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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Wednesday, November 23, 2022 ☙ PERSISTENT MORTALITY 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, happy Wednesday, and best wishes for your Thanksgiving eve. May you get all your errands done today, with plenty of time left to spare.

I was planning an extra-early jam-packed pre-holiday roundup for you, to tide you over, but providence had other ideas. When I got up this morning to blog, the internet was down where we’re staying, and I spent time spreading holiday cheer with the service staff trying to get it back up. We had to wake somebody up early to restart the router or something. It’s now running at dialup speed. I’m grateful though!

In today’s final pre-Thanksgiving roundup: things I’m grateful for; Fauci’s first deposition; covid coordinator talks out of his butt; Fauci gives his last covid briefing; AI robots with frickin’ lasers on their heads; Walt Disney’s new family friendly male-stripper show; Elon Musk is sick of negotiating with leftists; more covid data we need to capture; UConn coach collapses at game; high school coach is SADS; middle-school principal is SADS; and a high-profile study exposes excess heart attack in younger people.


🪖 I’m also grateful for God, Coffee & Covid and for all of you, our dear readers, who fuel this vital platform’s reach and influence. And I’m grateful for Team Reality, independent researchers, doctors who prescribed early treatment, Governor DeSantis, embalmers, Elon Musk (for freeing Twitter), the Great Barrington Declaration, small firm lawyers, open beaches and gyms, citizen journalists, moms, the human immune system, and everyone who yelled at school boards.

And I’m especially grateful for a holiday without double-masks, lockdowns, shutdowns, travel restrictions, inter-family acrimony over medical status, visor-style face shields, efficacy ratios, being “non-essential,” constant Fauci news bulletins, viruses dominating the headlines, “experts,” breakthrough infections, arrow-directed supermarket aisles, sand-filled skate parks, beach cops, cashiers cowering behind plexiglass plates, virtual school, curbside delivery, temperature scans, prison-style visits with elderly relatives in care homes, Coast Guard paddleboard seizures, designer hand sanitizer, bleach-sprayed groceries, crime-scene police taped-playgrounds and padlocked basketball courts, KAREN, daily death tickers, drive-through church service, extra-wide news desks to accommodate social distancing, kids eating lunch outside in snowstorms, medical TikTok dance routines, Twitter’s previous management, rapid tests, sold-out comedians pushing vaccinations, and halfwitted, cuckoo-brained, and literally brain-damaged politicians calling me ‘dangerous to society’ every ten minutes.

We’ve come a long way, when you think about it.

On the bright side, one pandemic innovation I AM grateful for, and which I’d like to keep, although I’m not completely one hundred percent sure it’s good for me, is carryout adult beverages.

Don’t cancel me!

🪖 I’ll be wrapped up in lots of family stuff over the next couple days, so out of an abundance of caution, and in deference to the Mrs., C&C will be enjoying an ‘artistic hiatus’ on Thursday and Friday. See you back here on Saturday!


🔥 That little rodent Fauci is being forced to sit for his first covid deposition today. Finally! Missouri Attorney General (and now Senator-elect) Eric Schmitt was warming up yesterday.

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt

We’ll be taking Dr. Fauci’s deposition tomorrow in our lawsuit against the Biden Administration for colluding with Big Tech to censor speech. We have lots of questions for Dr. Fauci. https://t.co/UcChq0epUb

The Post Millennial @TPostMillennial

Jean-Pierre praises Fauci: “Fauci has always led with the science, and our country is stronger and healthier because of his leadership.” https://t.co/EB2rTqGMKE5:10 PM ∙ Nov 22, 202212,264Likes2,666Retweets

I hope attorney Schmitt is ready for the most weaselly answers he’s ever gotten out of a deponent. That coral snake Fauci will be tough to pin down. I hope they are videotaping the deposition, or at least will give us the transcript.

