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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, October 18, 2022 ☙ GET OUT 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, and Happy Tuesday, C&C! Our roundup today includes: Russia and its allies prepare for a big move, while our corporate media keeps selling fairy tales about Ukrainian victory; energy, drones, troops, and Belarussians; Tucker questions Ukraine aid; Canadian doctor rounds up 80 sudden doc deaths; Dr. McCullough links bursting myocarditis cases to jabs; Tulsi endorses Kari; French general salutes unvaccinated; and the latest salty cause of blood clots.


🚀 Things are moving fast. I need to update you on the war.

First, the usual disclaimer: Due to historic levels of propaganda and the wholesale occupation of corporate media, it is hard to know exactly what to believe. Even independently-sourced reports are squashed under a morbidly-obese clown of fake bot accounts and false-flag trolls from all the various intelligence agencies. So I’m doing my best.

But here’s what our corporate media is telling us about the war in Ukraine. The New York Times ran an article this morning headlined, “Ukrainian Forces Are Slowing Their Advance in the East as Russia Tries to Regroup.” The gist of the Times’ story is that Russia’s front has been broken in half, divided, and the Ukrainians are still advancing, solidifying their gains from a weeks-old initiative, while scattered Russian forces weakly try to ‘regroup’ by ineffectively lobbing missiles and drones over the frontlines.

Remember that. It’s another fat lie.

To understand what’s REALLY going on in Ukraine, we need to look at energy, drones, troops, and Belarussians.

🚀 Energy.

A few weeks ago, “somebody,” *cough* we did it *cough*, bombed both of Russia’s fantastically expensive undersea natural gas pipelines in a cowardly terrorist attack. The sinking of the Nordstream pipelines, not unlike the sinking of the Lithuania, was what you might call a precipitating event. It hurt Russia, hurt most of Europe, and forced cash-strapped europeans to start buying overpriced American natural gas.

From NATO’s point of view, it was win-win-win.

But the Russian bear did not respond. So in another cowardly terrorist attack last weekend, “somebody,” *cough* Ukraine *cough* tried to bomb the Kersh bridge, an engineering accomplishment Ukrainians hated so much that, for the first couple years, they even refused to show the bridge on their maps.

The poke at their bridge seems to have woken the Russian bear up. Putin responded by immediately appointing a new general to head up the entire Ukraine war theatre, a general whose background lies in the Russian AIR FORCES. Shortly after the Kerch bridge bombing, Russia began attacking Ukraine’s national energy infrastructure from the air — with missiles and drones. The infrastructure attacks have continued relentlessly, every day since.

Some reports say one third of all of Ukraine’s power infrastructure has now been eliminated. The unintentionally hilarious New York Times headline this morning advises, “Ukrainians Conserve Energy as Russian Strikes Damage Infrastructure.”

According to the Times, Ukrainians sitting in the dark are “conserving energy.” So, the good news is, it’s helping the climate!

Let’s pause for a moment and consider the implications. In our lifetimes, we’ve seen various wars. Do you recall the first thing the U.S. did when it attacked Iraq? Remember a catchy phrase the corporate media swooned over, “shock and awe?”

We took out Iraq’s energy infrastructure, which is the textbook first move before starting the ground assault. So.

🚀 Iranian Drones.

One of the very first things clueless Joe Biden did when he occupied the White House, right after shutting down our domestic oil industry, was to cancel a bunch of Trump-era Iran sanctions, including a ban on the sale of military equipment. That allowed Russia to buy cheap suicide drones from Iran, and is now using them to detonate Ukrainian power stations.

I guess the Ukrainians should be thanking Joe. Or something.

Omri Ceren @omriceren

It was an immediate priority for the Biden admin to dismantle sanctions on Iran, including and especially military sanctions. Couldn’t wait. In the middle of February they went to UN and restored the Iran deal at intl level, including winddown of arms embargo. And now.


6:20 PM ∙ Oct 17, 202231Likes26Retweets

Next, here is Ukraine’s former jokemaker-turned-president encouraging citizens to resist drone attacks, via a badly faked and obviously green-screened supportive message from the ‘streets of Kiev.’ Watch his eyes, he’s just reading a script. Who knows where the little guy really is. His new villa in Italy? And, who wrote the script? The CIA? Nancy Pelosi?

