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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, November 8, 2022 ☙ CHEATERS

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by Jeff Childers


Good morning, and Happy Tuesday, C&C! Here we are, finally, Election Day, the moment of truth. VOTE! And multiply your vote by convincing or helping at least one person to vote who otherwise wouldn’t. Michelle is helping secure democracy by volunteering at the polls today, and I’ll be making the rounds County keeping a careful eye on things. Do whatever you can.

Today’s overflowing roundup includes: True the Vote heroes released from federal prison; examples of the various forms democrat cheating takes; CNN says dems are confronting their “nightmare scenario;” Barron’s explains inflation’s silver lining; more stories about dems flipping red; study shows risk of relapsed kidney disease after jabs; Ukraine keeps winning so big it’s about to evacuate its capital city, Kiev; and how we can buy back the FDA.


🪖 I am pleased to update you that Operation Accountability is officially underway. We’ve sorted the massive response to my call for skilled volunteers and I invited a core team for Phase 1 — defining the technical specifications for a covid-crimes evidence-management system. If you didn’t get an invite, don’t worry, we’ll check in with you at the next phase.

But if you sent in your information, DO check your email.

The team will be having an initial meeting this week. Updates to follow.

🪖 If you missed it, yesterday we multiplied Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who over the weekend became the first major political figure to call for covid accountability. Here’s the link, please donate any affordable amount ending in a ‘2’. https://secure.winred.com/kari-lake-for-arizona/win-arizona

A note to people who can’t stand WinRed: Sorry, I usually try to find multiple ways to join in, but the deadlines of today’s election combined with the late-breaking news precluded it this time.


🔥 Great news! True the Vote’s intrepid heroes, Katherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, have been liberated from federal prison after a federal judge tossed them in the slammer for refusing to disclose their whistleblower’s name.

Notice that the Fifth Circuit included the phrase, “pending further order from this court,” which means (1) it’s keeping jurisdiction over their detention, which is good news for our plucky heroes, and (2) the Court means to say more about the case.

Probably a lot more.

I can’t confirm this, or even say where I got the intel, but my sources close to the matter said the feds slow-walked Katherine and Gregg’s release, taking their time, stretching almost a whole additional day out of their detention.

You’d think exposing corrupt Chinese influence over our elections would be something the federal government should approve of.

Anyway, congrats to Katherine and Gregg, and their lawyers.

🔥 It’s Election Day! And that means cheating, which experts have assured me is impossible. Until tomorrow when, if democrats lose badly, I bet they’ll discover it’s possible again.

Cheating DOES seem possible though, and not only at the ballot box. I’ll give you an example of what I mean from my own Alachua County. The background is a local bipartisan group has been promoting a fair single-member districting (“SMD”) amendment for the county, to break 40 years of one-party rule, which hasn’t benefited anyone except entrenched political dynasties.

Well, the group’s yard signs were being defaced and stolen in large numbers. After a heroic investigation, they finally found the source.

It turned out that a creepy Soros-backed PAC, Alachua County’s Future, has been telling its private Facebook group members to (1st pic) “fix” yard signs, and (2nd pic) steal the signs and throw them away. (The text in the second frame refers obliquely to “illegally placed signs”, but as you can see, the only ones in the picture are the single-member district ones. Somebody thought that wording was really clever.)

Meanwhile, early this morning, the same shady group, Alachua County’s Future, texted local REPUBLICAN VOTERS — for the very first time ever — and advised them (falsely) that the local GOP opposes single member districts.

That’s from MY phone. Don’t worry, I bleached it. Twice.

The text was a lie. The truth is the exact opposite: The local GOP chairman has been stumping for weeks in FAVOR of single member districts. And, haha, they slipped up and gave themselves away by referring to the “Democratic machine” instead of calling it the “Democrat machine.”

Can’t help it, I suppose.

Anyway. This is what all the democrat’s “threat to our very democracy” chatter is all about. It’s a psyop ON THEIR OWN VOTERS, to convince them it’s okay to throw morality and ethics out the window, in favor of cheating and dirty tricks, because THIS TIME it’s an existential crisis, or something.

