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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Monday, August 22, 2022 ☙ THE 2×4 OF KARMA 🦠

More jab injury news makes corporate media; Epoch links cancer to jabs; Birx advises CDC on trust; reality catches up to Team Biden; Bloomberg grim on real estate; and China is hardest-hit.

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by Jeff Childers


Happy Monday, C&C! It’s going to be a great week as we coast down the remainder of August and start looking hopefully forward to cooler weather. Your author is much improved, if a tad sleepy; this must be what Joe Biden feels like all the time. But I hope to enjoy a ‘normal’ work week anyway. Today’s roundup includes: more vaccine injury news breaks through corporate media; Epoch Times explicitly links cancer to jabs; Dr. Birx laughably advises the CDC on how to regain public trust; reality catches up to Team Biden on the economy; Bloomberg reports grim real estate news; and surprisingly, China is hit hardest.


🔥 Operation Multiplier: I’m still working on getting Multiplier results from Dr. Gold’s outfit. Without her in charge, I think the problem is that things are locked down pretty tight over there. But I will have big news about this issue soon, if plans work out. Stay tuned.


💉 We’ve been watching the narrative over jab safety and efficacy pivoting for two months now, and then last week we saw the CDC pivoting to drop all its covid restrictions for unjabbed people, and announcing a “top to bottom” reorganization. Weird.

Then over the weekend, Tucker Carlson rounded up jab injury studies.

Tucker’s first study was from the Lancet in February titled “Risk of infection, hospitalisation, and death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine: a retrospective, total population cohort study in Sweden – The Lancet”.

So it’s not that Tucker was breaking any new “news.” The real news was that Fox was giving prime-time coverage to direct vaccine injury studies. Tucker’s been warming up to this, I told you in July when he first referenced a study about the jab disrupting interferon signaling. But his tone in July was much more cautious than it was this weekend.

Tucker is getting aggressive about jab risks. The CDC and its allies MUST realize that it’s simply too late to screw a cap onto all the studies — the cat’s already out of the bag, as Dr. McCullough keenly observed yesterday:

He’s right — there are more than 30,000 papers and studies now published on the harms caused by spike protein, which is the mRNA shots’ one and only effective by-product. And many of those papers specifically examine jab-induced spike protein rather than just spike generally.

Now Tucker needs to do excess deaths. That’s the government’s weakness, the reality that they won’t be able to dissemble away.

💉 In another example, albeit not in corporate media, the Epoch Times ran a story Friday headlined, “New and Recurrent Cancers After mRNA Vaccines, Studies Suggest Immune Changes.”

The article starts with an alarming timeline for former cancer patient Bonnie Eisenberg. She recovered from breast cancer in 2012, and since then has been regularly testing for cancer markers every few months. They’ve always been low, averaging 0.4 ng/mL.

But after Bonnie took the first jab in January 2021, her next cancer marker test showed slightly elevated — but not alarming — levels at 3.7 ng/mL. After her second jab in February 2021, it bumped up again, to 5.2 ng/mL. But after she took the booster in October, her marker shot up to a red-hot 17.6 ng/mL and her doctor called her in for an immediate PET scan.

You guessed it; her breast cancer was back and not only that, it had already metastasized. Bonnie explained, “it went to all my bones … it didn’t go to any of my body organs, but it was over every bone you could think of. On the PET scan I lit up like a Christmas tree.”

She was suddenly and unexpectedly in stage 4. They immediately put her on chemo ($14,000 a month), which got the cancer under control. But Bonnie will remain on serious medication for the rest of her life, and is already experiencing side effects like hair loss, loss of bone mass, and so on.

Epoch quoted MIT’s Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who is apparently doing some great work in this area. Dr. Seneff explained in a recent study, “Impaired type I IFN signaling is linked to many disease risks, most notably cancer, as type 1 IFN signaling suppresses proliferation of both viruses and cancer cells by arresting the cell cycle.”

The paper then pointed out that “research on spike protein and mRNA vaccines suggests that IFN-alpha action may be impaired when exposed to spike protein.”

In other words, they’re saying the shots cause immune system problems, which pave the wave for cancer.

