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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022 ☙ The Thankless Labors of the Global Elite

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, and happy Tuesday! My jury trial continues today (but I’ll reappear briefly tomorrow), and I am delighted to present a special guest blog by author, technocracy blogger, and C&C Subscriber Tessa Lena. Raised in Moscow, trained in classical piano, she is also a talented artist and a musician for the digital age, and in 2017 published an album named the same as her blog, “Tessa Fights Robots.” Not only does she fight robots, but Tessa fights resetters, from Lenin to Schwab.

I miss you guys! I’ll meet you all back here tomorrow for a regular edition, since the courthouse is closed for Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. There’s a lot to catch up on.

Tip: for extra delight, when you read Tessa’s writing, imagine it in a Russian accented female voice.


The global elites are in labor. They are giving birth to a robot. They are birthing a managerial robot that–they hope–will help them manage us, useless eaters.

Their pocket politicians are eager midwives. Newsom, for example, signed a California bill abolishing debate in COVID “science.” All to save “our democracy,” for sure! In my home state of New York, Hochul is fighting with tooth and claw for her right to imprison citizens into very democratic quarantine camps on suspicion of maybe being infectious. Speaking of Hochul, in her plight to “protect” us (from our freedom), she has also been a juust a tad nepotistic toward her donors.

Nicole Malliotakis @NMalliotakisNew Yorkers got fleeced by Hochul who made taxpayers pay $13 per covid test (45% more than California) from one of her biggest donors. She gets caught & arrogantly says she would do it again. A vote for her is a vote for corruption. ‘Would do that all again’: Hochul doubles down on $637M ‘pay-to-play’ dealHochul renewed her support of the deal, which investigative reporters revealed likely allowed a donor’s firm to overcharge the state for COVID tests.nypost.comSeptember 29th 2022173 Retweets396 Likes

More obscure midwives, like, for example, David Schweikert in Arizona, introduced a bill allowing literal robots to issue prescriptions and otherwise legally equating AI with doctors.  

Letgoofthat @letgoofthatDestruction of Medicine? A Bill to Allow Prescriptions by AI: November 1st, 2021 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World On September 30, 2021, David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) introduced a bill (HR5457) that, if enacted, would qualify AI… dlvr.it/SBfCC8


October 31st 2021

What an elegant solution to getting rid of pesky dissenters!  With human doctors, one would need to terrify, cajole, or bribe them into compliance. But with robots, bribing isn’t needed! Come, Pfizer! Come, Moderna! It’s a feast day! Elegant and simple.

Eager as they are though, politicians are rookie midwives. They are only allowed to serve as junior-level helpers. The experienced, confident midwives are corporate “leaders.” (Siri, what is fascism? Ah, never mind, Siri. )

Just look at Eric “don’t do evil” Schmidt of Google. Now we are talking! Eric Schmidt has been at it forever, with quite a bit of contempt for us,  mortal meat bags. And after being at it forever, in 2019, an obscure government committee he personally headed issued a report that formally listed in-person doctor visits as a hurdle in the way of successfully competing with China in his precious AI race.  What is the way of the future, according to Eric? Telemedicine and robots.

Speaking of telemedicine, meet another midwife, the Federation of State Medical Boards.  FSMB is a private trade association with a non-profit status, deep connections, and big ambitions.

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ @P_McCulloughMDBurdick, CHD, FSMB now understood to be linked to IAMRA in an international relationship that is being leveraged on doctors to promote the false agenda. Scientific data or analyses not in line with the agenda is fraudulently labeled “misinformation” and the doctors are attacked. September 15th 2022532 Retweets1,062 Likes

Their focus is on serving their bosses in Big Pharma and on regulating any dissent that endangers corporate profits straight off the market.

Maybe that is what the servants of global owners mean when they say that they “own science”?  

Daniel Boguslaw @DRBoguslawNEW: The CIA Just Invested in Wooly Mammoth Resurrection Tech The CIA Just Invested in Woolly Mammoth Resurrection TechnologyWhile skeptics doubt the prospects for de-extinction, the CIA’s venture capital firm deems powerful genetic manipulation tools worth the money.theintercept.comSeptember 28th 2022114 Retweets766 Likes

But wait. Politicians, corporate fascists, and shady “respectable” NGOs are not the only midwives. When all else fails,  here come the journos!

There are also “flying syringes.” Are you excited? I am so excited. And, speaking of insects on special missions, please meet DARPA, with their dreams of world domination through behavioral and genetic modification. The good fellows at DARPA are here to protect us, and make sure we are excited about the “new normal”!

Oh, and there is also this C.I.A-funded project whose stated goal is to resurrect the wooly mammoth. I mean really, to hell with useless eaters, wooly mammoths are so much better! Although, to be completely fair, I am not convinced that they are actually trying to resurrect the wooly mammoth. It is possible that they are just scamming the investors.

Which brings us to the gazillion dollar question. What in the hell is wrong with the global owners? What are they thinking? And are they actually thinking, or merely acting on inertia, anxiety, and family traditions?

I have spent a lot of time wondering about the inner workings of the minds of technocratic crazies.

Are they just genocidal maniacs, I asked, or do they believe they are doing the right thing for our species?

In the end, my honest answer is, it doesn’t matter. The exact flavor of insanity may vary from one “global owner” to another, but why  should I care? Even a serial killer may believe in his own goodness. Thus, I don’t care if our aspiring masters just like to kill people or if they think we need it for the good of the planet.  What I care about is that I decline their offer of being dominated, and am not complying.

From what I can gather, some of them are true genocidal maniacs, and some might believe their own bu****t.  But as  far as I am concerned, in either case, they are a hazard to our existence, and if they love the “new normal” so much, they have my permission to inject themselves with a million GMO mosquitos and go on vacation to a quarantine camp, under the supervision of Hochul.

Have a terrific Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed today’s guest blogger, and I will be back tomorrow with a normal C&C edition. If you can call it ‘normal,’ that is. Till then.

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