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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, October 26, 2022 ☙ DISPROPORTIONATE

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, and Happy Tuesday! We have a terrific roundup for you this morning, including: new Canadian Premier drops the WEF like a hot needle; New York City forced to hire unjabbed workers back; Biden gets his fifth shot and hawks boosters; drag brunches and Satanism; UK’s NHS cancels trans procedures for kids; Fetterman craters in the debate; DeSantis crushes Crist in debate; radio host dies mid-broadcast; Britney Griner loses her appeal and starts 9-year sentence; and a new study debunks the “reduced transmission” lie.


🪖 Here’s the link to the Covid Summit video. Prior to the thirty-minute mark, the audio quality is poor, but it resolves after that.

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💉 In the first bit of terrific news, yesterday newly-elected Canadian Premier Danielle Smith, who recently apologized to unvaccinated people, courageously announced that the province of Alberta will “disconnect” from the World Economic Forum. She explained, “Until that organization stops bragging about how much control they have over political leaders, I have no interest in being involved with them.”

James Melville @JamesMelville

Canada 🇨🇦 Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith on the WEF: “Until that organisation stops bragging about how much control they have over political leaders, I have no interest in being involved with them.”


7:13 AM ∙ Oct 26, 20222,027Likes558Retweets

Smith is also concerned about the WEF meddling in local health agencies, and said, “I must tell you, I believe that Alberta Health Services is the source of a lot of the problems that we’ve had. They signed some kind of partnership with the World Economic Forum right in the middle of the pandemic. We’ve got to address that. Why in the world would we have anything to do with the World Economic forum? That’s got to end.”

Bernie’s Tweets @BernieSpofforth

ALBERTA – Danielle Smith says that she is pulling Alberta out of dealings with the WEF & the health department’s signed ‘partnership’ with them during the pandemic. Waking up to authoritarianism. Bravo 👏🏻


7:08 AM ∙ Oct 22, 20224,585Likes1,698Retweets

Smith may be the first significant political leader pushing back against the WEF and using it as a political foil. In other words, she’s running on an anti-WEF platform, which is a ripe political issue. There’re a LOT of folks who at this point are passionately anti-WEF. Thanks, Klaus!

I want you to remember this story till Friday, when I publish my roadmap to Nuremberg II. They’re connected.

💉 During my talk at the Covid Summit this weekend, I reported that courts are now more receptive to arguments about the pandemic than they’ve ever been. Proving the point, in more terrific news yesterday, New York’s Richmond County Supreme Court ordered workers who’d been fired for being unjabbed to be reinstated — with back pay — explaining “Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19,” and adding that the mandates were really more about compliance than public health.

First, the Court found that the City’s shot mandate was irrational, because employees were allowed to keeping working right up until they were terminated:

All but one of the Petitioners applied for exemptions from the mandate. They received vague and generalized denials. During that time their exemptions were being processed, they remained unvaccinated. There was no reason they could not continue to submit to testing and continue to fulfill their duties as public employees. There was no reason the City of New York could not continue with a vaccinate or test policy… the vaccination mandate for public and private employees is arbitrary and capricious.

Then the Court observed what I’ve said from the beginning, that “emergencies” are by definition TEMPORARY and short-lived.

States of emergency are meant to be temporary. The question presented is whether the Health Commissioner has the authority to enact a permanent condition of employment during a state of emergency. This Court finds the Health Commissioner does not have that authority and … the Petitioners herein should not have been terminated for their failure to comply with the Commissioner’s Order during a temporary state of emergency.

The Court noted what we all now know, that the mandates don’t make any sense because the shots don’t protect other workers; since they don’t prevent transmission of the virus.

Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19. As of the day of this Decision, CDC guidelines regarding quarantine and isolation are the same for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The Petitioners should not have been terminated for choosing not to protect themselves.

Finally, the Court ground any remaining shreds of the mandate’s justification to dust, noting that the mandates have never made sense as an issue of “safety:”

The vaccination mandate for City employees was not just about safety and public health; it was about compliance. If it was about safety and public health, unvaccinated workers would have been placed on leave the moment the order was issued. If it was about safety and public health, the Health Commissioner would have issued city-wide mandates for vaccination for all residents… we shouldn’t be penalizing people who showed up to work, at great risk to themselves and their families, while we were locked down. If it was about safety and public health, no one would be exempt. It’s time for the City of New York to do what is right and what is just… The terminated Petitioners are hereby reinstated to their full employment status, effective October 25, 2022, at 6:00AM.

Every time another decision like this comes down, the body of available case law grows. Every time another decision like this comes down, lawyers get more tools to use against the mandates. Every time another decision like this comes down, it gets easier to beat future mandates.

As I’ve said before, what we ultimately need is a new federal law canceling all vaccine liability protection, and putting vaccines on an equal footing with other drugs. If any drug — vaccine or not — injures someone, the manufacturer should compensate that person for their injury.