The national democrats want locals feeling like cheating and breaking the law “little” is okay, because things are just SO DIRE.

This is probably nothing new; it’s probably how they’ve been hanging on in normal election seasons. But, unfortunately for democrats, we’re all post-pandemic Americans now. You know what else is a “threat to our very democracy?” Another couple years of one-party democrat rule. People have learned, the hard way, what happens when ONLY democrats are in charge. That includes a lot of democrats, too.

Which is why local democrats in Alachua County will vote FOR single-member districts along with Republicans. It’s not a partisan issue. Because when only democrats are in charge, they mask you up, keep your kids out of school, and force you to take medicine you don’t want — “or else.”

Be vigilant! Call cheating out when you see it.

🔥 CNN ran a half-baked story yesterday headlined, “Democrats Confront Their Nightmare Scenario on Election Eve as Economic Concerns Overshadow Abortion and Democracy Worries.”

The article’s first sentence is priceless.

Democrats close their midterm election campaign Monday facing the nightmare scenario they always feared – with Republicans staging a gleeful referendum on Joe Biden’s struggling presidency and failure to tame inflation.

Haha! “Struggling presidency.” They noticed!

And apparently, neither the overturning of Roe v. Wade or an apocalyptic proxy war in Ukraine turned out to be the issues that would make everyone forget what democrats did to us all over the last two years.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel told CNN, “Here’s where the Democrats are: they’re inflation deniers, they are crime deniers, they’re education deniers.”

Haha! Denialism!

Longtime democrat consultant Hilary Rosen told CNN, “I’m a loyal Democrat, but I am not happy. I just think that we are – we did not listen to voters in this election. And I think we’re going to have a bad night.” She explained, “when voters tell you over and over and over again that they care mostly about the economy, listen to them. Stop talking about democracy being at stake.”

Indeed. But the most insightful comment from the article was this one:

The Republican Party also got exactly what it wanted as Trump has delayed his expected campaign announcement until after the midterms, depriving Biden of the opportunity to shape this election as a direct clash with an insurrectionist predecessor whom he beat in 2020 and who remains broadly unpopular. Such a confrontation might have enabled the president to dampen the impact of his own low approval ratings and win over voters who still disdain the twice-impeached former president.

Poor Biden. Anyway, I hadn’t heard this argument yet, but it makes sense. Trump is showing a uncharacteristically remarkable amount of restraint in the timing of his announcement.

Finally, CNN turned the tables again, noting that, “Ironically, Biden’s struggles in framing a believable economic message could bring about the very crisis of democracy that he is warning about.”

A “believable” message. Haha, poor Joe, nobody believes him. Loss of trust in government IS a crisis, but one completely of the democrats’ own making.

🔥 Financial mag Barron’s ran a government-approved story yesterday headlined, “Here Are the Silver Linings of Red-Hot Inflation.” And I bet you didn’t even know that there red-hot inflation even had any silver linings.

All we have to do, says Barron’s, is “ferret[] out higher yielding, liquid investments that still offer a safety net.”

OH. So THAT’S the kind of investment we want. High return, low risk, highly liquid. Got it! OF COURSE. How come nobody ever thought of that before?

I was so curious. I dug into the article to find some of the promised terrific investment ideas, and I wasn’t disappointed. The first one Barron’s mentioned was TREASURY BONDS, which are offer “higher yielding” rates of FOUR PERCENT.


Um, I’m only a lawyer, not an investment advisor, but we’re seeing inflation over 4% PER MONTH right now. So I don’t think Treasuries can exactly be called a “silver lining,” unless I don’t understand what a “silver lining” is.

Guess what the next “high-return investment” Barron’s suggested? A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. That’s right. Barron’s thinks you might be able to get 3% PER YEAR, if you really shop around. Genius! Thanks experts! They’ve redefined “investment” to include keeping your money in a normal passbook bank account.

That’s an “investment” now, in Biden’s America.

I may only be a lawyer, but I do have a degree in economics. On planet Earth, where we all USED to live, before we moved to Cloud Cuckoo Land, regular savings accounts were THE classic example of where you DIDN’T want to put your money during times of high inflation. Savers and people on fixed incomes are hit hardest during inflationary periods.