The immune system is what keeps cancer in check in healthy people. Epoch cited an analysis by The Expose on VAERS data that indicated a jab-linked explosion of cancers by 143,233 percent. That’s a lot.

The article cites more examples, like John Rolf, a healthy 68-year-old who suddenly developed stage 3 esophageal cancer after his jab in March 2021. Although doctors were optimistic, and started him on aggressive chemo, John died in his sleep in October. His wife Cheryl said, “I got up and he said ‘I want to sleep some more’ and he didn’t get up. I went and looked [later] and he had passed away.”

Is it possible we’ve finally reached the stage where the problems can no longer reasonably be hidden or denied, and that’s why the CDC is suddenly pivoting so hard, and why the U.S. is signaling that it will stop paying for jabs?

If so, it’s a fabulous development. We need a new Operation Warp Speed 2.0, to develop treatments for what the first Operation Warp Speed came up with. An all-hands-on-deck effort to treat vaccine injuries can’t happen until they admit there’s a problem.

Just admit it! Everybody already knows anyway.

🔥 Over the weekend, goofy scarf-fan Dr. Deborah Birx had some advice for the CDC on how to “rebuild trust” with the American people. Laughably, she told Face the Nation that “The way you rebuild public trust is be transparent.”

Hahahaha! Don’t make me laugh any more! It’s starting to hurt!

How about we start by being transparent with all the excess deaths data that the CDC is currently hiding behind a lame “software upgrade” excuse? That would be a nice transparent start.

Birx also thinks the CDC just needs to EXPLAIN its reasoning better. “Recommendations that are created out of lack of transparency, and out of a black box where you can’t really follow the logic is what leads to fracturing in trust,” the disgraced doctor advised.

Birx is out making the rounds trying to hawk her recently-published book. In the book, she admits knowing that “14-days to stop the spread” would never work but she advised it anyway, knowing the whole time it would really take much much longer, because she had to get people to first swallow two weeks, then it would be easier to get us to agree to lockdown for months more.

That admission — the she lied to us just to get us to go along — plus more examples, like where Birx bragged about tricking the public about vaccine efficacy to get more jabs in arms (she said she “always knew” the shots wouldn’t stop infections), generated fun headlines like this one last month from RedState:

So it’s pretty rich to hear Birx gabbling about transparency and explaining your reasoning to the public. Shut up, Deborah. Nobody cares what you have to say anymore. Go back to scarf collecting.

📉 There’s an old parable about the perils of subjectivity. It goes something like this: you can have your own “truth” if you want to, but if your truth is always having a ‘green light,’ you’re going to get flattened in about ten minutes. In other words, reality always overtakes subjectivity, sooner or later, and it’s usually exquisitely painful.

Joe Biden and his crew are subjectivists. Take vaccines. To Joe, a vaccine is anything that treats a disease. Could be vitamin C, exercise, band-aids, gravity boots, mRNA shots, whatever. That’s what HE has always considered to be a vaccine. He always thought it was unfair that only deactivated viruses that prevent diseases were allowed to be ‘vaccines.’

So when he had the power, and wasn’t feeling too sleepy, Joe ordered the CDC to change the official definition of a ‘vaccine.’ Bliiiiing! Ta-da! Now everybody had to use Joe’s subjective, ever-changing definition of a vaccine. And it worked! Like the parade-goers in the tale of the King Who Had No Clothes, everybody grabbed hold of Joe’s special new definition and clapped hysterically, like North Vietnamese generals at Kim Jong Il’s gala 23rd birthday party.

So when Joe started hearing about this “recession” thing, he knew just what to do. Joe never felt that it was fair to use MATH to define things. Math is racist! Math is probably homophobic, too, and I bet math NEVER puts the toilet seat down after.

So Joe ordered the credulous fools racing around Washington trying to carry out his increasingly bizarre and conflicting orders to just redefine the word ‘recession.’ Now it means: we’ll let you know when there’s a recession, probably when the next Republican is in the White House. Till then, there’s no recession, got it?