The original theory behind the vaccine liability shields was to encourage companies to make vaccines. It’s now time to have a conversation about whether the shields are still needed, about what ‘unanticipated’ problems have arisen, and about how vaccine injured people have been left twisting in the wind.

💉 Biden was busy yesterday getting his fifth covid shot and talking up boosters.

CBS News @CBSNews

WATCH: President Biden receives his updated COVID-19 vaccine, urging Americans to get their booster shot and annual flu shot before Halloween. cbsn.ws/3TRpEq0


6:34 PM ∙ Oct 25, 2022


Interestingly, in the clip above, Biden was asked if he thought the fallen New York mandate was a mistake. He answered, “No I don’t think… That’s a local judgment.” If his response is any sign, there doesn’t seem to be much political will left for mandates.

I’m just saying, but they really need to teach Biden to pretend to flinch, at least a little, when the needle appears to go in.

Now that early voting is well underway, former vice-president Biden also proclaimed yesterday that the state of emergency is not, in fact, over, even though he said the pandemic had ended last month. “Some of our friends in Congress say we don’t need covid funding … I strongly disagree. Strongly disagree. This is a global health emergency.”

Greg Price @greg_price11

Biden now says covid is a “global health emergency” after saying on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago that the “pandemic is over”


6:26 PM ∙ Oct 25, 20227,056Likes2,376Retweets

But before the elections, in mid-September, Biden said the pandemic was over:

Greg Price @greg_price11

Biden: “The pandemic is over”


12:20 AM ∙ Sep 19, 2022531Likes157Retweets

It’s possible to square his comments. The PANDEMIC is over, but the EMERGENCY isn’t over. Make sense?

It’s $cience.

🫃🏻 LibsOfTikTok exposed a North Carolina brewery — why is it always North Carolina lately? — that scheduled a “Disney themed drag brunch” for the day before Halloween.

As far as we know, Disney has no problem with these folks using its trademarked name and images for promoting sexually-perverted content. Using “Disney” means the drag show organizers were aiming at KIDS.

Why is it always kids? These gross drag shows and story hours are never aimed at lawyers or doctors or steel workers or accountants. Just kids.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the performing cross-dressers’ bios explains he was “inspired by Satanism.” With a capital “S.” I am not making that up. He also seems to think he has multiple personalities or something, because he’s a “they.”

By now, at least one of you is sympathetically thinking this Rosenriot character is a very confused young man, rather than a committed Satanist, because you simply can’t believe anyone would rationally make that choice or actually believe that Satan exists. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, why is a “Disney Drag Brunch” featuring cross-dressing Satanists being pitched to kids?

Remember all those hapless Christians from the 80’s who got all wound up about Satanic pedophile rings, and corporate media convinced everybody they were barking mad? Is there any chance they were actually on to something? I’m just asking.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

— Isaiah 5:20

🫃🏻 The UK Telegraph ran a story yesterday headlined, “Most children who think they’re transgender are just going through a ‘phase’, says NHS.” The sub-headline explained, “Doctors told not to encourage young people to change their names and pronouns.”

How about that? Progress! Or reversion, depending on how you look at it.

The NHS is the National Health Service, which governs the UK’s state-run health system. NHS announced plans this week to tighten controls on the treatment of kids under 18 who are questioning their gender, including a ban on prescribing puberty blockers outside of strict clinical trials. The health agency said it plans to replace the therapists and hormone specialists who currently run the UK’s gender program with medical doctors, including experts “in paediatric medicine, autism, neurodisability and mental health.”

The new guidance calls for a “wait and see” approach, explaining that research “reflects evidence that in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence” and doctors should be mindful this might be a “transient phase.”

A phase. You don’t say.

The Telegraph reported the changes were prompted by a sharp rise in referrals to the gender identity service, from just under 250 in 2011-12 to over 5,000 last year.

Governor DeSantis has already implemented similar guidelines here in Florida, sparking cries of outrage from corporate media.

We need a lot more of that clear Florida and British thinking.

🔥 Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, who suffered at least one stroke after his jabs earlier this year, debated Dr. Oz on live TV last night.

Words are inadequate to describe how cringe it was. It played like an SNL cold open that went too far. The debate rules were modified to help prop up Fetterman’s flagging cognition: both candidates viewed real-time transcripts of the questions and answers, there was no live audience, and the maximum response time for questions was set to only 30 seconds, leaving little time for Fetterman to ramble, and making it harder for Oz to form his own coherent answers.

It didn’t help Fetterman. Instead of describing the train wreck, I’ll just include Fetterman’s quotes. He got off to a bad start.

FETTERMAN (his very first words): “Hi. Good night everybody.”

FETTERMAN: “I don’t ever recall in the Statue of Liberty did they say you know take our tired huddled masses and put them on a bus and use cheap political stunts about them. I believe we have to develop a comprehensive and bipartisan solution for immigration here and our nation.”

