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☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Friday, September 2, 2022 ☙ GASLIT

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By Jeff Childers


Happy Friday C&C! It’s been a great week with lots of encouraging news. Today I will (reluctantly) cover Biden’s MAGA Rant and then sneak in a little roundup that hints at the purpose for what appears to be the new covid pivot.


🔥 Last night, shattering more presidential precedents and traditions, former U.S. Senator Joe Biden gave an historic speech in Philadelphia in which he labeled a sizable number of the country’s citizens a pack of rascally ne’er-do-wells that he likes to refer to as, “MAGA Republicans.”

I watched a few painful minutes just to get the flavor, and then waited for the transcript. You’re welcome. You’ve probably already heard all about the demonic red uplighting and Joe’s Hitleresque fist shaking and his lunatic inflammatory rhetoric, all of which was clearly designed for shock value, so I’m going to just bypass all that psyop nonsense.

According to Joe, he’s not alone; it’s not just him who thinks MAGA Republicans are dangerous to democracy. He said “even prominent conservatives” agree, citing a single example of a prominent conservative: DC Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Luttig. Luttig would have like to attend the speech but has been so, so busy lately sentencing first-time offending J6 prisoners to years-long jail terms for misdemeanor trespass.

You’ve heard of “prominent conservative” Luttig, right? He’s VERY prominent. Prominent in SOMETHING.

Anyway, I want to begin by saying something NICE about the speech, because that’s the polite thing to do, apparently. Anyway, Joe actually gave credit to God. It only happened once, late in the speech, but there it was: “The soul of America is defined by the sacred proposition that all are created equal in the image of God,” Joe mumbled.

So I’m giving him credit. He could’ve stopped at “created equal.”

And that’s about it for things to compliment. Apart from that, the speech seemed carefully crafted to create political cover for something big the Biden Administration is about to do next. In other words, the speech’s literal words don’t add up to anything rational.

For example, after about two-thirds through the nasty part of the speech, Joe’s MILINT speechwriters transitioned to the uplifting message part, where Joe referenced what he has planned for the future during the second half of his term. But he could only come up with two things. I’m going to quote them:

“We’re going to end cancer as we know it. Mark my words. (Applause.)”

“We are going to create millions of new jobs in a clean energy economy.”

That’s it. And even those two goals are fabulously flimsy; weak tea. Regarding the laughable war on cancer, we don’t even need to get into all the news about skyrocketing cancer rates because of the [CENSORED]. The Cancer Moon Shot is a Utopian impossibility, and was neatly framed by lawyer weasel words anyway (“as we know it”). The audience betrayed its ignorance by clapping for this one.

Joe’s second goal of creating green jobs is a fuzzy paradoxical impossibility devoid of detail. Nobody even WANTS a “clean energy economy,” whatever that is, except elites who’ve invested in (or been gifted stock in) green tech. A clean energy economy, if that’s even possible, can only arise via mandates, which are job KILLERS. The audience was smart not to clap for that one, even if it made them seem unappreciative of the Big Guy’s genius.

Anyway, that’s the whole plan. In other words, the lazy speechwriters grabbed two amorphous, unaccountable aspirations and jammed them into the speech to suggest they were actually a fantastic, well-thought-out agenda of some kind. But it backfired, because it just proves Joe has no plan. At least, no plan he wants to tell us about. (Obama probably doesn’t give him the details anyway, because everybody knows Joe can’t keep a secret.)

In case you’re stationed in Antarctica or something, right after all the throat-clearing stuff, Joe kicked off the main theme of the speech, that was obviously meant to rile everybody up:

“Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

He continued for a while in that line, hilariously calling MAGA Republicans everything bad he could think of: election deniers, disrespecters of the Constitution and the rule of law, promoters of authoritarian leaders, fanners of the flames of political violence, posers of a “clear and present danger” to democracy, and contrivers of “a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country.”

You naughty, naughty MAGA people.

Joe even said MAGA people don’t believe the January 6th stormtroopers were trained and well-funded insurrectionists hell-bent on overthrowing the government. Can you imagine that?

So the hot take, the one we’re SUPPOSED TO immediately latch onto, is that this impotent, demented nursing home patient is about to declare martial law or something and start rounding up everyone who voted for Trump the last time around. Don’t buy it. It’s like the scene from the excellent Mad Max remake, Fury Road, where Tom Hardy glances up at the fit naked woman crying for help atop the tower, and flatly says, “that’s bait.”