💉 Yesterday, the White House’s so-called ‘Covid Coordinator,’ Ashish Jha, if that’s his real name, held a covid press briefing with extra-diverse LGBTQ++ press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (ditto) and that poisonous reptile Fauci. The good news is, unless you’re a news junkie, you probably didn’t even hear about it. The other good news is it was Fauci’s last briefing, ever. One more thing to be grateful for!

Oh! And one more. According to CDC statistics, only about 11% of people aged 5 and older have gotten the new-and-improved bivalent booster.

For some reason.

The interesting part was that, while lovingly describing the amazing benefits of triple, quadruple, or quintuple servings of mRNA spike protein, Jha said, and I am not making this up, that if every American took a booster shot, it would “prevent essentially every covid death.”


First of all, we now see why they hired Jha. He’s an expert at weasel words. “Essentially every” covid death is not quite the same thing as “every” covid death, is it? And it’s not the first time Jha has played this lizard-lipped game:

“Almost definitely.” Uh huh.

And that’s not the worst of it, not even close. Jha is talking out of his lower aperture. There’s no reliable clinical data — none, zero — suggesting that taking a booster “almost definitely” prevents “essentially every” at-risk person from dying of a serious covid infection. Not a scrap.

In fact, the data we do have suggests the exact opposite. Boosters appear to make folks more likely to catch covid, which necessarily increases an at-risk person’s chance of dying. I mean, they can’t die from it if they don’t catch it to start with.

Jha then dropped this little chestnut: “The real leaders of American medicine are out there telling you that you need to go get a vaccine. You can decide to trust America’s physicians or you can trust some random dude on Twitter.”

This is great! He said YOU can decide! So, decide.

I’m going with the random dude on Twitter.

🔥 At the same briefing, the so-called doctors announced the Administration is launching an exciting new media campaign targeting people over 50, with high-production-value ads in a series called “Can’t Wait.”

Nah. I’m waiting! Or maybe I should say, STILL waiting.

🔥 The New Scientist ran a thought-provoking story last month headlined, “AI-Controlled Robotic Laser Can Target and Kill Cockroaches.” Haha, by “cockroaches” they don’t mean covid experts. They meant proper cockroaches. Here’s the gist:

Researchers have created a device that uses machine vision to spot cockroaches and zap them with a laser. They say the method could offer a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to insecticides.

Oddly, after extolling the wonderful benefits of having a cold, calculating machine intelligence decide what lives and what dies, the New Scientist quoted one of the developers, who was like, for heaven’s sake, don’t put this thing in your house.

Project lead Ildar Rakhmatulin explained, “It’ll never be absolutely safe,” explaining that, at minimum, lasers can cause serious eye damage. “It’s my opinion that it cannot be used for home applications.”

Of course, one assumes that the scientists’ warnings will be completely ignored and the laser-equipped pest-destroying robots will be in everyone’s home in five years, and then the revolution can begin.

Seriously. Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like we’re living in the opening act of a horror movie?

🔥 The Walt Disney Company proudly announced this week it is now streaming its brand-new family-friendly series titled “Welcome to Chippendales,” billed as a ‘true crime’ drama supposedly based on the true story of the creation in the 1970’s of the infamous male ‘dance revue.’ On Disney plus.

From the trailer, the show appears to feature a lot of exactly what you’d expect from its name. Meaning, male strippers (if you’re into that kind of thing). In a voice over, the lead character announces “I’m going to start my own business … a strip club … for women!” His partner responds, “is this some kinda joke? I mean, do YOU like looking at naked dudes?” Then some blonde lady cuts in, “I have something to tell you, Paul: women get h*rny.”

That’s just from the trailer.

Sadly, the Childers family will be unable to enjoy Disney’s latest offering, having cancelled our Disney+ subscription earlier this year after the entertainment-news-media giant opposed Florida’s parental rights bill.

As I was searching around for coverage of the new show, I found the most excitement for the series among gay men.

