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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Wednesday, November 30, 2022 ☙ MEMORIES

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C! It’s Wednesday. Say goodbye to November and hello, Christmas music.

In today’s roundup: Sticky-fingered nuclear department transvestite caught on tape; more thoughts on Balenciaga; Twitter stops enforcing its covid “misinformation” policy; SADS news about country music singer; Republicans stop democrats from passing horrible anti-religious bill; Ukraine is almost about the win the proxy war, again; Fauci experiences brain fog during his deposition; and a funny clip of the day.


🪖 A special thank-you to the C&C fan who bought Chic-fil-A for the office yesterday. It was very well enjoyed and appreciated.


🔥 You remember Sam Brinton? He’s our new gender non-binary Assistant Secretary of Energy, responsible for, among other things, deciding where to store spent nuclear fuel, and who holds the nation’s top security clearance level, Q. Sam is bald as an egg, likes to wear cheap women’s nightclub attire, high heels, and pearls, and is quite public about his stomach-turning animal-role-play fetish lifestyle.

He’s also a bag pincher.

Sam was just arrested for stealing a woman’s navy blue hard-sided Vera Bradley (26-inch) roller bag from an airport carousel in Minneapolis two months ago. I’ve seen estimates on the value of the luggage and its contents between $2,700 and $3,700.

In addition to having poor fashion taste and an obvious penchant for pinching ladies’ garments, Sam has astoundingly poor judgment. He was easily nabbed because of the surveillance video. It’s not like anyone would confuse this guy with anybody else, either. Sam’s the ugly one on the right, below, with the skirt and the hairy legs, standing next to the old, fat guy in the navy dress. See what I mean? You can’t miss Sam.

According to the police report, Minneapolis police watched Sam on the surveillance video while he clearly ripped off the name tag from the woman’s suitcase, shoved her tag in his — Sam’s — purse, and left the area “at a quick pace,” or in other words, traveling at a high rate of speed.

Sam had arrived in Minneapolis traveling from D.C., and — importantly — did not check any bag of his own.

According to the police report, Sam first denied that he took the bag. Then he said, well, maybe he did grab the wrong bag, but it had his own clothes inside. Later — who knows who he talked to in the meantime — he called the police back, and admitted taking the suitcase. By accident. He explained he was tired and grabbed the wrong bag (even though he hadn’t checked one).

But diligent reporters at the Daily Mail combed photo archives and found a number of examples of Sam using the stolen suitcase himself, for other events during the last couple months, like when he went to an LGBTQ engineering conference of some kind.

Amazingly, that time he was wearing pants. So, he knows HOW.

According to NewsBreak, Sam has been on leave from the Department of Energy for a month, and his interim replacement, Kim Petry, recently emailed her colleagues saying she had been asked to stay on as head of the Spent Fuel Office “for the foreseeable future.”

I bet she has.

I gave a couple moment’s thought to how Sam got the job in the first place. Did he act normal during the interview, and only after he was hired did he come out with the super-gay transvestitism, a gambit to make it hard to fire him, or if he did get fired, he could count on a huge settlement for discrimination?

In other words, was Sam not only stealing women’s luggage and undergarments, but also stealing from the taxpayer?

It’s hard to say. I finally settled on the theory that Joe Biden had a crush on Sam and helped him get the position. After all, Joe seems to like transvestites, he recently did a long, painful interview with one, Dylan Mulvaney, and gave Dylan a “cookie.”

Is “cookie” a new euphemism for something? Anyway, despite that evidence, I’m still not 100% sure, because on the other hand, Sam Brinton is a little old for Joe, and there’s the rather obvious fact that Sam is bald as a baby’s bottom. So, no hair.

No hair for sniffing.

The funniest thing about this story, which offers SO much material, is also the most encouraging. Unexpectedly, the news of Sam’s quick fall from grace was not embargoed by corporate media. That’s a good sign. But it was also funny, because Sam claims special pronouns for himself — “they/them” — and since we now live in woke clown world, the corporate media was forced to use this obviously mentally-ill person’s pronoun wishes.