But now, all bets are off! It’s Biden’s America, where mumbly Joe can continue to announce — when you can tell what’s he saying — that the economy is going super, and corporate media lapdogs hungrily slurp it all up like the good little doggies they are.

I held my nose and kept reading. Given the trend, you could probably guess the next investment idea. That’s right, certificates of deposit! That suggestion completely redefined what “liquid” means, which was an essential part of Barron’s awesome “silver inflation lining.”

So Barron’s is suggesting getting trapped in a long-term, illiquid, low-yield “investment” in CDs during a time of high inflation. That’s the best idea they could come up with. Thanks experts!

You know, I’d bet a certificate of deposit that anyone reading C&C right now could give better investment advice than Barron’s Magazine.

I kept forging ahead, even though my brain was starting to hurt. Then, Barron’s gave it away, beginning a major theme paragraph with these obsequious words: “There are other ways the government has tried to soften some of the inflationary blow, especially for retirees or retirement savers.”

Hahahahahaha! The government? You mean, the same government that created all the inflation in the first place? Now it’s going to help “soften the inflationary blow?”

I was trying to be nice, but Barron’s writers are morons.

The government effects the magazine is talking about, like social security benefits increasing by 6.7%, are AUTOMATIC COST-OF-LIVING ADJUSTMENTS ALREADY IN THE STATUTES. You can bet if the government could have avoided paying more, it would have.

That’s not the government softening the blow, dummy. The government didn’t do ANYTHING except make things worse, and everybody knows it.

Hilariously, the comments to the article were stealth-locked. There everything looks normal, except there are zero comments. But, if you try to add one, like I did, it returns some kind of obscure HTML error.


If Barron’s readers are buying this gaslighting, then they deserve each other.

📈 Confirming some of my hypotheses about democrat voters voting red due to pandemic policy, Fox News ran a story yesterday headlined, “I Was a Democrat Who Worked for a Teachers’ Union but I’m Voting Republican for Education Freedom.”

It’s an op-ed by Latina voter Valeria Gurr. She begins this way:

There’s a growing trend in America catching the attention of astute political observers and candidates alike: Hispanic voters are leaving the Democratic Party in droves. It’s a voting bloc many Democrats have relied on to win elections, so why is this change happening? There are no doubt many reasons, but it’s clear that education is among the topmotives.

Leaving in DROVES. About halfway through the piece, Ms. Gurr gets around to her main point:

After enduring significant losses in learning and academic achievement gaps during the pandemic, voters are seeing NAEP scores that show 51 percent of Hispanic fourth graders not mastering basic math concepts. With two decades of educational progress nearly gone, voters are stepping up to call on elected officials to stop making excuses for the deficient public education system and how badly it failed students during the pandemic and before.

The national democrats have been plotting for years to achieve one-party rule in this country by expanding the hispanic voting block. It only took one pandemic for them to lose this traditionally-blue base. Back to the drawing board.

In 2020, I warned the politicians all that “emergency powers” nonsense would ultimately be expensive. Now, to paraphrase Obama’s favorite pastor, the latino chickens are coming home to roost.

🔬 A recent study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology is titled “mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines and Their Risk to Induce a Relapse of Glomerular Diseases.”

When I first saw the study’s title, I didn’t know what “glomerular diseases” meant, but it didn’t sound good. And it wasn’t. The term refers to a broad range of nasty kidney illnesses caused by inflammation of certain tissues in those organs.

Although the study authors emphasized, repeatedly, that the first couple covid jabs are “safe and effective,” even for those with existing kidney problems, they ultimately fretted about continuing booster shots. They noted that:

“Repetitive stimulation of the immune system may further increase the frequency of disease relapses, and the cumulative risk upon several vaccine doses may reach a higher degree of clinical significance.”

In other words, maybe it’s time to stop pushing boosters on everybody. Just saying.