Bel Trew @Beltrew

Ukrainian President Zelensky sends a video from the street saying dozens of Iranian missiles / drones fired at Ukraine including Kyiv, Khmelnitsky, Lviv, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhzhia, Sumy, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr among others. “They want panic and chaos”


8:15 AM ∙ Oct 10, 20221,450Likes510Retweets

The Iranian drones, designed to evade Israel’s “iron dome” anti-missile system, confound conventional air defenses, forcing hapless Ukrainians to, albeit enthusiastically, shoot at the deadly high-tech flying bombs with their handguns:

Business Ukraine mag @Biz_Ukraine_Mag

A Ukrainian police officer attempting to shoot down Iranian-made Russian kamikaze drones over Kyiv this morning (Photo: AFP)


10:25 AM ∙ Oct 17, 20221,958Likes270Retweets

Obviously, firing tons of ammo into a dense city center poses some risks of its own:

IOSTOCONPUTIN 🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪 @ilciclistainblu

⚡⚡⚡Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky urged Ukrainians not to shoot drones with their own weapons “Indeed, the probability of being shot down is extremely small and the danger of an inexperienced person shooting (at the drone) outweighs the possibility of shooting down⚡⚡⚡10:38 AM ∙ Oct 17, 202248Likes9Retweets

Reports indicate that, not only are Iranian drones in Ukraine, but Republican Guard specialists are also there, presumably assisting with the tech. Iran’s direct participation shows it has allied with Russia. Israel’s interim prime minister agrees, and this weekend pledged to send Israeli hardware to Ukraine to help the Ukrainians defend themselves. Why Israel? Because it has special equipment designed to counter Iranian drones.

But Russia warned Israel, they’d better not do it:

Joseph C. Okechukwu @jcokechukwu

Medvedev on Israel: “Israel seems to have decided to supply weapons to the Kiev regime. That would be a very rash decision, for it would damage all the interstate relations between our countries.”


10:26 PM ∙ Oct 17, 2022249Likes106Retweets

Christians end-times watchers noted with great interest the developing Russia-Israel conflict.

🚀 Belarussians.

Russian ally Belarus sits over Ukraine’s entire northwest border, and separates Poland from Russia. It lies just north of Ukraine’s capitol, Kiev (or Kyiv, or however you spell it).

Despite corporate media assurances that “public opinion” in Belarus “completely opposes the war,” reports indicate that Belarus is nevertheless massing troops along its border with Ukraine, including around 70,000 Belarussian soldiers and up to 10,000 Russian troops.

IOSTOCONPUTIN 🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪 @ilciclistainblu

⚡⚡⚡About 70,000 military personnel will be part of the regional grouping on the territory of Belarus⚡⚡⚡


2:46 PM ∙ Oct 14, 2022128Likes32Retweets

Not only that, but the drones attacking Kiev this week were launched from Belarus, for reasons obvious from a quick look at the map. In other words, Belarus is ALREADY helping Russia in the war.

If, as appears likely, Belarus invades from the north, and Russia presses in from the east, Ukrainian troops will be nearly surrounded. Currently, all Ukraine’s forces are staged in the east, along the eastern front line facing Russia’s current position. Belarus presently has unimpeded access to Kiev, a short trip from the border, and can march in behind the Ukrainian lines.

If Belarus attacks, Ukraine will have to divide its forces, in which case, unless NATO directly intercedes and goes to war with Russia, Ukraine would almost certainly fall quickly.

Reports now suggest that Iran and Belarus are joining the fight. Note how, like in previous World Wars, Russia’s allies are coming together to form a united bloc, an assembly precipitated by the gutless terrorist attacks sinking Russia’s pipelines and attacking its bridge.

Corporate media, and probably a couple of our C&C friends in the comments, will say I’m just distorting the facts and repeating Russian propaganda because I love Putin so much, or something.

🚀 But I’m not the only one who’s thinking about the potential for a massive new allied Russian invasion. While corporate media continues lying to the U.S. public, saying things are just ducky in Ukraine and Russia is almost completely defeated, and Zelensky just needs a few more billion to put this thing to bed, all the countries allied to Russia — and some others — are voting with their feet; they have suddenly ordered all their citizens OUT of Ukraine.

🚀 Meanwhile, several independent media sources report that Moscow has required citizens to move their cars out of underground parking garages, so they can be converted into bomb shelters.

Ewa Lee @EwaLee12688037

@UkrainianNews24 Good that they are starting to equip underground parking lots into shelters in Moscow. “Muscovites were urged to free the parking lot from cars and personal belongings by October 18…” ukrainetoday.orgMoscow builds bomb shelters in underground parking lots – Russian mediaThe decision was made on October 11 at a meeting at the Moscow City Hall. Russia is preparing bomb shelters / photo from UNIAN In the u…7:06 PM ∙ Oct 17, 20221Like1Retweet

So, it appears that everybody except U.S. corporate media can read the tea leaves. While our corporate media continues assuring U.S. taxpayers that the war is going right according to plan, Russia is poised to start fighting for real.