Is it just me, or is Disney maybe shifting its target audience a little? Away from kids, to ‘alternative lifestyle’ people? Is Disney pushing in to compete with all the gay TV networks?

At this point, some people might opine it is child neglect to keep a Disney+ subscription around the house. Just saying.

🔥 Elon Musk ominously tweeted yesterday that a leftist coalition “broke the deal”:

The “deal” he’s referring to is an agreement that Twitter wouldn’t censor leftwing fake news if they didn’t try to blockade advertisers. But Elon seemed to be less than completely gruntled with the left yesterday. He was kind of on a rampage about it:

Elon even (rightly


called out the Associated Press as a reckless purveyor of disinformation:

He’s not wrong. So, now what, Elon?

🔥 Here’s another terrific example of one the many random silos of critical information that we really need to bring together into a single searchable database. Jimmy Tobias filed a lawsuit to un-redact previously-released but heavily-redacted government covid emails. Dev team, take note:

Jimmy Tobias @JamesCTobias

After a long #FOIA fight, I just received a bunch of new unredacted emails detailing the Feb 1 2020 teleconference between Dr. Fauci and virologists discussing SARS-Cov-2: documentcloud.orgDocumentCloud4:48 PM ∙ Nov 22, 20223,909Likes1,704Retweets

💉 On Sunday, University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach Chris Dailey “collapsed” before a game against N.C. State at the XL Center. Specifically, she fell to the floor, vomited, and passed out right before the game started. She was hauled off the court on a stretcher.

We are happy to report that as of yesterday, she’d been discharged from the hospital and is said to be feeling much better. Probably natural causes.

💉 Lubbock, Texas head high school football coach Matthew Hoover, 38, was found dead in his home this week. Hoover was described as a proud “girl dad” of four now-fatherless daughters.

No cause of death released.

💉 Wake County Middle School Principal Karen Sinders closed her books for the last time when she died suddenly and unexpectedly AT SCHOOL on Monday.

Local WRAL News explained, “It’s not currently known how Sinders died.”


💉 About a month ago, the Journal of Medical Virology quietly ran a shocking new study titled “Excess Risk for Acute Myocardial Infarction Mortality During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” The team of researchers from Cedars-Sinai looked at excess post-pandemic mortality associated with heart attacks. Take a gander at their conclusions:

> Before the pandemic, [acute myocardial infarction]-associated mortality rates decreased across all subgroups. These trends reversed during the pandemic, with significant rises seen for the youngest-aged females and males even through the most recent period of the Omicron surge. [E]xcess death, defined as the difference between the observed and the predicted mortality rates, was most pronounced for the youngest (25–44 years) aged decedents, ranging from 23% to 34% for the youngest compared to 13%–18% for the oldest age groups. The trend of mortality suggests that age and sex disparities have persisted even through the recent Omicron surge, with excess [acute myocardial infarction]-associated mortality being most pronounced in younger-aged adults.

See that? The youngest age cohorts saw the most excess deaths from fatal heart attacks. That fact cannot possibly be explained by hand-waving about “deferred medical care.” Young people don’t get preventative medical care, especially not for cardiac issues.

At least, they didn’t used to get cardiac-related preventative medical care. Maybe they should start.

What could explain this? The researchers don’t speculate. They were just reporting what they’re seeing in the data.

Ominously, the researchers also noted that the trend of excess mortality has persisted “even through the recent Omicron surge.” Without actually saying so, they’re really saying that whatever is causing the heart attacks in young people is not related to covid infections. Nor is it going away.

We’re getting there. Accountability is coming.

I hope each and every one of you has a joyful and rewarding Thanksgiving, filled with hope and love and good cheer, and of course, reflection on everything that we DO have to be grateful for, in spite of Bill Gates, George Soros, man-boy Sam Bankman-Fried, election cheaters, and all our generation’s other particular challenges to our sanity. Be well, and I’ll catch up with you on Saturday for the post-holiday weekend roundup.

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