The Daily Mail observed drily that Biden and his insects, I mean cabinet officials, “point to metrics like record job growth and steady levels of consumer spending to argue that the country is not yet in a recession – and previously claimed that such a downturn was not inevitable.”

See? Unless EVERY SINGLE metric is going down, it’s NOT a recession. Forget about math!

Corporate media obediently slurped up Joe’s new recession definition like a pack of trained SeaWorld penguins wolfing down their kipper rewards after gliding through ice hoops:

After all, it’s Joe’s personal truth, and you can’t argue with that. How dare you question his lived reality? But … there’s this pesky thing called ACTUAL reality and it tends to come along right when you’re minding your own business, whistling Dixie, and skipping toward the Circle-K to cash in your $100 winning lottery ticket. Life is just coming up all roses, till just when you turn the corner, BAM!, Life smashes you in the face with the two-by-four of karma.

In this case, the two-by-four of karma came in the form of a story in the UK Daily Mail yesterday headlined, “97% of US Executives Believe US Is Now in a Recession or Close to One, Despite Biden’s Consistent Denials.” BAM!

Now, I’m just a lawyer, not a mathematician, but 97% seems like a lot. I would even feel safe to call that, “most.”

So despite corporate media’s best efforts to make us all think like Joe, it appears not to be working this time.

The Stifel Financial survey also showed businesses think labor constraints, inflation, supply chain disruptions and the recession are the biggest threats to their profitability. Guess which threat ranked lowest on their concerns?

The economy is not some made-up theory. The economy is the collective result of billions of individual transactions. If consumers and business think we’re in a recession, guess what?

Reality is a you-know-what, isn’t it?

🔥 You’re probably thinking I’m exaggerating, right? Maybe you think that, while it isn’t GREAT that 97% of business owners think we’re in a recession, that’s just THEIR truth. Nope. You got it backwards. Business owners make decisions based on what they believe, and all their decisions add up to: the economy.

On Friday, Bloomberg ran a story that did NOT hew to Biden’s reality, bluntly headlined, “US Mortgage Lenders Are Starting to Go Broke.”

BAM! There goes Life’s two-by-four of karma again.

Despite Joe’s subjective lived reality, Bloomberg reported that “market watchers nonetheless expect a string of bankruptcies broad enough to trigger a spike in layoffs in an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of workers.”

It affects the least well-capitalized firms first. Firms like Sprout Mortgage and First Guaranty Mortgage, which Bloomberg said “have already stopped operating or scaled down dramatically.” Or like Pacific Investment Management Co., which just filed for bankruptcy, “saying it failed after it made loans earlier this year that dropped in value.”

One bankruptcy often leads to others. Consider the fact that Pacific’s bankruptcy filing says it owes Flagstar Bank and Customers Bank about $418 million. Not good news for the banks.

First Guaranty also filed for bankruptcy. But just before filing in June, the company fired 471 of its 600 workers. In other words, it doesn’t plan to reorganize. It’s going out of business.

Seems like we’ve heard this song before, back in 2008, remember?

There’s no reason to panic, pretty much everyone agreed the real estate market was overheated and needed correction. I’ve heard from many folks who bought in 2000 and have seen their property values double in two years. That can’t last.

Folks grudgingly accepted the new reality that vaccines are whatever the government says they are. But that isn’t working with the economy. Math is going to win this time. BAM!

🔥 I’m not sure it’s right to call this “good news,” but China’s real estate problem is MUCH worse than ours.

The Chinese are tearing down entire blocks of unfinished apartment buildings. I can’t remember seeing anything like it, not ever.

Their real-estate market is even more over-heated than ours:

Worse, China’s growing middle-class is heavily invested in real estate. 70% of China’s wealth is tied to real estate, which is twice as high as the US’s rate. Like ours, Chinese consumers are also not buying their government’s propaganda about the economy. It’s a real problem.

Relatedly, Bloomberg ran a story last week headlined, “Chinese Shun Debt and Pile Up Savings, Threatening Global Growth Engine.” The sub-head explains, “Households downbeat about their prospects are retrenching, with consequences for local giants as well as multinationals.”

Maybe we should send Joe to China to help them re-define things? Can we, please?

Have a magnificent Monday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning for more.

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