🔥 Last week, Tucker pushed back against Ukraine’s jokester-in-chief, after the poorly-dressed president demanded even more billions from the U.S. for his war with Russia.

The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 @ColumbiaBugle

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tucker Carlson Responding To Zelensky Demanding More Money “Some uppity foreigner in a t-shirt demanding money for his ‘critical economic needs.’ We have critical economic needs too, buddy. Who are you troll? Go away.”


12:28 AM ∙ Oct 14, 202224,595Likes6,334Retweets

🚀 Last week I suggested the Kersh bridge was hit by a missile attack, and linked an independent video appearing to show the strike. For those of you interested in this issue, on Sunday, an independent military explosives expert explained in detail why he thinks the bridge was damaged by a HIMARS missile.

Matthew Oliver @sameo416

Kersh Bridge attack. What’s my take? (former military explosives engineer and civil explosion investigator) It wasn’t a truck bomb. It wasn’t a boat. It wasn’t charges placed under the bridge. Why not?11:28 PM ∙ Oct 16, 2022177Likes22Retweets

💉 The Washington Standard ran a story yesterday headlined, “Dr. William Makis Proves Canadian Doctors Deaths Following COVID Shot Have More Than Doubled To 80.”

Dr. Makis sent the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) a spicy letter last month, notifying the organization about 32 doctors who’ve died suddenly and unexpectedly since the jabs came out. Recently, he’s discovered even more such deaths, and on Friday, sent an updated letter notifying the CMA the tally is up to EIGHTY dead doctors — most young ones.

According to Mr. Makis, mortality rates in Canadian doctors — especially younger doctors — has shot right through the roof:

Our preliminary analysis of this extensive data suggests that Canadian doctor deaths under age 50 in 2022 will be 2‐fold higher compared to the 2019‐2020 average. Shockingly, Canadian doctor deaths under age 40 are already 5‐fold higher in 2022 compared to the 2019‐2020 average, and Canadian doctor deaths under age 30 are 8‐fold higher!

So far, the CMA has ignored Dr. Makis’ letters. But just a small group of member doctors could force the CMA to respond. The CMA could then force the government to respond. Doctors, you are being killed in great numbers. Speak up for yourselves!

It’s not hard. Send out an email blast or something to all CMA members, inviting them to a private zoom meeting, to talk about the excess mortality problem among healthcare professionals in Canada, and about what can be done. You only need around a dozen motivated volunteers, and you could change the country.

The key to not losing your license is to avoid taking a position on causality. That’s not your job anyway. You’re only demanding that the CMA investigate, and issue a formal report explaining WHY there are so many excess doctor deaths in the past two years.

They can’t cancel you for that. Nut up or shut up.

💉 On Charlie Kirk’s show late last week, Dr. McCullough reported on a new Thai study concluding that pediatric myocarditis cases have jumped from a baseline of 4 cases per million before the shots, up to TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND cases per million after the shots.

.. @Xx17965797N

Covid jabs, 4 in a million Myocarditis cases, afterwards, 25,000 in a million….Myocarditis at this point in time is due to the Covid jabs until proven otherwise.”


6:50 AM ∙ Oct 15, 20221,750Likes1,185Retweets

4 / million ➡️ 25,000 / million. Seems like a big jump.

🔥 Former democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona yesterday:

Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 @TulsiGabbard

For too long establishment leaders from both parties have sought to enrich themselves, play games, and build up their power while ignoring and even enabling the suffering of millions of hard-working Americans. Kari Lake is a leader who… (1/3)


4:29 AM ∙ Oct 18, 202215,197Likes2,345Retweets

Last week, Tulsi also said that denying the biological differences between men and women is a way of “erasing women as a category of people.”

Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 @TulsiGabbard

Those who deny the biological differences between a man and a woman are not only erasing women as a category of people, they’re denying the existence of objective reality, and the “truth” becomes whatever those in power want it to be. youtube.comTulsi Gabbard Receives Independent Women’s Forum AwardTulsi Gabbard is honored with the Independent Women’s Forum 2022 Resilience Award.Independent Women’s ForumAnnual Awards Gala30th Anniv…1:20 PM ∙ Oct 13, 202240,323Likes6,390Retweets


🔥 Seen online:

🔥 The UK Express helped muddy the waters again, adding to the cacophony of nonsense helping hide big pharma’s liability for its products’ harms, by identifying POTATO CHIPS as the latest culprit causing blood clots.

Thanks experts! They’ve finally gotten to the bottom of this! They found the SMOKING GUN. Potato chips. From the picture, it looks like barbecue-flavored ones are the culprit. Dang it.

Have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more steaming hot Coffee & Covid.

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