🚀 The New York Times quietly ran a narrative-bashing story over the weekend headlined, “Kyiv Planning for Total Evacuation if It Loses Electricity.” The sub-headline explained, “The city is also establishing 1,000 heating centers for its 3 million residents, as Russia pounds away at civilian targets.”

Heating centers? I never heard of a “heating center” before. It sounded to me like a cheerful euphemism for something pretty bad. I was right:

… with 40 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure damaged or destroyed, that municipal workers are setting up 1,000 heating shelters that can double as bunkers while engineers try to fix bombed-out power stations without the needed equipment.

Oh, BUNKERS. The Ukrainians are moving underground into luxe “heating shelters.”

This is a weird development, since experts have been ASSURING me that Russia’s president Putin was: dying of cancer, twice, was poisoned, and was on the verge of being overthrown, arrested, or executed. And, more often than Joe Biden has had covid shots, the experts have triumphantly announced that Ukraine’s former comedian-turned-president Zelenskyy was a brilliant and handsome war commander shoving the Russians to the precipice of devastating failure.

So, which is it?

Pre-empting the expected commentary, I am NOT celebrating Russia beating Ukrainians. I’m disgusted by how much lying corporate media and our own government has been doing in the name of “supporting” its Eastern European crack house.

Tip: if you have to lie, you are doing something wrong.

In the article, right after saying that Russian “troops have suffered repeated setbacks on the battlefield,” the New York Times advised its mentally-fragile readers that:

The damage caused by the Russian strikes has heaped new suffering on Ukraine’s civilians and forced officials to reckon with the possibility that further damage could render them unable to provide basic services. … “If there’s no power, there will be no water and no sewage,” [a Kiev official] said.

Unable to provide basic services. I think that’s a euphemism for “failed government.” And if the government fails, doesn’t that mean it lost the war? So the Times seems to be warning its readers that Ukraine is on the brink of losing the war, but don’t worry, it is still winning, somehow.

If Ukraine does become a failed state, which appears likely at this point, it will be NATO’s fault, for pushing the war and preventing peace talks at every step.

No peace without full capitulation by Russia! We’d rather die!

That’s a hard bargain.

If Ukraine’s power, water, and sewer services fail, it can only survive on a NATO economic and military ventilator, but only for as long as political will lasts. Given how elections are going, voters in various key places seem to be getting fed up with all the “sacrificing” for Ukraine.

The Ukrainians are on thin ice. Political winds can change in a split second. Isn’t there a better way out of this mess than continued military escalation?

🔥 The next story has been out for a few months now, but it’s been well buried and deserves a fresh look. We found out how much it costs to buy the FDA. Three million dollars. That’s how much Pfizer paid the FDA for the rubbish “user fee” required to get EUA approval. We only know this because a judge rejected Pfizer’s request to bury the intel for 75 years.

Here’s the letter:

So, I had a great idea! I’ve set up a GoFundMe so that we citizens can crowdfund raising three million bucks to buy the FDA back from big pharma. All you have to do is click right …

Oh. Wait a sec.

Whoops. GoFundMe just canceled my “Buy Back the FDA” campaign for violating “community standards.” Dammit. I guess first we’ll have to buy GoFundMe back from big pharma, and THEN we can tackle the FDA.

Stand by.

Next, you should note that in two places on the letter’s first page, Pfizer assured the FDA that the shots “prevent” covid disease. The phrase “BNT16262 prevents a serious and life-threatening condition (COVID-19)” is repeated, once in the first paragraph, and then again in the second paragraph.

Ruh-roh! I guess that means Pfizer’s executive lied to the European Union last month after all, when she said, look dummies, Pfizer COULDN’T test for preventing covid, because it was moving at the speed of science.

The speed of science isn’t measured in units of time; it’s apparently measured in dollars. Millions and millions of dollars.


Have a terrific Election Day Tuesday, vote, and multiply your vote. I’ll be back here tomorrow for another roundup and to talk about how many states are planning to keep counting votes into late December or democrat candidates win, whichever comes first.

C&C is moving the needle and changing minds. If you can, I could use your help getting the truth out and spreading optimism and hope: https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/-learn-how-to-get-involved-

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The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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