So all the articles confusingly used “they” instead of “him” when referring to Sam, which makes reading the stories a complete headache. You could tell the reporters were trying their hardest to avoid using pronouns at all, and to just refer to Sam by his last name whenever possible.

But the broad, fast coverage of the story, and the media’s liberal and appropriately generous use of rather appalling photos of the unattractive transvestite trying to get attention, could show a release of pent-up resentment at being forced to play along with the stupid game of “he’s totally normal.”

Now, how about “Admiral” Levine?

🔥 As I expected, despite my advice to the contrary, a number of commenters yesterday still found something depressing in the Balenciaga tragi-comedy, namely, the idea that even if the good guys “won” by badly punishing the transgressive designer, the bad guys still ACTUALLY won, by moving the Overton window or normalizing bad behavior or something.

People, PLEASE. My job is to point out the places where we’re WINNING. This is a win. Every morning I’m time-limited and also constrained by how much people are willing to read. But let me explain a little more.

First, let’s not pretend that Balenciaga was breaking truly new ground here. Way back in the 1970’s, Ozzie Osbourne was biting the heads off live bats on stage, and Wendy O. Williams gratified herself with a microphone during a concert performance. Teens attended both acts. Record labels were promoting clearly Satanic bands — to kids — with names like “Black Sabbath.” Remember all that?

The Overton window hasn’t so much been ‘moving’ as it has been lying in dusty shards on the floor for the last forty years.

But the pendulum might be swinging back. As I reported yesterday, View anchor Alyssah Griffin fretted that the Balenciaga ad was “particularly distasteful in this moment.” Think about that. What do you supposed she meant by “IN THIS MOMENT?” What moment?

She’s talking about the fact that tolerance for pedophilia is at an all-time low. That’s a win.

As I also reported yesterday, the New York Times gratuitously injected QAnon into its headline to the story, for no obvious reason. QAnon is only mentioned twice in the article, once in the headline, and here’s the second time:

[Tucker Carlson] has helped to publicize and mainstream QAnon, the internet conspiracy theory that “a group of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.”

That’s it. On my first read, I skimmed past this remark, chalking it up to the Times mocking QAnon and using the movement’s label as a liberal dog whistle. I circled back to it though. In spite of the fact that the Times completely understated the controversy, and only included one relatively innocuous picture out of a cornucopia of possibilities, the story is factually correct, and it mentions the key facts that: Balenciaga apologized repeatedly, canceled the two ad campaigns, and sued the designers.

So, why include QAnon if the underlying story was true? Meaning, if the Times wasn’t using QAnon to discredit the story, why put it in there? And why explain QAnon’s premise to readers? Sure, they labeled QAnon as an “internet conspiracy theory,” but apart from that, the Balenciaga story seems to support QAnon’s premise.

Maybe there was more to the story that editors removed, but as it is, the article is almost making a case FOR QAnon. At minimum, they didn’t try to discredit some people’s belief that “a group of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.” Which matched the facts of the story pretty closely.

So. Wins. Let’s take these wins, and build on them.

🔥 The Hill ran a story yesterday headlined, “Twitter Stops Enforcing COVID Misinformation Policy.” Uh-oh! Prepare for chaos!

After the announcement yesterday, professional fact checkers were upping doses of their antidepressants, fact checkers like Imran Ahmed, CEO of the the “Center for Countering Digital Hate,” who called the rollback of the covid-19 misinformation policy an “irresponsible decision” that puts lives at risk.

You mean, the policy’s rollback puts his POCKETBOOK at risk. Shut up, Imran, if that’s your real name.

Twitter also released the first statistics about banned accounts. Between January 2020 and September 2022, almost 12 million accounts were ‘challenged’ and over 11,000 accounts were banned for violating the policy. That’s a lot of ‘fact checking.’

Twitter also put up a new “transparency” dashboard. What do you think? https://transparency.twitter.com/

💉 Last Saturday, country music singer Jake Flint, 37, suddenly and unexpectedly died in his sleep — on his wedding night. No cause of death has been released, but doctors suspect an achey-breakey heart.