FETTERMAN (after moderator asks, “why won’t you release your medical records”): “My doctors believe I am ready to be served.” (Question repeated) “My doctor believes I am fit to be serving and I believe that is where I am standing.”

FETTERMAN: “How can a man, you know, with with 10 gigantic mansion has am willing to talk about willing wage for anybody? Imagine a signal mom trying with two children trying to raise with them.”

FETTERMAN: “We all have to make sure that everyone that works is able to that’s the most American bargain that you work full time you should be able to live in dignity as well true.”

FETTERMAN (after moderator asks about prior statement saying he would kill fracking): “I support fracking and I don’t I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking.”

RNC Research @RNCResearch

Independent Pennsylvania voter: Before the debate “I was definitely leaning towards Fetterman, and I think I have totally changed to the Oz side.”


2:45 AM ∙ Oct 26, 20222,968Likes773Retweets

I wish I’d been in the conference room when the democrats decided to let Fetterman attend the debate rather than making up some lame excuse. Because it’s hard to imagine how they believed this would be better than ditching.

Washington Free Beacon @FreeBeacon

BREAKING: Tonight, Fetterman and Dr. Oz went head-to-head in the first and only #PASenDebate. Fetterman struggled to make his way through a sentence. Here’s the highlight reel: Via @thaleigha_ & @AndrewStilesUSA freebeacon.com/democrats/fett…


2:09 AM ∙ Oct 26, 2022


It’s tragic, of course, and I hesitated to point out how badly Fetterman is struggling to stay relevant after his jab injury. But we can’t let them normalize strokes.

🔥 During his debate with Charlie Crist, Governor DeSantis announced the largest tax relief plan in Florida history.

Florida’s Voice @FLVoiceNews

Ron DeSantis: Florida will reduce tolls for commuters, all baby items will be tax free permanently, pet food will be tax free – “Largest tax relief plan in the history of the state of Florida.”


11:17 PM ∙ Oct 24, 20225,562Likes1,230Retweets

The Governor also vowed to protect women’s sports, mentioning the Florida bill he signed into law, which Crist opposed, and promised to continue to hold the line.

Daily Caller @DailyCaller

Gov. Desantis: “I’m going to protect women’s sports in the state of Florida.”


11:43 PM ∙ Oct 24, 2022919Likes141Retweets

Somebody should send Charlie Crist a volleyball or something.

💉 Suffolk, UK radio host Tim Gough, 55, was an hour into his radio program “GenX” when the music suddenly and unexpectedly stopped playing halfway through Grey Day by Madness.

Tim had a fatal heart attack. In the middle of his show.

The station’s automatic backup system took over after a short period of dead air. I bet this would be bigger news if there weren’t so many other sudden and unexpected celebrity deaths lately.

Go ahead, corporate media, keep pretending like nothing unusual’s going on. Maybe Tim just had too many potato chips, or too many hot showers, or too many cold showers, or something.

Or, maybe it was something with a sharp point on one end.

🔥 WNBA star and anti-American lesbian activist Britney Griner, 32, got some depressing news yesterday, when a Russian appeals court denied her lawyer’s request to review her 9-year prison sentence for drug possession. She is now expected to be sent to a Russian penal colony for the remainder of her sentence.

Griner was arrested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in February, when Russian authorities found vape canisters loaded with marijuana oil in her luggage. So Griner was not just convicted of simple possession, but also of smuggling — sneaking drugs into the country — which is a different and more serious charge.

Britney admitted having the drugs and pled guilty to the charges.

Although the State Department says Griner was “wrongfully detained,” they’ve been a little short on details about WHY, exactly, Griner was “wrongfully” arrested. The only constant I can find is the complaint that Griner’s sentence is “disproportionate.”

As far as I can tell, Griner’s 9-year sentence seems to be right in line, maybe even on the easier side, with publicly-available Russian penal codes for cannabis law violations. The code says anyone convicted of such a crime “may be sentenced to eight to twenty years of imprisonment,” according to international legal advisory service CMS (referenced in a recent Breitbart article).

In other words, Griner could’ve gotten 20 years.

Curiously, Russia does not have an opioid problem, like we do. Russia doesn’t even show up in the top 10 for marijuana use:

One wonders if it would have been any different had Britney not been arrested right before Russia and America went to proxy war. Otherwise, maybe it would have been a little easier to make a deal for Griner, since the Biden Administration seems to be keen to get the luckless National Anthem protestor back.

🔬 A clever new study was published this month in the National Bureau of Economic Research, titled “Direct and Indirect Effects of Vaccines: Evidence from COVID-19 in Schools.” The researchers compared covid transmission rates in middle school, where more kids are vaccinated, to transmission rates in elementary school, where very few kids are vaccinated.

Guess what they found? That’s right! ZERO difference between the two groups. In other words, it appears the jabs don’t even REDUCE transmission rates. Not even a little.

Of course, they never SAID that it would reduce transmission rates. Oh, wait…

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow, with another mug of hot pumpkin-spiced coffee.

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