up the chain at Homeland for higher-level investigation of the human trafficking angle, and a few months later, Engles was suddenly and unexpectedly reassigned off the case.

Engels was suspicious. It didn’t make sense. He filed a whistleblower complaint, suspecting his removal from the case had been improper.

A few months later, Engels got a letter back from Homeland’s internal investigations unit, saying they found “a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing based on the information you submitted in support of your allegations,” and that the case had been referred to the Secretary of Homeland for investigation. Fox 13 somehow got hold of the letter.

So, the bottom line is it looks “substantially likely” that someone in Homeland protected Leavitt by killing Engels’ investigation. By his own admission, Leavitt was under investigation for sexual abuse, murder, and cannibalism. If someone at Homeland DID act to protect Leavitt — which seems “substantially likely” — then we’re dealing with a deep-state federal conspiracy of some kind.

Not surprisingly, on June 29th, Leavitt lost the Utah County Republican primary. The miracle was he ever believed he could win at this point.

Okay. This story is totally bizarre and might seem completely disconnected from normal C&C fare. But, given just the headlines and what’s been published in local Utah media, there’re a bunch of loose threads that all seem to be snaking toward a common center somewhere.

In this one single story, we have: ritualized child sexual abuse, a woke prosecutor, trafficking, murder, Natives, Ukrainians, deep-state government conspiracists, plus — from the bowels of the pit — cannibalism. You guys still with me?

And all that’s from just what’s in the record. I haven’t even speculated at ALL, even though I have LOTS of ideas informed by my legal background.

Now, let’s turn to the New York Times’ seemingly unrelated and totally revolting article on the joys of cannibalism.

The Times’ major premise is that the country is enjoying a season of delicious cannibalistic liberty:

Turns out, cannibalism has a time and a place. In the pages of some recent stomach-churning books, and on television and film screens, Ms. Summers and others suggest that that time is now.

The long-form article describes — at great length and in horrifying detail — a bunch of recent TV shows, movies, and books including descriptions of cannibalism in various forms. But it’s not clear to me, and the Times doesn’t say, whether there’s any more or less cannibal media chatter than at any particular time in the past.

But it IS clear that the Times is suggesting that the subject is an edgy but fascinating “sign of the times” or something. Twitter blew up with criticism mocking the article.

What I’m wondering is: is this creepy story somehow related to the Utah story? The timing is awfully convenient. Are the Narrative Managers trying to blunt the damage from something really awful we might find out about soon? Something involving government actors and credible allegations of ritual sexual abuse and — gulp — cannibalism? (Some of you will recall the “spirit cooking” parties revealed in Hilary’s emails, I’m sure.)

If you’ll indulge me, I’ll speculate just a teeny tiny bit to try to tie these unrelated stories together a little. First, one detail that’s missing is how the Utah County Sheriff’s investigation started, beyond vague references to having received “some information.” It seems like a safe guess that, his federal investigation frozen out by his bosses, Homeland Security investigator Engels could easily have dropped his file off with the local Sheriff, who also has jurisdiction to prosecute many of the crimes.

If so, then Homeland knows everything that the Utah County Sheriff knows. So they know what might come out in the grand jury, and in the (so far) local media.

Thus, if the Utah County investigation implicates national or international figures, or even just reflects badly on Ukraine, the same feds who “substantially likely” pulled the plug on Engels’ investigation could easily have tipped the New York Times that a little memetic cover would be helpful right now, to start blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

But maybe there’s no conspiracy, no connection. As the Times’ article suggests, maybe it’s just that there is something rotten in the zeitgeist. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence, after all. There ARE a lot of coincidences these days.

Have a magnificent Monday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for refills.

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