Yesterday, Jake’s heartsick new wife Brenda wrote, “We should be going through wedding photos but instead I have to pick out clothes to bury my husband in. People aren’t meant to feel this much pain. My heart is gone and I just really need him to come back. I can’t take much more. I need him here.”

It was almost certainly a preventable tragedy that never should have happened. His band should make a song about what really killed him. I really mean that.

🔥 Republicans in Congress appear to have prevented a potentially horrible form of a new, last-minute bill from becoming law. The Hill ran a story about it yesterday headlined, “Democrats Succumb to Political Reality on Same-Sex Marriage Bill.”

The so-called Respect for Marriage Act (RFMA) repeals DOMA, the Clinton-era ‘Defense of Marriage Act,’ which the Supreme Court found unconstitutional in Obergefell v. Hodges, which nationally legalized same-sex marriages.

The current version of the RFMA would require states to recognize all legal same-sex and interracial (?) marriages, but would NOT codify the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling in Obergefell. In other words, the new law would not stop the Supreme Court from eventually overturning the landmark decision. It also includes protections for religious liberty and conscience demanded by Republicans.

It looks like the last-minute rush to pass the Respect for Marriage Act is based at least in part on democrats’ fears that the Supreme Court WOULD overturn Obergefell. One can hope.

🔥 There was great news from the Economist two days ago. Apparently, Ukraine is on the very brink of soundly defeating Russia and teaching president Putin a lesson he’ll never forget. Again.

On the other hand, it isn’t time for refugees to come home, either.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure are forcing millions of Ukrainian refugees who intended to return home to stay put on.wsj.comUkraine’s Power Shortages Force Millions of Refugees Into Lengthier ExileKyiv’s call to its diaspora to stay abroad is forcing many to upend their lives again and turn their temporary flight into a permanent …12:15 PM ∙ Nov 30, 202231Likes5Retweets

As I’ve said before, the ocean of misinformation about the proxy war makes it incredibly difficult to say anything smart about it. But from what I can tell, the basic equation is the Russians are waiting for the ground to freeze, in order to start a ground assault. The destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure isn’t purposeless or motivated by spite. It’s intended to soften the country up for the pending action on the ground.

Anyway. It’s super terrific news that the always-reliable* Economist has reported that victory for Ukraine is within sight. Maybe Ukraine can win before the ground freezes?

* Results may vary.

🔥 I think Fauci might have long covid brain fog. Fox News ran a story earlier this week headlined, “Fauci Couldn’t Recall Critical COVID Decisions During Deposition: Republican AG.” Shocking.

The lawyers can’t say much right now, because the court ordered Fauci’s deposition and the transcript to be sealed for the time being. That’s unusual but not unprecedented.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, in the case along with Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmidt, explained “I think that the public is going to be shocked as to how much Dr. Fauci can’t recall some of the most important actions and discussions that he had at the time, when the pandemic was on our shores.”

Haha, the old bad memory gambit. As I’ve mentioned before, I love taking depositions, it’s one of my favorite parts of the job. I don’t mind the “I can’t remember” answer at all, especially given that you’ll never get a dishonest witness to admit the truth anyway. It’s so simple to handle this type of answer. Let me show you how it plays out.

For example, if I asked Fauci, “did you discuss with Twitter banning any scientists’ accounts?” And he answered, “I can’t recall everything I talked to Twitter about.” Then, one option would be for me to ask, “so, it’s possible you DID talk about banning scientists?” But then he might just answer, “I wouldn’t want to speculate about that.”

A better option if the witness says they “can’t recall” is to then ask, “since you don’t remember whether it happened, you can’t contradict another witness who says it did happen, can you?” Depending on the topic, I might also ask, “you agree that you can’t testify about that subject at trial, since you don’t remember, correct?”

Once you elicit the only possible answers to those questions, you have neutralized the witness as any kind of threat at trial, and can control the flow of evidence in your favor.

So, not only does saying “I can’t recall” make you look dumb, as it did here, it also hurts your case.

🔥 Okay, this is pretty hilarious, especially if you’ve been following the “waning” covid efficacy story for a while.

Dr. Eli David @DrEliDavid

Covid vaccine effectiveness countdown 🤣🤡 🔊 Sound On


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Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for a free refill.

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