More thoughtful social media pundits also recognized this evident truth last night and offered theories about what the speech is REALLY covering for. The truth is, who knows what those idiots are planning next. But I realize that truth is not particularly satisfying, so here are some speculative options.

Jack Posobiec not only opined, but actually claims to have a White House source saying, that Biden plans to pardon Trump today (Friday). In this hypothetical, Biden’s maniacal speech was intended to inform and offset what will be a very angry and disappointed Democrat base. In other words, Biden gave them a little, by officially labeling MAGAs a “clear and present danger” to democracy, but will also take away, by pardoning Trump in a generous, majestic,Ulysses Grant-style national re-unification effort.

It’s possible, who knows, and it would definitely help carve Biden out of a burgeoning political super-pickle that’s already the size of greater Manhattan, currently sprouting out of the raised garden in Mar-a-Lago’s backyard.

Or, it could be that they plan to arrest Trump this weekend, and need a better cover story than ‘he had some overdue National Library materials.’ This is probably less likely; but again, consider who we’re dealing with. They’re not rocket surgeons.

Those are some options. But here’s what I think.

Forget about REPUBLICANS possibly overreacting to the speech. This speech WAS a Biden overreaction. Whatever else it was, it betrayed the fact that Trump is somehow getting to them. BIDEN should have the upper hand right now. He should be able to sit back and enjoy the show. His DOJ just raided Trump’s home, scooped up lots of “incriminating material,” leaked damning photos of Trump’s personal office and, according to all of corporate media, Joe holds all the cards.

Joe could’ve played the statesman, letting the DOJ investigation play out, saying he was surprised and appalled at what he was learning through the newspapers like everybody else.

But somehow — somehow — Trump has once again outflanked his enemies and shoved Biden and his handlers into producing THIS revolting spectacle. Say what you like about that devil Hitler but at least the guy could give a speech. Biden can’t even read the teleprompter without gaffes and stutters. Outside the python-infested inner acres of the leftist fever swamp, ordinary Democrats who watched that mockery of governance last night are, in their hearts, appalled.

They know Joe’s speech was a painful eyesore and a mistake.

In my view, Republicans’ best response to last night’s speech is no response. It was an embarrassingly bad joke. When someone tells an off-color joke, you ignore it and move on. I’m ignoring this bad joke. I suggest you consider doing so as well. Let Joe pickle himself in it.

🔥 Another hint about the new covid narrative pivot dropped into place yesterday when Biden’s ultra-diverse spokeslady — and I PROMISE I am not making this up — blamed covid school closures on Trump and the Republicans.

In response to a question about how the Administration plans to address kids’ post-pandemic learning loss, Biden’s spokeslady Jean-Pierre actually said this:

“Let’s step back to where we were, uh, not too long ago, when this president walked into this administration. Uh, how mismanaged, uh, the pandemic, the response to the pandemic was. Uh, how 47% of schools, uh, uh, were, uh, in, in less than six months, uh, our schools went from 40 per—, uh, 46% percent, uh, to, to open, to nearly all of them being open, full time. That was the work of this president. And that was the work of democrats. In spite of Republicans not voting for the American Rescue Plan…

We were, we were in a place where, uh, uh, schools were not open. The economy was shut down. Businesses were shut down. And — what we have seen is, uh, you know, we’ve seen the numbers. But I think that’s what WE see, that’s how we saw, it, it shows you how mismanaged, uh, the pandemic was. Uh, and how the impact of that mismanagement had on the chil—, uh, on kids’ progress, and academic well being…

And, you know, every Republican congress voted against that money. That is the reality. We had to do this on our own.”

Hahahahahahaha! Oh it hurts to laugh! Somebody make it stop!

Let me translate: Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic lead to school closures and American kids’ loss of learning. Not teacher’s unions and Randi Weingarten. Not complicit Democrat politicians like Gavin Newsom. Not captive medical associations. Not the politically-enslaved CDC.

It was really TRUMP and all the Republicans in Congress. You remember that, right?

This new gaslighting expedition means that they can’t come up with any better ideas than denying they were for covid before they were against it. So, two months before the midterms, Democrats and the deep state appear to be pivoting to a new narrative, a narrative that covid restrictions that destroyed the economy, killed lots of folks with bad medicine, and set back a generation of kids were never their idea to begin with.

Maybe if they say it often enough, and loudly enough, people will believe it. You think that could work? In spite of all the receipts?



I don’t know how long they can keep it up. Gaslighting is getting expensive, what with the Nordstream pipelines shut down and everything.

Just saying!

Have a fabulous Friday and I’ll be back tomorrow with a full news roundup.


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