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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Wednesday, November 9, 2022 ☙ RED SPLASH 

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By Jeff Childers


Finally, our long electoral nightmare is over!

Haha, just kidding. As Twitter advised me this morning when I opened the app, “It’s expected to take multiple days to count the votes.” Yeah, in third-world banana republics. Anyway.

It wasn’t the “Red Wave” corporate media has been braying about, but there’s still a lot to celebrate, some things to focus on, and a Senate still up in the air. I’ll roundup all the best election news, and throw in a little more.


🔥 Exiting his polling precinct yesterday, Trump answered a reporter’s shouted question, confirming that he DID vote for Governor DeSantis. So there.

Governor DeSantis wound up winning re-election in what is commonly described as a “landslide,” although — bizarrely — a lot of democrats still voted for Charlie Crist, for some reason. But that’s not the most bizarre thing democrats did yesterday.

Watch this clip from DeSantis’ victory speech, and tell me he didn’t run on anti-wokeness.

Daily Wire @realDailyWire

DeSantis: “We have embraced freedom. We have maintained law and order. We have protected the rights of parents. We have respected our taxpayers, and we reject woke ideology…We will never ever surrender to the woke mob. Florida is where woke goes to die!”

2:18 AM ∙ Nov 9, 2022


See Republicans? Fighting against wokeness is POPULAR.

🔥 It now looks like the “red wave” story that the media has been crying about for the last couple weeks was in fact just a pre-election narrative, to transform a tidy, workmanlike victory for conservatives as “really” a victory for Biden, because he prevented the red wave or something.

Conservatives had a solid night, and made good ground in the long war to save the Country. The Senate is still up for grabs, but the House looks pretty much flipped, so the Biden regime will be dramatically slowed, with serious implications for the proxy war, as I’ll discuss further on.

Keep in mind: retaining the Senate is CRITICAL for democrats, to stop Republicans from impeaching Biden. So.


Let’s begin with the disappointments. As I write this:

🤡 Pennsylvania democrats elected the first mentally-disabled stroke victim in history to the United States Senate yesterday, confirming that all it takes for democrats is a hoodie and a pulse. Maybe just a hoodie. The good news is, for the next six years, John Fetterman will be a walking billboard for vaccine injury, since less than a year ago he could talk right.

Fetterman squeaked out his win against Dr. Oz 50% to 47%, a much narrower lead than 2018’s similar Pennsylvania Senate race, where Bob Casey beat the GOP candidate 57% to 42%.


🤡 Raphael Warlock, I mean Warnock, and Herschel Walker appear headed toward a runoff for Georgia Senate (it’s 48.52% to 49.42% with 95% counted).

Seems like we’ve seen this movie before, two years ago, haven’t we?

🤡 Amid widespread voting machine problems in Arizona — we’ll be talking a lot more about this one, I bet — Kari Lake has temporarily slipped below the threshold for a recount against current secretary of state and election-controller Katie Hobbs. Similarly, Mark Kelly is currently edging Republican Blake Masters for Arizona Senate.

But hang in there. There are still a lot of uncounted ballots in Arizona. As of an hour ago, 1.7M Arizona ballots had been counted, leaving about 900K left to count. Some folks are optimistically speculating that Kari still has a good chance:

The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 @ColumbiaBugle

Lots of votes left and they’ve been breaking hard for Lake so far.10:55 AM ∙ Nov 9, 2022393Likes29Retweets

Independent analysts are saying the blue areas of the state were counted first, so remaining votes should trend red. It’s too soon to tell, and will probably take several days to figure out, due to the way Arizona’s goofy mail-in ballot statute works.

🤡 Fiesty Lauren Boebert appears to have lost her Colorado House seat to democrat Adam Frisch by a slender margin, although the race is not yet final. If Boebert loses, the House will be a lot less entertaining.

🤡 In New York, replacement governor Kathy Hochul is leading conservative challenger Lee Zeldin by a narrow margin — 52% to 47% — a historically close race. As recently as 2018, Luv Guv Cuomo solidly beat the GOP nominee by a whopping 60% to 39%.

🤡 California, Michigan, and Vermont all passed the broadest abortion laws in the country — as state constitutional amendments — creating a constitutional right in those states to kill pre-born infants up till the moment of birth.

God help them.


Now for the good news!

🔥 Republicans appear poised to take control of the House of Representatives and shove Nancy Pelosi into retirement in Italy. Not enough votes have been counted yet to confirm anything. But here’s the U.S. congressional results map, so far. What do you notice about it?

Looks pretty red, doesn’t it? How are you liking the looks of Texas and Florida, which were both purple states four years ago?

Here’s where we’re at, as of 6:30am:

🔥 Brian Kemp soundly beat professional whiner and democrat heavyweight Stacey Abrams for Georgia Governor, 54% to 46%. THIS TIME she can’t claim the election was stolen from her.

Can she?

🔥 Senator Ron Johnson is projected to win Wisconsin 51% to 49%, with 94% of the vote counted. Nice.

🔥 Trump-endorsed conservative hillbilly J.D. Vance beat oily democrat Tim Ryan for the Ohio Senate.


On top of Governor DeSantis’ astounding blowout victory, Florida’s overall results were remarkable, a “real” red wave, or maybe even a tsunami.

🔥 Lefty insider mag Florida Politics reported sadly that:

… races were so uncontested that Democratic candidates might as well have been in witness protection. Nearly everywhere you looked, Republicans were holding victory parties… From Pensacola to Miami, voters sent an unmistakable message that they aren’t buying what Democrats are selling.

Democrat partisans on Twitter weren’t too happy, either. Threats to rage-quit the Sunshine State were quite common, e.g.:

I’m not holding my breath. I’ve been waiting for them to leave ever since they were crying about how dangerous it was to live here since the Governor opened up the state and banned mandatory masking.

🔥 Florida swept all five competitive U.S. House races last night, picking up +4 U.S. Congressional seats, making its new Congressional delegation 20 – 8 in favor of conservatives.

🔥 Republicans in the Florida Senate now hold a supermajority. They can shut Democrats out of amendment-making, debate and other legislative procedures.

🔥 Among all the wins for conservatives were a couple standouts. Trump-endorsed, photogenic Anna Paulina Luna won the House for Pinellas County, Florida, a historically-blue district, flipping the traditionally-democrat seat. And conservative Corey Simon became the first Republican since the Civil War to win the Florida Senate seat for Leon County, where the state’s capitol, Tallahassee, is located.

🔥 Here in my own uni-party county, while local conservative candidates fared poorly, we managed to do the seemingly impossible: pass a single-member district amendment, which will finally break decades of single-party rule on the county commission — which coincidentally was the odious institution primarily responsible for local mask and vaccine mandates.

It took a lot of work by a lot of folks (and I might’ve even played a teensy-weensy part in it).

So the NEXT election cycle is going to look like something they haven’t seen before. Step by step.

Global News Commentary

🚀 Remember how the other day I was warning Ukrainians about shifting political winds? Well, now that it looks clear the democrats will lose the House, where Ukrainian money-laundering happens, check out this remarkable development.

UPDATE: This is not, sadly, a remarkable development. I was going too fast this morning and missed the date (March). It’s a non-story (sorry).

Oh, NOW he wants to talk peace. Right after the democrats lost the House. So. Weird.

This will probably be a great disappointment to “die first” Ukraine supporters, who earlier this year rallied around a slogan reinforcing no peace deal would be acceptable unless it includes complete Russian surrender and an agreement to pay for Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Speaking of paying for Ukraine’s broken infrastructure, Republicans in the House will be very skeptical of that proposal, after Ukraine rejected all its early chances to make peace with Russia. It was, after all, Ukraine’s choice to “fight Russia to the death.” There’s no rational reason why U.S. taxpayers should have to pay another dime for Ukraine’s war. If there’s some kind of international moral imperative supporting that notion, then let Germany pay for it. Or China.

Or, Ukraine supporters will need to argue that the U.S. is somehow responsible for the war, say, for example, by building illegal biolabs over there. But Ukraine supporters have been denying that fact for a year now. So, yeah. Let’s go with that.

🔥 Scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty, one of the world’s richest men, and friend of Bill and Hilary Clinton, Evelyn de Rothschild, 91, quietly passed away at home yesterday. End of an era, what?

🔥 In the Accountability news section, the National Law review issued its “Class Action Trends Report Fall 2022” last month. You’ll like this. The report begins by noting sadly that “unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19- related litigation is still in its infancy.”

You don’t say.

The report describes a quickly-growing legal trend:

Of late, the greatest source of new cases challenge the steps taken to stem the COVID-19 tide, in the form of vaccine mandates. The number of such lawsuits has surpassed 1,200… The wave of litigation against employers that have implemented COVID-19 vaccination requirements shows no sign of ebbing. As of September 1, 2022, more than 700 lawsuits have been filed challenging vaccine mandates imposed by employers, both public and private. The number has risen steadily since.

Twelve hundred lawsuits. So far. And still in their infancy. With no sign of ebbing.

We told them this would happen!

The easier we can make it for lawyers to find helpful evidence and information, the more lawsuits will be filed. Let’s make that a reality.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for more.

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